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Week 7 (S17) - Recap

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With Tierra, Daniella and Lesley gone from the competition, it is Home Town visits! AshLee (32), Catherine (26), Lindsay (24) and Desiree (26) are happy that they are going to be able to have their time with Sean and be able to show him a part of them that he hasn’t seen yet. Sean is excited that he is going to be able to know where the girls come from and the type of families they were raised by. Sean gets ready to go to the first place and his goal is to get clarification on some of the girls.

The first stop is Houston, TX with AshLee. Sean pulls up and meets AshLee’s dog Bailey. Sean says that last week, AshLee told him that she loved him. He wants to get to know her more and is excited. AshLee says that she has been dreaming of this moment. They sit down and have a picnic and find out that both their fathers are reverends. AshLee tells Sean that his answer he gave her when she told him that she was married before. Sean says that she is beautiful and says that he had to tell her that it is fine. She says that she is ready to marry Sean, but this step is huge and terrifying. They pull up to her parent’s home and meet her dad, Bruce, and mom, Deborah. Bruce asks what they have been doing. AshLee talks about how they did the Polar Bear swim and that it was great. She also tells them about their time on the beach in St. Croix and how there was “romance”. Deborah doesn’t really like the sound of that.

However, Deborah says that AshLee’s eyes show that she is in love with Sean. However, she wants to know what Sean’s intentions are. She sits down with her and they talk about how AshLee had a rough time going in an out of 5 foster homes in one year. Sean says that he can see that she is full of love now. Sean sits down with Bruce and he asks Sean if he loves AshLee. Sean says that love is on the horizon for sure and that hopes that it will come with her. Bruce tells him that if he chooses Ashley then they will welcome him. Bruce talks about how he met AshLee for the first time. He says that is what the man who chooses to be with AshLee needs to feel. AshLee says that she loves to hear that from her dad all the time. Later that night, she kisses Sean goodbye and says that she had a great time with him.

Next stop is Seattle, WA to Catherine’s hometown. Catherine is excited to show Sean everything that is great. They go to an open Seafood Market and catch fish. Catherine and Sean have fun going around the city and Sean says that Catherine brings the kid out in him and says that it is fun. Catherine says that her mom could be scary and her grandmother can have some views. She tells him to put her grandmother’s hand to his forehead because of their culture. They meet Catherine’s mother, grandma and her sisters Monica and Dina. Catherine says that she is surprised how well it is going. She sits down with her sisters and Monica tells her that it is hard to get a sense of what it is like and Catherine says that she needs to defend herself. She tells them that she would not be there if she wasn’t serious about this.

Monica and Dina talk to Sean and say that they don’t see her having kids, but it is interesting. Monica says that she needs to be called out on some things and Dina says that Catherine is messy. Sean talks to Catherine’s mom and says that she wants Catherine to stay true to herself and that they don’t want anyone to lead anyone on. Sean says that it is important to get a blessing, but the family is very skeptical. Sean is a little confused and talks to Catherine. She tells him that she is glad that he is there. However, she can tell that Sean didn’t have a great time with her family. She says that she hopes that they didn’t mess with their relationship.

The next stop is Fort Leonard Wood, MO, Lindsay’s hometown. She meets with Sean and says that she hopes that she will be ready to tell Sean that she is falling in love with him. Sean says that Lindsay brings out the kid in him too. They walk around the town and Sean says that Lindsay has the biggest heart and says that she is ready to get married and start a family. Sean talks to Lindsay and asks her what he calls her dad. Sean feels that he should call him General, but Lindsay says that it will be alright. Sean puts on Army PT gear and Lindsay says that he has to give her push ups and sit-up kisses. They have fun with the “Army Theme” date that they are having. They get to Fort Leonard and Sean is clearly intimidated. They go in and meet Lindsay’s dad, Mark, mom, Lisa and brother. Lindsay tells her family that she came out in a wedding dress the first night.

Lisa talks to Sean and says that she can tell that there is something going on. She asks if Sean loves Lindsay and he says that he can’t really say that because he wants to say “I love you” to the girl he wants to be together with forever. Lisa says that she wants him to treat Lindsay with the respect that she deserves. Mark talks to Sean and tells him that he doesn’t want his daughter hurt. Sean says that Lindsay is really special to him and says that he doesn’t want to ever break her heart. Sean asks for Mark’s blessing and Mark says that is a tough question. However, he says that he does have his blessing. Sean likes that Mark is not intimidating. Sean says that this makes him even more attracted to Lindsay. Mark gives Sean a pair of dog tags. That night, Sean tells Lindsay that her family are great people. They kiss.

The final stop is Los Angeles. CA, Desiree’s hometown. She runs up to Sean and wraps her legs around him. She says that today is huge because Sean is going to meet her family. They decide to go on a hike. Desiree says that she loves him so much that he doesn’t want to miss him. Sean says that this is Desiree in her natural element and says that it is great to be with her. They walk into Desiree’s home and they prepare dinner for her family when someone comes over. He asks what is going on and says that he is in love with Desiree. He tells her that she can’t do this to him. Sean is confused, but is protective with Desiree. After some back and forth arguing, Desiree says that she has to tell Sean something. She tells him that she got him. It is a joke. Sean laughs and says says that she got him better than he got her. Later, Desieree’s family comes in and Sean meets her dad, Tony, mom, Roxanne, and brother, Nate.

She says that it feels good to tell her family how she feels about Sean. Roxanne says that she knows that something happened with Desiree. She sits down with Desiree and says that he is a good looking guy. Desiree loves how her mom is supportive. Tony likes Sean as well. Desiree sits down with Nate and he says that he doesn’t agree with her and says that he is tough. She asks if he would be happy, but he says that he would say it wouldn’t work out. Nate talks to Sean and says that he can tell that there are no feelings for Desiree. Sean tells him that he is crazy about his sister and hopes that when the time comes, it will be great. Nate says that Sean is a Playboy and Sean says that it is not him. He says that his character is important to him and Sean decides not to cause a scene. Desiree can tell that Sean is upset. Sean is trying not to allow her brother get to him. Desiree is really disappointed. She asks Nate what he said and Nate gets reprimanded for saying what he said. Desiree tells him that she loves him, but Nate says that he is not the one.

Sean gets back to the mansion and talks to Chris Harrison. He asks him if he got the answers he wanted. He says that he is confused because he has no idea who he is going to go home. It is going to be coming down to Catherine and Desiree. He talks about how Nate called him a Playboy and with Catherine, there are questions if she is ready to settle down. Sean says that tonight it is hard. Sean stares at the pictures as the women line up. He says that he has never been in this situation before and says that it is going to be tough. Chris tells the girls that there are 3 roses and one will be going home. Sean comes out and thanks the girls for their time with him and their families. Desiree asks to talk to Sean really quick.

Desiree tells Sean that she has to apologize for the other night. She says that it was rude of Nate. He says that Nate is not her and that it is alright. Catherine starts to think that she should pull him to the side as well, but doesn’t. The rose ceremony commences. The first rose goes to Ashley. The next rose goes to Lindsay. Sean puts the last rose down and walks out of the room. He looks at the pictures of Desiree and Catherine. Chris asks what is going on and he tells him that he doesn’t know which one to send home. He comes back out and gives the final rose to Catherine. This means that Desiree is going home. Sean tells Desiree that he has been battling this and she tells him that he is making a huge mistake. She says that she wants someone who can love her. She tells him that it’s not right. After a long hug, he says goodbye. The episode ends.