Season 5

83 :05x01 - Father Knows Best

Bryan, Bryanna's father, shows up to spend more time with his daughter-and ends up spoiling her.
Guest Stars: Reginald Ballard as W.B. | Michael Ralph as Kelly | Lombardo Boyar as Chuy | Anthony Anderson as Bryan | Richard Lawson as Bishop | A. Russell Andrews as Deacon

84 :05x02 - Wrestling with a Sticky Situation

Jordan makes the wrestling team and wins because no one is in his weight class.
Guest Stars: Wade Williams as Father Cronin | Reginald Ballard as W.B. | Michael Ralph as Kelly | Lombardo Boyar as Chuy | Sabrae Smith as Tracey

85 :05x03 - Marathon Mac

Bernie and Charles Barkley face off in a celebrity 10k charity race.
Guest Stars: Rick Hoffman as Jerry Best | Adam Carolla as Himself | Charles Barkley as Himself | Reginald Ballard as W.B. | Lombardo Boyar as Chuy | Michael Ralph as Kelly
Director: David Grossman

86 :05x04 - The Big Payback

Instead of using the money Bernie gave her for school clothes, Vanessa uses it to buy one pair of expensive shoes.
Guest Stars: Carl Gilliard as Mike | Naya Rivera as Donna | Joel Weiss as Man | Mike Batayeh as Man | Karen Malina White as Denise | Necar Zadegan as Saleswoman | Richard Cross as Man

87 :05x05 - Car Wars

When Vanessa gets a permit, she buys her first car
Wanda gets ditched by Jordan and his friends at a Comic-Con, as Bernie deals with Vanessa and her first car.
Guest Stars: Khleo Thomas as Curtis | Naya Rivera as Donna | Eugene Goring II as Arnold | Sean Shanks as Concert goer | Jasmine McDonald as Concert goer | Charles Clemmons as Friend
Director: Ken Whittingham

88 :05x06 - Night of Terror

Jordan babysits Bryana while Bernie and Wanda attend a school charity auction. Jordan decides to let her watch a horror movie.
Guest Stars: June Squibb as Nun | Daniel Leslie as Man at Auction
Songs: Tom Browne -- Funkin' for Jamaica

89 :05x07 - For Whom the Belt Tolls

When the kids disresepct Wanda, Bernie gives her Big Mama's belt to command fear.
Guest Stars: Doug Williams (2) as Alex | Roman Reuven Jerzy as Mr. Cardenia
Director: Roger Nygard
Songs: The Dazz Band -- Let It Whip

90 :05x08 - Pop Pop Goes the Weasel

Bryan returns-but this time to spoil Jordan.
Guest Stars: Anthony Anderson as Bryan | Don Oscar Smith as Animal Control Officer | Windell Middlebrooks as Boogie | Kiyano La'Vin as RoRo | Michael Ralph as Kelly | Lombardo Boyar as Chuy
Directors: , Millicent Shelton

91 :05x09 - Prison Break

Bernie and Wanda battle over how to deal with the kids when they get in trouble at the same time.
Guest Stars: Ashley Monique Clark as Teri | Josh Blaylock as Todd | Clint Culp as Carnie | Nicholas Morrison as Jason | Cooper Thornton as Stan | Emmy Yu as Shannon | Mablean Ephriam as Herself
Director: Keith Truesdell

92 :05x10 - Some Church Bull

An attempt to bond as family at the school, has everyone furious at each other. Bernie comes to a tough decision about the family.
Guest Stars: Roxanne Beckford as Pregnant Woman | Michael Hitchcock as Father Roger | Nancy Lenehan as Sister Lane | Wade Williams as Father Cronin
Songs: Bill Withers -- Lovely Day

93 :05x11 - Sorely Missed

Bernie and Wanda seek time alone as Bryana wants to learn more about her mother.
Guest Stars: Michael Cornacchia as Norman | Stephanie Patton as Friend 2 | Jacqueline Osaki as Friend 1
Director: Reginald Hudlin
Songs: Stevie Wonder -- As

94 :05x12 - Fumes of D├ętente

Wanda invites Vanessa's best friend, Tasha, to stay with them. Bernie hopes Tasha will help Vanessa get her act together.
Guest Stars: Krysten Leigh Jones as Tasha | Aaron Grady as DeSean
Songs: McFadden & Whitehead -- Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now

95 :05x13 - Exercise in Fertility (1)

Bernie learns that Wanda might not be the reason why they are having trouble making a baby.
Guest Stars: Reginald Ballard as W.B. | Lombardo Boyar as Chuy | Michael Ralph as Kelly | Wendle Josepher as Nurse
Director: Linda Mendoza

96 :05x14 - Exercise in Fertility (2)

Wanda and Bernie realize their attempts to have a child has alienated the ones they already have.
Guest Stars: Denise Dowse as Doctor | Yvonne Farrow as Teacher | Harry Groener as Dr. Lyons | Nicholas Morrison as Jason
Director: Ken Whittingham

97 :05x15 - Fantasy Football

Bernie and Jordan finally seem to have something they like doing together-fantasy football. Bryana get addicted to makeup.
Guest Stars: Jernard Burks as Southside | Dick Butkus as Himself | Pat Finn (1) as Zalinski | Art LaFleur as Stan | Naya Rivera as Donna | Jeff Marlow as Photographer | June Malcolm as Assitant Photographer
Songs: Al Green -- How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

98 :05x16 - Bar Mizvah Crashers

Jordan is stuck with a tough choice as his new friend, David, is having a bar mitzvah at the same time another one is happening.
Guest Stars: Kyle Kaplan as David | Nate Hartley as Samuel | Roger Marks as Rabbi #1 | Phil Diskin as Rabbi #2 | Robin Krieger as Mrs. Wasserstein | Bonnie Perlman as hostess |
Uncredited: Megan Silverstein as Bar Mitzvah Parent | Geoffrey Gould as Bar Mitzvah Parent
Director: Linda Mendoza
Songs: The Isley Brothers -- Shout

99 :05x17 - Who's Your Mama

Bryan gets the run of the house when Wanda goes out of town on a business trip.
Meanwhile, it's voting time for the "Eighth Grade Bests" class awards and Jordan wants to win "best smile".
Guest Stars: Anthony Anderson as Bryan | Nicholas Morrison as Jason | Josh Blaylock as Todd | Nefetari Spencer as P.E. Teacher | Landon Bell as Best Hair Boy | Eli Kahoury as Conner Santel
Director: Linda Mendoza

100 :05x18 - What Would Jason Do

Bernie plays matchmaker for Vanessa as the Senoopr Prom is approaching. Jordan becomes Bryana's slave after she sprains her ankle.
Guest Stars: Chris Warren, Jr. as Jason | Naya Rivera as Donna | Marque Richardson, II as Tyrone | Cleavon McClendon III as Derek | Rodney J. Hobbs as Mr. Scott.
Director: Roger Nygard

101 :05x19 - It's Never As Bad As the First Time

Jordan is dating the cutest cheerleader in school.
Guest Stars: Eugene Goring II as Arnold | Lombardo Boyar as Chuy | Michael Ralph as Kelly | Jon Garland as Himself | Calicia Wilson (1) as Erica | Nicholas Morrison as Jason | Bahni Turpin as Kai | Naya Rivera as Donna | Ashley Monique Clark as Teri | Aree Davis as Mean Friend | Joseph Michael as Handsome Boy | Camille Smith (1) as Marguerite
Director: Keith Truesdell

102 :05x20 - Spinning Wheels

Wanda is at odds with her sister, Valerie, on her birthday and help comes from an unlikely source-Bryan.
Special Guest Stars: Serena Williams as Herself |
Guest Stars: Anthony Anderson as Bryan | Shar Jackson as Valerie | Dan Brinkle as Dan | Dior Raye as Pam | LaFern Watkins as Female Officer
Songs: Chic -- Le Freak

103 :05x21 - Growing Pains

The taste of money has Vanessa blowing off studying for SATS and college. Jordan gets a big head when he finally grows taller than Vanessa.
Guest Stars: Philip Anthony Traylor as Nigel | Judith Moreland as Customer | Melissa Strom as Dena | Scott Michael Morgan as Cable Guy | Doug Sinclair as Paramedic | Cynthia Graham as Paramedic | Creed Bratton as Usher | David Ursin as Driver
Songs: Jean Knight -- Mr. Big Stuff

104 :05x22 - Bernie's Angels

Jordan tries to take advantage of Bernie's near death experience while Vanessa sets out to prove to everyone that she can get into college without Bernie's help.
Guest Stars: Doug Sinclair as Paramedic | Creed Bratton as Funeral Home Employee | Cynthia Graham as Paramedic
Director: Ken Kwapis
Songs: The Four Tops -- Still Water (Love)
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 14, 2001
Ended: April 14, 2006
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