Vertigo - Recap

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Justice League member Green Arrow breaks into a WayneLabs facility only to find himself confronting three ninja. He inadvertently sets off an alarm and fights the men. The police head for the lab as Alfred is driving Bruce out for a night on the town. They spot the police cars and follow them. The ninja flee and Green Arrow heads outside to find himself face-to-face with the police. He easily renders them helpless with a smoke arrow then runs into Bruce. Green Arrow pins him to the limo door and accuses him of poisoning children, then runs off into the night.

Later, Bruce and Dick go to the hospital where the doctor reveals there’s been an outbreak of weakness and dizziness in the vicinity of the WayneLabs building. Star City industrialist Oliver Queen is also there, donating money to help the victims. As Batman and Robin, the two go to take water samples and determine the source of the illness. Green Arrow arrives and after a brief case of mistaken identity, the two figure out they’re on the same side. Robin is hit by the dizziness as more of the ninja arrive. The two Justice Leaguers are also hit by the dizziness while the ninja are equipped with protective headpieces. Green Arrow spots a figure up above on the walkway: Count Vertigo, equipped with an eyepiece that causes the dizziness and Vertigo. The heroes are unable to fight back effectively and Robin is knocked into the nearby river to be swept downstream toward a down-fall. Batman and Green Arrow are knocked in as well and only the Emerald Archer’s quick work with a net arrow manages to save them.

Later at the Batcave, Green Arrow meets Alfred and recognizes him as Bruce Wayne’s limo driver from earlier. Batman has already figured out that Green Arrow is actually Oliver Queen. Green Arrow accepts Bruce Wayne’s innocence and reveals that Count Vertigo is a former Queen Industries scientist who stole the Vertigo eyepiece and used it to strand playboy Oliver on a deserted island. During his time on the island, Oliver learned how to hunt with a bow and spent the years honing his survival skills until he was finally rescued.

The two heroes go back to WayneLab and find a hidden wall. Going inside, they find a giant gyroscopic device, and then Count Vertigo hits them with more dizziness and his ninja moves in. Vertigo boasts that he plans to use the giant device to magnify his power and take over the entire city. He leaves with the device via helicopter while Batman equips Green Arrow and himself with special earplugs to protect the inner ear. They easily dispose of the ninja and Batman figures Vertigo plans to steal the new batch of $100 at the mint.

Vertigo uses his device above the mint to incapacitate the guards as well as the surrounding streets, then moves in to steal the loot. Batman and Green Arrow arrive and use the headpieces from the defeated ninja to protect themselves as they take out Vertigo’s men. The Count releases the gyroscope and the heroes have to stop it from crushing the security guards. Green Arrow then snags the helicopter with an arrow line and Batman follows on the ground. Green Arrow climbs up to the helicopter but loses his headpiece, and is all but helpless against Vertigo. Batman launches himself up, defeats the last ninja, and swerves the helicopter around. Vertigo’s eyepiece is shattered and Green Arrow considers shooting him for a moment. Batman is concerned… until Green Arrow shoots the villain with a glue arrow, immobilizing him.

Later at the Batcave, Green Arrow prepares to head back to Star City, admitting that the cave gives him a few ideas. He also reluctantly apologizes for leaping to conclusions, while Robin tries out his bow… and almost destroys the Batcave with an explosive arrow.