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Lost Heroes (1) - Recap

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Superman and Batman team up to take on Superman's nemesis, the Toyman. They easily defeat his robot toys and the villain himself. However, a set of toy bombs fall from the ceiling, surprising both the Toyman and the heroes. They detonate and knock out the Toyman. When the dust clears, Batman discovers the villain unconscious and Superman gone.

At the Central City fairground, the Flash calls in Green Arrow to take on the Mirror Master at the Hall of Mirrors. Mirror Master is expecting them and shoots at them while ducking from mirror to mirror. Green Arrow stops him by firing a paint arrow and blocking the villain's reflection to escape into. However, the Flash discovers gas canisters that go off, knocking both heroes unconscious. When Green Arrow recovers conscious, he discovers that the Flash has disappeared. He goes to Gotham and meets with Batman at the Batcave. Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter show up and note that Hawkman has disappeared. The team concludes that super-powered Justice Leaguers are being targeted, which is why Batman and Green Arrow were ignored. Batman suggests they investigate the last abduction and Green Lantern flies them there. Batman investigates the gas canisters and finds a sophisticated radio transmitter. They're interrupted when an explosion goes off, engulfing the Martian Manhunter in flames: his only weakness. When Green Lantern goes to rescue him, yellow energy spheres break through his energy shield and knock him out as well. Batman has Green Arrow douse the flames by bringing down a water tank, but Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter have been taken away.

Green Arrow takes to the skies to investigate while Batman works in the Batcave examining the radio transmitter. He dozes off and has a strange dream of Martian Manhunter calling out to him. In the dream, Batman sees the abducted heroes being tortured and Manhunter repeating the words "Hugo Strange." When Batman wakes up, Robin is there and says he had a similar dream. The three heroes go to Arkham where they find that Hugo Strange has been replaced by an impostor. The impostor attacks them with superhuman strength and speed, then tries to escape. Green Arrow fires an exploding arrow, knocking the impostor to the ground below. "Strange is revealed as a robot and it escapes into the river, but Green Arrow immobilizes it with a shock arrow. Batman discovers it contains an active radio transmitter, and it's alien in origin: it belongs to the Joining.

Batman tracks the signal to an abandoned air raid shelter and inside they are captured by the real Hugo Strange. He is using Joining robots and explains that during the first invasion, he used Joining communication equipment to offer the aliens a trade: the capture of the Justice League in return for the knowledge of the universe. The Joining agreed and Strange set up the scheme to capture the superpowered Leaguers and then set up Batman for capture. He shows the three arrivals the other members, hooked up to energy siphons. Strange discovers a hidden bomb planted by Batman, but it's a distraction from the smoke grenade Batman spits from his mouth. Under cover of the smoke, Green Arrow burns himself and the others free, take out the robots, and free their teammates. However, metal robot pods open and five androids emerge: near-duplicates of the five super-powered Leaguers. Superman attacks his counterpart but realizes that his powers are gone, as are the others. The five androids close in, armed with the powers of the entire Justice League...

<i>(to be continued)</i>