After The Final Rose - Recap

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The “After the Final Rose Special” begins with Chris Harrison welcoming Sean to the stage. He says that the secret is out there and Chris says that the good thing is that he doesn’t have to see him naked again. He says that they have been in hiding and says that this is the beginning of their lives together and says that he feels blessed. Sean says that he had a big speech planned, but rushed through it. They talk about Lindsay and Sean says that he didn’t have more of a valid reason to give her and says that he dreaded it. Sean says that she is excited to see her because he had some good times together, but on the other hand, he is nervous.

Lindsay comes out and says that it is hard to see Sean propose to Catherine and wanted to know what happened. Sean tells her that he doesn’t have the closure for her and says that he feel more in love with Catherine. He says that she is an incredible person. Sean says that there was something in his heart that he couldn’t let Catherine go. Lindsay says that she fell in love with him, but she is happy for him. She tells him that she grew stronger and is thankful. She talks about the next few days after the break-up. She went home and told her family and it was hard. Sean says that he knows that Catherine is the one for him because it was like God told him.

After a break, Catherine comes out and Chris congratulates her. Catherine says that it was hard being away from him, but she was always thinking about him. She knew that she knew that she could spend her entire life with Sean. She says that she is happy how people responded so well for. Sean says that he is incredibly blessed to have Catherine in his life. Catherine says that she is not a traditional person except when it comes to relationships. She says that she never wanted to say goodbye to Sean and says that she was happy that she felt that she loved him. She says that she knew that walking up to him, she was going to have her life change.

They talk about the letter and Catherine says that she has always given him notes and that the last note needed to be serious. Sean says that was a scary moment because the note was set up that she was going to say goodbye to him, but was happy to know that it is a love letter. They take a look at the proposal. After they watch it, Sean says that he loves her so much and is emotional. Catherine says that it is nice to see that again and says that was the biggest moment of her life. Sean tells Chris that they don’t have a date yet, but they are going to get married on TV. Catherine says that there is no need to postpone it and says that they are going to take that step. Catherine says that this was a fairy tale to her. Sean says that they are going to live together.

After a break, they reveal the next Bachelorette. It is Desiree from this season! She sits down and says that she is happy. She gets emotional and says that she is overcome with happiness. Chris asks her how it is going to turn out. She says that she is very hopeful with this and believes that this could work for her. She says that she is going to have many relationships and says that it is going to be fun. She says that she can handle them. Chris says that everyone is very excited about this. That is the end of the season!