Week 6 (S8) - Recap

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With the shocking elimination of Kalon and Alejandro, Doug (33), Chris (25), Ryan (31), Arie (30), Jef (27), Sean (28), John “Wolf” (30) and Travis (30) remain on their quest for love and hand in marriage with Emily. Tonight, they are in Croatia as the 8 remaining men are there to compete for her love. Emily arrives in Dubrovnik, Croatia and says that it was hard to leave her daughter for this trip. However, she will be able to get to know the guys. Meanwhile, the men arrive by boat. They are excited to be there and Travis says that if he doesn’t get a date card, he is going to pack up. Emily comes in and greets them. She tells them that there are 3 date cards. 2 one-on-one and 1 group date card. Travis gets the first one-on-one. He is relieved that he gets the chance.

He goes out to meet her and she says that she is excited to hang out with him. Emily is going to take him out to a rustic area. They go shopping and Travis says that he can see himself with her. They get some ice-cream and Emily says that Travis has a fun attitude. They go to the balance wall and she was hoping that Travis would take off his shirt for her like the balance wall description said. They have fun on their date and go walking around the city. They stop and have fun dancing. Emily says that she loves being around him. Back at the hotel, the other guys asks what they all think Travis’ chances are. Ryan is blunt and says that he is going to be sent home packing.

Later that night, Travis says that he had fun with her. Emily says that she agrees. Emily wants to see if they have a romantic connection. Travis toasts to Emily and the night. He says that she makes it easy on her and says that he hasn’t done what he did ever since he was engaged before and he opens up that he hasn’t dated for two years. He says that he was guarded. The group date card comes and it is for John, Doug, Sean, Jef, Chris and Arie. This means that Ryan is going to get the one-on-one. Ryan says that his heart is beating and Doug says that Ryan’s confidence is rubbing the guys the wrong way. Back on the date with Travis, he says that it feels good to open up. Emily says that he has brought so much light. However, she doesn’t know if they have the romantic side. She says that she can’t say that it did. She says that she wishes that she can pin the rose on him, but she can’t. Travis goes home.

The next day, Emily meets Doug, Sean, Jef, Chris and Arie for their group date. She says that she wants to go the movies. They are going to be able to watch “Brave”. Doug throws in that it would be a good movie to take the little one too. Emily says that they are going to compete in the Highland Games too. However, there is a catch. They are going to have to wear kilts. They come out and Emily says that they look great. They make their way via donkeys. They get to a valley and Chris says that he is ready for the games. They test their archery skills and Chris is the worst of the guys and misses completely. Next they do the log toss. Chris goes first and he is disqualified. The rest of the men do a great job and Sean manages to break it. Next they do the “Maid Leash”. Chris geos against Doug and loses. However, he doesn’t care about that. Emily gives the prize of the “Bravest” to Chris. She says that she wants a man who will do his best. Chris and Emily walk off and kiss.

Later that evening, the guys get back to the hotel for the after party. She says that she has a great time and says that she loves that they are always open to everything. Sean walks off with Emily and says that he missed her. She asks what is going through his brain. She says that he needs to know that he is safe. The guys get nervous and Arie walks up to her and apologizes for not standing up for her. She says that she holds Arie to a different standard. He kisses her. He says that he has strong feelings for Emily. Meanwhile, Ryan loves spending time alone when a card comes. It is the date card for him. He gets ready and says that he has been great at everything he does. Back on the group date, Emily goes up to Jef and he says that there could be something great with them. They kiss. He says that he is falling in love with Emily. Chris sits down with Emily and she says that she will be right back. She goes back to the other guys and grabs the rose. She goes back to Chris and he gets the first rose. He is happy that he is going to be able to have more time with her.

The next day, the guys are up in arms with Ryan and they all agree that he is not good for Emily. He gets ready for his date and Emily comes in. He butters up Emily and the other guys roll their eyes. After they leave, they all feel that he is full of it. Arie hopes that they are not going to have to see Ryan again. Emily and Ryan go on a road trip. She says that she doesn’t know what to feel with Ryan, but there is a playful side to him. They go to Ston, Croatia and they get to go oyster hunting. They eat it and Emily can’t swallow the oyster. They spend the day together and have a picnic by the sea. He says that he wants a great woman in his life and says that she is the perfect trophy wife. He says that everyone wants a trophy. Emily starts to question.

Later that night, they go to a romantic place and Ryan says that she looks beautiful. He sits down with her and he says that he plans amazing dates. Emily says that she saw a lot of sides to him that she likes. Emily asks where she sees them and he says that she looks like a trophy. He redeems himself by saying that she is the best. He reads things that he looks in a woman. Emily says that she feels that she needs to be perfect all the time around him. She says that she doesn’t like to be perfect all the time. She decides not to give him the rose tonight because he doesn’t want to have a wife who is loving to their family. He says that it is shocking. He makes it about him and Ryan sales himself more. Back at the hotel, the guys say that Ryan isn’t going to go home because he is a salesman. However, there are some who feel that Emily is going to see through that.

Back on the date, Ryan is still trying to sell himself to Emily. She says that this is the first time that she has been unsure about this. However, she says that she cannot give him the rose. He says that is her choice to make. At the hotel the guys all hug each other to be rid of Ryan. He gets into a taxi and says that he is still a winner. Arie is happy that Emily made the right choice with Ryan. Arie says that if Ryan is going to be the next Bachelor, then the winner is going to be a mirror. Arie goes to Emily’s room and asks how she is doing. He says that he wanted to talk to her and makes sure that she is alright. He compliments her judgment of character. He says that he wants her to talk to him when she is feeling down. She gives him a rose and kisses him. He goes back to his room and says that he is in love with Emily. He says that he can ask her to marry him at any time.

The men get in a room for the cocktail party and Arie says that it is crazy. Emily says that she has formed relationships with all of them. She says that she would feel blessed with them. She feels that Doug and John are on the bubble. She takes John to the side and asks about his relationships. He shows her that he has been carrying his grandparents’ funeral cards because they had the greatest love. He says that his grandfather is his guardian angel and says that it is tough for him to express himself to her in these settings. Emily says that she knows what he is going through. She loves that John showed his true side. She talks to Doug and he brings up that he doesn’t want to go home, but feels that he is behind then the other guys. The other guys talk about how Doug needs to make the move. Emily says that she doesn’t need to put the others before himself. He stumbles over his words.

The rose ceremony begins and there are roses to be handed out. Doug says that he took a step back and says that he wants to meet someone for him and his son. He cries at thinking about his son. Doug talks to John and he says that it is gut wrenching. Emily comes out and says that she knows that she is taking a huge risk in her decision. The first rose of the ceremony goes to Sean. The next rose goes to Jef. The third rose goes to Arie. Emily holds up the final rose of the night and leaves the room. She goes up to Chris and asks to talk to him. She says that she doesn’t know what to do. She talks to Chris and goes back to the rose ceremony she tells Doug and John that she cannot hand out the final rose. However, Chris brings in an extra rose and gives Doug and John a rose. She says that they have shown her a good side to themselves. This means that Travis and Ryan are on their way home. Next week, Prague, Czech Republic!