The Final Rose - Recap

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The final episode of the season begins and it opens with Chris Harrison LIVE in L.A. He says that they have late breaking news that could be one of the most beautiful moments in Bachelor history. Only Catherine (26) and Lindsay (24) remain for Sean to choose from. They are in Chiang Rai, Thailand and Sean says that this is the most beautiful county he has ever seen. He says that he feels blessed, but he is in love with two women and doesn’t know where to go from there. He has his family there in Thailand and he welcomes them. He tells his family that they are going to first meet Catherine and says that she is funny and a little weird. Sean’s mom, Sherry, says that Sean needs to know in his head which way he is going. Sean says that he has strong feelings for both girls.

Catherine arrives and meets Sean’s family. Sean’s sister says that it is good to have her there with them. Sean’s dad, Jay, talks to her about what she did with when she was younger. She says that she was a football player until she got hurt and then became a cheerleader and hurt herself more. Sherry takes Catherine to the side and talks to her. Catherine says that she gave Sean cute notes to show that she cared about him. Sherry asks if it is love that she has for Sean and Catherine says that she is ready for whatever is to come and she says that Sean makes her feel good about herself and says that she never wants to let him go. Sherry tells her that she is relieved with her and says that she is really genuine. Jay talks to Catherine and she tells him that she was skeptical at first, but Sean is so good that she cares about Sean. Jay asks her if she knows that she is in love and Catherine tells him that she knows that she is excited to have a best friend to love. He tells Catherine if Sean picks her, he will love her like his daughter. Sean sees Catherine off and kisses her.

The next day, Sean welcomes Lindsay and says that he is in love with her. Lindsay says that she is a little nervous and says that it could go wrong. Jay tells Lindsay that it is good to see the person that Sean was talking about. They talk about how fun it was to see how she came out in the limo wearing a wedding dress. Jay talks to Lindsay and asks how she knows that she is in love before getting married. Lindsay says that Sean is everything that she has been looking for and says that marriage is a compromise. Jay says that they have prayed for Sean’s wife to come to him and says that he is happy that she is there. Lindsay gets emotional and asks Jay for permission to marry Sean. Jay agrees with Sean that he doesn’t know who is perfect for him. Sherry talks to Lindsay and she asks how she fell in love with Sean and Lindsay says that their relationship is real and she gets that he feels the same way. She says that they can be goofy, but also can be serious. Sherry says that she wants to have Sean end up with someone like him. Lindsay says that everything is perfect to her. Sean is happy that everyone had a fun time and walks Lindsay out. They kiss.

Sean sits down with his family and asks what they thought. Jay says that they are both special and they are amazing. Sherry says that this scares her a bit and says that it is not like he absolutely has to propose. Sherry sits down with Sean and says that he doesn’t have a long time to decide this. Sean says that she needs to keep in mind that they only saw 20 minutes of the girls. Sherry gets emotional and says that it is such a huge decision. He promises that he will make the right choice. He says that if he can’t decide, then maybe that is the decision not to marry any of them. He says goodbye to his family. Sean says that he wishes he knew for sure which girl he is going to choose, but he needs to have two dates still.

A new day comes and Sean is on a date today with Lindsay. They walk hand in hand and Sean tells her that they are going riding a raft down the Mekong River. They talk about how Lindsay liked his family. She says that she has the butterflies and says that she is unbelievably happy. Sean says that a life with Lindsay would be fun and it would never be dull. Lindsay says that she feels like she knows Sean so well. Lindsay tells Sean that she loves him and says that she has never meant it so much. She says that it is overwhelming and scary too. Later that night, Sean goes to see Lindsay and they have dinner. Lindsay says that she could not have Sean in the end and it is scary. They kiss and Lindsay says that their first kiss on the steps was really hot. She says that he has everything that she has ever wanted in a husband and says that it keeps getting better and better. She says that she is nervous because she doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him. She wishes that she knew what he is thinking. He says that he feels good being with her. She gives a wish lantern and let them go. Family, Happiness and Love are written on them. They kiss and Lindsay says that she can’t believe that what she has always wanted might come true.

The next day, Sean has a date with Catherine. He says that he is searching for a sign with his date. He meets Catherine and tells her that they are going to ride and elephant. They ride it through the forest and Catherine is excited that they are riding an elephant and they enjoy the view around them. They get off the elephant and Catherine tells Sean that she is excited about the entire time. She says that she is excited that they could be planning their wedding and Catherine says that she is never going to forget this moment with him. Catherine says that she has to tell Sean how she feels about him. That night, Sean goes to see Catherine and she says that this is a big night. She says that she sees a future with him and says that it is a trouble area for her to open up. Catherine says that she wants to be in love all the time and says that she has been nervous to put herself out there. She tells him that she feels that they have grown so much together. She tells him that she loves his family. Sean tells her that he knows how incredible she is. She says that she sees him proposing to her. At the door, she tells Sean that she loves him. Catherine walks out and is emotional because she feels that Sean is not in love with her because he doesn’t tell her anything.

The next day, Sean gets up and says that the two remaining girls are incredible. He says that Catherine is witty and that he feels that he is with his best friend, but feels Lindsay and him have turned a spark into a flame. Sean says that he has made up his mind and knew that there was a woman who he couldn’t like without. He meets with the Jewelry man and picks out the ring that he is going to propose with. He says that at this moment, he is full of joy and happiness. Sean gets emotional. Lindsay is getting ready and says that Sean is her everything. She says that she is will be happy to see when he doesn’t have to hold back anymore. Catherine gets ready and she is having a hard time wrapping her head around everything that is going to go on and says that she is nervous.

Sean takes his place. He says that this is going to be difficult. A car pulls up and it is Lindsay. She meets with Chris Harrison. He walks her up to Sean and he tells her that he has had a great time with her and that he is amazed by her strength. He says that he wants to give her his heart but his heart is somewhere else. He says goodbye to Lindsay. He tries to explain himself, but she tells him to stop. He hugs her goodbye. He goes back to his spot and in the car ride back, Lindsay feels like an idiot that he dangled everything that she wanted and then take it away. Chris gives Sean a letter from Catherine. The letter says that how she is excited to be with him. Catherine walks up to Chris Harrison and he walks her to Sean. She walks up to him and he says that she looks amazing. He says that he knew from the beginning that she was someone he wanted to spend his life with. He says that he misses her every time he says goodbye. Sean tells her that he wants to spend his life with her. He gets down one knee and tells her that he loves her. He proposes to Catherine and tells her that he loves her so much. The episode ends with them riding on an elephant.