Week 2 (Season 7) - Recap

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For this week, there is the first one-on-one date. She takes William to Las Vegas. She wanted to test him and see how ready he is to actually commit. They wander about checking out wedding cakes and rings. They even went to a wedding chapel! He admitted to being a bit nervous, as they really did go pretty far. He even said "I do", but then she tells him that it was just a game. She was glad that he was willing to play along, even. Then the officiator asked if he would like to kiss her, anyway. So, they did.

After that, they had a romantic dinner. They had it at the Bellagio. They were smack dab in the middle of the lake. They begin to talk to one another about serious topics. They both find out that they have alcoholic fathers. They have a good date and he gets the rose!

The next date is a group date. The guys that get flown out to Las Vegas are Ames, Matt, Blake, Lucas, Stephen, West, Bentley, Constantine, Nick, Ryan M., Chris, and Ben F. She wants to take them to see the Jabbawockeez. First, they have to split into teams and have a dance competition. The team that wins include West, Nick, Ben F, Bentley, Blake, and Lucas. The other team goes back to Los Angeles.

At the after party, she speaks to the guys privately. First, she talks to Blake. He is a dentist. She thinks that they'll clash, because they both have the same personalities. He thinks that they'll be all the more perfect for one another based on that. After him, she hangs with West for a bit. He tells her that he was married and lost his wife because she passed away. When she talks to Bentley, he tells her in not so many words that he is feeling a little insecure because of the other guys. She begs him to stay.

Now it is time for the next one on one date with Mickey. It was between him and JP, but he won by the flip of a coin. They even flipped one to choose what kind of wine they wanted to drink. They have a private dinner where they continue to get to know one another. He talks about his mother and when she passed away. He was the only child and was definitely a momma's boy.

She flips a coin to decide whether or not he gets a rose. Luckily, he gets the rose he wants. After that, they had a romantic walk and got to see Colbie Caillat together. They kiss, too. After that, they all have the usual cocktail party. The first guy to talk to her is JP. He wants to flip a coin and see if they'll kiss. He gets his kiss. She tells him that she thinks that they are going to have a lot of fun together and he should be patient throughout everything.

She gets to talk to Nick next. He gives her lessons in line dancing and then gets interrupted. William wants to see her again, it seems. The guys aren't too pleased about it, because he was already given a rose. They are trying to earn theirs. Jeff is worried, because he didn't get a chance to have a date with her. Jeff tells her about a few things that happened in his past. When he was 29, he had a brain hemorrhage. He also was with someone for ten years, but they ended up breaking up because there was a lack of honesty between them. He feels ready to take his mask off, but Matt then interrupts them.

Elsewhere, William is telling the guys about the date he had. Bentley says that the date sounds awful. He's just not that into her as it is, planning a wedding would have scared him away. He tells the camera that she's "not his type". He still kicks it up a notch, just because he wants to win anyway. He kisses her by a fireplace, but while it started out alright to him--it began to "suck". Ashley thinks that things went great and she can actually trust him, though.

Three men have been sent home. These men are Stephen (the hair stylist), Matt, and Ryan M.