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Week 5 (Season 6) - Recap

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Ali and the guys are going to Iceland and they are all pretty excited about it. Kasey thinks that he might actually show her his tattoo. Ali thinks that Iceland is incredible, gorgeous, and extreme. She also tells us that there is a volcano that has erupted for the first time in two hundred years. There are going to be three dates: One on one date, group date, and two on one date. With the two on one date, one will not come back with the rest of the guys. They are competing by writing a love poem to Ali and to perform it in front of her to be able to have a one on one date with her. If they throw in an Icelandic word, there will be extra credit. They are given one hour to write the poems and they are asking the residents for words in Icelandic.

Craig R. hasn't gotten a one on one date yet and thinks it is important that he does today. They have completed their poems and are getting ready to perform them to her. They have to read all of their poems in front of everyone. Craig R's poem was funny and made her laugh. Kasey's poem was very serious and he mumbled a lot so she didn't get some of it. They all had a lot of fun, but she wants to go on the one on one date with Kirk. The other guys are jealous as usual. Kasey looks like a wounded puppy. Frank says that anytime that she goes on a date with someone else, he is going to get jealous. Frank also thinks that Kasey is going a little crazy and he is concerned for him.

Ali likes Kirk because he is positive and has a love for life that is infectious. She thinks that when traveling with someone that is the best way to get to know someone. They go shopping at the sweater shop and they have a lot of fun there. They are in matching outfits once they leave the shop. After that, they go to feed the swans. She says that she feels like they are a couple and she has so much fun with him. They go to sit down at lunch. She asks about his dating history and he tells her that he hasn't dated anyone for more than a year. She is worried about that and she feels like he is hiding something. She is hoping for him to open up more so that she can give him a rose.

The guys are at their room talking and the date card shows up. The guys that are going on the group date are Roberto, Chris L., Chris N., Craig, and Ty. Frank is going on the date tomorrow and Justin and Kasey are going on the two on one date. Justin looks cocky about it and Kasey looks worried. Kirk and Ali are still on their date and they go to a Lobster House. He tells her that he got sick five years ago, he wasn't sure he was going to leave. He used to be a runner and as soon as he moved into a house and he lost all of his weight and got breathing problems. His hair begun to fall out and lost short term memory. He went to many physicians and he couldn't figure out what was wrong and in the house he moved into there was asbestos and mold. She tells him that he inspires her to be a better person. She really likes him a lot and decides to give him the rose.

At the house, Frank is checking on Kasey. He thinks that Kasey is a bit shook up over competing with Justin. Frank asks him when he's going to show her the tattoo and now he doesn't know when he will. Frank says he thinks that it is his time to shine and he should send the wrestler home. Kasey says if he gets sent home, it will destroy him.

Now is the time for the group date and she has horses for everyone to ride. Ali says that she has never rode a horse before. Ty is in his element with the horses. They ride the horses around and explore Iceland. Chris L isn't doing well with the horse and Ty helps him. They are walking now and they are about to go into a cave. Elsewhere, Justin is thinking about what he can do to get his rose. He has decided to take his cast off and get a boot on so he can walk without the crutches.

It is time that they go down into the cave. Chris L is the first person to go into the cave and then Ali goes down next. Ali's fingers were cold and he gives her his gloves. They start exploring the cave and all of them absolutely love it. Frank is still bummed out because of it being a group date. She says that it is hard because she has strong feelings for a lot of the guys. She feels like Frank isn't there for her and she says that it is okay because there are other guys that want to get to know her.

After the cave, the group travels to what is called the Blue Lagoon. It is a lake that has healing properties. Ali is wearing a bikini and she thinks they should all just go swimming in it. Ty saw the rose and he knows that he got what he wanted tonight. Ty and Ali get some time alone and they got to cuddle up in the water. After that, she's with Chris L. They talk about past relationships and she says she's not sure if it's romantic, yet. However, they do kiss. Frank is still jealous and needs to step up his game.

Back at the hotel, there is some trash talk going on about Justin and he has walked in on it. He tells Kasey that the game is on and Kasey asks why he is so angry. Justin tells him that he would be angry too if he walked in hearing what he just did. Justin is confident that he is not going to be the one going home. Frank have finally gotten Ali alone. She wants to know why he isn't really around during the dates. She says that she looks forward to see him and reaches out for him. All she wants is him to be there for her, even if there are other guys involved too.

Ali is giving a rose to Ty for being there for her throughout the whole date. The other guys are pretty bummed about that. Frank has gotten a wake up call by that and now he knows he has to fight for her. Kasey and Justin are getting ready to go to their two on one date. She notices that Justin doesn't have crutches anymore and she is happy about it. She takes them on a helicopter so they can see a volcano that is erupting for the first time in two hundred years. They landed on the volcano so that they can watch it up close.

After that, they are going to a giant glacier that they can explore. There is an ice cave with candles all over the place. Ali and Justin have a one on one a bit. He tells her about how the guys don't like him because of the Rated R thing. Kasey is outside waiting while they have a nice discussion. She is having a hard time getting it all figured out. He was sweet and understanding. Next, she is talking to Kasey and he wants to show her his tattoo. She tells him that she feels like she wasn't trying to make him feel like he is less of who he is. He takes this as his in to show her the tattoo. She is shocked by it, but smiling. He is hardly letting her get a word in edgewise, however.

Now is the time that she has to hand out the rose. She starts to cry because she has to leave one. She tells them that she is giving Justin the rose. She tells Kasey that she wants him to go find the right girl and that she doesn't have that feeling that it would go anywhere. She left him behind in Iceland.

The guys are all back ready for the cocktail party. She feels bad for Kasey and she says it did not feel good. Frank decides that he is going to get a one on one with her. She tells him that she was worried about the reaction from not giving Kasey the rose since the guys don't really like Justin. He tells her that he learned that he needed to step it up with her. He tells her that he misses her. Frank feels like he is back on track after that.

Craig tells the rest of the guys that he is more nervous than he has ever been. He decides he wants to talk to her one on one, too. He wants to do something to show her how he felt and it turns out to be a mockery of the tattoo that Kasey got. She talks to Chris N. and they are not working well together at all. It is completely awkward and he is confident that she will give him a rose. Chris L. goes to steal her for a while and he has decided to open up more to her. They bond even more over the fact that he looks up to his father and hopes he learned to be the best husband thanks to him.

She and Roberto get close and cuddle for a bit. She asks if he would've approached her and she says she wouldn't have because he's too hot for her. The host talks to Ali about being in Iceland and she is amazed by it. He talks to her about Kasey and he wants to know what her take was on it. She thinks that he fell in love with the idea of falling in love. She didn't feel it on her end even if he felt like he was in love. She feels it was the best for both her and Kasey. She feels like there are a few guys she can end up with. She feels like she is being pulled back and he tells her she is afraid to fall in love. She says that she is being very cautious of who she gives her heart to. She is positive that she will fall in love here, but she is scared that she won't be loved back. Now is the time for the rose ceremony. The guys that receive roses are: Kirk, Ty, and Justin from their dates. The final guys to get roses are: Frank, Chris L, Roberto, and Craig R. Chris N has not received a rose, so he will be going home.