The Final Rose - Recap

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The final episode of this season brought a lot of tears to everyone's faces. It was time that the guys got to meet Ali's parents and Roberto was the first one to do so. They spent their times being completely taken over by this guy much like everyone else was. They all liked him a lot. Her brother and sister decided to have a talk with him alone and they seem to be doing alright. Ali was talking to her parents and said that he brings her to a peaceful place.

After that, he has a talk with her mom. He completely wins her over thanks to this. She says that she was super happy that he was making her baby girl happy and then told him in Spanish that she believes his heart is pure. He had to ask her dad permission and it was kind of as flimsy as a straw. It was better off when her mother gave the seal of approval. He said he loved her and wanted to be with her for the long term. They all danced and had a great time.

Chris is having a "meet the parents" date and the fact that they are from where he lives that made them really dig him. There was a lot of coincidences such as the fact their moms were both nurses and their dads were both teachers. It was weird. In fact, both of their dads were born in Montreal. He told them all about his mom and how stubborn she was. They bond over a lot of other things, too. They had a fantastic time and he soon got his blessing when he asks if he'll be able to marry her. After that they all went for a swim.

After the date, Ali talks to her family and says that it isn't about who is a great person, but it is about who is right for her as they are both great people. Her father told her that he really preferred Roberto. He said that Chris was a bit hesitant and Roberto was certain. Her mother disagreed and thought that Chris seemed very set in what he felt. After that there were final dates.

Roberto and Ali go on their final date and they ride jet skis and make out. They had a lot of fun and even had a picnic. After that they ended up in his hut and he brought her to his bedroom and gave her a present that was a picture of the lagoon that they had a lot of fun in. He said a lot of pretty mushy things and made her feel convinced. She says that she is in love with Roberto to the camera and that she found everything she wanted to find a man in him.

After the date, she had a date with Chris. Ali shows up and tells him that it has been pretty crazy week and she doesn't know what to do or where to start. She told him how amazing he is and also told him that she is in love with somebody else and that she is going to have to send him home before things get too deep. She didn't want to lead him on and he thanks her and then tells her that he is going to miss her a lot. He also tells her that she needs to find out if he loves her too. The sweetest guy in all of television.

Now it is time for the final rose. They had all of these clips remembering how their relationship went. Roberto gets nervous and doesn't know if he can do it. Ali gets nervous because he's her only option at that point. They both tell each other some pretty amazing speeches about how they want to spend the rest of their lives together and he accepted her rose.