Week 9 (Season 6) - Recap

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It is time for the episode with the last three of the contenders. Instead of going to Tahiti, Frank ended up staying in Chicago longer and there is something that he and Ali are going to have to talk about. Chris says that he is definitely falling in love with Ali. He says that he hasn't been ready for love in a couple of years and now is the time. Roberto feels like after Ali meeting his family she would fit in perfectly. They flash back to the time that they meant all the way to this point. He feels like they are working towards something that is really good. He also says that he has never felt that way about someone so quickly. He is still a little nervous that he isn't going to be the last guy. He thinks that the only fair way to do this is to open up completely. He is trying to not let it get to him too much that there are still two other guys.

Frank is worried and he has thought that he was going to be the guy that ends up with Ali since the first guy. He also says that he can see them getting married someday. Unfortunately, for a while he has been having feelings for his last girlfriend Nicole. He also thinks that he might still be in love with his ex. Ali doesn't know about this ex girlfriend. He can't sleep or get his mind off of this. It is killing him that he has feelings for two girls. Frank is still in Chicago. He is supposed to be on his way to Tahiti but he is not going there because he is in Chicago looking for his ex girlfriend Nicole and is worried that he still has feelings for Nicole. He needs to make sure that he gets some answers before he makes the decision to be with Ali forever. He wants to make sure his heart is in the right place. This is going to change everything for Frank. He is really uncertain about where everything is going to lead.

He finally gets to Nicole's apartment and knocks on the door. She opens the door and they hug. He had a flood of emotions that came when she opened up the door. He needs to make a decision and it is difficult because he knows that somebody is going to get hurt. He tells Nicole that he has been a wreck about coming to talk to her. He says that he has spent the past long while fighting other guys for Ali and she doesn't know that he is Chicago or that they were even together at one point. He says that he and Ali had an amazing thing right from the start and his ex girlfriend looks hurt by that. He thinks that his feelings for Ali are very real and he thinks she is a great girl and they have a good connection. He thinks that they can have an awesome relationship. She tells him that ever since he left he has consumed her mind. She is sick to her stomach over the fact that he could be falling in love with someone that isn't her. It is heart breaking. He tells her that through the process of falling for Ali he has had feelings that were brewing inside of him for her (Nicole) and he was trying to make sense of them. He doesn't understand why he was thinking about Nicole and was hoping that he would move on over time. He wanted to see if they still had the spark that they had before. She tells him that without him she doesn't feel complete and he needs to come home. He decides that he should come home, too. He realizes that he is in love with Nicole and he wants to be with her for the rest of his life.

He feels like everything he has done has led to this moment and it has paid off. He tells her that he has to go find Ali and tell her what he has decided and it is going to take a lot courage and strength. He needs Nicole to support him because he is scared. He says it is bittersweet because he doesn't want to hurt Ali but he is happy because he is in love with Nicole. He is very much scared. Ali is excited about going to Tahiti. She says it has been a dream of hers and it is a perfect place to fall in love at. She is going to have her three dates on the Island of Taha with the boys. She is sharing practically the whole island with these guys to herself. She realizes that she has three amazing guys that have such great qualities that one of those three guys is going to be her husband. She is going on a date with Roberto first. Roberto is excited to see her in such a romantic place. He says that it would be a complete honor to be the one that proposes to her. He gets a knock at his door and Ali is there. They are happy and hug. They are going on an amazing date with one another. Roberto feels like things are going in the right direction. They saw the most amazing sights and then landed on a beautiful Island so that they could have a picnic. Not only that but it is a heart shaped island. It is uninhabited and completely private.

They have fun swimming around and making out. Roberto decides to talk to her during dinner and decides to tell her something over a romantic dinner. He is scared because he knows there are other guys out there but he wants to let her know how he feels. He's not good at this stuff he says. He tells her that he feels like they will be together in the future. She says sometimes she gets nervous, too. He tells her that he feels like he's been closed off and it is crazy for him to open up like this and he feels like he is falling in love with her. She got a letter from Chris Harrison for him to read and there is a room key. He thinks that they should have fun in a room together in a fantasy sweet. They are excited to spend the night together alone. They walk to the room by walking across the water. They have had a fantastic day with one another together. She is happy to hear that he is falling in love with her. He made it clear that he is in it for the long hall. She helps him undress.

The next day Ali is going on her date with Chris. They are going to take a boat out on the water. She thinks that while things were slow in the beginning and she really feels closer to him than she ever has. She wants to see the potential of their relationship there. She loves when he giggles and then they start making out on the boat. Chris loves to be around her. It is a silly, loving, romantic experience and she finds that it is perfect because they can be best friends and lovers at the same time which is what works for her. They have time for a heart to heart, too. They find pearls in oysters and have fun looking for more. They even found a black pearl. She feels like the relationship with Chris is getting a lot stronger as they have a nice date. They cross the water to go have a nice dinner on a small island. He is happy that he has put himself out there to have a good love and a good life. They also get a key to spend the night together with one another. He wants to, she wants to. He loves this girl 100%. He hates being away from her and loves being with her. They have a pool, too.

Now it is time for Frank to tell Ali the heart breaking news. He wants to get together with Chris Harrison for advice first because he doesn't really want to hurt her. He tells Chris about going to see Nicole and he realizes that he is still very much in love with her. He asks how they left it and he told Nicole that she is in love with her and she reciprocated. Chris is blown away because everything was great the last time they saw one another. He felt like he was being held back and he was being held back by Nicole. He has been reluctant to share any of the feelings. He wanted to make sure exactly what he wanted before he says anything. Chris tells him that Ali is crazy about him. He thinks that he needs to be with Nicole. He hopes that he is right. He is worried about approaching this with Ali. Chris tells him that he is not a bad guy but think about how he is leaving Ali. She is going to be really hurt by this. Frank's eyes water and he doesn't know what else he is supposed to do. Chris thinks he needs to tell her straight up when she gets there immediately.

She thinks that the date with Frank will be the most important one. She is positive about seeing him and she feels like she is head over heels for him. She meets up with him and he immediately tells her that they need to talk. She is immediately scared and worried. She is already scared and crying a little bit. He tells her that they had an awesome connection right from the beginning and he was crazy about her from the beginning. His feelings grew stronger and stronger and he was falling for her but there was something that was pulling him back and it was unresolved feelings for an ex girlfriend. He just thought that things will be okay and that the feelings would go away. It wasn't until the hometown date when he realized that his family loved her and he was thinking he could marry her and he needed to figure out the feelings that had been eating away at him. So, he went to Chicago to see Nicole and he wanted to get closure and he'd be able to give everything he had to give to her and the second he saw her it all flooded back and even stronger than before. He tells her he is sorry and she is perfect in every way and she makes him feel good about himself and the only difference is with Nicole he feels this click. She wanted to know why he didn't say anything before and he can't even explain it. She can't believe this because she was so excited to see him and now she is heart broken. She feels like every second she had she used to reassure him and he just kept pulling away. They are now both crying. He says if he would have known sooner he would have told her soon. He didn't want to leave before he was sure because he wanted to be with her and see where it would go. She thinks it was so selfish of him to have done this. She is upset because she gave up everything to be there and he says he gave up everything, too. She thinks apparently that he didn't give up everything. He apologizes to her and she doesn't want to leave because she knows she's not going to talk to him again and it hurts her. She can't believe he is doing this. He isn't asking her to forgive him right now but hopefully eventually. She tells him that she has to go because she needs to deal with this somehow and walks away from him.

She sits in the sand to deal with it and Frank sits in the room and cries. He couldn't imagine how hard it was to be to say goodbye to Ali. The host, Chris, goes to talk to Ali. Frank says that he knows he loves Nicole, but he feels bad. Chris apologizes to her and she goes on about how he should have told her about it before this. She thinks that what he did was super cowardly. Frank packs up and gets ready to go home. He was hoping he would feel some sense of relief when it was all over, but he doesn't. The fact that he broke her heart makes him feel horrible and the pain isn't going to go away. He is left knowing that he hurt a girl that he cares about deeply. He hopes that eventually she can forgive him. She is starting to wonder what is wrong with her. She feels really weak and she is angry because he makes her feel weak. He tells her that she can't let that make her feel small. Her heart is broken and he tells her to head back to her room and relax. She was looking forward to falling harder for Frank and didn't expect it to be this way.

She feels like he was so unbelievably selfish and like he knew all along. She feels like he is the biggest jerk she has ever known. She thought there was so much potential for their relationship and that he was going to be able to meet her mom and dad. She needs to make sure that Roberto and Chris really want to be there. The host goes to meet up with her before the rose ceremony. She tells him that she is feeling better. He wants to know what is going on. She tells him that the day before was really hard and she woke up pretty sad in the morning. She thinks that it is scary to her that this far along she thought that Frank could be right for her and to realize that he was so wrong for her, she is scared to think that she might not know what she wants. She needs the rest of the guys to really want the rose and want to be there. Ali gets ready and is nervous going into the rose ceremony because she has to tell Chris and Roberto that Frank left the show and her. She doesn't want the guys to think that they are there by default because that is not the case. She wants them to know that she is giving them the roses because she wants them there. She is worried that it isn't going to go very well.

Chris prepares the guys to talk to Ali about why Frank isn't there. She says hi to them and tells them what went on. She tells them that Frank isn't there and she didn't have a date with Frank this week. Frank has things back home that he didn't deal with before coming there and he has gone home to take care of that. She is super vague, but she says that she is 100% positive that Frank is not the guy for her and she is grateful that she has two amazing men there. She loves the honor and respect for other people that they have. She wants to have a rose ceremony and it is all about someone choosing her and she is choosing them. She gives Chris a rose and then she gives Roberto a rose. They both accept the roses willingly and happily. She is happy that her roses were accepted and she is ready to let everything go and move forward with the two fantastic guys. She has decided that they are going to go to Bora Bora with the guys. Her family is there so the guys will be meeting them.