Week 9 (S8) - Recap

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It is down to the Final Three Bachelors as Emily Maynard is going to have to choose which two she is going to give out the roses to. Tonight they are in Willemstad, Curacao. Emily arrives by boat and she contemplates the journey that she has been. She says that she is excited to be in Curacao and still cannot believe that she is doing this. She says that she loved all the families and says that she feels strongly with each of the guys. She thinks about Sean and how there are so many things that she adores of him. She sayst hat she knows that he would be there for her. She says that Jef marches to his own drum and that she loves that about him. She says that he is a kind person and loves his sense of humor. For Arie, she says that she had an immediate attraction. She says that he is always complimenting her. She says that she has been waiting for this and realizes that it is going to be hard.

Sean meets with Emily first for their date. Today Emily wants him to tell her that he loves her and Sean says that he is in love with her and says that he doesn’t want to hold back. They go for a helicopter ride and land on their own private island in Klein Curacao. They sit on the beach and Sean says that he was disappointed that he didn’t have enough time with her when she was in Dallas. Emily says that Sean treated his past girlfriends as buddies. He says that he was never truly in love with them. He says that he wants to say “I love you” to Emily, but says that it is hard. Emily says that there is something on Sean’s mind that he is blocking him from saying it. They decide to go swimming and they kiss.

Later that night, they go to another beach for a romantic dinner. Emily says that she wants the comfort that Sean is in love with her and that she wants him to say it to her. Sean sits down with Emily and she asks how he feels. Sean says that she doesn’t have to worry about how he fits in with her life. He says that he wrote Ricki a letter. She says that Sean represents everything that she is looking for. He tells her that he has fallen in love with her and she says that it is awesome that he told her that and Emily says that it is the end to a perfect date. She gives Sean a key to the Fantasy Suite. He says that he would love to spend every moment with her and she feels the same. They get into the Suite and spend the night. However, she doesn’t need to spend the entire night with him.

The next day, Emily meets Jef in Kalki Beach. Jef says that he is not 100% sure that things are going to work out for him with the two other guys. Emily asks if he is nervous and she says that they are going out on a boat. She says that it has been a while since seeing there. Jef says that they have a better balance then anyone. She says that he gets her and Jef steers them to a Cove and they jump in the water. They go cliff jumping and Emily says that she feels confident with Jef and Jef says that he wants to appreciate every moment he can with her. He says that their whole life together is just starting.

That night, they go to a romantic dinner and Jef says that he has some questions about Ricki. He toasts to their time together and asks about where they would want to live. She says that she would love to move where he would want to be. He loves that it would be a fresh start. He asks why the relationships haven’t worked out and she says that the feeling wasn’t there with them. She says that with him, there are so many things that are not on paper with him and makes her laugh. She says that she loves being around him. Jef says that he hasn’t seen the end goal with anyone besides Emily. Jef asks if he is a good fit for Ricki. She says that she can picture him with her and her daughter. She gives him the key and he says that his family and her family will be watching this and says that it would be better not to. She says that she wants to hang out for a little longer. They get to their Suite and end the night on a kiss.

The next day, Emily meets with Arie in Spanish Water Bay and she tells him that she missed him. He says that from the get-go, it has been a crush, but now it is love. Emily says that her feelings have grown stronger with Arie and says that she is excited about the day. They see dolphins and go swimming with them. Emily gets a little scared, but Arie maintains his cool. Arie says that it is so easy to be with Emily and says that it feels great. Arie says that Emily is brave and says that she saves the good dates for him. She asks what has been his favorite part and he says that they have had so many moments. Emily says that she loves kissing Arie.

Later that night, they go to dinner at a restaurant. They sit down and toast to their day. Emily says that she wants to figure out if there is more then just attraction with Arie. She asks what Arie does on a daily basis. He says that when he is in town, he gets up around 9 AM and she tells him that it is 6:30 AM for her. He says that he loves people and goes out. He asks about their time with one another and he wants to know where she pictures them. She says that she doesn’t have all the answers, but would love to move to Scottsdale. Arie says that he feels that he is so good with kids and asks about her expectations of a father-figure to Ricki. She says that she wants nothing but love. Arie says that the relationship will be slow and fun. He says that she gives him confidence. They end the night on a kiss instead of the Fantasy Suite because she doesn’t trust herself.

Emily goes up to Chris and they go upstairs to talk. He asks her about her clarity this week and she says that she didn’t. She says that all the dates were perfect. She says that she has followed her heart all the time and says that she is hoping that she is going to wake up tomorrow and say that she made the right choice. She says that each of the guys have the perfect fit to their family. She says that she can’t wait to move on, but isn’t ready to say goodbye. She says that she wishes that there was more time. Chris says that this is the last rose ceremony and asks what is going on inside. She says that it makes her sad. He says that each of the guys have made her a personal video message. She says that she is a little stressed out from the pressure.

Emily looks at the guys’ pictures and walks up to the monitor and watches the video messages that Arie, Jef and Sean made for her. Sean tells her that he came into this cynical and somehow it changed and wants to spend all of his life with her. Jef tells her that he didn’t know the future, but now knows everything. He says that she is everything he has hoped to find. Arie says that their first date in Dollywood was amazing. He says that his huge crush turned into love. Emily cries and says that she feels that she has to go through heartbreak to find love, but doesn’t want to be the heartbreaker. Chris tells the men that the next step is a proposal. He says that one of them will be going home.

Emily comes out for the Final Rose Ceremony. She gives roses to Jef and Arie. This means that Sean is going home. She walks him out and Sean says that he isn’t sure what to say. She asks what he is thinking about and Sean says that he feels kind of stupid. He says that he didn’t feel this coming. Emily cries and says that she wanted it, but it is not meant to be. She thanks him for everything and he rides off.