Week 7 (Season 6) - Recap

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This week on Bachelorette, there are five men left. These men are Roberto, Frank, Kirk, Ty, and Chris. The first date card gets slid underneath the door and it was for Roberto. It seems that Ali wanted him to be the king of her castle. They're in Lisbon and they are going on one of the cutest one on one dates seen on television. They enjoy the sights and take many a picture of one another. They even danced in the middle of a bit of a crowded street. They are very clearly enjoying one another quite a bit.

Back at the hotel room, Frank decides that this week is when they really need to work on their relationships with Ali. The two love birds on their date have sat down to have a cute picnic at a castle. They have the most amazing view. She tells him that he's a bit of a mystery to her. She wonders about his personality. She wonders if he is nice like he is all the time. She is just amazed with all of his traits. He doesn't have much to say to her in regards to a response, but he does tell her some sweet words. He is flattered with what she has to say to him.

Ty and Frank are going on a two on one date. Frank thinks of Ty as the one who he should definitely worry about. They took a helicopter ride to a location and went to visit a castle. They had one of the most awkward dinners that has ever been experienced by man in the history of western civilization. They had some pretty weird conversation. No one knew what to say at all. Having a romantic dinner with two men and one woman is kind of going to be awkward by definition, though.

They had a lot to drink and Ali asks to talk to Ty alone. She asks him all about what his parents are going to be like towards her. She worries that his traditionalist parents aren't going to like her since she is very work oriented. He says that his parents are more than likely going to like her as much as he does. He also tells her that he likes that she is work oriented and it is going to be different with her. He is tickled by that.

Frank has been worrying about having to tell her the "secret" that we all already knew about since the beginning. He needed to tell Ali about living with his parents. He had to tell her that after leaving his job, going to Europe to take a risk, and eventually (after years) failing--he was essentially forced to move in with his parents. He tells her that he is ashamed to admit to taking his family for granted. Luckily for Frank, she did not seem to phased by this news at all. She is getting pretty good at hiding her distaste for certain things, however.

They are sitting in a tree and cuddling. She tells him that she is scared of everything when it comes to the possible relationship with him despite the fact that he is also everything that she ever wanted in a man. There may be another "dark secret" coming in regards to Frank, also. She tells him that she is just as scared as he is when it comes to being with her.

It is time for Kirk to go on his date with Ali. They get to go to a castle, too. Ali has a lot on her mind, but he sure does try with her. He says he is really nervous as he hasn't really brought anyone home to his parents in a while. She tells him that she was less in touch with how she feels than she thought that she was. She tells him that she is really worried she won't be all that he needs in the long run. He confides in her and says again to her that he has changed so much since he conquered a serious illness. He knows who he is and he knows what he wants since then. He also tells her that he isn't falling for the idea of her or where their relationship could go but he really does have feelings for her. She says that the connection that they have is pretty rare.

The next date that she goes on is with Chris. She knows she likes him as a friend, but she thinks that he is taking too long with her in regards to an actual romantic relationship. She had hopes that he was going to open up more with her during the date. She won't be visiting his family if he doesn't open up more with her. He was prepared to really bring it with her during this date. Unfortunately, he kind of dropped the ball a tiny bit. He was supposed to drive on a moped with Ali, but he was really worried that he was going to crash it. He just felt like you can't really injure the bachelorette, right? She ended up driving him around instead, which was pretty sweet.

It was pretty much the way that she took the wheel when it comes to their relationship. He very much opened up with Ali and told her all about his mom when she asked. He had nothing but the kindest of words. He said that she was an amazing person with a lot of compassion. She worked as a nurse and her friends cared so much about her that they still reach out to her family to make sure that everything is okay with them. Despite his opening up, she still wondered whether it was too late or not.

When they got to where they were going we realize she took him to a major winery. There was a nice meal set up for them and it was pretty beautiful. She thought that it was great for him to tell her more about himself in. Chris had the best weapon to make her not wonder about him anymore. He decided it was time to give her an absolutely gorgeous bracelet that was made by someone that made all of the jewelry his father bought for his mother. He wanted to make sure that he felt strongly enough for her to give it to her. He also tells her that she makes him feel warm inside. After that, they rolled around in the grass and she decided that he could possibly be the perfect husband.

Finally, it is time for the rose ceremony. They pretty much skipped the cocktail party all together for sake of saving time for the Jake drama. Ali gave roses to Chris, Roberto, Frank, and Kirk. This left Ty to go home because she did not think that it was going to really work out in the long run.