Week 8 (Season 6) - Recap

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It is time for the home town dates in Bachelorette land. Ali is excited to meet the families of the guys and she first goes to Roberto's hometown which is in Florida. He is really excited to introduce her to his family. He is bringing her around his hometown to check things out. He first brings her to a baseball field because he used to play professionally and at college. He gives her own jersey with his number on it and put her name over the number. She thinks that he looks absolutely hot in his baseball uniform. They had fun playing baseball with one another. He is impressed that she is so active and she had a lot of fun doing that, too. She doesn't think that it can get better but he decides to give her a baseball card from when he was on a team from her hometown. She asks if he is nervous, but he isn't. She is nervous, though. She worries because she knows nothing about his family so she doesn't know if they are going to like her. He doesn't think it is going to be tough, however. He says his father is tough and his mother is passive.

Roberto finds his parents opinion very important and if they don't like Ali then he is going to have rethink it. They go in and meet up with his family. She felt that they were really accepting. They ask him why he got the first impression rose and she says it is because of a feeling she had. His dad wants to ask her a few questions because he knows she'll be happy but he wants to know that he will be happy as well. He asks her her personal goals in life. His father is concerned that Ali has a lot of things she wants to do. He worries that she won't want to support Roberto all the way over. She hopes that she can do what is right for their future family. Roberto is talking to his mother and he tells her that he finds her to be incredible and everything that he wants and more. He feels like he is definitely going to propose to her. Roberto is now talking to his father and he tells him to follow his heart and got the blessing from both of his parents. They play music and then they start dancing. She had a pretty fantastic time with his family and him.

Now it is Chris' turn to take Ali to his hometown in Cape Cod. He is playing with his dog Jenny and she loves that he was playing with his dog. They spend time walking on the beach in the rain and playing with the dog. He tells her that there are whales out there mating out there. She thinks that they are both really comfortable because they are from Massachusetts. She gets to see all of the pictures of his family and his mom. She is happy that they are keeping the memory of her. She felt so much more comfortable with him today. They are sitting out front and she is really nervous. He tells her that she shouldn't be because he is sure that his family will like her. He tells her that she makes him smile and happy. His father shows up eventually and they have a great big hug and he hugs Ali, too. After that his whole family shows up and he is so excited to see everyone. They brought wine back from Portugal. She realizes that he has a fantastic family and they are very close. His sister in laws ask about her bracelet and we learn that they also have been given bracelets so it is a part of a family thing. His father tells the story about how he met Chris' mother and the first time that she saw him she knew that she was going to get married to him. Chris felt like it was home and natural with her with his family.

Ali sneaks off with Chris' dad. She tells him that it is awesome to see him with his family. He tells her that it is wonderful that they both took care of the women that were most important in their lives such as Chris' mother and Ali's grandmother. He says that if you have love, you have everything. She asks if Chris is ready to meet someone and he says he is. Chris is talking to his siblings and his in laws are worried due to the fact that it is a competition. His sister in laws believe that he deserves someone to be there for him. They think he is cute with her. They just want him to be happy and sure. His dad wishes that his wife were there to ask questions. He just hopes that they will be happy. Chris talks to his dad and he feels like she is definitely a keeper. He asks what he would tell his mom about Ali and he feels like she would just know. He is upset that his brothers got to bring their partners into his mother's life but he won't be able to introduce his wife to his mother. They have a nice emotional goodbye and then he wants to show her one more thing. He tells her that what he sees, his family sees. They have a nice bonding moment on the tower kissing passionately.

Next, Kirk takes Ali to his family in Green Bay, WI. They are excited and missed one another. She asks who they are meeting. His parents are divorced so she has to go to two different places. She can relate to an extent as her parents are divorced, too. He may have some trust issues that he has gotten from his family. She meets his dad, step-mother and adopted sister Nica. His father asks to go see the basement and it is a workshop full of animals that have been stuffed. Kirk hopes this doesn't affect their relationship. She is completely shocked and freaked out. She loves animals but only when they are alive. Kirk's dad has a freezer in the basement with dead animals and their frozen food.

Kirk talks to his little sister about marrying Ali. It was cute. Ali was asking him questions about Kirk and he said that he never brought a girl home because no one was ever special enough. After that, Kirk talks to his father. He asks if he likes her and his father says that he wishes that she could be around all the time. He tells him to think more logically along with the heart. He trusts whatever Kirk decides. Ali, Kirk, and his little sister all play soccer in the backyard. His father says that he hasn't seen Kirk like he is before and he thinks that they could work out.

Next, Ali has to meet Kirk's mother. Ali worries about the fact that he hasn't been in a long term relationship before. Ali meets his mother, sisters, and Grandmother. They make meatloaf, potatoes, and carrots. Kirk was amazed by how they interacted with one another. She tells them why he has lasted for so long. Kirk is really happy that this is working out. Kirk and his sister are talking and she asks what he likes about her. He feels better when he is around her and he is just being himself around her. Ali is talking to his mother and she tells her about the fact that they both have worn livestrong bracelets since being sick. The bracelet snapped and she thinks that it showed that there is a new beginning come. She was so happy when they walked in because they both looked so happy together.

Kirk talks to his mom and she tells him that she really likes her a lot. He is happy she said this and he missed her so much. He is glad that she has reassured him. She thinks that despite the fact that he feels like he never had a good influence relationship wise that he does have that and that love is all around him. He feels like they have something that can last. He wants to feel it for the rest of his life. He is definitely falling for her hard.

Finally, the family meeting for Frank is happening now in Chicago. Frank is happy to be in Chicago and he thinks that it is going to be great in the beginning but he is still very nervous. She feels great about Frank and is ready to see him. She missed him a lot. He takes her on a boat to tour around Chicago. She loves how funny he is and it is important to her. She just got really nervous by thinking about meeting her potential in laws. He is really concerned about it. He feels that it is important to him and he is nervous about it. He feels like it is one massive head trip and he worries that he'll have to go home. She tells him to focus on the fact that she is the one for him. She thinks they're great together but he gets over-analytical. She needs him to be confident and have faith. She says she can't figure him out. He wants to know that they are actually meant to be. She tells him that she feels good about him. She is worried that he feels like they won't end up together in the end.

Now she is going to meet his family. She really needs Frank to step up and be more confident. All of his family is waiting for him. She gets to meet his mother, father, sister, and brother in law. She feels good and comfortable with them. His father says that they look really good together. His mother asks how they feel about one another and he jokes that she kept him around for sympathy and pity. He loves that they fit in in a level of humor. Ali and his mother go to talk. She tells him that she likes him a lot and thinks that he is amazing. His mother feels like they have known her for at least a year. Frank says that he knows what he wants and feels good about what they have. He is worried that it'll be an amazing relationship but it will end. His sister decides to talk to Ali. Ali thinks that they are so questionable because they could really be it together. They could be together in the end. Frank talks to his father about the fact that he is ready to make the commitment that he is about to make with her. He feels like this whole thing is the hardest thing he has ever done but it is worth it. He was happy that his family saw that she is pretty amazing and that they work together.

The host and Ali have a nice recap on what she was doing on all of the hometown meetings. She says that she feels like Roberto is a fairytale guy. She was surprised when she met Chris' family and she loved the way that they were together. She says she could see herself in Chris' family. She was super excited to see Frank and says that his family is amazing and could spend all the time with her he could. She is worried that he may not be ready to be with her right now. She is really scared about hurting someone she really cares about tonight. She is not ready to send one of them home. She begins to cry because now that the families have become involved there is just so much more at stake.

Now it is time for the rose ceremony and she is not remotely ready to make a decision to send someone home. There are three roses to hand out and one of them will go home. She makes it clear that it has nothing to do with their families because they are all amazing. She also says she grew closer with all of them so she doesn't want to do this. She starts off by picking Roberto. Next she picks Chris. Finally, she picks Frank sending Kirk home. Kirk's heart gets broken and he takes his moment to say goodbye to all of the guys and Ali walks him out. He is hurt because he gave himself to her and she's not looking for it. He didn't see it coming and he has never had his heart broken before so this is new. He could see himself proposing to her. She tells the rest of the guys that things will be getting super intense together and they are going to Tahiti.