Week 3 (S8) - Recap

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The remaining 16 Bachelors are: Doug (33), Chris (25), Ryan (31), Kalon (27), Arie (30), Charlie (32), Jef (27), Nate (25), Sean (28), Alejandro (24), John “Wolf” (30), Alessandro (30), Michael (26), Stevie (26), Tony (31) and Travis (30) and Emily wakes up to breakfast in bed. In the courtyard, Chris congrats the men and tells him that there are 2 individual dates and 1 group date. He has the first individual date card. It goes to Chris. The card says “Love is a Steady Climb”. He is excited and says that he is not ready for his time to be over with Emily.

They get to their date and Emily says that she is excited that she is on a date with him. However, tonight she says that he is going to have to work for his dinner. They get tethered in and he is happy to get started. They climb and she wants to get an adventurous side to her. However, it gets windy and she starts to panic. Chris sticks by her side and he doesn’t kiss her though. He is not worried though. They get to dinner and Emily says that if she saw Chris at a bar, she wouldn’t approach him because she would be too intimidated. Chris says that he was in a relationship for 5 years

At the house, Tony calls his son and tells him that he loves him. He says that it would be dv
The group date card comes and Charlie, Alejandro, Stevie, Ryan, Alessandro, Sean, John “Wolf”, Michael, Doug, Jeff, Tony and Travis are going on a date with Emily. Tony says that he feels confident that he is going to get the rose. Back at the date, Chris says that he may be young, but his experiences have made him more mature. She likes him and she gives him the first rose. After dinner, they go to a Luke Bryan concert. They dance and Emily likes that Chris is authentic with everything. He gets his first kiss with her.

The next day, the group date with 12 guys are there to meet up with Emily. They get to a park and Emily is holding a football. Ryan goes up to her and teaches her to stiff arm the other guys. She walks off to meet her friends and she asks them to meet her guys and grill them. Emily tells the guys that her friends are going to interview them. Alejandro is a little nervous. One by one and they get questioned by Emily’s friends and they ask questions about their past relationships, their future plans and also had them do some physical activity like push ups and dancing. Afterward, Emily calls a bunch of kids over and the Bachelors are going to have to play with them. They get right into it. Ryan comes over to Emily and says that he was just wondering about her. The friends joke and say that Emily could get fat and Ryan says that she has to maintain her weight.

Later that night, Emily takes the guys to a restaurant. She says that this has been one of her favorite dates and thanks for their patience. Sean sits down with Emily and he says that he had fun. He says that he isn’t going to settle for anything but the best. He says that he wants to find what his family has. Dale sits down with her and he says that his dad had epilepsy and he died when they were young. They bounced around from Foster Homes and Emily starts to get emotional. Tony gets emotional about his son. Another date card comes and it is for Arie. The card says “Love is a Wild Ride”. Tony sits down with Emily and says that he misses his son. Emily comes down and she says that she is having the best time. Tony breaks down and Doug talks to him and says that his son will be alright. Emily walks up to him and they sit down and talk. She says that she wants him to be with his son and says that it is best if he goes home. Emily sits down with the guys and tells them that Tony went home. She gives the rose to Sean.

The next day, Arie has a one on one date with Emily. She takes Arie with her to Tennessee. Emily says that she has taken him to Dollywood. They have fun with riding the roller coasters and have fun. They go to a stage and write a love song. The curtains open and Dolly Parton is standing there. She says that she wrote a song for them and Emily is excited. Dolly talks to Emily and Emily says that she needs someone who loves kids and Dolly says that she hopes that she will find true love. Dolly sings Arie and her a love song.

Later at dinner, Emily says that she had so much fun and she wants to know if her and Arie are going to be compatible. Arie says that he broke up with his girlfriend because it was a bad situation. Arie says that he is definitely ready to take the step to marriage and kids because he was in this situation. Emily says that Ricki is her entire life and Emily welcomes a busy schedule, but even though he would be gone, he should be thinking of her. She says that he is so great and messes with him a bit, but it goes wrong. She apologizes and says that she wants to give him the rose. They end their date on the carousel and kiss.

Getting ready for the cocktail party, Emily says that sending Tony home was better for him and she had to look at whether or not it was going to work out. She gets in and she says that their relationships have been taking a step forward. She takes Kalon to the side and compliments his glasses. She asks him about the kid question and he is a little condescending to her. Travis goes up to Emily and says that they have to set Shelly, his Ostrich egg, free. Alessandro sits down with Emily and she asks how he would be as a dad. He says that he doesn’t have a lot of experience with kids and says that it is a compromise. She says that her daughter is not a compromise. She sends Alessandro home. Arie goes up to Emily and kisses her. Ryan is bothered when he sees them kissing. Sean says that he can step into any role and says that if they were to ever get married, Ricki would be his daughter.

The rose ceremony comes up and Emily says that she knows that the one that she wants is in this group of guys. Chris, Sean and Arie have roses and are safe from leaving. The fourth rose is given to Jef. The next rose is given to Charlie. The sixth rose is given to Doug. The next rose is give to Michael. The eighth rose is given to Travis. The next rose is given to Alejandro. The tenth rose goes to Ryan. The next rose goes to John “Wolf”. The eleventh rose goes to Kalon. The last rose goes to Nate. This means that Tony, Alessandro and Stevie are out of their quest for love. Next week is Bermuda!