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The Joining (1) - Recap

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Bruce and Dick visit Lucius Fox at Wayne Industries, and it becomes clear that Lucius knows that Bruce is the Batman. They tour the facilities, where the technicians are hard at work, and then leave after having some crates shipped. Lucius goes to his office where he's accosted by a shadowy figure which turns out to be... himself.

Later, Batman is forced to help out Batgirl and Robin as they take on robbers, and Batman wonders if he isn't too dependent on them. He goes back to the crime scene where he meets police detective John Jones. Jones observes that a recent string of robberies have all targeted Wayne Industries equipment. Bruce talks to "Lucius" on the phone, and tells him to have the crates brought back. In the background, the Wayne Industry technicians are working in perfect synchronization.

Bruce checks up on Jones and discovers that his paper trail only extends back to his last job in Denver, Colorado. A suspicious Bruce checks the crates and discovers they hold anti-gravity platforms. He goes to confront Jones and sneaks in, finding surveillance photos of himself. Looking into the next round, he finds Jones watching the television and shapeshifting into different people and characters on the screen. Jones notices Batman and shapeshifts into a green-skinned hairless humanoid. Batman tries to capture him but it becomes clear that Jones has sueprhuman strength as well as shapeshifting. The fight goes out into the streets where Jones flies into the air and Batman pursues in the Batplane. Jones is able to dematerialize and phase through buildings, but Batman manages to snare him with an electrical net. Jones says his name is really J'onn J'onzz and he has determined Bruce Wayne is Batman.

The two go to a diner and compare notes, and J'onn reveals he's an alien. Batman realizes he has a vulnerability to fire, while J'onn reveals he's a telepath but is impressed that Batman can block his own thoughts. Impressed, J'onn reveals that an alien invasion is happening even i they speak and Batman will need help to take them on. The robotic aliens call themselves "the Joining" and take over worlds and strip them of their technology.

The two heroes go to Wayne Industries and J'onn instantly identifies "Lucius" as a replicant robot of the Joining. He knocks off its head and take it to the Batcave. The head boasts of the Joining's inevitable victory and confirms that Lucius is alive... as long as the aliens need access to his knowledge.

Batman takes J'onn along to investigate Wayne Industries. The Joining senses them almost immediately and attacks them with the automated industrial robot arms. They manage to rescue Lucius as a secret fleet of ships emerge from the building using the anti-gravity platforms. The heroes get Lucius to the roof but can only look on as dozens of the spaceships fly out across Gotham... and the world.