Week 8 (S8) - Recap

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With Doug and John gone, it is Hometowns this week. Chris (25), Arie (30), Jef (27) and Sean (28) are the ones who get to show Emily to their family. Emily goes home to Charlotte and spends time with Ricki. She thinks about how her Final Four match up to being a father figure to her daughter and a husband to her. She says that she is pretty confident that she could be really in love with one of them. She says that she hopes that this journey will end with her in love with one of them.

First up, Emily travels to Chicago, Illinois and visits Chris. He waits for her and he is happy that he gets to spend time with her in his element. He takes her around the city and he says that his family is going to love Emily. They go to a Polish American Restaurant and he says that he had to talk to Emily the night of the rose ceremony and apologizes that he was being a baby about the rose on the group date. He says that he is first generation Polish and that his entire family speaks Polish too. They go to Handover Park, Illinois to meet with Chris’ family.

They arrive at the house and John, Chris’ father, sits down with Emily and tells her that they are a close family. She tells John that she has a daughter and asks if Chris is ready to be a father. He says that Chris is ready to love and she says that Chris is the type of guys she is looking for. Chris talks to his mom and she tells him that she is his type and that he is going to have to fight. Emily sits down with Chris’ sister and she says that she needs to end it sooner rather then later if Chris is not the one. Chris’ dad sits down with Chris and tells him that Emily is falling in love with him. Later that night, Emily thanks Chris for the time and Chris says that he is in love with her. They end the night with a Polka Party.

Emily travels to St. George, Utah and visits Jef. He meets her at her family’s Ranch. She says that the place they are is really nice. They go in a jeep to a shooting range. They shoot clay pigeons. Jef hits all of them and Emily is impressed. Emily shoots the gun and manages to hit all too. She admits that she has been shooting before. They move onto handguns and Emily is a good shot as well with those. Jef likes that she likes guns just as he does.

They go off to meet the family and they meet his brothers and sisters. They have a picnic and Steve, Jef’s brother, has to play the father figure. He sits down with Emily and they talk about the values that each of them have. Emily says that she respects everyone and hopes that this works out. Emily sits down with Jef’s sisters and they say that Jef is the perfect man for her and that she will be perfect for him. Emily asks if they all feel this way and they say that they do. The children come up to Emily and she holds them. The sisters are happy. Jef sits down with Steve and he says that he never seen him want things that Emily wants. Jef says that with Emily, it is natural. Later, the date ends and they go to the mountains. Jef reads a love letter to her. She says that is so sweet.

Emily travels to Scottsdale, Arizona. Arie meets Emily at the Phoenix International Raceway and they go around the track together. He takes her to a park and lay down a blanket and they talk about the nerves that Arie has with Emily meeting with his parents. He says that his dad is amazing and he used to be in racing too. He says that his mother is the least open-minded on the subject of love that Emily and Arie share. He says that it is going to be important for him to tell his mother that he is in love with Emily. After that, she should open up.

Later that night, they go and meet Arie’s family. They walk in and his family is there. They like her accent. Arie’s mom takes Emily to the side and asks her about Brad and her. She says that she didn’t ask the questions she was supposed to. She says that Arie is really in love with Emily and that she can see it. Emily likes to hear this and says that she loves being around her son. Arie talks to his dad and says that he is ready to propose to Emily and he says that if he is happy then he is happy. They end their date with a kiss.

Emily travels to Dallas, Texas and visits Sean. He meets her in the park and has his dogs with him. They have fun playing with them in the park for a while and sit down and talk. Sean says that his family is happy to meet Emily and she admits that she is excited and scared to meet his family. She says that Sean has been perfect and that there is something that has to be wrong with him because no guy is perfect. She asks what they are going to expect. Sean says that his family is really open to things and that she is going to have a fun time for sure. He talks about the serious relationship he was in before and says that he couldn’t reciprocate. He says that he doesn’t really know why. However, with her, he has no problems.

They go to Sean’s parents’ house. They get inside the house and they are there to welcome them outside. Sean tells Emily that he still lives at home. He shows her his room and it is a mess. However, it is a joke. He says that he was playing with her. They go back outside and Sean’s dad talks to Sean and he says that Emily is amazing. He says that he has learned a lot about himself being around with her. He sits down with Emily and asks when they felt the connection. Emily says that it was about his family. Emily says that every time she hangs out with Sean she loves it. Sean sits down with his mom and she says that she can tell that Emily is special to them.

After talking they have fun time with the family and Emily says that this was fun. They kiss and Emily gets in the car and leaves. He runs after her and gives her that one last kiss. Emily gets back to Los Angeles and meets with Chris. She says that she loved each one of the families and Chris asks about her week. She says that she loved it. She says that Chris was really nice and it was great. With Jef, she says that he read her a letter that was the sweetest. With Arie, it was so different then NASCAR. She says that it was fun. With Sean, it went perfect. She says that she doesn’t know what she is going to do tonight. She says that it is going to be hard.

The guys get to Los Angeles and are ready for the Rose Ceremony. There are three roses to be handed out tonight. Emily comes out and she says that she had to go off on the fact that she sees a future with the Final Three people. She says that she has to base that off of everything. The first rose goes to Arie. The second rose goes to Jef. The final rose goes to Sean. This means that Chris is going home. He walks out with Emily and she says that she doesn’t know what to say. Chris asks if there is an explanation. She says that there was something strong, but the other relationships grew deeper. He gets upset and says that he told her that he loved her. She says that she had to follow her heart. Next they are going to the Caribbean Islands.