Rumors - Recap

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Killer Croc and his men commit a robbery and escape through the sewers, but an invisible figure attacks and defeats them. Croc awakens to find himself in a high-tech cell... surrounded by dozens of other Batman villains, similarly imprisoned.

Batman and Robin catch on the news that Gotham crime is dropping and villains are disappearing, and decide to investigate. They get word of a break-in at an art museum and go there to find Catwoman stealing an artifact. The Penguin is also there and admits he set off the alarm so that Batman would arrest him so he'd be safe. The mysterious figure arrives and identifies himself as Rumor. the newcomer has the ability to turn invisible, avoiding them, then goes after Catwoman. She manages to knock off a piece of his armor before he subdues both her and Penguin and escapes with both villains.

Batman takes the armor back to the Batcave and determines there is only one company that could have manufactured it: a company belonging to Paul Karon.

Rumor addresses the captured villains, telling them that he plans to execute all of them as soon as he captures one last villain: the Joker.

Batman and Robin go to visit Karon and his bodyguard Mario, only to discover that he's in a wheelchair. Karon talks about how he was demonstrating a sonic device used in demolition when the Joker tried to steal it. The Batman interrupted the villain but in the ensuing fight, a girder fell on Karon and crippled him. Karon tells Batman that the Caped Crusader is responsible for his injury, and that of anyone harmed by all the villains attracted to Gotham. He tells them to get out. They leave but come back later and break into the factory, and see him getting into an exo-suit.

Rumor tracks down the Joker who is ready for him and has his men attack the vigilante, but ends up captured.

Batman and Robin are waiting at Karon's laboratory when he returns. Karon insists he isn't Rumor and one of his bodyguards confirm where he's been. However, Batman notices that Mario is absent.

Rumor prepares to execute all of the villains and psychologist Hugo Strange asks him why he would do this. Rumor reveals that he is Mario, who is killing the villains to atone for his failure to protect Karon from being injured. Mario prepares to use Karon's sonic demolition device but Batman and Robin arrive, as Karon gave them the address. They cover Rumor with dye pellets, rendering him visible, but his armor lets him knock out Robin. Batman knocks his opponent into a panel, releasing the villains. They go after their captor and Batman and Robin have no choice but to defend him. They manage to take out most of them, then destroy the sonic weapon.

As the police take Mario away, Catwoman slips up behind them, thanks them, then slips away.