Week 1 (Season 7) - Recap

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With the premiere of the show, we meet Ashley. She was on the Bachelor before. Now it is her turn! We get to know her a bit. She enjoys walking on beaches, dancing, and seems to work in the dental industry. She meets up with Chris Harrison and she goes over the various reasons why she did not succeed with the bachelor. She says that she made herself look like a fool, when she was trying so hard to not look that way. There's an interruption in her positive outlook. Ashley has been told that Bentley is not there for any good reason at all by one of the women that were on Brad's Bachelor. Chris feigns a bit of surprise.

Let's get to who the guys actually are, though. First, there is Ryan. He described himself as an intellectual who is highly active and runs a fair sized solar energy company. She decided that he was modest, so he got the first impression rose. Things get a bit interesting when she meets Matt. He has his mom on the phone and has her talk to Ashley. She tells Ashley that she needs to remember that the moms are watching and that she should always remember to stay safe!

There is Ben C., who would have signs with little sayings on them. He would hold them up in windows. This is how he decided to get her attention. He also makes wine. Then we meet a man named J.P. He was overly confident. He's convinced that he's attractive and the gift he brought to her was himself. There is also Stephen. He is a professional hair stylist. Constantine was trying to be simple and cute by putting dental floss on her finger.

There is William. It seems that he hasn't had much luck when it comes to the romance department. He claims that he's a big kid and likes to make people laugh and the like. Then we meet Jeff. He is wearing a mask. He wants her to like him for what is inside as opposed to what is outside. This appealed to Ashley, but made the other guys nervous. We also met Tim. He was inebriated. After him passing out, Ashley decided to send him home.

Ashley and Bentley got to talk to one another. He calmed her worries about being there for the wrong reasons. She is easily tricked by him and finds him to be genuine. When being interviewed, he tells the camera that he really is not into her but he is definitely competitive.

There is Nick, who is a personal trainer. Frank had tried too hard. He's Southern and was trying to be a "gentleman". Then we have a chef named Mickey. He tried to kiss her! We have a Canadian named Chris M. He seems a bit stereotypical. There is a nerdy one named Michael. Finally, there is Ames. He has many a degree and works in the financial industry.

The people that were kicked off tonight were Tim, Anthony, Rob, and Jon. We still have 21 men to get through.