Week 4 (Season 6) - Recap

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The men have been told that they are going to go on a trip around the world for the rest of the season. It will start in New York City, so they must get everything packed up so they can leave. Ali is in New York and she gets a makeover for InStyle. They take all kinds of pictures of her in her new outfits and then they tell her that she is going to be featured in the magazine which has Cameron Diaz on the cover. She is excited about this as this has always been her dream.

After that, she meets up with the guys and she picks up Kasey for the date that they are going on. The other men talk about how Kasey must think of Ali. Chris L. says that he must think that it is going to be the most romantic love in the world with unicorns and running across fields and all of that. He thinks that Ali's love is not overly romantic, that she isn't going to be into that at all.

The date begins by getting a helicopter ride. They are pretty amazed by it and Ali didn't seem too scared, either. He feels like it is a fairy tale and how they should spend every day of his life.

The date with Kasey seems pretty crazy. He talks about how Ali is ready and open for love like a beautiful butterfly. He told her multiple times that he was going to protect and guard her heart. When they got to the museum, he was super intense about his feelings for her and sings a song to her. Ali was pretty shocked and then she called him out. She thinks he isn't being true to himself and she really is not into it. He didn't get a rose, but was for whatever reason still around for the rose ceremony later.

Back at the house, there is another datecard. There are seven guys that are going on a date: Jesse, Roberto, Craig, Kurt, Jonathan, Frank, and Ty. The guys are pretty excited, except Justin. Elsewhere, Ali is saying that she is having a hard time believing that how he acts is not real. When she tells him this she says that he can't have a rose but wants him to stay despite that. He is hurt by her thinking that he isn't real.

She shows up on a tv screen in Times Square. It says if you want a rose tonight, you are going to have to find me in the concrete jungle. They are going to see The Lion King on Broadway. Ali says that Broadway's Lion King is her favorite part of New York. She then warns that she is a little under the weather. They decide that they are going to pick one of the guys to have a date with her by seeing what their talents were. First they had to dance and then they had to sing. Roberto beat them all out and they are going on the date.

The date will be having them in The Lion King that night. Frank is concerned about that. John feels like a schmuck because he didn't even do well. Roberto says that Broadway is important to him because it is important to her. He was also happy that they could be closer physically. The guys are not happy about it watching it. They are wondering how to top the experience. Jonathan is not happy because it was supposed to be awesome and now he is miserable.

Ali and Roberto are excited that they are about to perform in front of everyone. Roberto is trying to pump himself up and they perform during "Can You Feel the Love Tonight". Ali says that she could not have experienced that with anyone else. After that, she decided that she is going to hang out with Frank and she wants to remind him that she is still crazy about him. He asks her how she feels about he feels about the situation. She says that she wants him to be crazy about her and he says that he is. They kiss despite her being sick because he wants whatever she has, haha.

The date card comes and it is Chris' chance to go on a date. It is also his birthday. Jonathan needs time to speak to Ali, but he is kind of passive about all of it. Craig tells her he knows it is going to be them in the end so he is going to be patient. Chris W. comes over and pulls her aside and asks how she is feeling. He thinks she needs to take care of herself and go to bed. She just needs to take care of the rose first.

She thanks them for the patient tonight, but she is not going to give out the rose that night. She hopes that they understand everything, but she needs to go to bed. Chris brings her to her room to tuck her in. The other guys are flipping out about it because he basically walked off with her. He tells her that it makes him nervous how much he cares and then they kiss. He just wanted to make sure she was comfortable and feeling okay, but that was it. He then leaves her so he doesn't over stay his welcome.

Kasey tells Chris that she couldn't give him the rose because she needed to see him as sincere. Chris is excited because it is his first one on one date with Ali. He goes to Ali's and she is still sick. She has a pretty serious cold. She is not up for all of the things that she has planned out. She does invite him to come hang out at her suite, though. He decides to show up with flowers and soup. She asks him why he left New York and he says that he went home to spend time with his mom when she was sick.

Back at the house, they are wondering where Kasey is. They hope that he isn't doing anything to hurt himself or something that is stupid. He apparently said that he was going to do something big. He is going to get a tattoo to prove that he is genuine and have a huge heart. He says that he has never thought he would ever get a tattoo. The guys think that he needs to go home for his sake. The tattoo is going to be a shield protecting a heart.

At the date, Ali tells Chris thank you for taking care of her. She says she is feeling better and decides she wants to go and do some of the plans she has. They go to Fifth Avenue to have a nice night at a club. She wanted to make sure that they have a lot of seafood for his birthday. They talk about his mom and how amazing she is. He tells her that she wrote a note that said "Look for me in rainbows" and he sees rainbows where ever he goes now. She is happy he shared that with her. She wants him to call his dad because it is his birthday and she knows his family is important to him. He tells her he looks forward to meeting her and she loves that he is so close with his family. She wants to marry into a family like that.

Kasey is back with his wrist wrapped and he wants to keep it underwraps until he is ready to tell Ali. Justin has been thinking and worrying about Kasey but he said he was at the hospital. Justin says that he was a fibber and he is there to call him out. Back at the date, Ali tells him that she thinks it is sweet that he took care of her on his birthday. She thinks he is awesome and so is his family. She offers him the date rose. He is very happy. She has one last surprise for his birthday and they go to the roof and there is Joshua Radin performing. She is surprised too, it seems. They dance and have a great time. She was so happy and excited. She felt like the whole day was special. Chris considers her his girlfriend now.

They are all very nervous and waiting for the cocktail party to start. Justin still feels like the people were against him. He wants Kasey to go home for lying. Frank asks what he is going to tell her. He wants to show her that he is literally wearing his heart on his sleeve. Finally, she shows up and it is time to hand out the roses. Chris L already has a rose from earlier, Kirk, Frank, Craig, Chris N., Roberto, Ty, Kasey, and Justin all get roses. Unfortunately for Jesse and Jonathan, they are going home.