Week 8 (S17) - Recap

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The Overnights episode begins and after the elimination of Desiree last week, Catherine (26), Lindsay (24) and AshLee (32) remain on their quest to be married to Sean. Tonight they are in Si Kao, Thailand. Sean says that this week he is glad to be able to take the girls out of the USA and says that this place is gorgeous. He says that it is amazing to think that these are the last 3 girls, but it is worrisome because he has such strong feelings for all of the women. He says that the spark between him and Catherine is undeniable. He says that she is weird and nerdy and goofy and says that it is fun to find someone to share the characteristics. With AshLee, he says that his relationship with her is the most settled. He says that she has one of the biggest hearts and says that he never needs to guess with her. He says that he is humble to know that AshLee loves him. Sean says that with Lindsay, he says that they have a spark that turned into a massive flame. He says that she is loving and hilarious. He says that when they had dinner in Montana, that is when he knew that he could have a future with Lindsay.

Sean meets with Lindsay first. He says that he likes to try new things and is happy to share it with Lindsay. They get into a small car and can’t stop kissing each other. They go to the sea town market and they see painted birds. They continue to shop around the market and Sean takes Lindsay up to a bug stand and she gives in. He likes that Lindsay showed her brave side to him and says that he feels like he is with his High School Sweetheart. Lindsay and Sean go to the beach and she tells him that her parents loved him and she will love being with him forever. Lindsay says that she is falling in love with Sean, but she doesn’t tell him. They come upon some monkeys on the beach and they feed them. Sean says that Lindsay has it all and he says that he feels that she can be his wife.

The sun sets and Lindsay says that she is scared that her heart will be broken and that is why she hasn’t told him that she is in love with Sean. They get cleaned up and Sean and Lindsay go to a place where lighted floats are the decoration. She tells Sean that it is so beautiful. The floats are from the temples around Thailand. Sean tells Lindsay that he had so much fun with Lindsay today. Lindsay says that she is excited to what happens. She tells him that she is so excited for their life to start and have everything going for them. She loves Sean and she finally says that she takes love seriously. She says that it feels right and real. She is about to tell Sean that she loves him when dancers come out. Sean gives Lindsay the key and she accepts it. They get to the suite and Lindsay tells him that she loves him.

The next day, Sean has his date with AshLee. Sean says that AshLee told him that she loved him several times and that is great to hear. They get on a boat and get to the open see. AshLee says that Sean is probably her True Love. She says that it is scary because she doesn’t know how Sean feels. Sean says that he likes challenging AshLee. They go to Emerald Cave and Sean tells her that they are going to have to swim through a dark cave. They get their floaty with lights and camera. AshLee is freaking out, but she loves that she is taking the risk. She says that her commitment is to Sean and needs to change the way she views things. Sean says that he loves to be AshLee’s protector. They make their way out of the cave and have a beautiful beach there. AshLee says that if Sean was to propose to her, she would say yes.

The night comes and they walk across a beach to a picnic area. AshLee says that since meeting Sean, this is the part that she is worried about. Sean says that it is great to be with her. She doesn’t like that the overnight is coming. Sean says that she is incredible. He says that he loves that she knows the qualities he possesses and says that she knows exactly what she wants. AshLee says that with the overnight card, she wants to do what feels right for her. Sean gives her the card with the key. Sean says that his intentions are only so that they can talk and says that it would be a great time with her. AshLee says that she wants to spend more time with him and says that she completely trusts him. They get to their suite and AshLee says that she knows how important this time is. She tells Sean that she is happy that he cares about their relationships. She says that Sean is her soul mate.

Sean meets with Catherine and she is excited to meet with him. Sean says that he has a couple of questions with Catherine, but loves spending time with her. Catherine says that it is a dream to be with him. She is excited to be herself around him. She tells him that she has been silly with Sean, but says that she is serious too. He says that he knows that. Sean says that Catherine can be his best friend. However, he wants to know if she is ready. Catherine opens up and tells him that he was upset with her sisters. She tells him that she loves that she can be herself around him. Sean feels better now that Catherine opened up to him. She says that she hasn’t told Sean that she is falling in love with him because she doesn’t want to be vulnerable. They go snorkeling and Sean says that he can’t help but to give Catherine kisses.

Later that night, they go to a nice table setting and Sean says that the day exceeded his expectations and says that it was a great day. Sean says that when he is with Catherine, he is so happy. He asks her where she sees them in 5 years. She says that she is pretty traditional and says that there is a lot of pressure. She says that it is scary to know that the fantasy suites are coming up. She tells Sean that she would never do that, but says that she has realized that it is all about spending time with him. Sean is excited to spend time with Catherine. He gives her the card and she accepts the stay. They go to the suite and Catherine says that Sean is such a Hunk. She tells him that she was made fun of when she was younger and Sean says that he is the lucky one. Catherine says that Sean makes her feel like a lady and it feels like he is hers and she is his.

The next day, Sean says that he knows who he is going to have to send home. He says that the other girls have more of a connection. He meets with Chris to have a chat. He says that he was in shock when he didn’t get the rose on ‘The Bachelorette’ and says that he doesn’t want to have to send home the one girl. He says that she is one of the sweetest women in his life and says that he hates to be the person who is going to have to hurt someone’s feelings. He says that he can see himself marrying one of the girls. Sean watches the messages. Lindsay tells him that she has had a blast with him and she can see him in her life. Catherine says that she had no idea that she would be falling in love with him and says that every time she thinks of him, she wiggles. She says that she is grateful that he likes her the way she does him. AshLee tells Sean that she is the happiest. She says that the wall has started to come down. She says that she can’t imagine not having him. She says that together they are whole. She gets emotional and says that she is no longer broken.

Sean says that he knows that he is going to have to keep his mind on the right track and says that he knows that this is going to be difficult for him. The rose ceremony arrives and Chris Harrison tells the girls that there are two roses to hand out and says that hopefully Sean will propose to one of them next week. Sean comes in. He says that he feels so lucky and blessed. He tells them that this is the week he was sent home on ‘The Bachelorette’. The first rose goes to Lindsay. The final rose goes to Catherine. This means that AshLee is going home. She is not happy. She tells Sean to stay, but he says that he wants her to have closure. He tells her that this was the hardest choice. She gives him a cold stare and lets herself in the car. The episode ends.