Week 1 (S8) - Recap

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A new season of The Bachelorette is underway and this time it is Emily Maynard, a single mother who has been on The Bachelor before. She is 26-years-old and she wants to be a family and wife. She says that she gets lonely. She talks about her time on The Bachelor with Brad Womack and how he showed her a lot of things. However, that engagement ended. She is back and this time she is The Bachelorette. She says that she hopes that she falls in love again and will be able to move on. She is going to meet 25 eligible bachelors. Chris Harrison comes out and says that this season is going to be different because Emily has a six-year-old named Ricki.

They show a couple of the Bachelors who Emily is going to have a chance to find love with. First up is Kalon (27), a Luxury Brand Consultant from Houston, TX. He says that he used to be a womanizer and says that he has made changes in his life and wants to put himself out there. Next is Ryan (31), a Pro Sports Trainer from Augusta, GA. He says that he works with kids and says that he wants to make sure that the inner beauty pours out of Emily. Tony (31), a Lumber Trader from Beaverton, OR is up next. He says that there is a passion in his life. He has a 5-year-old son and says that his wife and him divorced. He says that he is ready for love. Next up is Leone (29), a Real Estate Consultant from Los Angeles, CA. He says that he is a family man and knows that is what he wants. He says that Emily being a single mom is sexy as hell.

Up next is David (33), a Singer/Songwriter from New York, NY. He says that writing songs comes natural and he says that Emily is the type of woman that he wants to be with for the rest of his life. Next is Charlie (32), a recruiter from Nashville, TN. He says taht he was in an accident and broke four ribs and other bad things. He syas that this forced him to experience true love, but he has nothing wrong with his heart. Jef (27), an Entreprenuer from Salt Lake City, UT. He says that people don’t take him seriously and he is a CEO of a bottle water company and says that he wants to enjoy life. Arie (30), a Race Car Driver from Scottsdale, AZ. He says that he represented the Netherlands and says that he would love to fall in love with Emily despite her finance who died in a plane crash was a Race Car Driver. He says that it is worth the risk.

Emily shows up at the Mansion and comes out of the Limo. She says that she is excited to be there. Chris sits down with her and Emily says that she is thinking that she might be meeting her husband. She says that she was scared to do The Bachelorette because she has lost love twice. She says that she doesn’t want to dwell on the death of her first finance. She says that being in Charlotte, NC will be nice for her and that she will be able to raise her daughter. He says that this is the first time that they have had a single mom on The Bachelorette. They get to meet the men and Emily’s nerves hit her. Chris says that it is going to be fine.

Emily gets ready to see the guys. Sean (28), an Insurance Agent from Dallas TX comes out of the limo first and says that she looks amazing. David comes out and introduces himself to Emily. He says that she is the Bachelorette. Doug (33), a Charity Director/Realtor from Seattle, WA comes up next. He says that he is a single dad too of an 11-year-old boy. Next, Jackson (29), a Fitness Model from Lockport, IL comes up. He steps it up by going on one knee and says that she looks stunning. Next, Joe (27), a Field Energy Advisor from Los Angeles, CA comes out and is energetic to see Emily.

The next limo pulls up and Arie comes out first. He says that she looks stunning. Kyle (29), a Financial Advicsor from Long Beach, CA is next. He says that he is in awe with her. Next, Chris (25), a Corporate Sales Director from Chicago, IL comes up. He says that he is truly blessed and says that his dad told him to follow his heart. Aaron (36), a Biology Teacher from Long Beach, CA comes up next. He kisses her hand and says that he is there to have chemistry with her. Next up is Alessandro (30), a Grain Merchant from St. Paul, MN. He says that he is originally from Brazil. Jef comes out on a skateboard and says that she looks amazing. Lerone comes up next and says that her being a single mom is the most attractive. Stevie (26), a Party MC from Monroe Township, NJ comes up with a boombox. He dances for and says that he wanted to make her smile. Charlie comes up and says that he was scared that he was going to fall over. Tony comes up with a slipper and says that he is her Prince Charming and puts it on.

Inside, Chris says that he will do anything in his power to make this happen. The next limo comes up and Randy (30), a Marketing Manager from Hermosa Beach, CA comes out dressed like an old woman. He says that he has someone who will be perfect for her and then takes off the get-up and introduces himself. Nate (25), an Accountant from Los Angeles, CA. He says that she looks gorgeous and she says that he smells good. Brent (41), a Technology Salesman from Fresno, CA is next. He says that he puts on a name tag ready. John “Wolf” (30), a Data Destruction Specialist from St. Louis, MO is next. He says that he is excited to see her. Next, Travis (30), an Advertising Sales Rep from Madison, MS comes out with an Ostrich Egg. He says that this egg is a symbol of how he would take care of her and Ricki. He gets in and the guys ask about the egg.

The Final limo comes out and Michael (26), a Rehab Counselor from Austin, TX comes up first. He says that he gives Emily a guitar pick for her to remember him. Next, Jean-Paul (35), a Marine Biologist from Seattle, WA walks up and says that he is excited to get to know her. Alejandro (24), a Mushroom Farmer from San Francisco, CA comes up and speaks Spanish to her. Ryan comes up and says that he wrote things down a few things. However all that is written on it is “You Are Beautiful and I’m So Nervous”. The next guy comes out up in a helicopter. The guys are freaking out that it might be Brad. However, it is Kalon. Automatically the other guys hate him. Emily says that was impressive and he says that it is nice to meet her. He goes in and the guys start talking.

Chris asks what Emily thinks of the guys and says that there will be a First Impression rose. Emily goes into the yard and they clap for her. She welcomes them to Charlotte. She says that she remembers that she was in the same position. John “Wolf” says that Emily is by far the hottest Bachelorette. Charlie jokes with Emily and she is happy to be there. Brent says that he has six kids. Each guy tries to spend time with her. Chris says that he wants to give her something. He pulls out a Bobblehead of himself. He says that he has one of her as well. They play with them and Emily likes Chris a lot.

Travis says that the egg may be a joke with the guys, but that is who he is. The guys talk about how Emily is and Jef says that Emily deserves to be treated more delicately. He sits down with him and she says that she loved the skateboard. He says that she is great. Emily says that Jef made a great first impression. Doug sits down with her and he gives Emily a note that his son wrote. Emily likes that Doug has done being a good father.

Chris comes out with the First Impression Rose. Everyone gets tense and Travis says that he needs to get time with Emily. John “Wolf” gets up and says that he needs to get some one on one time. Kalon says that he showed up on a helicopter and he catches up on the guys talking trash about him. Kalon talks to Emily and says that he is a hopeless romantic and says that he was raised by a single mother. Sean interrupts their conversation and Stevie laughs about it and says that Kalon is fake. Kalon says that everyone will get a chance with her. Arie sits down with her about him being a Race Car Driver. She says that she loves that he is who he is and says that it was a big part of her life.

Emily walks up and gives the First Impression Rose to Doug. The other guys are glad that he got it and not Kalon. Emily says that the letter from her son was great and says that she is happy that she made her feel good. Chris comes back inside and says that it is time for the Rose Ceremony. Sean says that he wants the rose. Tony hopes that Emily has seen enough of him.

The men line up and Doug is safe. The roses are handed out. The second rose is given to Chris. The third rose goes to Ryan. The next rose goes to Kalon. The fifth rose goes to Arie. The sixth rose goes to Charlie. The next rose goes to Jef. The eighth rose goes to Nate. The next rose goes to Sean. The tenth rose goes to Joe. The next rose goes to Kyle. The twelfth rose goes to Aaron. The next rose goes to Alejandro. The fourteenth rose goes to John “Wolf”. The next rose goes to Alessandro. The sixteenth rose goes to Michael. The next rose goes to Stevie. The eighteenth rose goes to Tony. The final rose goes to Travis. This means that Brent, David, Jackson, Lerone, Randy and Jean-Paul are out of the running. They leave and they feel bad. That is it for the first cut!