Week 4 (S8) - Recap

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The remaining 13 Bachelors are: Doug (33), Chris (25), Ryan (31), Kalon (27), Arie (30), Charlie (32), Jef (27), Nate (25), Sean (28), Alejandro (24), John “Wolf” (30), Michael (26) and Travis (30). The guys meet with Chris. He says that there is a two on one date. Whoever gets the rose will be safe, the other will have to go home immediately. He says that they are going to start their world wide tour in Bermuda. Meanwhile, Emily and Ricki are already in Bermuda and they are spending time there. Emily says that this could be interesting for her and says that the next time she is there could be with her husband and pregnant.

The men get to Bermuda and the date card comes. It is for Doug with the note “Let Our Senses Lead the Way”. As Doug gets ready for his date with Emily, the other guys tell him to relax. Doug stresses himself out and Arie teases him. Emily comes in right at the boiling point of the teasing. Doug and Emily go out on their date and they talk. Doug tells Emily about the argument and impresses Emily even more. She and Doug write back Doug’s son, Austin. Doug thinks that was a sweet thing. Back at the hotel, the Group Date card comes and it is for: Charlie, Ryan, Chris, Jef, Sean, Arie, Travis and Kalen. Nate, Alejandro, John and Michael are either going on a one on one date or the dreaded two on one date.

At dinner, Doug thanks Emily for writing the letter with him to Austin. She says that she wants to get to know the real Doug and starts asking him about what his flaws are. She says that she doesn’t want to think that Doug is a perfect guy and asks him about it. He struggles to come up with some and then in turn, asks Emily about her flaws. However, she can’t think of any either. She realizes that he might just be the perfect guy that she has always wanted.

The next day, Charlie, Ryan, Chris, Jef, Sean, Arie, Travis and Kalen get to their group date with Emily. She says that they are going to do some sailing. Kalen says that this is his element. The guys are split into two teams. They are given the challenge to win to be able to stay with Emily for the rest of the night. They like the challenge. Back at the hotel, the next date card comes it is the dreaded two on one date card for John and Nate. Right away, they are not liking the fact that they are going to have to go up against each other on this with the knowledge that one of them is going to be going home.

Back in the water, the race begins. The guys fight to win the race. Eventually, it is the yellow team who wins. The losing team: Chris, Charlie, Sean and Travis, are heading back to the hotel. The winning team: Ryan, Jef, Arie and Kalen get to their after party and Ryan says that he needs some one on one time. Ryan calls Emily his soon to be trophy wife. Arie says that it is not about a trophy wife. Arie takes Emily away and they kiss on the beach. He says that when he kisses her, everything disappears. Jef is worried that he is not getting enough time with Emily. She likes that Jef is opening up to her. She tells him that he can always open up to her. She wonders why Jef hasn’t kissed her yet and wonders if he likes her. Chris and Travis are talking at the house about Emily and the winning team and they don’t like the way it is falling to their favor.

Ryan says that he has some questions and says that he wants to flirt with her and talks to Emily. He says that he likes to hang out with her. She brings up the fact that he says weird things, but also says that she likes that in him. He says that he doesn’t like the fact that she was kissing Arie right before the rose ceremony before. She apologizes. He tells her that she is going to have to represent other women with her decisions. Emily comes back to the table and says that she wants Jef to get the second rose. He is shocked and Arie is a little shocked. He says that he and Emily have a nice connection that is better then anyone in the running. Afterward, there are fireworks.

The next day, Emily and Ricki have fun in the pool. She has been dreading the two on one date and she is not happy that she is going to have to send one guy home. Back at the hotel, Nate doesn’t like that he has to compete against John on this, but says that he has to do what he has to do. John says that he is ready to find his wife. They get to the boat where Emily is. John is ready to show Emily a side that she hasn’t seen yet. At the hotel, Doug and Ryan discuss the different of age between Nate and John. Chris doesn’t think that age has anything to do with it. Emily wants to have an open mind today and they go to a cliff and jump in. They have fun on the boat and Emily still doesn’t know who is going to get the rose.

Later that night, they go into a cave. Emily, John and Nate sit down and there is a rose on the table. They try to enjoy the meal, but it is really quiet. She takes Nate to the side and talks to him. She asks him what he felt about the two on one. He says that he hasn’t been open with her and says that she hasn’t taken interest in him. She asks what she doesn’t know about him. He gets emotional when he talks about his family. She says that is sweet. She talks to John and he says that he doesn’t try too hard and that he says that he likes her. She says that she feels confident as to who she is going to choose. John gets the rose. This means that Nate has to go home.

The next day, Ricki shows Emily that she can read the words and she tells Ricki to be a good girl. She leaves and the cocktail party begins. The men start to contemplate if they have done enough to be able to keep Emily’s attention. Emily comes in and tells the guys to be open in the night. Alejandro feels that he is in the hot seat and starts talking about how he will show her who he is. Inside, the guys contemplate that Ryan is going to go home next. Meanwhile, Emily sits down with Ryan and tells him that she is admirable. Arie comes in and steals Emily away. Ryan feels that the guys are going to go after him. Arie asks Emily what she thinks of him and she says that she thinks about him when she is by herself.

Later in the evening, Ryan is pacing and says that he is not worried about tonight and says that he is a good catch. Michael talks to Ryan and Ryan says that if this doesn’t work out, then he is going to start the Bachelor with him. They see rain coming soon and Sean says that he needs some alone time with Emily. They kiss and Sean says that it gets better and better. Meanwhile, Doug says that he doesn’t have to rush in to kiss Emily and they joke about the age factor. Chris has some alone time and afterward, Chris talks to Doug. He asks him why he thinks that he is the better man. Doug is shocked and says that Chris is being immature and they have to end this. Chris says that Doug is hiding stuff. Chris comes in and says that it is time for the rose ceremony. Emily says that she is grateful for every time that the men opened up.

Emily has some issues and sits down with Chris. She says that the two on one was emotionally draining. She says that she doesn’t like confrontation and mentions how Ryan thinks that she is wrapped around his finger. However, that is not the case. Emily comes out and the fourth rose goes to Sean. The next rose goes to Arie. The sixth rose goes to Travis. The next rose goes to Chris. The eighth rose goes to Ryan. The next rose goes to Kalen. The last rose goes to Alejandro. This means that Nate, Michael and Charlie end their journey of love with Emily. Next week they are in London!