Goldilocks and the Bears - Recap

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The scene opens with Cathy and Sean at the doctor’s office. The nurse notices that Cathy’s blood pressure is high and Sean says that they normally have high blood pressure when they go to the doctor’s office. The nurse tells Cathy to take it easy. Sean suggests that Cathy see an Acupuncturist. She laughs and says that she doesn’t think so. Cathy runs into Lee and he asks what is wrong. He offers an Acupuncturist and she agrees to go. Sean says that he just said that and Lee takes Cathy to the Acupuncturist that he knows. Once there, Cathy isn’t feeling any better or worse and Lee comes in and the doctor tells that they are Soul Mates. Afterward, Lee sees the scar that Cathy has on her back and she says that was her first. Lee says that they are not Soul Mates, they are “Mole Mates”.

Meanwhile, Paul is on the phone with the insurance company and Michell asks if he can kiss Andrea on their date. Paul says that he has to read the signs. Nick from Paul’s old job comes in and he says that everyone misses him. Paul asks how Andy is doing and he says that they are doing great. Nick says that he wants to buy a TV and Paul’s back goes out. Back at the house, Cathy and Lee make up the tea and Paul comes in and puts ice on his back. Paul shows that he is a little jealous and Cathy says that Lee is gay. Lee says that Paul is his type because he likes “Bears”, big gay man. He says that he is going to a bar and Cathy asks if she and Paul can go and they set the date. Andrea is getting ready for her date with Michell and she says that she doesn’t know who to be. Cathy tells that she needs to be interested in him. Adam comes in and tells Andrea to play her Poker hand

Later at the bar, Paul is impressed and Paul is shocked that he is “man meat”. Paul tells that Lee is a fun guy and thanks him for being Cathy’s friend. Cathy asks if there is a bathroom for her and Lee sees a man and says that he will be right back. Cathy and Paul kiss and a guy says that they need to get a room. Michell comes by and Adam tries to say that Andrea isn’t home and Sean comes over as Andrea and Michell leave. He says that he brought over some tea for Cathy. Sean asks what is up with Adam and he says that Mia defriended him. He says that he needs to be better with the next girl. He says that he needs to stop making people feel bad. Adam asks if he wants to play a game and he agrees. Back at the bar, Paul and Cathy get to know the culture. Paul drops his wallet and pulls out his back trying to get it. A gay man comes up behind him and says that he wants to give Paul a hug and pops his back in. Paul says that he is cured and Cathy asks what he calls a Bear that can do that and the bartender says that he is a chiropractor.

Lee gets back from being with the guy and tosses his number away. Lee says that he wasn’t soul mate material. Meanwhile, Andrea and Michell have dinner and he keeps staring at Andrea. He says that it is because he wants the big car, the big house and the big girl. They get more comfortable and talk about their dreams. Andrea gets some salad in her teeth and they laugh about it. Cathy takes a bath and Lee calls. He talks to her to make her relax, but starts to touch her private areas. Michell brings Andrea back to the house and kisses her. In his trunk there is a Bravia TV. Cathy “climaxes” and says goodbye to Lee. Suddenly she sees Marlene in her bathtub and asks why she is there. She says that they are connected just like she is with Lee and Paul. Cathy tells that she misses her and she says that she is starting to prune up. Paul comes in and Paul says that he feels spectacular. She says that she does too because her nail is gone. That means that the drugs are working.