Week 6 (Season 6) - Recap

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There are seven bachelors left on this trip with Ali. They are going to Instanbul, Turkey and they are all quite excited. Unfortunately, pretty much immediately things go horribly wrong for Ali. Despite having ignored the other bachelor's about Canadian Wrestler Justin and seeing the best that could be in him...we find out that he has a few secrets. They get there and she gets a knock on her hotel room door. It is the host, Chris Harrison, and he is there to tell her that her good friend from The Bachelor has information about one of the bachelors. Chris asks if Ali wants to talk to Jessie about it and she gets on the phone. She tells her that she found information out about Justin. He apparently has a girlfriend named Jessica back in Canada. Not only that, but she has her right there with her!

Jessie asks Ali if she would like to talk to Jessica and she puts her on the phone. Jessica is clearly nervous and hesitant. She starts to cry and says that he is only on the show to benefit him and her because he will get famous by being on it. His goal was to at least be in the top three of the bachelor's because they are most famous. Jessica told her that she went to get his headshots with him for the auditions. Then she found out that there is another girl that he is with. So, Justin has two girlfriends and doesn't give a crap about Ali. She handles it well while discussing the situation with his girlfriend. She's not crying or anything.

The producers confirmed all of the information that Jessica gave Ali. Justin would just slide away and call her multiple times while doing the show. She decides that she needs to go and deal with him as soon as possible. When Ali goes into the guy's place with Chris Harrison, she goes and tells them all that she knows it's been hard for all of them and especially for Rated R since he probably misses the girlfriend that he has waiting for him back in Canada.

Ali snaps and she tells him that Jessica called and she is livid. She gives him a lot of grief because he talked such a good game such as respecting women and all of that "I'm really a sweet guy" nonsense. He hops up and decides to walk over. He doesn't want to fight, he just wants to walk away. She tries to tell him to sit down and step it up. He tells her that he doesn't have a girlfriend. When he walks out, Chris Harrison follows him and he asks what is gonna happen, and asks if he is just going to leave without having a word with her. He tries getting a way but can't find an exist. He is completely covered by crew from the show. So, he eventually jumps over some trees trying to get away. Unfortunately for him, that's not going to happen.

He gets with it and then goes to talk to Ali. He tells her that he understands how she may be feeling. He tells her that Jessica is a person that he has strong feelings for but not in a romantic way. He also tells Ali that he started realizing he didn't have feelings for Ali and wanted to give his rose away but he just couldn't. She is still pissed and she asks him about his second girlfriend. He apologizes and walks out. The cameras follow him and they played multiple voicemails from Justin to his girlfriend Jessica that were full of the mushiness of a thousand mashed potatoes. Ali is infuriated and then she stops wasting time and goes on a date with Ty. They have a great time and she says that he was just what she needed then. Craig R answers the door when the date card is delivered and he is worried. Frank gets the one on one date and the rest of the guys--not including Justin and Ty get to go on the group date.

While Ali is on her date with Ty they have a great time. They have dinner and have a deep conversation. They talked about his marriage and some things shed light on the marriage ending front. He had a mother that stayed at home and his wife wanted to work which just didn't work in his mind. Ali isn't pleased with this, either. Ty then tells her that after that he learned that things can't always be the way he thinks they should be. She worries that he may be too traditional but he still gets a rose despite that due to him being honest with her.

The guys get to go on their group date and there is a clue that has Kirk's curiousity piqued. She tells them them why there was olive oil as a clue and it is because they are going to be traditional in regards to their location and that is when a bunch of half naked men come out to the arena. They are going to teach the guys how to wrestle in olive oil. She watches in horror and starts to regret that being the date. Despite that, she tells them that they are going to have to fight each other and whoever wins will have a one on one date with her. Craig R. beats Chris L. Roberto beats Kirk. Roberto and Craig R must fight and that is when Craig R enjoys the sweet taste of having defeated all of the guys.

The rest of the guys go home to their hotels and they aren't pleased having lost that one on one date. Frank expresses great pain over it and the usual jealous spout.

Craig R. and Ali are going on the date he has turned his charm on quite a bit. He tells her all of everything she had ever wanted to hear. Despite that, it didn't seem like there was much of a connection going on.

She and Frank go on their date and it seems like there had been no time between the first and the last. They try on clothes. They work together with ease and she feels like they are still as connected as they were in the beginning. While they are having their meals, Frank tells her that it's imperative that he is on his knees only once and he is nervous that she won't react the way that he would like her to. She says that she is scared due to the fact that there is no control on how the other person feels. He tells her he trusts her and having his heart in her care. She tells him that she is scared that he is going to break her heart but she gives him a rose despite that.

Finally, the time has come and that means it is cocktail time. Ty is already going to be safe and so is Frank but here were a couple of guys that didn't have much face time with her.

Ali tells the host that she doesn't need the hour because she has made her decisions when it comes to the guys. She has decided who needs to go home and the host tells them. They are shocked and then they go to see what is going on. Chris L, Roberto, and Kirk all receive roses. She tells him one on one that she didn't feel the romance between the two of them. He is sad because he was falling for her, but it just wasn't good enough for Ali.