Week 7 (S8) - Recap

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With Travis and Ryan gone, only Doug (33), Chris (25), Arie (30), Jef (27), Sean (28) and John “Wolf” (30) are left for Emily to choose from. Tonight they are in Prague, Czech Republic. Emily gets there and realizes that next week is Home Town Visits and she needs to know what makes these guys what they are. The guys get there and meet Chris. He says that 4 of them are going to have a chance to go through to Home Towns. He says that there is going to be 3 one-on-one dates and 1 group date. There are no roses to be given out on the one-on-one, but there will be one for the group date. The guys get to the hotel and the date card comes. Arie gets the first one-on-one date card.

Emily comes up and takes Arie away. She says that she wants to have fun and pretend that it is just her husband and her. They make their way around the marketplace. Emily says that she likes kissing Arie, but she knows about something he hasn’t told her. They take a moment to talk about Arie’s dating past with Bachelorette producer Cassie Lambert. They show Emily and Cassie’s conversation and how Arie never told Emily about his past with her. They get back to Emily and Arie talking and he says that he is a good reflection of what he is back home.

Later that night, Arie apologizes that he didn’t tell Emily about Cassie. She, off camera, forgave him and will not let this affect her feelings. They kiss. At the hotel, the guys are wondering what Emily and Arie are doing. The next date card comes and it is for John. Chris is getting nervous that he hasn’t had alone time with Emily since Charlotte. Back on the date, Arie says that he loves Emily. She smiles and says that this makes her happy, but also a little bit scared. She says that she has so many things going around her head. Emily says that she has a surprise for Arie and there are fireworks. Arie says that he can see himself married to Emily.

The next day, John and Emily have their date. Emily says that John has shown a sensitive side to him. They go for a boat ride. John says that he is going to step it up with Emily and they talk about the guard that he has up. They go to a mural and paint on the wall to share their love. They go over to a lock wall and put a lock on it. However, the lock doesn’t work at first. Eventually they get it locked. At the hotel, the guys are talking about John and Emily and Arie says that John is going to have to show his love. Chris gets frustrated with the entire thing and says that it is not fun.

Later that night, they go to a dungeon to have dinner. John says that he loved his date with her. He says that he has been closed off because of the fact that the girl he loved cheated on him and that hurt him. She understands now why John has been shy with her. John says that he would love to have her meet his parents and says that he is falling for her. At the hotel, the group date card comes and it is for Sean, Doug and Chris. This means that Jef is going to get the final one-on-one. John walks in and says that his date was great. Sean says that he has to see Emily and walks around the city looking for her. He finds her and they go to a restaurant. They have some alone time kissing.

The next day is the group date. Chris, Doug and Sean arrive for their last group date. She tells them that they are going by horse and buggy to their destination. They go to an old Castle and Doug is optimistic to be able to be there. He says that his son would love to be there. Emily and Doug walk off together and she wants to know if Doug will be open to be in love. He talks with her and says that he wants to be able to have fun with her on a one-on-one. Emily asks if he has the ability to show her something and he misreads the signals that she is sending out. She tells him that she is going to have to send him home now because of the lack of intimacy. He is devastated.

Later, Emily takes Chris and Sean with her and gives them each a key. She says that one of them unlocks some one-on-one time. They go over to the door and it is Sean who gets it. Chris doesn’t like that he didn’t win, but doesn’t let it affect him. Sean says that he loves his time with Emily and says that he missed her. They kiss and afterward, Emily takes Chris to the side. He asks her why she didn’t pick him for a one-on-one. She says that she wanted to give Chris some confidence and says that she loves that he always makes the best of things. He feels better now. He says that he is falling for her and it would mean the world to him. Emily gives the rose to Sean. Chris is visually not happy at all.

The next day, the guys talk to Chris and Sean about their date. They can’t believe that they are down to 5 now. Emily comes in and takes Jef away for their date. They go into a puppet shop and they buy two. Jef runs inside and buys one for Ricky. They go to a library and recreate their meetings by using the puppets. They have fun and laugh. They kiss. They talk about the meeting with Jef’s family and Jef says that his parents are in South Carlolina doing something for 2 years. However, his other family will be there. He says that his brother is in China. She is excited about the fact that she may meet Jef’s family. At the hotel, Chris says that he left the date feeling upset and he is sure that he showed that side of him to Emily. John says that he feels confident because his date with Emily went perfect. Back on their date, Emily and Jef lay on the floor and look at the mural. They talk about what they are going to

Later that night, the cocktail party arrives. The guys arrive at the mansion and Chris is terrified. Emily talks to Chris and says that she already has her mind made up and technically doesn’t need to have t a cocktail party. The rose ceremony begins and Chris is not happy that he won’t be able to talk to Emily. They line up and Chris says that there are 3 other roses to be given out for Hometowns. Emily comes out and the first rose goes to Jef. The next rose goes to Arie. Before she can hand out the final rose, Chris asks to talk to Emily. He tells her that he is not ready to give up on her. They come back and Emily gives the final rose to Chris. John is shocked and says his goodbyes to Emily on the stairwell.