Week 1 (Season 6) - Recap

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Ali is the new Bachelorette and she is from last season's Bachelor. She was forced to choose between her job or her relationship and she chose to go home. It was one of the hardest decisions that she had to make. Ali says that she has a lot of regrets in regards to choosing a desk job over the possibility of having true love. She is ready to meet someone and put them first. She will not let fear hold her back this time. She believes that she is going to grow and become a better person due to this. She knows it will be hard and test her in a lot of ways. She says that she has re-prioritized her life, but she is still the same girl that will throw on a pair of jeans and start kicking a soccer ball around. She moved out of her apartment and quit her job. She is scared that she may have made a bad decision by that, but she feels like it is more than worth it to take the chance to find true love.

Chris Harrison tells the story of Jake and Ali. He introduces the 25 bachelors. First there is Frank who is 31 years old and he is a retail manager. He is from Chicago. He talks about how he worked in mergers and acquisitions. It did not fulfill him so he left that work and has been working on being a screen writer since then. He believes that passion is the most important thing in life--even more important than money. He needs that in a girl. They tell him who the Bachelorette is and he is ecstatic! The next bachelor is Jay. He is a 29 year old lawyer from Barrington, Rhode Island. He is a lawyer at his dad's firm. His family is in personal injury law. He says that a family that sues together stays together. He finds it amazing that she picked work over the show.

The next Bachelor is Craig, 33, and from Sarnia Canada in Downtown Toronto. He has been single for the last five years. He feels like he is always good with the girls. He loves the single life but he is willing to give that up to truly fall in love. Next, there is Kyle. He is a 26 year old outdoorsman from Colorado. He considers himself to be a mountain man. He says that it is lonely out there. There are no women out there at all. He says that he has a better relationship with nature than the women in Colorado. He is a hunter and he says that he isn't afraid of the other guys because he killed a bear. Then there is Justin, "Mr. Rated R", a professional wrestler from Canada. When he introduces himself he is wrestling with a man that doesn't even fight back. He says that it is a message to the rest of the men to be afraid. He says that he is completely different in real life than wrestling. He speaks Portuguese and was raised by his mother and his grandmother.

There is Philip who is from Chicago. He is an investment manager. He says that work definitely was put on the back burner in 2009 because his brother who was 22 years old passed away. He says after that his whole life changed. He focuses more on family, friends, and doing things he really cares about now. He trains for the triathlon. He realizes that he is ready to fall in love now. Next one is a weatherman named Jonathon from Houston, Texas. He believes that his weapon is his sense of humor. He wants to see if love is there and he is ready to fall in love. There is Ty who is from Franklin, Tennessee. He has a dog that he does everything together and he wants to have a family and get married. He was married, but they got divorced. He doesn't regret being divorced because he learned a lot about relationships and himself.

Then there is Chris who is from Cape Cod. He is a Landscaper. He was a high school math teacher and he taught in NYC. His mother got ill and moving back to Cape Cod was a no brainer for him. Since his mother passed away he learned that love is the only reality. He hopes that the void he feels will be filled by Ali. Then there is Roberto, a 26 year old insurance agent from Charleston, SC. The men are all meeting one another and many of them are confident. They say that they are all going to put up a fight.

Ali is introduced and she looks beautiful. She is in a long black dress and she says she is excited to be back. She and the host go to have a chat. She says that she can't believe that she is back and she feels lucky. She is ready to fall in love. They talk about the decision she had to make over her job and her relationship with Jake. She says that she should have known better and she knows a life without love is a life without happiness. She says that she left everything behind and she feels like she is free due to it. She says that it is all on the line. She worries that people will feel like it is a game to be won instead of real feelings. She is going to ask them all to be honest and hopefully she can tell the difference between jealousy and honesty. Chris asks if everything goes perfect where will she be in 5-10 years. She says that she hopes she is in love and hopefully pregnant.

Chris tells her that she is about to meet the 25 men and how different they all are. The men show up and they are all very excited and rowdy. She meets them all and she is very nervous. Frank pops out of the top of a limosine. Then there is Justin who is the wrestler and has a broken foot. She feels sympathy for him. Craig comes up and tells her that he is so happy she is not Vienna. One man fake proposed to her, it was cute and funny. She has met the first fifteen men and there are ten men for her to meet left. The weatherman gave her an old school weather magnet with the sun on it. Another man gave her a paper rose. A man shows up thinking she was wearing cowboy boots when she went to meet Jake, but she wasn't. One guy even brought leaves with him because she makes a wish when she catches a falling leaf. Another man did a flip to impress her.

The host tells her that there is a first impression rose and if she gives it to someone then he will be safe from the ceremony. She tells them that she wants to find real love and that they should be open and honest. She says that it is intimidating because they are all so cute. She is looking for someone that is smart, funny, and honest. Frank thinks that she is breath taking and stunning. He asks to take her away. He tells her that he is a huge risktaker and he follows his heart. He tells her that he was living in Paris for a while watching screenplays. One man made a scrapbook for her and he got made fun of but he gave it to her. It is everything that he loves and finds important. One man tells her that his father cheated on his mom and from that experience he would never want to hurt another woman like that. Ali is shocked by how many guys are there that are great. Hunter from Texas plays the ukulele and sings her a song.

The men talk about how there is stiff competition. There was one man that introduced himself as Shooter. He decides that he is going to tell her why he is called that and hopes that it isn't too early. He tells her it is because he premature ejaculated in college. He hopes she thinks it is funny and not weird. Craig and the weatherman were talking to her and weatherman did not have enough room to speak. Now is the time that she is going to hand over a rose for first impressions. She is asked by Roberto for alone time and the others sit back and talk about how the rose makes everything so much more real because ten of them are not getting one. Roberto tells her that he grew up Tampa, Florida. He says that he moved to Charleston to start his own business. He asks what she wants in the end of this and she says that she wants a family that fills her up with unconditional love. Roberto then shows her how to salsa dance a bit. She digs him a lot.

Chris from Cape Cod talks to her and she asks the basics. He has two brothers and she asks about his parents but he doesn't mention that his mother passed because he feels like that it is something to talk about later. She talks to the wrestler and he tells her about his broken ankle. He goes back in and the rest of the men get on him. Craig R worries that Justin is there to promote himself. The host decides to give the men a vote to see if they feel like someone is there for shady reasons.

Ali gave Roberta to first impression rose. Chris announces that it is time for the rose ceremony but first they are giving the results of the vote. It ends up being Justin, the wrestler. She decides to take him out and talk to him. He is taken back by that. He believes that it was because of the wrestling. She decides to go in and face the rest of the men. She thanks them but she decides that she is going to give him a rose. The men still feel suspicious.

Now it is really time for the first rose ceremony. She gives the other roses to the following: Jesse, Ty, Craig R, Tyler B, Frank, Steve, Chris L, Kirk, John C, Chris N, Chris H, Hunter, Craig M, Jonathon, and Kasey. The rest that did not receive a rose take a moment and say their goodbyes.