Week 5 (S8) - Recap

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With Nate, Michael and Charlie out of the quest for love, only Doug (33), Chris (25), Ryan (31), Kalon (27), Arie (30), Jef (27), Sean (28), Alejandro (24), John “Wolf” (30) and Travis (30) are left as tonight the setting is London, England. Emily and Ricki get there first and they go sight seeing. The guys arrive in London and are amazed. They meet Chris and he says that there are going to be 2 one-on-one dates and 1 group date. The date card comes and it is for Sean. The message says “Love Takes No Prisoners”. Sean says that Emily is the ideal woman for her and says that he is happy. Jef says that he is nervous and says that Sean and Emily have good chemistry. Kalon says that things are not going the way he planned.

Sean and Emily go out on their date and they are going to get a tour of London on their own Double Decker Bus. They go around London and Sean says that he is falling for her. They kiss in front of Buckingham Palace. At the hotel, Jef says that he is a group date master and Kalon says that he has to know that if any of them are with Emily, every day is going to be a group date with her and Ricki. He laughs and Jef doesn’t take that well. Arie says that they have to make that sacrifice. Back on the date with Sean and Emily, she asks Sean about his dating past and he says that he hasn’t come across the right girl. They make their way to Hyde Park and Sean stands on a soap box and talks about love. Emily says that him talking about love is so hot and says that there is still more that she doesn’t know about him.

Later that night they get to the Tower of London. They make their way to their table and they are excited. Emily says that she is beside herself to have dinner in a historical place with Sean. She tells Sean that he better be on his best behavior. Sean says that today has been the best day of his life and Emily says that he is very humble and she loves that. At the hotel, the date card comes and it is for Chris, Arie, Ryan, Doug, Alejandro, Travis, John and Kalon. This means that Jef will get the one-on-one. Kalon is not happy that he didn’t get it. Back in the Tower of London, Sean says that he is open to having kids and says that he is open to a lot. Emily gives the first rose of the night to Sean. He says that he is full of happiness when he is around Emily. She says that she is excited to see what is going to be next. They kiss and end the date.

The next morning they go to Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, for the group date. Emily is there and her voice is a little horse. She says that she is still there to have fun. She says that they are going to be doing scenes from “Romeo & Juliet”. She gets people who work for the trust of Stratford-Upon-Avon. Alejandro, John, Ryan and Kalon are going to play Romeo and Arie and Doug will play the nurse. They get their roles and go through the many lines. Emily is worried that Arie won’t be able to have fun. She sees that Travis is having fun. Kalon and Ryan go over their lines and Emily goes up to them. Kalon takes it too seriously and tells her that they are rehearsing. The organizers say that they are going to perform in front of a group.

The play comes up and Kalon takes it too seriously and it wasn’t romantic. The others loosen up and show Emily that they can have fun. Arie and Doug make perfect nurses. Ryan kisses Emily and then says that he is not quite dead and kisses her again. Afterward, Emily takes the guys out for a beer. They get to Cox Yard and Emily tells them that they all impressed her and says that they really put themselves out there. Arie and Emily sit down together and Arie says that she needed some humor. They kiss. Ryan takes her aside and closes off their room. He says that he has a surprise. He gives Emily a necklace. She thanks him and says that is sweet. Chris tells Arie that Kalon was referring Ricki as baggage. He takes it to the other guys and Doug takes the comments personally. He asks Kalon about it and he admits to it. Doug is really upset and tells Emily. She gets upset and says that she wants to handle this in the most lady-like way.

They go out to the guys and Emily is upset. Doug says that Kalon is on the spot. Kalon says that Ricki is part of Emily’s life. Emily says that anyone who says that Ricki is baggage, makes her sad for them. She tells Kalon to get out. She tells them that she is disappointed with him and says that she is not going to have this conversation. He goes home. Doug checks on her and she says that she wants to be by herself right now. After a moment, Emily goes up to the guys and is not happy that this was not brought to her sooner. They tell her that they felt that she was going to figure it out for herself. She says that she is not handing out the rose. She goes back to her hotel.

The next day, Emily is not feeling confident in her relationships. She says that she wants someone who will fight for her. She wants to know that Jef likes her mom and all. Jef goes up to Emily for his one-on-one date and he says that he wants Emily to know that he is there for her. They are going to have a traditional tea. They quickly realize that it is not a good idea as they make mistakes after mistakes. They leave and go to a bar for a pint and fish & chips. Jef says that he wants to let Emily know that he was sitting at the table when Kalon was there and says that he told him to leave. He says that if Ricki is baggage, then she is a handbag that he wants forever. Emily says that Jef is hard to read. She says that she wants Jef to show that he is into her.

They get to desert in the London Eye. Jef says that he feels that he and Emily have taken some steps forward. They get comfortable and Jef says he wants to get to know her. She says that Jef made her feel good and says that she is worried that Jef takes too slow. Emily asks Jef how he feels about her and he says that no one should hate her. He says that he likes that she is not afraid to tell a guy to get out. Jef says that they have huge potential. He says that he would be by her side all the time and says that he wants something that is going to last forever and says that they can have something great. She says that she feels comfortable around him and gives him the second rose. Jef says that the night is magical. He says that he knows this is the perfect moment for their first kiss. He leans in and kisses her. He says that he feels comfort when he looks into Emily’s eyes.

Later, Doug says that with Kalon leaving, it made everything really serious. Sean says that there are going to be a couple of guys who are going to be feeling the pressure. Emily comes out and says that she lost a lot of confidence and says that she knows that the others don’t share Kalon’s views. Emily asks Travis and the other guys if they would have her back in any situation. Emily says that her confidence is shaken and says that she felt by herself. Arie says that the guys felt that she had it covered and that is why they didn’t say anything. Arie says that Emily put him on the hot seat and he is a little bit nervous. Ryan takes Emily to the side and quotes the balcony scene and says that he likes her. She says that she likes him more and more. She kisses him, but wants to keep an eye on him. Sean takes Emily to the side and says that he heard about it and says that there are good guys left. She says that it feels right being around her.

The cocktail party ends and the rose ceremony begins. The men gather around and Chris says that this has been a tough week and says that Emily is taking this really serious. The third rose goes to Doug. The fourth rose goes to Ryan. The next rose goes to Chris. The sixth rose goes to John. The next rose goes to Travis. The last rose goes to Arie. This means that Alejandro and Kalon are sent home packing. Next week is Croatia!