Week 3 (Season 6) - Recap

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First, Ali has her first one on one date and it is with Roberto. She actually picked him up in a helicopter. It becomes a big event where they have to "work" to actually get to their date. They had to actually walk on wires to get to their romantic dinner that is on a roof. Now, they didn't walk across tiny homes, but giant high rises. Ali felt like this was a big deal because they had to go through something scary and challenging to get there. She feels like it also shows character. Roberto doesn't abstain from showing off his wonderful character, either. He takes his chance and kisses her while they are mid high wire.

After this kiss, the date was seemingly perfect and romantic. Roberto said a lot of pretty mush lines such as how captivating she is and how he wonders where everything else will go. Ali notes her insecurities because his being so attractive makes her wonder if she is cute enough to be with him. He tells her that she is super cute and eventually she was good and sold and gave him a rose.

After this, they are having a group date. This date card says that they have to rock their world. Kasey was not on the list of guys to go on the day and he says that he would have loved to have shown her his singing voice and sing from his heart. When the men when on their group date with Ali they find that The Barenaked Ladies are there playing "One Week". Kirk was super excited because it brought back a lot of memories from back when he was in high school. They soon learn that they are going to work on shooting a video for their new single that is called "You Run Away". Some of the men had a few theories on what the song meant and reflected based on their past experiences.

In this video, there are a lot of men that are fighting for the heart of a central character. Does this sound familiar? Frank feels like the video is perfect for their situation because they are all fighting for her love and they have zero control over the fact that her decision may not include them. She says that she relates to the song because she feels like she can't commit to just one of the fourteen men so she's running away from all of them.

While this whole program may thrive on the purely awkward, things got stranger. Jonathan (weatherman) had a scene where he and Ali are in a library. He was supposed to kiss her and for some reason he was pretty against it. He felt like she wasn't ready to kiss him and he spent a lot of time trying to dodge the bullet so to speak. Eventually she was like "dude, whatever!" and took control and kissed him. Despite his wanting to take his time, when they kissed things were completely different after wards. He felt like everything had changed and he just knew that they were meant to be together.

Chris L. had a few witty comments in regards to Jonathan's behavior. Jonathan wasn't the only one to get his kiss on. Some even got slapped all for the sake of the music video. Kirk gets the chance to be in bed with Ali for the video. Kirk felt the sparks and Frank got pretty jealous feeling like something isn't right. He worries that Kirk is going to be getting a rose tonight. He says that it is going to break his heart if she does.

A bit later, Chris L. (from Cape Cod) and Ali got a bit close and bonded because he has finally told her about him losing his mother. If you can recall, he was waiting until the right time to tell her alone. She asks him about the tattoo he has and it was his mother's actual signature. Later on, Kirk even got to have some more alone time with Ali in a hot tub. They made out a bit and Frank got even more jealous, of course. He decided he would get the rest of the guys to hop in to make the make out fest end. Ali says that he has an energy that really just pulls her into and appeals to her. Kirk actually got a rose, too.

Justin is feeling left out and he decided to limp himself to Ali's house. Everyone was pretty much caught off guard because it was such a simple idea. Everyone behind the scenes pretty much dug this idea and supported him. Even her security guard was like "heck yeah, right this way!" He even showed up while she was having one of her confessional taping. He seemed pretty happy about what he did and he felt like it was worth it to see her reaction to it. She was impressed with him walking to her house and bringing pictures of his family.

When he went back to the mansion, he was pretty intent on acting like it never even happened. He was being a bit cocky and told Hunter that it sucks that he "had to wait so long to get his one on one date" and how he "would do anything to have that alone time with her" such as climb mountains. He tried to convince everyone that he had good intentions and even had a sad attempt at crying. The men are very much against Justin, it seems they have some pretty serious bad feelings about him.

At Hunter's one on one date Ali established that this date could really either make things great or make things bad with Hunter. She believes that Justin sneaking up to see her really did steal a bit of his thunder. She was pretty dressed down when Hunter showed up and then they went to her place to grill some food. They ended up in the hot tub, but it wasn't that great and seemed to lack sparks between them both.

Soon, after his last effort to get to her through an emotional talk about how he's scared and not wanting to open up Ali told him that there really isn't a connection and she wasn't going to be giving him the date rose. After that it was time for the cocktail party that comes before the rose ceremony. She talks to Chris L. about a few things such as a game called "flip cup" (which makes her light up like a Christmas tree) and about some Massachusetts seafood.

Kirk and Frank are getting jealous and talk about how they thought they had connected with her. Elsewhere, Justin was getting harped on about how he's a professional wrestler and his "attitude". Ali had told Roberto about how Justin visited and then they snapped on him even more. That is when he started to "cry".

Finally, the roses were handed out and the only two men that were sent home were John C. and Steve.