The Little c - Recap

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The scene opens with Cathy swimming. A girl jumps in the pool behind her and Cathy swims with her. The girl introduces herself as Greta. She tells that she is on the swim team and that she doesn’t think that she and her team are going to be able to compete. Cathy goes in to the Principal and tells that she is applying for the Swim Coach. The Principal is hesitant at first and tells that she doesn’t know if Cathy is going to be able to handle the pressure. However, Cathy says that she can and the Principal agrees to allow her. Later, Mia is over and Adam and Mia are flirting. Rebecca looks over and tells Cathy that Adam and Mia are having sex. Cathy tells that she doesn’t know that. Paul gets in and Adam tells that he should change so that people don’t know where he works. Cathy snaps at him and tells Paul that he looks fine. Cathy tells that she is coaching the Swim Team and says that it is another $5,000 for them. Paul is happy for her.

Rebecca gets home and finds Sean with a child size pool. He says that he is going to have Rebecca give birth in it at the hospital. He tells her to try it out and he gets in it and has Rebecca sit in it too. She laughs. Meanwhile, Paul is at work trying to sell a 3D TV to a couple, but they are not interested. His assistant Manger, Owen, comes up and tells that he will get the hang of it. Michell, a shipping employee, comes up and tells that he needs to change his weekend schedule, but Owen tells that it is not possible. Paul tells that Owen is pretty mean. Paul says that he likes Michell’s attitude. Cathy gets into Swim practice and the parents are watching. One of the parents, Les Johnson, Greta’s father, is shouting out orders to his daughter. Cathy tells that she is the coach and that she will tell the students what to do. She tells the parents to get out so that she can coach.

Later, Sean goes in to see Cathy and tells her that he needs to talk to her about something. He sees her scratching herself and asks about it. She denies it and asks what he wants. Sean tells that he saw a family of raccoons in the pool and started wanting that too. He says that he wants to propose to Rebecca. Cathy thinks that is a great idea. Paul gets home wearing two shirts. He says that Adam doesn’t have to be ashamed anymore. Cathy keeps itching and Paul asks what is going on. She tells that she is itching and thinks that she is getting a rash. She tells that the itching and rash are a side effect to the treatment working. Paul tells that he has sympathy itching. The next day, Paul talks to Michell and he is trying to practice for an interview. Cathy is at Swim practice and she is in the water. She tells the girls that they need to work on a few things. Les is there and is shouting at Greta to fix her form. Cathy gets out of the pool and tells that she is the coach and tells that Greta has already taken off 3 seconds off her time. She challenges him to a race and he walks away. Paul takes him on the sales floor and Andrea is there. She tells that she needs Paul’s employee discount to get a new phone. Paul tells that it is Michell’s time to shine and allows him to try to sell the phone.

Adam goes over to Sean’s and gives him a screwdriver. Adam starts to itch and Sean tells him to drop his pants so that he can see what is going on. Using the magnifying glass from the baby toy he is putting together, Sean sees that Adam has Crabs and that he needs to tell his mom and dad. Adam runs over and tells them that he is infected with Crabs. Cathy is upset that he is having sex at all. The next day, Cathy goes over to Mia’s house and gives her shampoo for her Crabs. She is confused and Mia says that she never had sex with Adam. She is upset and tells that she is done with Adam. Cathy tells her not to break up with him and that she will handle it. Cathy gets back at her place to find Rebecca going through clothes trying to find her sweater so that she can steam clean it. Rebecca tells that Cathy needs to be a better parent and Cathy takes offense and tells that Rebecca isn’t even one yet. Cathy gets her sweater and Rebecca leaves. Adam goes over to Mia’s and she tells that she knows about Adam’s Crabs and that they are over with. He tries to use the “My Mother Has Cancer” card, but she isn’t interested.

Adam gets home to find Cathy and Paul in the kitchen. He says that she ruined his life by telling Mia that he had Crabs. She tells that she is tired of parenting and asks what he wants her to do. She says that Adam brought a sickness that they all have to deal with. Adam tells that Cathy now knows how it feels. Paul gets back from lunch and Owen says that he is a few minutes late, but it is alright. Paul asks if Michell could have the position that is available. He says that he doesn’t want to give it to him because of his accent. Paul slams Owen against the locker and tells that Michell deserves it. Owen pees his pants and Paul says that is awesome. Later that night, Michell comes over to Cathy and Paul’s and gives him Vodka. He tells that he got the promotion. He asks if he can ask Andrea if he could ask her out. Andrea tells that she is a lady and he better treat her right. Cathy goes in to find the parents with the Principal. She tells that they know about the Crabs and Cathy says that it is cleared. However, Les says that her Cancer is another reason they don’t want her there. Cathy tells that her having Cancer is not going to get her fired because it is against the law. She tells the students that she is going for a run and the members of the team can join her if they want. The episode ends with Cathy running on the track field and the entire Swim Team follows behind and the run together.