Summer Time - Recap

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The scene opens with Kathy telling Adam that he needs to pick up his room and that she can’t teach her son the basics of being clean and tidy. She tells that allowing him to be a slob has done him a disservice. She takes clothes and uses them as kindle for the couch that she is burning. Adam tells that he is happy that he is going to camp. Maureen walks over and complains about the fire and tells that she needs a permit to burn things. Kathy tells her to call the cops just like she did with her pool and tells that she has to wait 3 months for it. She offers to make Marlene and her a fresh pot of coffee and she says no. At school, Kathy weighs Andrea and tells that she gained 2 pounds. Andrea tells that she was starving herself too. Kathy tells that it is bad to do that and Andrea tells that binge eating is too but at least she gets to have the taste of frosting in her mouth. Kathy tells that she is going to have to do it and Andrea tells that since it is $100 per pound, she will do it but bikini season will pass her by. Andrea tells of a woman that can be seen from the school roof lets it all hang out. They call her Naked Nancy.

Kathy goes up to the roof and sees “Naked Nancy” and hears and sees Mr. Adelman up there too and he is masturbating. Kathy visits Dr. Todd and asks what her length to live is and he tells that Melanoma is tricky and that there is no real effective treatment. Kathy jokes that she’ll be gone before her wrinkles set in. She tells that she saw a woman sunbathing naked in her backyard and tells that it is weird because anyone can look over and see. Dr. Todd tells that there is a lot of skin exposed when people do that. Kathy tells that he probably is professional and thinks of a woman’s body as just that. Dr. Todd tells that he can talk about other things with people. Kathy opens up her gown and shows her breasts and asks his opinion. He tells that she is above average and that she as an “awesome rack”. Kathy is surprised that he said rack. She laughs and tells that she won’t tell anyone.

Kathy goes home and looks at pictures of her when she was younger and Paul comes home and announces his arrival very loudly. He tells that he doesn’t want to walk in on her naked with her lover. Kathy tells that she isn’t having an affair and Paul tells her that is what everyone says. Paul asks who the doctor is and she tells that he is her dermatologist and was just checking back on her after burning some skin off her. Paul tells that he doesn’t know why he can’t live in his own house and why he is thirsty all the time. He walks into the kitchen and gets a drink of water. He forgets to close the cabinet doors. Kathy tells that is the reason. The fact that she has always constantly asked and yelled at him to close cabinets and that he refuses to do it. She tells that she is tired of it. Paul tells that they need therapy and she tells that therapy doesn’t seem like a good thing for her. But he tells that they need it. He asks if she wants to call and then quickly realizes his mistake and tells that he’ll call.

Sean is on his soapbox yelling at cars that are driving around. Kathy drives up and tells that he needs to put on some clothes. She asks if Sean wants any of the clothing. He finds some that he likes and takes off his pants and puts the new pants on and he is naked underneath. Kathy turns around quickly and tells that she needs her eyes poked out. Andrea walks by and Kathy asks what she is doing. Sean decides to add his two cents in and calls her fat and tells that she is killing herself with their excess. She tells him to back off. Kathy tells that Andrea can’t eat chips and walk. She tells that she will buy the chips off her for $10 and Sean tells that he’ll take them since she is throwing them away. Andrea asks how come Sean can eat them and she can’t. Kathy tells that she doesn’t care what he eats. Sean tells that he is Kathy’s brother and Andrea laughs and says, “I’m fat and Jesus is your brother”. She tells that we all have something.

Kathy gets home and closes cabinets. She looks at the calendar and realizes that Adam is going to be gone a while. Adam comes in the kitchen and grabs something to eat and leaves the cabinets open. She tells that Adam is just like her father and he jokes and asks if she is going to kick him out of the house too. She tells that Adam is not going to camp this summer and he is very upset despite her telling that she has a short window to deal with. In therapy, Paul tells that Kathy told Adam that he couldn’t go to camp and that he has already thought that he would lose Kathy and that he has not felt good about his body and calls Kathy a 10 and he is a 4. He tells that Kathy made him cancel his gym membership and that he wanted to go back. The therapist asks what Kathy is thinking how Adam used to play hide and seek and at the same time thinking that she wants a Vanilla Latte. Kathy gets home and shows that she got a paintball gun for Adam and tells that she and him are going to have a lot of fun. He doesn’t think playing with his mother is a fun idea and leaves the house. Kathy visits Marlene and the door is cracked. She enters and sees Marlene sitting in her chair. Kathy sees a younger Marlene in a picture and touches her wrinkles. Marlene wakes up and some of the Latte spills on her. She tells Kathy to get out. Kathy is in a towel and looks at her body in the fridge and tells that the refrigerator is kind. She walks outside and takes off the towel and enjoys being naked in the sunlight.

Paul walks into the house and yells for Kathy. He walks out in the back and finds that she is sunbathing naked. She quickly covers up and asks if he remembers their honeymoon in Paris and how she felt bad about her body to go to the nude beaches. Paul tells that he told her to do it but she tells that he said she couldn’t because he would get an erection. She looks down and he has one now. He asks if she wants to do it in the grass. But with a neighbor mowing their lawn, Paul thinks that she said something else. She is disgusted and tells that she needs to go pick up Adam anyways. But Paul tells that he already dropped Adam off for Soccer Camp and says that Adam told him that Kathy said he could go. She runs off. She drives and sees Andrea walking drinking a slushy. She asks if she has her driver’s license. She tells that she does. Kathy tells that Andrea needs to drive. Kathy dumps out Andrea’s slushy before getting in the car and tells that it is because she likes her. They drive up behind the bus and Kathy uses the paintball gun and shoots at the windows. The bus stops and Kathy gets on the bus and tells Adam to get off the bus. He tells her no and she starts to tell how she used to snuggle him to sleep and how he couldn’t get enough. She tells him to get off the bus and he stands up and tells her no. He is shot with a paintball by Andrea. He tells her again that he is not going and is shot again. He finally agrees to get off the bus.

They get back home and Kathy tells that she knows that Adam loves her and that he is just a little upset she tells that she doesn’t want him to look back and hate himself for it. He walks upstairs. Kathy visits Sean and he asks if she has another shirt of Adam’s. Kathy asks if any of his friends thought she was cute. Sean tells that he thought she was cute and that he always pretended that she was his girlfriend. Kathy is grossed out but doesn’t show it. He continues and starts scooting close to her. He breaks the joke and tells that he will always think that she was the grossest thing. Later that night, Kathy changes the calendar and writes that Adam will be home instead of gone. Kathy walks upstairs and makes a bed beside Adam’s bed and falls asleep.