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Sean Tells All - Recap

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The very special edition of ‘The Bachelor: Sean Tells All’ begins and Chris Harrison comes out and says that it has been a journey so far. He says that all the questions that people want to know the answers to will be answered by Sean. He sits down with Sean, the Bachelor. Sean says that it is amazing how far he has come along with this. He says that with the overnight visits, he wants to have the most time with the girls. Chris brings up the elimination of Desiree. He says that he was struggling with the decision and says that Catherine was someone he knew he could be with. They talk about Desiree’s brother and Sean says that he wasn’t prepared for that and says that he wanted to hit him. He kept his cool though.

Sean says that Desiree’s brother was good at the beginning and then did a 180 on him. He does say that her brother kind of influenced his choice. They show the break-up again. Sean says that he had to make the decision. Chris brings up Sarah. Sean says that Sarah blew him away the first night. He says that he wanted to put her arm around her when she talked about her lack of an arm. Sean says that when she told him about how she wasn’t allowed to do something, he almost lost it. He says that she struggled a bit and says that it was great for her to be there. They talk about when Sean broke things off with Sarah. Sean says that the kiss had no passion behind it and he couldn’t keep Sarah around anymore. He says that he knows that Sarah is going to find her man.

Chris says that Selma had a Muslim upbringing and it was a big deal that she was on the show. Chris says that there was serious sexual chemistry. Sean says that they got creative with kissing with their noses and eyelids. However, he had to send her home because he knew that she wasn’t going to be his wife. They switch gears and talk to Lesley M., the girl who couldn’t stop kissing him. They show a deleted scene where Sean and Lesley M. are feeding each other and they are talking dirty. Chris says that viewers really responded to her. Sean says that he was hoping on his date in St. Croix that she would open up. However, she was awkward. He says that had Lesley said “I love you”, it would have been a game changer.

Sean and Chris talk about Tierra. Sean says that he wanted his sister to meet Tierra and instead, he walked into a Hornet’s Nest. He says that when he went in, he found Tierra crying. Sean says that watching it back, he was a fool. He says that was crazy and says that in hindsight, he wishes that he would have kept Jackie. They talk about Montana and how Sean wasn’t sure if he wasn’t wasting his time. He says that the cocktail party was crazy and says that it was all negative energy. They talk about how Sean was really not happy about with the night. He says that he is thankful that he was allowed to see the truth about Tierra.

They talk about Ashley P. and how she was the most confusing of contestants. Sean says that she was smashed. They show how Catherine used to pass notes that made Sean laugh and that on their one-on-one, they had fun on the glacier. They show a scene where Daniella pretended to be Chris Harrison and the other girls laugh. They talk about Lindsay’s date with Sean and how they went to see Sara Darling sing. Sean says that he loved it that they were able to crowd surf. Chris asks if Sean is excited. He says that he is and is also nervous. He says that he really doesn’t know who is going to send home. He says that what he is going to do on the “overnight” dates and Sean says that that it is none of Chris’ business. Chris says that he is a gentleman to the end. The episode ends.