Taking the Plunge - Recap

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The scene opens with Cathy and Paul at the funeral of Marlene. Cathy says that this is wonderful, but Paul says that she shot herself in the head and says that it is not wonderful. The two daughters of Marlene give the eulogy and tell that Marlene loved Polka music and that she arranged this all herself. The caterer is passing out scratcher lottery tickets. Paul tells that he is going to the Buffet table to drown his sorrows. Cathy goes up to Adam and asks how he is doing. He says that he is fine and asks if he can meet Mia for the movies. Sean comes up to Cathy and says that he shouldn’t have come because he doesn’t like funerals. He sees that Rebbecca is there and hides behind a tombstone. She goes up to Cathy and asks how things are and says that it is horrible about Marlene. Rebbecca sees Sean and tells him that she needs to talk to him and he starts running away from her.

Cathy walks up to Marlene’s daughters and they introduce themselves. Cathy tells that Marlene talked about them all the time and says that she and her got really close. Marlene’s daughters tell her that Marlene left the house to her. Cathy is surprised and says that the house should be going to the daughters and not to her. Later, Cathy looks in her mailbox and pulls out a permit to build a pool. It is from Marlene. However, the construction manager says for her to call him in 9 months and then he can build it. Knowing that there is no other option, Cathy tells him to wait by his phone. Meanwhile, Rebecca catches up to Sean and tells that she needs to talk to him. He yells in her face that he is not interested and she throws up from the smell of his “nature” scent. She says that she is pregnant. She tells that she is just letting him know and says that she doesn’t need anything.

Cathy and Paul go to Dr. Todd and he tells that the bees had no effect on her body and that there is another treatment that is in six months. Paul asks what they are going to do for that long and he says that there are other treatments that he can try, but Cathy tells that the success rate is not high and she could die on the table. She tells Paul that she doesn’t want to get sicker only to die. Later, Cathy goes over to Marlene’s dog and says that she keeps bringing him over to her house and he keeps coming back. She goes in the house and gives Marlene’s daughters some Chili. They are clearing out the house and asks what they are doing with the house. They tell that they are just going to demolish the house and sell the land. Cathy doesn’t like that and the fact that they are throwing away things that should be sentimental. Cathy comes back in her house with a box full of things and Sean is there. He says that Rebbecca is pregnant and Cathy is so happy. However, he tells that she doesn’t want anything to do with Sean.

Later that night, Cathy, Paul and Adam watch “Where the Red Fern Grows” and Paul and Cathy are crying, but Adam is not. He asks to go to friends and they agree. The next day, Cathy goes back over to the house and sees that Marlene’s fish tank and fish are on the lawn dead. She goes inside and asks where Marlene’s dog is and they tell that they took him to the shelter. Cathy realizes that Marlene’s daughters are mean and cruel and tell them to get out. She is claiming the house that was left to her originally. Cathy comes back from the shelter with Marlene’s dog and Paul says that they should go to Venice for the six months that they have to wait, but Cathy tells him that she wants to do the surgery that is risky to have a chance at a longer life. He hugs her and tells that he will be by her side. Cathy goes into the kitchen and finds Sean naked and wet. He says that he took a shower, but refuses to use a towel. She gives him one anyways and says that the baby is going to change him. She offers him the house of Marlene’s and he eventually takes it after arguing a bit.

Later that evening, Cathy and Paul talk to Adam about what is going to happen. They tell him the risks and he is not emotional. Cathy and Paul wonder if crying skipped a generation for him. The next day, Paul asks Cathy if she is ready and she says that she is. Dr. Todd comes out to Paul and talks about the care that Cathy is going to have and that he shouldn’t be too worried. Sean goes to Rebbecca’s hotel room and tells that he wants to help mess up their child’s life together and says that he has a house. She tells him that he smells good. The IV is set and Cathy gets ready for the treatment. Sean is at Marlene’s house trying to get comfortable on the couch. Adam is at the house and gets into Cathy’s purse. He pulls out $20 and finds and envelope with “Don’t Open Until I am Gone” written on it. There is a key inside.

Adam rides his bike to the storage locker that the key goes to and opens it. There is a car inside with presents all around. Adam reads the card on each present. There are presents for every event in his life in the future. He sits down and starts to cry. Meanwhile, Sean is not feeling comfortable inside the house, so he moves his blanket outside on the lawn. The episode ends with Paul by Cathy’s side and Cathy dreaming of her pool. She dives in and when she comes up, she sees Marlene dancing to Polka music. She smiles and the episode ends.