Losing Patients - Recap

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The scene opens with Cathy and Sean jogging with one another. Suddenly Marlene jobs up behinds her and Sean and tells them to slow down. Cathy runs by Adam, who is about to shoot up on drugs. She runs up to a door and Cathy tells Marlene that she is not going to go to the other side. Cathy asks for a key and Marlene pulls on out of the hole in her head. Cathy wakes up from the nightmare to find that she is still in the hospital and Paul is next to her. Meanwhile, Sean and Rebecca are “getting busy” and Sean thanks her and tells her that he really likes her and the baby. He leaves and she asks if he has to go. Sean walks outside to his tent out in the front yard.

Cathy goes to Dr. Maurer and tells that she stills sees hallucinations of the nightmare and that she has a headache too. Dr. Maurer tells that he doesn’t want to give the treatment to Cathy again because her body hasn’t changed and that another treatment would hurt her kidney. She gets upset and tells him that she wants a second opinion from Dr. Attica Sherman. She tells Dr. Maurer that he cured a woman with Stage 4 Melanoma. Dr. Maurer tries to tell that he is going to say the same thing to her. She says that she has to try. He asks if her behavior is because he kissed her. She tells that it isn’t and he asks if she is going to continue to see Dr. Sherman or him. She goes back home and tries to call to make an appointment. She sees Marlene there, but it is only a hallucination. Adam comes in and Cathy tells that they are going to therapy and that he can’t go to his Mia’s house. He walks out and farts. He tells Paul that Cathy has something wrong with her stomach. He walks by and tells her that she needs to warn someone. She tells that it was Adam and Paul jokes that they need to take him to the stomach doctor and not a therapist. He sees that Cathy is still having the headaches and asks what Dr. Maurer is doing. She tells him that he recommended that she smoke marijuana.

They get to the therapist and Adam tells him that he wants to hang out with his friends and tells him that he charges too much. The therapist talks to Cathy and Paul and tells them that Adam is a normal kid. Cathy asks how she should approach Sean with the fact that she has Cancer. He says to get him in a calm atmosphere and if he overreacts, call the police. Cathy and Paul realize that the therapist was a waste of time. Cathy gets home to find Sean there. He asks tells her that he can deliver the baby without needing to go to the hospital. Adam come down and says that he is going to a friend’s house. He walks by and farts again. Cathy tells that she is going to make some lunch and Sean tells him to get the smell out first. She gets in the kitchen and sprinkles some of her medicine into a sandwich and tries to call to get an appointment, but it is no use. She spills her medication and Thomas, the dog, eats two of them. Paul gets on the phone with the vet and Rebecca comes in. She looks at Cathy’s medication and in the commotion; Cathy says that she has Cancer. Rebecca is devastated and Cathy tells her not to tell Sean. She agrees that she won’t.

Later, Cathy and Paul pull up and Paul tells Cathy to wait in the car, but Cathy tells that she is going to buy the marijuana and not Paul. She gets it and is surprised that they didn’t get caught. They go home and smoke it. While high, Cathy tells that Dr. Maurer kissed him and they laugh about it. The next morning, Cathy comes downstairs and sees Thomas lying at the bottom of the stairs and thinks that he is dead. However, he isn’t and moves around. Cathy is relieved. She goes outside to find a sheet with “Cathy is my Cancer” spray painted on it. He tells that she should have told him. She tells that she didn’t count on Rebecca telling him. He tells that she is selfish and Cathy tells him that she is done with him. Meanwhile, Paul goes up to Dr. Maurer and tells him that it is not alright for him to kiss his wife and punches him in the lip. Dr. Maurer apologizes and Paul says that they would go to a different doctor, but can’t get an appointment. Cathy tries to call Dr. Sherman’s office again and Rebecca is there. She says that Drug Representatives get attention from doctors. She apologizes that Sean is being mean and says that Sean won’t go back into the house. Cathy tells that Rebecca needs to get out of the house for a while because Sean is dangerous. Rebecca tells that she will check in on Cathy later. Cathy hallucinates seeing Marlene again and Cathy swings a broom at the wall.

Later that day, Cathy poses as a Drug Rep and goes into an office. She mistakes a nurse as Dr. Sherman. The receptionist realizes that she is not a Drug Rep and Cathy tells that she is a sick person who needs an appointment. She says that she will not leave and tells the patients waiting and tells that if any of them that are in Stages 1-3 wouldn’t mind her going first. The receptionist calls Cathy’s phone and tells that she has an appointment and says that Dr. Maurer called and set it up. Meanwhile, Paul goes up to feed Thomas and he isn’t moving. Thinking he is dead, Paul places a blanket over him. Cathy goes to Dr. Maurer’s office and thanks him for setting up the appointment and doesn’t care what he says because she will continue to see him. He tells her that he can’t see her anymore because he sees her more than just a patient. Cathy gets home to find that Sean is building a fence and says that they are only neighbors. Adam tells that he is going over a friend’s house and Cathy allows him to go and tells him that there is no more therapy. She hugs him and farts. He runs off. She gets inside and Paul asks if she wants to get high. He tells that he has some bad news and tells that Thomas died. They embrace and Paul sees Thomas walk in with the blanket on. She hugs him and Marlene is on the stairs smiling.