Two of a Kind - Recap

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The Joker and his henchmen Punch and Judy are stealing a painting when the Bat Team takes them on. They take out Punch and Judy but the Joker uses a bomb to make his escape. Batman sends Robin and Batgirl to find the villain while he goes to take care of some business.

Back at his lair, the Joker is watching a TV show featuring supposed psychologist Dr. Harleen "Harley" Quinzell. It's the Valentine Day special and Bruce Wayne is a guest, trying to promote his charities. However, Harley is more interested in getting the dish on his love life. Batgirl and Robin spot him on TV and are much amused.

The Joker decides to call in, calling himself Mr. J and taking potshots at Bruce. He leaves despite Harley's insistence, and then Harley's boss tells her that her show has been canceled. Harley goes back to her apartment where the Joker is waiting and invites her to his hideout. The Bat Team have identified the Joker on the phone and figure he'll go after Harley, and learn she's gone with him.

Harley wants to study the Joker and use him to boost her reputation, but the Joker is less then thrilled and orders his hyenas to eat her. However, even he is impressed when she manages to take control of them. The Joker starts talking about his life as a villain and invites her out for a night on the town. He makes her a clown costume and gives her the new name of "Harley Quinn." They drive around town causing chaos until Batman comes after them. They manage to escape using a leftover umbrella from the Penguin.

Back at the Joker's hideout, Harley is furious at the news shows taking shots art her psychology show. The Joker tries to cheer her up by taking her to the studio so they can blow up the new host and the studio audience. Batgirl gets there first but gets caught beneath some rubble. Batman and Robin get there and manage to free her and capture Harley, but the Joker escapes. They take her to jail and she's depressed about the fact her new boyfriend left her... until she spots a secret note from him saying she should keep smiling.