Week 2 (S8) - Recap

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The remaining 19 Bachelors are: Doug (33), Chris (25), Ryan (31), Kalon (27), Arie (30), Charlie (32), Jef (27), Nate (25), Sean (28), Joe (27), Kyle (29), Aaron (36), Alejandro (24), John “Wolf” (30), Alessandro (30), Michael (26), Stevie (26), Tony (31) and Travis (30) and Emily is happy that she is in her own town with her friends and family. They tell her to be herself. She thanks them all for helping out with Ricki. The men get to the courtyard and Chris says that each week there will be individual dates and group dates. The first date card is there and it is for Ryan. He is happy and fired up. The card says “Be my King in Queen City”. Kalon hopes that Ryan won’t come home at all.

The guys relax at the pool and Ryan gets ready for the date. Emily asks if the guys have had a good time so far. She takes Ryan out and Emily is intimidated by Ryan’s good looks. Ryan says that he is open to anything. They go to Emily’s house and he helps her bring in some groceries. He is going to help Emily bake cookies. She says that she is glad that he is there. At the house, the guys ask if Ryan is going to meet Ricki. Doug says that only the Final Two will be there because he wouldn’t let anyone meet his son. The date continues and Emily takes the cookies to the Soccer practice and tells Ryan to wait in the car. He respects that and says that they have really connected. She says that they are going to go out tonight. Later that night, Ryan goes up to Emily is shocked on how attractive she is.

They go out to dinner and Ryan toasts to her success in this and hopes that she finds what she is looking for. Emily asks about how many relationships he has had and he says that only two meant something. She says that this is not a game and doesn’t want anyone to see this as a competition. Ryan says that she needs to know that he is going to compete in a sense of putting his best foot forward and wants someone to make him a better person. The next date card comes and it is for Alejandro, Nate, Alessandro, Tony, Michael, John “Wolf”, Jef, Charlie, Kyle, Chris, Aaron, Stevie and Kalon. They hope this doesn’t have to be theater, but Kalon says that he is fine with this. Back on the date, Ryan says that he is excited to get to know her. Emily says that she feels comfortable around him and gives him the first rose. They listen to “Gloriana”, Emily’s favorite band.

The next day, the group date with 13 guys is up. She comes up to them and says that she has some friends with her. It is Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy. They are going to sing and dance. Tony does his impression of Kermit. Miss Piggy says that she will take the left-overs. Fozzie Bear helps some of the guys with their stand-up and Charlie is extremely nervous. He doesn’t like this. The guys talk about Charlie and Charlie goes into Emily’s room and tells her about his insecurities with his disabilities. Emily says that she is glad that he came to her and he says that he would dance or sing and not the comedy side.

The performance is underway and they guys get pumped up. Emily is getting ready when Kermit comes in. He helps her zip up and Miss Piggy sees this. The charity event begins and the Bachelors get out and dance. Stevie loves this. The comedy routine goes off and Kyle and John “Wolf”. They attempt at the jokes, but fail at it. Aaron, Jef and Charlie go out with Miss Piggy and she asks Aaron to recite a poem, Jef to propose to her and Charlie to impress her. Emily is about to kiss Kermit and Miss Piggy is ready to throw down. Her daughter Ricki comes on stage and they sing the Rainbow Connection. The show comes to an end and Chris and the Critic is in the stand. The Bachelors, Emily, Kermit and Miss Piggy all sing on stage.

The guys get back to the hotel and Chris says that he feels that at the beginning, he felt that they had a connection. Emily says that he is very attractive. Emily sits down with Jef and says that she wants to know if he is into her and he says that he wanted to know on how she felt with him. The last date card for the night is for Joe. The card says “Come Close to my Heart”. Sean doubts himself. Kalon asks if he can cut in on Stevie and Emily’s dance. However, after sitting down with Emily for a minute, Aaron comes up and takes her away. Kalon complains to the other guys and Stevie says that he did the same thing to him. Emily comes back in and says that she is going to give Jef the second rose of the night. Chris is bummed and that and he doesn’t get it.

The next day, Emily’s date with Joe is happening and she goes to pick him up. He says that he doesn’t care what they are going to do. They go into a private jet and heading to West Virginia, her hometown. Emily says that she likes Joe’s energy. They go to the Greenbrier, a beautiful resort that has it all. They get into the pool and have fun. At the mansion, the guys talk about the fact that they are going to be a father. Kalon says that Doug put being a Dad on hold and Doug tells Kalon to ask Emily if she put her being a mother on hold. It gets awkward for a moment.

Later that night, Emily and Joe go to dinner and she says that she loves to be at Greenbrier. She says that she hopes to see a side of Joe that will allow her to see that they have a life together. Joe says that he is thrilled to be with her. Emily says that she needs to see if he is a good fit for her and her daughter’s life. Joe says that he sees himself in 5 years happy. He says that he needs to always to find a balance. Emily points out the Love Clock. They write down love notes and put them in the clock. She says that she knows that Joe isn’t the one for her. She tells Joe that she has had a great night with him, but she is sorry that he is not going to get the rose. Going into tonight’s cocktail party, she is hopeful. The men evaluate why they are there and Jef says that they are going to have to keep the interest.

Emily tells the men that Joe went home and says that she is looking for more then energy and fun. Arie says that it has been forever since seeing her and he tells her that she looks beautiful. He says that he dated a girl with two kids before and understands how things are with her. Tony says that he has to get some time. The guys see Ryan talking to Emily. He gives her a letter and Tony has to hear it all. It is an awkward moment, but he wasn’t going to leave because of it. Tony goes up to Emily and he had the most fun because he has a 5-year-old son and says that it is hard to leave him at home, but it is worth it. Kalon says that he needs some time with Emily because the other guys have branded him after the conversation with Doug. He sits down with Emily and says that he doesn’t always relate to girls his age and says that it is good to be there.

Chris comes out and says that it is time for the Rose Ceremony. Emily thanks the guys. With two going home tonight, Emily is not too sure who that is going to be. The men gather around for the roses. Ryan and Jef have the first two roses. The third rose goes to Kalon. The next rose goes to Arie. The fifth rose goes to Michael. The next rose goes to Nate. The seventh rose goes to Sean. The next rose goes to Chris. The ninth rose goes to Doug. The next rose goes to Travis. The eleventh rose goes to Tony. The next rose goes to John “Wolf”. The thirteenth rose goes to Alessandro. The next rose goes to Charlie. The fifteenth rose goes to Alejandro. The final rose goes to Stevie. This means that Aaron, Joe and Kyle are out of their chance on love with Emily.