Season 1

1 :01x01 - Week 1 (Season 1)

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2 :01x02 - Week 2 (Season 1)

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3 :01x03 - Week 3 (Season 1)

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4 :01x04 - Week 4 (Season 1)

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5 :01x05 - Week 5 (Season 1)

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7 :01x07 - The Final Rose

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Season 2

11 :02x01 - Week 1 (Season 2)

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12 :02x02 - Week 2 (Season 2)

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13 :02x03 - Week 3 (Season 2)

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14 :02x04 - Week 4 (Season 2)

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15 :02x05 - Week 5 (Season 2)

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16 :02x06 - Week 6 (Season 2)

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17 :02x07 - The Men Tell All

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18 :02x08 - The Final Rose

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19 :02x09 - After the Final Rose

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Season 3

20 :03x01 - Week 1 (Season 3)

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21 :03x02 - Week 2 (Season 3)

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22 :03x03 - Week 3 (Season 3)

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23 :03x04 - Week 4 (Season 3)

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24 :03x05 - Week 5 (Season 3)

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25 :03x06 - Week 6 (Season 3)

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26 :03x07 - The Men Tell All

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27 :03x08 - The Final Rose

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28 :03x09 - After The Final Rose

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Season 4

DeAnna Tells All

Season four bachlorette, DeAnna Pappas, gives her account of the remaining six contestants who are all hoping to win her heart. Includes outtakes from the season so far, and an appearance by 2003 bachlorette Trista Rhen and her husband, Ryan Sutter.

29 :04x01 - Week 1 (Season 4)

Heartbroken runner up of The Bachelor DeAnna Pappas will have her own chance at love as 25 bachelors arrive to vie for her affections. Ten will be released before the episode ends.
Director: Ken Fuchs

30 :04x02 - Week 2 (Season 4)

The survivors for week one arrive at DeAnna's villa where they learn that the three who received roses in week one, Jeremy, Jesse and Richard will all be staying there for the week. DeAnna takes Graham on the beach for sun, surf and conversation. DeAnna takes seven other contestants to Hollywood's Magic Castle, and the remaining seven to Dodger Stadium for a day of batting practice, signing the national anthem and tips from Tommy Lasorda on love. There is also a push-up contest, and the rose ceremony finds three more eliminated.
Director: Ken Fuchs

31 :04x03 - Week 3 (Season 4)

Eleven of the twelve remaining contestants are brought backstage to the Ellen DeGeneres Show where they are questioned by the host and show off their "Ellen" boxer shorts. DeAnna brings ten of the men to a dude ranch, when an argument erupts between Ron and Jeremy. DeAnna also has a pair of one on one dates, first with Jason who has yet to admit that he has a child, and the other with Richard, who she fears may only be a friend. The Rose ceremony see DeAnna trimming the lineup to nine.
Special Guest Stars: Ellen DeGeneres as Herself
Director: Ken Fuchs

32 :04x04 - Week 4 (Season 4)

DeAnna believes that the nine remaining guys are not taking the competition seriously, and challenges them to a singing contest. The chosen winner will receive a one on one date with DeAnna for a private performance with Natasha Bedingfield. Six other contestants will accompany DeAnna to the California Speedway, where each will get behind the wheel, and later, Robert and Fred will each receive a home cooked meal. The rose ceremony leaves six contestants remaining.
Director: Ken Fuchs

33 :04x05 - Week 5 (Season 4)

DeAnna and the remaining six contestants head to Palm Springs, where she takes Sean up the mountain top on a tram for a dinner, and Jeremy dines, dances and sings with her in a home once owned by Frank Sinatra. DeAnna's time with the other four men include an ATV ride through the desert. Lastly, it's on to the rose ceremony where four more receive the flower and two get the bad news that they will be going home.
Director: Ken Fuchs

34 :04x06 - Week 6 (Season 4)

DeAnna and her final four choices are meeting up with their families at their own homes. One of the dinners is surprisingly tense, while another family tells DeAnna not to break his heart, and a third guy's mother is shockingly frank and candid. Yet it's the fourth guy's family which makes her feel wanted and at home, but she is confused over which is more appealing...the bachelor or his family. The rose ceremony finds one more fellow sent home and the remaining three preparing for their dates.

35 :04x07 - Week 7 (Season 4)

DeAnna brings along her 3 remaining suitors to the Grand Bahama Island for days of fun, including kayaking, off-road driving, jet skiing, and riding horseback on the beach, along with romantic dinners and perhaps some nights with her men in her favorite suite. The rose ceremony sees her saying goodbye to one last contestant leaving the final 2 for a trip to meet her parents in Georgia.
Director: Ken Fuchs

36 :04x08 - The Men Tell All

DeAnna's fifteen suitors gather in a tell all about the Bachlorette who let them go. They also predict who will win between the two final men for DeAnna's heart. Also includes unseen clips and outtakes from the series, so far.
Director: Ken Fuchs

37 :04x09 - The Final Rose

DeAnna has taken her final two suitors to Grand Bahama and to Georgia to meet her parents, and now must choose who has won her heart. While on the island they will enjoy a day on a seaplane and scuba diving with the sharks, but it's meeting her family which has the men most concerned. Following a family party, they offer their opinions on who she should choose, but DeAnna thinks the decision over wisely before revealing a winner.
Director: Ken Fuchs

38 :04x10 - After the Final Rose

DeAnna and her two finalists share their thoughts about the season and discuss the challenges and the rose ceremony which concluded the season. Also, Matt Grant and his intended, Shayne Lamas update the details of their relationship.
Director: Ken Fuchs

Season 5

39 :05x01 - Week 1 (Season 5)

29-year old Jillian Harris was runner-up for 2009's The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, and now get's a new perspective of the rose ceremony. But first, Jillian meets the 25 gentlemen who arrived at the Los Angeles mansion by limousine. She then meets five "party crashers" at the introductory cocktail party. Although the other 25 are upset over their intrusion, all remain for the first impression rose ceremony The field will be trimmed to 20 by the end of the evening.
Director: Ken Fuchs

40 :05x02 - Week 2 (Season 5)

The 20 survivors from the cocktail party have all settled into their "animal house," with one accompanying Jillian to the House of Blues, where Martina McBride serenades them. Another eats dinner with Jillian in a bank vault. The Group dates include a trip to Venice Beach, where the guys challenge the Harlem Globetrotters to a basketball game; then a pool party, which is followed by a race across Los Angeles. Elimination time finds a new wrinkle involved, The men will be voting on who they'd like to see eliminated, and after Jillian arrives, just 16 will remain.
Director: Ken Fuchs

41 :05x03 - Week 3 (Season 5)

Jillian and one of her bachelors rappel down the side of L.A.'s Bonaventure Hotel, takes a ride in a Ferrari with another and escorts the 11 remaining to a movie set, where the wrap up party is about to begin. Back at the mansion, Jillian enjoys some caressing and witnesses a confrontation just before the rose ceremony. When the dust settles, just 13 men will remain.
Director: Ken Fuchs

42 :05x04 - Week 4 (Season 5)

Jillian brings her remaining 13 fellows to her hometown of Vancouver, where she'll take 10 curling and five others on a sunset boat ride. She also take two on a date in which "One will stay and one will be let loose," all culminating on top of a snow capped mountain. Additionally, Jillian and one guy heat things up in the kitchen, and another gets things steamed up...too much for her taste. The pre-rose ceremony cocktail party is canceled after Jillian finds out that 3 remaining fellows have girlfriends back home. The field is cut to10 after the evenings end.
Director: Ken Fuchs

43 :05x05 - Week 5 (Season 5)

Jillian takes her remaining 10 fellows with her to the British Columbia resort town of Whistler under a black cloud...some of the men may have girlfriends back at home. But that doesn't stop the dating, as Jillian goes snowmobiling with 8 of the guys, and one-on-one zip-trekking and ski plane adventures, all ending with a romantic dinner (one is inside of a hot tub). At the rose ceremony, the field is cut down to eight.
Director: Ken Fuchs

44 :05x06 - Week 6 (Season 5)

The remaining eight bachelors head to the western part of Canada on a train along with Jillian, making stops at Emerald Lake, Lake Louise, and Banff. She'll sit in the hot tub with six of the guys, and the remaining two go on their make-or-break solo dates. Back aboard the train, one fellow sneaks into Jillian's private car, and later we'll see three more released in the rose ceremony. The remaining five men get to entertain Jillian on their home turf.
Director: Ken Fuchs

45 :05x07 - Week 7 (Season 5)

Jillian heads to the hometowns of the remaining five suitors. She is fearing one family will reject her, another will question whether the bachelor is ready for marriage while she herself wonders if she can meet another families expectations. She also feels one bachelor is getting cold feet, and another has that unresolved whether-or-not-there's-a-girlfriend at home question. Two men have a confrontation just before the rose ceremony.
Director: Ken Fuchs

46 :05x08 - Week 8 (Season 5)

The remaining four men head to Spain with Jillian for flamenco in Madrid, a picnic lunch in Seville, and a bike ride in Barcelona (including overnight stays in fantasy suites, to her discretion). The rose ceremony will find one more of the men released, and the remaining three headed for Hawaii.
Director: Ken Fuchs

47 :05x09 - Week 9 (Season 5)

Jillian and the remaining three guys are in Maui, all whom she says she is in love with. She trusts her life to one bachelor on a rope course, takes a helicopter flight over the island with another, and cruises to a secluded cove with number three, who wants to show how serious he really is. The rose ceremony finds Jillian recalling with one of the guys the night they spent together in the fantasy suite before she reveals to all of them which one she loves the least.
Director: Ken Fuchs

48 :05x10 - The Men Tell All

All the eliminated return to give the dirt on each other and on Jillian, and Jillian returns the favor by dishing out memories of each of the guys. Also, Jillian and several of the bachelors answer a Q&A session, and the final two men are profiled along with a preview of the final show.

49 :05x11 - The Final Rose

The final choice is down to Ed or Kiptyn for Jillian, who will she choose? Taped in Hawaii's Big Island, Jillian goes on outdoor dates with both men, where they will be grilled by her family. Then after a last minute confession, it's time to reveal the choice.
Director: Ken Fuchs

50 :05x12 - After the Final Rose

Season five ends with a review of the drama and a confrontation between Jillian and two jilted bachelors. Also, an update of the Bachelor's season 13 winner Melissa Rycroft.
Director: Ken Fuchs

Season 6

51 :06x01 - Week 1 (Season 6)

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Director: Ken Fuchs

52 :06x02 - Week 2 (Season 6)

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Director: Ken Fuchs

53 :06x03 - Week 3 (Season 6)

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Director: Ken Fuchs

54 :06x04 - Week 4 (Season 6)

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Director: Ken Fuchs

55 :06x05 - Week 5 (Season 6)

Ali has to make some pretty hard decisions about who is going to have to go home. She struggles, but they also have a great time in Iceland. The guys begin to realize that they are all going to need to step it up as the count goes down.
Director: Ken Fuchs

56 :06x06 - Week 6 (Season 6)

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Director: Ken Fuchs

57 :06x07 - Week 7 (Season 6)

Ali takes the last five men to Lisbon. They visit castles and have amazing dinners. She struggles due to having so much on her mind. She learns some new information about a couple of the guys and Frank has a bit of a secret.
Guest Stars: Vienna Girardi as Herself
Director: Ken Fuchs

58 :06x08 - Week 8 (Season 6)

Ali has a fantastic time with Roberto on his stomping grounds of Florida. She goes to meet Chris' father and siblings and has a really emotional time getting to know them better. Ali gets freaked out in Kirk's father's basement but loves both sides of the family despite that. Frank's nervous in Chitown.

Source: TV Rage
Director: Ken Fuchs

59 :06x09 - Week 9 (Season 6)

Frank needs to tell Ali something that is heart breaking. Chris is falling in love with Ali hardcore. Roberto is in love with her, too. Things are going to get crazy.
Director: Ken Fuchs

60 :06x10 - The Men Tell All

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Director: Ken Fuchs

61 :06x11 - The Final Rose

The men meet Ali's parents. Ali has a giant decision to make and decides to have mercy on the one she doesn't select.

Source: TV Rage
Director: Ken Fuchs

62 :06x12 - After The Final Rose

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Season 7

63 :07x01 - Week 1 (Season 7)

Ashley, 27, who resides in Philadelphia, where she is finishing her degree in dentistry, went from being one of the favorites to capture Brad's heart on the 15th edition of "The Bachelor" to narrowly missing her goal of finding a future husband. Ashley was frustrated she couldn't communicate her feelings to Brad, and he gallantly let her go before the rose ceremony. Her insecurities got the best of her and she ended up going home full of regrets. Now she's ready to face her fears and put her heart on the line for love. And this time she'll be ready and open to express her feelings to the right guy.

Source: ABC

64 :07x02 - Week 2 (Season 7)

For this week, there is the first one-on-one date. She takes William to Las Vegas. She wanted to test him and see how ready he is to actually commit. They wander about checking out wedding cakes and rings. They even went to a wedding chapel! He admitted to being a bit nervous, as they really did go pretty far.

65 :07x03 - Week 3 (Season 7)

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66 :07x04 - Week 4 (Season 7)

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67 :07x05 - Week 5 (Season 7)

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68 :07x06 - Week 6 (Season 7)

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69 :07x07 - Week 7 (Season 7)

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70 :07x08 - Week 8 (Season 7)

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71 :07x09 - Week 9 (Season 7)

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72 :07x10 - The Men Tell All

Ashley iѕ confronted bу men ѕhе rejected.

73 :07x11 - The Final Rose

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74 :07x12 - After the Final Rose

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Season 8

Ashley and J.P.'s Wedding

Chris Harrison officiates the wedding of 2011 "Bachelorette" Ashley Hebert and her fiancé J.P. Rosenbaum, who proposed to her during the show's Season 7 finale. Included: wedding preparations; highlights of bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Source: ABC

75 :08x01 - Week 1 (S8)

Season 8 premiere: Emily Maynard begins her quest for love in her hometown, Charlotte, where her 25 suitors are predictably charmed by Emily. And Emily is charmed by a letter written by one man's 11-year-old son. But not all contestants charm each other (most notably, the guy who arrives by helicopter) and, not surprisingly, the opening cocktail party has its share of contention. At the rose ceremony later, Emily pares the field to 19.

Source: ABC

76 :08x02 - Week 2 (S8)

After the 19 remaining competitors for Emily's heart move into a Charlotte mansion, one of them gets the first one-on-one date: a concert by the country band Gloriana. Thirteen others perform with "Sesame Street" Muppets and Emily to raise funds for a local hospital. There's also an altercation between two of the guys that almost comes to blows, and a one-on-one date at a resort Emily remembers from her childhood. After the rose ceremony, 16 contestants are left.

Source: ABC

77 :08x03 - Week 3 (S8)

Sixteen bachelors remain, and one of them scores a one-on-one date with Emily that includes a private concert by country singer Luke Bryan while another escorts her to Dollywood in Tennessee, where they're serenaded by Dolly Parton herself. But 12 others face a grilling on parenting from friends of Emily, and are then put to the test by a bunch of rambunctious kids. Following an evening that includes a particularly volatile cocktail party, 13 guys are still standing.

Source: ABC

78 :08x04 - Week 4 (S8)

Emily and her 13 remaining suitors visit Bermuda, where one tours the historic town of St. George with her, and eight others compete at a Yacht Club of Bermuda regatta. (Emily parties with the winners.) For two others, there's a dreaded two-on-one date that includes a visit to a cliff-diving spot and dinner in a cave. One man gets a rose and the other his walking papers. Following the cocktail party and rose ceremony, 10 are left to accompany Emily to London.

Source: ABC

79 :08x05 - Week 5 (S8)

Emily and her 10 remaining suitors visit London, where one-on-one dates include a double-decker bus tour (with a buss in front of Buckingham Palace) and an etiquette lesson. Eight others go to Stratford-upon-Avon for "Romeo and Juliet"—performed by them. But only one guy can be Romeo. There's also a controversy involving one man's remark about Emily's daughter. Following the rose ceremony, Emily and the eight survivors head to Croatia.

Source: ABC

80 :08x06 - Week 6 (S8)

Emily and her eight remaining suitors visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, where one gets to enjoy a picturesque dinner with her in an ancient fort. On the group date, the guys attend a screening of the Disney/Pixar film "Brave." Later, the men compete for Emily's attention in their own Highland games, and in the rose ceremony, Emily makes some surprising moves.

Source: ABC

81 :08x07 - Week 7 (S8)

Emily arrives in Prague with her six remaining bachelors, two of whom will be sent home. One-on-one dates include a romantic tour of the city and a playful visit to a marionette shop. Emily then takes three suitors to an idyllic castle on the outskirts of the city. Later, one of the guys becomes upset for not getting an individual date, while another takes it upon himself to sneak out of the hotel for some forbidden alone time with Emily.

Source: ABC

82 :08x08 - Week 8 (S8)

Emily returns to the U.S. and spends some much-needed time with her daughter, Ricki, before visiting the hometowns of her four remaining suitors. Then, it's back to Los Angeles for another rose ceremony.

Source: ABC

83 :08x09 - Week 9 (S8)

Emily arrives in Curaçao with her three remaining suitors, each of whom will have a chance at an intimate, overnight date in the fantasy suite. Adventures include a helicopter tour of the island, a sail aboard a swanky ship and swimming with dolphins in Fuik Bay. Later, she gives roses to two of the men, who will get the chance to meet Emily's family, and possibly her daughter, Ricki.

Source: ABC

84 :08x10 - The Men Tell All

Seventeen of the rejected bachelors dish about Emily and each other, and Emily dishes about them as she looks back at the season. The hour also includes a sneak peek of the finale and the upcoming third season of "Bachelor Pad.

Source: ABC

85 :08x11 - The Final Rose

In Curacao, Emily must choose between her final two suitors in the Season 8 conclusion. Both men meet Emily's family and win their approval, making Emily's decision much more difficult as she struggles to decide if she should introduce them both to her daughter, Ricki.

Source: ABC

86 :08x12 - After The Final Rose

Emily talks about her decision.

Source: ABC

Season 9

87 :09x01 - Week 1 (S09)

The matchmaking series' ninth season kicks off with Desiree Hartsock moving into her new Malibu estate and meeting 25 potential suitors, which include a magician and a single father of a 4-year-old boy. She starts giving out roses early, and in the end the field is pared to 19 men.

Source: ABC

88 :09x02 - Week 2 (S09)

The winner of the first one-on-one date joins Desiree for a day of wedding-theme events, which include a bridal-modeling session, a view of L.A. from the Hollywood sign and a VIP performance from singer-songwriter Andy Grammer. Later, 14 men shoot a rap video with Desiree and Soulja Boy; the group date takes place; and a pushy bachelor is dealt with. At the rose ceremony, the playing field is reduced to 16.

Source: ABC

89 :09x03 - Week 3 (S09)

Desiree goes on two group dates with the 16 remaining bachelors. In the first, an intense game of dodgeball ends with a trip to the emergency room; in the second, five guys get a lesson from a Hollywood stunt coordinator, and the winner gets to attend a VIP movie screening with Desiree. Three men are sent home after the rose ceremony.

Source: ABC

90 :09x04 - Week 4 (S09)

The 13 remaining bachelors travel to Atlantic City with Desiree, who tours the boardwalk with one contender, visits Seaside Heights with another, and teams up with Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, to put together a "Mr. America" pageant for 11 suitors. Also: One date includes a private concert by Darius Rucker. Eleven bachelors remain after the rose ceremony.

Source: ABC

91 :09x05 - Week 5 (S09)

Desiree and the remaining 11 bachelors head to Munich, Germany, where surprising news interrupts a one-on-one date, a group outing involves sledding in the German Alps and a two-on-one date gets personal. Three suitors are sent home after the rose ceremony.

Source: ABC

92 :09x06 - Week 6 (S09)

Desiree and the eight remaining bachelors head to Barcelona, where a group outing to the RCD Espanyol football stadium ends in an intense fight. Also: One bachelor throws another under the bus; Desiree takes one guy to an art studio. Three contenders are sent home after the rose ceremony.

Source: ABC

93 :09x07 - Week 7 (S09)

The five remaining bachelors sail to Madeira Island, Portugal, with Desiree, who enjoys one-on-one dates that include a picnic, dinner on a deserted island and a toboggan ride. Also: A two-on-one date involves go-kart racing. The Final Four contenders are revealed after the rose ceremony.

Source: ABC

94 :09x08 - Week 8 (S09)

Who says you can't go home again? For Desiree' and the four remaining Bachelor's, that isn't the case. While one considers what Mama said; one will be rounding the bases. One will show where his heart lies in regards to his family and one will show her the Tasty-Freeze treatment. At the end of it only three Bachelor's will be remaining. Tune in to see who goes on to the final rose ceremony.

95 :09x09 - The Men Tell All

A look back on what happened this season as the men, and Desiree, discuss the following: Blooper reels, fan parties, fan questions, and advice from previous Bachelorettes. Also while Desiree has to confront someone she sent packing, the rest of the guys confront those men they had issues with.

96 :09x10 - Week 9 (S09)

The final three bachelors visit the Caribbean island of Antigua with Desiree, who takes a romantic road trip along the coastline with one suitor and goes on a private helicopter ride with another.

Source: ABC

97 :09x11 - The Final Rose

It's down to the last two Bachelor's! Time for Desiree to choose "Who really is there for the right reasons".

98 :09x12 - After the Final Rose

The final three Bachelors rejoin Desiree and host, Chris, to discuss the season and their take on events.

Season 10

99 :10x01 - Week 1 (S10)

Andi meets the bachelors for the first time.
Guest Stars: Eric Hill (2) as Himself (S10 - Bachelor)

100 :10x02 - Week 2 (S10)

The one on one dates begin as 15 contestants remain.

101 :10x03 - Week 3 (S10)

In Santa Barbara the remaining 16 contestants are challenged to perform at a Boyz II Men concert.

102 :10x04 - Week 4 (S10)

Andi and the remaining contestants head to New England.
Guest Stars: Marquel Martin as Himself - Contestant | Chris Soules as Himself - Contestant | Cody Sattler as Himself - Contestant | Dylan Pettit as Himself - Contestant | Andrew Poole as Himself - Contestant | Brian Osborne as Himself - Contestant | Josh Murray as Himself - Contestant | Nick Viall as Himself - Contestant | Nneka Ogwumike as Herself - Los Angeles Sparks | Lindsey Harding as Herself - Los Angeles Sparks | Patrick Jagodzinski as Himself - Contestant | J.J. O'Brien as Himself - Contestant | Eric Hill (2) as Himself - Contestant | Marcus Grodd as Himself - Contestant | Tasos Hernandez as Himself - Contestant | Elena Delle Donne as Herself - WNBA Player | Tamika Catchings as Herself - WNBA Player | Swin Cash as Herself - WNBA Player | Jon Pardi as Themselves

103 :10x05 - The Journey So Far

A recap of what has happened so far in the season.
Guest Stars: Marcus Grodd as Himself - Contestant | Chris Soules as Himself - Contestant | J.J. O'Brien as Himself - Contestant | Marquel Martin as Himself - Contestant | Cody Sattler as Himself - Contestant | Nick Sutter as Himself - Contestant | Nick Viall as Himself - Contestant | Eric Hill (2) as Himself - Contestant | Brett Melnick as Himself - Contestant | Emil Schaffroth as Himself - Contestant | Josh Murray as Himself - Contestant | Chris Bukowski as Himself - Party Crasher | Boyz II Men as Themselves | Lindsey Harding as Herself - WNBA Player | Swin Cash as Herself - WNBA Player | Nneka Ogwumike as Herself - Los Angeles Sparks | Tamika Catchings as Herself - WNBA Player | Elena Delle Donne as Herself - WNBA Player | Andrew Poole as Himself - Contestant | Tasos Hernandez as Himself - Contestant | Brian Osborne as Himself - Contestant | Dylan Pettit as Himself - Contestant | Patrick Jagodzinski as Himself - Contestant

104 :10x06 - Week 5 (S10)

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Marcus Grodd as Himself - Contestant | Patrick Jagodzinski as Himself - Contestant | Marquel Martin as Himself - Contestant | Josh Murray as Himself - Contestant | J.J. O'Brien as Himself - Contestant | Brian Osborne as Himself - Contestant | Dylan Pettit as Himself - Contestant | Andrew Poole as Himself - Contestant | Cody Sattler as Himself - Contestant | Chris Soules as Himself - Contestant | Nick Viall as Himself - Contestant

105 :10x07 - Week 6 (S10)

The eight remaining bachelors head to Italy. Here they have to take a lie detector test and Andi takes one of the guys for a surprise date.

106 :10x08 - Week 7 (S10)

Andi and the men make their way to Italy where Nick is concerned that he won't get the chance to explain about his bad attitude.

107 :10x09 - Week 8 (S10)

A surprising revelation is made by Marcus. Josh manages to secure a one-on-one date with Andi. Some of the men go on a playful bike ride with Andi at the ruins of a castle. The final four bachelors are chosen.

108 :10x10 - Week 9 (S10)

Emily reunites with her more memorable es paartners as she chats with Chris Harrison about some of the more interesting and dramatic moments throughout the season.

109 :10x11 - The Men Tell All

The men talk about how they are feeling.

110 :10x12 - The Final Rose

Andi has to choose between Nick Viall and Josh Murray and goes on a last date with both of them and introduces them to her family.

111 :10x13 - After the Final Rose

This special episode reveals what happened after the show finished.

Season 11

112 :11x01 - Week 1 (S11)

Bachelor nation wants to know: will it be Britt or Kaitlyn?

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Britt Nilsson (1) as Herself (Bachelorette)

113 :11x02 - Week 2 (S11)

Chris reveals the result of the vote and the winner spends time getting to know the men better.

Source: ABC

114 :11x03 - Week 3 (S11)

Laila Ali teaches the men to box; Amy Schumer instructs the bachelors on standup comedy.

Source: ABC

115 :11x04 - Week 4 (S11)

One bachelor refuses to leave when Kaitlyn sends him home. The men receive a lesson from some sumo wrestlers.

116 :11x05 - Week 5 (S11)

Clint is confronted about his behavior. The group pay a viait to New York.

117 :11x06 - Week 6 (S11)

The bachelors and Kaitlyn take part in a two-step competition. A date becomes emotional.

118 :11x07 - Week 7 (S11)

Ian lets Kaitlyn know what he thinks of her. Kaitlyn and the remaining men make their way to Dublin.

119 :11x08 - Week 8 (S11)

One of the bachelors enjoys the Irish countryside with Kaitlyn. A surprise visit changes the course of Kaitlyn's journey.

120 :11x09 - Week 9 (S11)

Kaitlyn and Ben look around Innisfallen Island. Ben is caught off guard by some of Kaitlyn's questions.

121 :11x10 - Week 10 (S11)

• No Summary (Add Here)

122 :11x11 - The Men Tell All

The men talk about their time on the show.

123 :11x12 - The Final Rose

Kaitlyn has decide who she would like to spend her future with.

124 :11x13 - After the Final Rose

This special episode reveals what happened after the show finished.

Season 12

125 :12x01 - Week 1

Kaitlyn Bristowe, Desiree Hartsock Siegfried and Ali Fedotowsky offer Jo Jo some advice. An unexpected visitor interrupts the rose ceremony in which 20 men advance.

126 :12x02 - Week 2

• No Summary (Add Here)

127 :12x03 - Week 3

• No Summary (Add Here)

128 :12x04 - Week 4

• No Summary (Add Here)

129 :12x05 - Week 5

• No Summary (Add Here)

130 :12x06 - Week 6

• No Summary (Add Here)

131 :12x07 - Week 7

• No Summary (Add Here)

132 :12x08 - Week 8

• No Summary (Add Here)

133 :12x09 - Week 9

• No Summary (Add Here)
Classification: Reality
Genre: Competition | Romance/Dating
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 120 Minutes
Premiere: January 08, 2003
Episode Order: 13
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