Week 2 (Season 6) - Recap

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The Bachelorette is back and she has seventeen guys left. They are going to travel to Vegas and have Jamie Cullum to perform for them. The host invites all of the men into the livingroom. He congratulates them for being the men she has selected. There will be three dates: 2 individual dates and one group date. One of the individual dates will not get a rose. Frank is selected and it says "all signs point to love". Frank is excited but he is worried that he is going home if he doesn't get a rose. Ali is talking about how she feels great and is excited that she is dating seventeen guys. She says that Frank impressed her but she is not sure if there will be a love connection, so she wants to see about it.

Frank and Aly go on a date in a really beautiful Convertible. He hops in the car and she is driving. They are excited to be free. She says that they are going to do funny and silly things. The car ends up breaking down while they are on the highway. They soon get it figured out and go to Hollywood Blvd. People kept going up to Ali wanting her autograph. Frank really embraced it even though he was nervous. Back at the house, Craig R. and Justin are talking about how he didn't mention the wrestling. He really doesn't trust him. Ali and Frank are still on their date and she says that she never brings anyone there. They end up where the Hollywood sign is. They talk about the view and they have a lot in common. They talk about him going to Paris for screenwriting. He manages a retail store while he writes. They have their first kiss under the Hollywood sign, too.

She then takes Frank to a great place to have a nice drink and have fun relaxing. She takes a rose out and puts it out there right in front of him. She tells him why she really likes him and they have amazing chemistry. A note comes saying who will be going on the group date. The clue is "Picture Us Together". Craig M. gets nasty about the one guy and his tattoos. He calls him a young punk and keeps pushing him. Craig M. keeps provoking him. The weatherman believes that of all the men Craig M. shouldn't be around Ali. Ali decides that she wants to give a rose to Frank because she is crazy about him. There was a lot of chemistry between them and it caught her off guard.

Now it is time for the Group Date with twelve guys. She is happy about her solo date, but she still has to deal with the other guys too. She is waiting for the group of guys and they all think she looks beautiful. They are in Malibu on the beach. She has a big surprise and it is to do a photoshoot for charity. It is going to be a sexy guy calendar. Unfortunately, Justin is having a hard time on his crutches. They are given very different outfits. Jonathon wasn't okay with what he was given as it is small. he looks pretty great even though he was shy. Craig M. says that he was pretty pumped for the photo shoot. They spend a lot of time getting their pictures taken. Ty decides to sing to her with a guitar. She seems happy about that. They are still trying to get Craig M. out because he is "poison".

After the shoot, Ali takes the guys to a place called B. Wood for drinks. She says thanks to the guys and tells them it was for a great cause. Ty asks her to talk to him So that he can tell her that he was married. He married when he was 27 years old and they got divorced because things were not working out. He says it was not an ugly ending, it just didn't work. She says that she respected him for that. Jonathon is dealing with issues with Craig M. He is really uncomfortable with him and he feels it is important to go talk to her. Ty feels like things were going great and then the weatherman comes in. Jonathan tells her that there are a bunch of decent guys and there is one person that shows a huge lack of character is Craig M. He tells her that he is a dangerous, he is crazy, and Craig M. really wants to get into a fight.

Justin asks how everything went. Craig M. gives him a lot of grief and basically roasts him. Four of them haven't a date and Frank answered the door. Jesse gets a date. Justin decides to interrupt one on one time. The rest of the men sit around talk about his self promotion. She cuddles up to him and she says she likes Justin. Now is time for a rose handout and gave it to Ty. Jonathon says that if she keeps Craig M around he will leave because it is a huge red flag to keep someone dangerous around her. Jesse and Ali go on a date and she has a lot of surprises planned for him. They are going to Vegas. They fly there and then hop into a red Ferrari. She is having a great time and she is not scared at all. She says that she did a lot of four wheeling. They take him to a pool called Liquid and they are the first customers and have the pool to themselves. They have a great time. She feels like she needs to know more about him so she can figure out if she is going to give him a rose or not. They haven't gotten serious and she needs to make sure there is a connection beyond the fun time. He hopes that they can get to know one another better, too.

The men are talking about whether Jesse gets the rose or not. They make fun of the weatherman. Craig M. takes the weatherman's jacket and he is all sweaty and it was just gross. He also says that if Jesse gets a rose that they should boot the weatherman out. Ali decides to give Jesse a rose, also. Afterwards, they go to a club and Jamie Cullum sings for them both. The men are beginning to get anxious. Ali shows up for the cocktail party where she hands the roses out. She decides first that she is going to need to meet with a few of the guys that didn't get a date this week. She first meets up with Chris and he talks about his family. Then she meets up with Roberto and she apologizes that she didn't see him this week. He tells her that she is beautiful. Roberto teachers her how to throw a baseball. She then she meets up with Kasey. He tells her that she looks imaginary like she comes out of a fairy tail. Frank then comes up and they go and get close. It was frustrating to the other men because he took her away from Kasey. They all felt sick to their stomachs when they saw them kiss and cuddle.

Craig M. is still throwing insults at the weather man. Jonathan is getting tired of it. Kasey asks him if he resents Craig M and he tells him it's not resentment, he just keeps people away from him that are bad. Craig is listening in and he asks if that is all he has. Ali comes in and Craig M asks if she wants to sit, but she says that she wants to steal Jonathan. Jonathan tells Ali about Craig M about how dangerous he is and that he had more problems with him. Then she goes and talk to Craig M. The other guys are talking about how he doesn't consider people's feelings. She feels like Craig M that he has no real interest in her. He seems uncomfortable and reserved. She worries that he hasn't asked her about herself. He can't explain himself. She then asks why someone would say that he is dangerous and he says he doesn't know. He says that if she gave him time then he would change her mind. He says he is going to ask who said that but he assumes it's Jonathan. Craig M. brings everyone into the house to ask them who did it. He asks if Weatherman did that and Weatherman was a bit nervous but he said that he didn't like him. Weatherman tells him to take accountability for his actions because he has gotten on the bad side of multiple men in the house.

Ali comes in and then the host comes in. It is time for the rose ceremony. She hands roses to the following men: Kasey, Hunter, Roberto, Chris L, Justin, Steve, Kirk, John C, Craig R, Chris N, and Jonathan (weatherman). Of course, she also selected Jesse and Frank. So that is thirteen men still left over. Craig M takes it like a trooper, except when he goes out to talk to the camera.