The Ecstacy and the Agony - Recap

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The scene opens with Cathy teaching Adam how to drive. She tells that Adam needs to check his mirrors at all times. Paul comes up and tells that he needs a suit and tie for a promotion dinner. Cathy is happy that Paul got the promotion, but he tells that he cannot be happy with her because she will suck the joy out of everything. Later, Cathy talks about her insurance coverage for the cancer with Dr. Todd and he says that they will cover 70% and Cathy tells that she will only pay 70% of her premiums. Dr. Todd tells that they will check into the free clinical trials to see if they are going to help at all with giving treatment. Cathy picks up that Dr. Todd is going to propose to his girlfriend, Julie. Cathy tells Dr. Todd that she went to the Bahamas and Dr. Todd asks how Paul liked everything and Cathy tells that they are separated. Dr. Todd is upset that Paul would leave Cathy and she tells that it is complicated.

At the school, Cathy shows some “vitamins”, which is actually Ecstasy that she found on the floor one day after class and wants to know who they belong too. No one fesses up. She asks Andrea if she heard anything and Andrea is insulted that she would ask her about the drugs. She walks out as Lenny walks in. He says that the Bahamas were great and asks why she has Ecstasy on her desk. She wonders why everyone does the drug and Lenny tells that it is an escape. At home, Adam is trimming Sean’s hair and Cathy comes in. She asks what they are doing and Adam tells that Sean is teaching him how to get things for little money. He asks if he can go to Brent’s cousin’s birthday party and after Adam shows that he made a Chocolate Moose for her, she lets him go. Marlene enters and asks to have some ice. Sean tells that he might have someone who would be interested in her. Cathy gets a call and it goes in the bathroom. It is Dr. Todd and he tells she has been denied the free clinical trial and that there are other things that they can try.

Later that night, Lenny and Cathy take the Ecstasy and Cathy wants to know how long it takes. Meanwhile, Adam arrives at the party and it is clear that it is not a “birthday party” like Adam told Cathy. Andrea comes up and treats Adam like a baby. Back at Cathy’s house, Cathy is contemplating how life is and tells that she is not scared of dying and living her life any more. She takes off her shirt. Paul walks in the house and tells that he forgot his tie. He looks out the patio door window and sees Cathy and Lenny kissing. Marlene goes on her date with Earl, Sean’s friend. Sean is there too in order to make Marlene feel less stressed and Earl gets to the point and tells that he wants to eat Marlene and tells that he had a talented tongue. Paul goes to his promotion dinner and he is drunk. Simon, Paul’s boss tells that he is happy to have Paul and Rick as his vice presidents. Paul starts to embarrass himself. Cathy and Lenny are in the back and Cathy tells that she doesn’t have to worry about raising Adam and that he will be raised by nature. Back at the restaurant, Earl starts to talk about his “package” and Sean is embarrassed. Earl drops his fork and tells Marlene to get it. Sean tells that he will do it and finds out that Earl is not wearing any pants. Marlene asks to speak to Sean for a moment. In the bathroom, she tells that Sean is “cock-blocking” her.

At the party, Adam’s friend tells that a drunk girl is upstairs and she is having sex with everyone and they need a virgin. Adam refuses and they start egging him on to do it. Andrea intervenes and tells that Adam is not a virgin. Adam’s friend asks Adam if he had sex with Andrea and calls her a cow. Adam tells that he did not and Andrea leaves. Meanwhile, Paul is making himself more an idiot and Rick and his partner announce that they got married. Paul tells that it is wonderful and that he doesn’t understand why they got married in the first place. He tells that marriage is stupid and Simon tries to stop him and tells that Cathy and him are having issues, but for him to calm down. Paul gets outraged and leaves. Back at the party, Andrea is upset and Adam tries to apologize, but she is not interested. Adam tries to call his mom, but she and Lenny have moved to the sofa in the hole in the back and are having sex. The next scene shows Adam talking to someone who picked him up and it is Paul. He is drunk and is letting Adam drive. Cathy finds out that Adam tried to call and that he needs a ride home. She starts to have second thoughts of their arrangement and tells that she needs to be a mother first. She calls Paul and he tells that they were in an accident.

Paul is in the hospital when Cathy comes in and he tells that he let Adam drive and they crashed into a tree. Adam is getting seven stitches and will be fine. Paul asks why she didn’t pick him up and tells that he knows of her and Lenny. She runs off and sees to Adam. He says that he is sorry, but it is she that is sorry. Dr. Todd walks up to Paul and tells that he is a sick to move out of the house. Paul has no clue and tells that he doesn’t know what is going on with her. Dr. Todd walks up to Cathy and tells that he knows that Paul doesn’t know. Cathy tells that she wants to be happy a little longer and telling Paul that she has cancer will not make her happy, but Dr. Todd tells her that she doesn’t know that. Cathy sits next to Paul and is about to tell him that she has cancer, but he tells that he wants a divorce.