Divine Intervention - Recap

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The scene opens with Cathy preparing dinner and Adam tells that he is going to Brett’s house and she tells that he needs to rest. Adam tells that he is just going over to play video games and she allows him to go. Cathy goes to Marlene’s and they are looking at the paint that she got. Cathy tells that her and Paul are getting a divorce and tells Marlene that she doesn’t blame him because he caught her having an affair. Marlene slaps her and tells her that she is ruining her life. Cathy goes across the street to find Rebecca at her door. She tells that she can’t ignore her because she is having sex Sean. Cathy tells that she is not a good friend and that her life has been a mess up for a while. At school, Andrea is at her locker and Cathy asks why she is not in class. Andrea tells that she is dropping her class and school. Cathy tells her not to drop out and Andrea tells that she knows that Cathy is having sex with Lenny and Andrea tells that Cathy doesn’t know what it’s like living where she does and tells that she is from the hood with a crack headed mother and a dead father.

Paul is at a bar and Tina comes up to him. He tells that him and Cathy are going to get a divorce and that he caught her having an affair. Tina says that she is sorry to hear that and listens to Paul. Meanwhile, Sean and Rebecca are in a room and Rebecca tells that she is not in the mood because she wants to be friends with Cathy. Sean tells that he wants to have sex with her and Rebecca tells that she wants to get to know him and he tells that is alright. Cathy drives over to Andrea’s house and it turns out that her mother is not a crackhead and her father is alive and polite. Her mom tells that Andrea is at the church singing in the choir. Back at the bar, Paul and Tina are talking about their most embarrassing sexual experiences. At the church, Cathy goes inside and sees Andrea singing. She tries to make conversation with a woman but she moves away when Cathy tells that she likes her hat. After Andrea sings, she asks why Cathy is in the church and tells her to get out. She tells that she doesn’t like her and Cathy realizes that Andrea has a crush. Cathy laughs and says that he wouldn’t go for Andrea because he is 25 years older than her. She tells her that Adam doesn’t know and Cathy tells that she shouldn’t tell him.

Cathy leaves and sees a church message saying if anyone needs a “Do Over”. Meanwhile, Paul takes Tina home and they have sex with each other. The next day, Cathy walks in to find Sean teaching the class nonsense and he tells her that Rebecca is refusing to have sex with him because she wants to get back her friendship with Cathy. She tells Sean that Rebecca doesn’t have a chance and for Sean not to worry about the no sex rule. Later that night, Cathy plays scrabble with Marlene and Cathy asks if Marlene goes to church. She tells that she does and that she prays too. Cathy asks if she should reopen her spiritual options. Adam comes home and Marlene tells that she will call it a night and Cathy asks her to pray for her. Cathy goes in the kitchen and tells Adam to apologize to Andrea if he made a mistake. Cathy goes to church the next day and the preacher asks who needs a do-over. Cathy stands up and tells all about her affair and how she made a mistake. She looks at Andrea and tells her not to quit because of her mistakes. After the sermon, Andrea tells Cathy that she will be at school tomorrow.

Cathy returns home to find Rebecca on her front porch. She tells that she misses her friendship and that she wants to have fun again with Cathy. She tells that she lied to her and that she feels bad. Rebecca tells that she missed Cathy’s wedding and that she is a horrible friend. Cathy tells that she is doing over everything in her life. They make up. At school, Adam apologizes to Andrea and to prove it, Andrea makes him lick her locker. Cathy goes to visit Paul and tells that she wants to talk to him. Tina comes to the door and Cathy asks if she can have a minute and she leaves. Paul is shocked that there is no yelling. He tells that he had sex with Tina and she finally tells him that she has cancer.