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The Women Tell All - Recap

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AshLee F. (32), Jackie (25), Selma (29), Leslie H. (29), Daniella (24), Katie (27), Taryn (30), Robyn (24), Amanda (26), Desiree (26), Sarah (26), Brooke (25), Diana (31), Lesley M. (25), Kristy (25), Kacie B. (25) Ashley P. (28) are back for the “Women Tell All” Special and Chris Harrison says that he and Sean went out to see these “viewing parties” that women have been having. One of the big moments was visiting a Sorority House and how Sean found out how really vested fans are. He says that he is in awe to see how many people like his story.

Chris Harrison introduces the girls who have managed to make it. They take a look at the best Bachelor moments and afterward, Chris asks what Desiree expected. She says that she knew a little about it. Lesley M says that she wanted to be in the background. Chris brings up Tierra. Selma says that they tried to talk to her. AshLee says that her confrontation with Tierra wasn’t supposed to be that bad. They talk about her fake accidents and Brooke tells the girls that they are jealous that they didn’t do anything like that. Chris asks if Tierra messed up their chances. The girls agree. Robyn says that if she could go back, she would have ignored Tierra. Chris reveals that Tierra is backstage and says that she is going to tell her side of the story.

Tierra (24) comes out and everyone is quiet. Chris thanks Tierra and says that it took a lot of courage. She says that she lights up the room when she comes in and says that for people who don’t allow that, she gets judged. Chris asks about the first night and asks if it was on from the start. She says that she felt that she had a target because she didn’t want to be friends with them. Tierra says that that she was only focusing on the prize. She says that she stayed to herself. Tierra says that she never called anyone out. She says that she doesn’t regret or not to apologize for. The ladies get a chance to address Tierra now and Robyn says that she is shocked at her behavior and says that she is delusional. Jackie says that Tierra was there to show Sean a good fake. Selma says that Tierra was so rude to her and that is why she didn’t protect her. Desiree says that she was always assuming that they were not good. Leslie H says that she tried to talk to her too and she would not want to be friends. Brooke says that she needs to admit that she wasn’t friendly.

They talk about the battle in St. Croix with AshLee and Tierra and Tierra says that AshLee lied to her and AshLee says that she can’t call her a liar. Tierra says that she can say that AshLee ganged up on her and Selma says that Tierra went up to her. Lesley M says that Tierra made her own cot and says that AshLee did what needed to happen. Selma says that Tierra was wrong. Tierra apologizes to the girls and she says that she handled it in a bad way. Chris says that the reaction with the viewers was bad and how she made a lot of people tweeting about her eyebrow and her sparkle. She says that she can’t control that. Chris sees that Tierra has a ring on her finger and she says that she is engaged with someone who she knew from before ‘The Bachelor’. Chris says that people are saying that it is all a hoax, but Tierra says that it is real.

Chris talks to Sarah and he addresses the breakup and Sarah is still emotional. She says that it is hard to see that and wonder what changed. She says that she thought that they had something else. Chris asks about her comment “it always ends the same”. She says that with men she has been with, it always ends after having a connection. She says that she feels that she is funny and smart and didn’t get it. She has however, learned how to be more open and it is alright to talk about her feelings. Chris says that they are all better off getting to know her.

Desiree and Chris talk and Chris talks about the Home Town. Desiree says that in that moment, she thought that they had a natural chemistry. She says that she was falling in love with Sean and because their values lined up, she pictured her life with him. She says that her parents have the love that she wants. She says that Sean had all the qualities she wanted. They talk about her brother and she says that he regrets how he came off and says that she loves him still. Desiree says that the conversation that her brother didn’t really help. She says that she didn’t expect to fall for Sean at first and says that she is looking forward to the future.

AshLee F. is next up to talk to Chris in the hot seat and Chris asks about last week’s goodbye. She says that she is a reserved person and never thought that she would have fallen in love. She says that Sean told her that she was going to get along with his sister and everything. They talk about how she didn’t speak to Sean when he let her go and she says that he broke her heart. Chris asks if she is still in love with him and she says no. She says that around her, Sean acted the Southern Gentleman, but around the other girls, he was a Frat Boy. She wants to know why he changed his mind.

Sean comes out and Sean says that he has nothing but fond memories with all of them but doesn’t like the stares. AshLee talks to Sean and asks what happened. Sean says that his fear was that she left without closure. He says that from the start, she was the one. He says that there were times where he couldn’t find the laughter. He says that it hurt him to see her the way she left. AshLee asks why he didn’t come back and check on her and he says that it would have made things worse. AshLee asks why he told her that he said that he had no other feelings for the other two. Sean denies it and AshLee says that she wishes him luck. Sean and AshLee continue to argue about whether he said it or not. They don’t agree at all.

Sean and Chris talk about what happened and Sean says that he didn’t say that he doesn’t have feelings for the other women. Sean tells Desiree that she is so full of joy. Sean says that he was beaten up in the social media world, but says that there were things hidden behind a smile. He says that even with the brother incident, he still likes Desiree no matter what. They look back at the Bloopers of the season so far. Afterwards, Sean says that he has had a great time on the show so far. They show a video of the Final Two ladies: Catherine and Lindsay. The episode ends.