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The Last Thanksgiving - Recap

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The scene opens with Cathy looking at her nails being gone and wants to show Lee. However, he isn’t feeling too good because he ran 5 miles that felt more. She asks if he is feeling any side effects and he says that he hasn’t. He asks her and she lies to him. She invites him to share Thanksgiving with them at the house and he tries to back out of it. However, Cathy volunteers to make his favorite dish. Meanwhile, Paul is at work and Myk asks what is wrong. Paul tells that he hates when insurance companies tell one thing and then do another. However, he says that he is happy because he is going to deep fry a turkey. Myk says that he is happy to see Andrea. Paul says that he is happy for him. They say goodbye and Paul sees Myk stealing product from the back room.

At the house, Cathy is getting fake nails on her fingers to cover up the fact that her nails are falling off and hide it from Lee. Andrea asks if she is losing her nails, then she must be losing her cancer. Cathy says that she hopes so and says that she had a dream that her tumor flew out of her mouth. Rebecca looks at Cathy’s engagement ring and says that it is beautiful. Cathy says that it is horrible and says that her father gave it to Paul to give to him. Rebecca says that she wants to get married really bad and Andrea says that Sean looks like Jesus. She says that she is going to call her Mags, and Rebecca says that she doesn’t want to be Sean’s mother. Andrea says that she was talking about the other Mary. Rebecca says that she feels like a prostitute of being pregnant and not married. She tells that she doesn’t want to have her daughter think of her as something bad. Andrea says that she has her wedding planned out and says that Myk is going to have to measure up.

Sean comes in with a live turkey and Cathy asks why it is not dead. Sean says that he is going to teach Adam exactly what he is going to teach his own children. He says that if you can grow it or kill it, then it is good. Cathy is not impressed. Lee comes in with wine and says that he likes a holiday where everyone is drunk. Cathy tells that she has paper turkeys everyone. Lee meets Andrea and Rebecca and Paul comes in and gives Lee a Bear Hug. In the yard, Sean says that they need to thank the turkey and afterward, Sean says that he will kill it since Adam won’t. However, Adam says goodbye to the turkey and names him Marty. Sean says that they can’t kill it. Adam and Sean argue and “Marty” runs off. They try to chance him, but it is no good. Myk comes in and gives Andrea a butterfly necklace. Myk says that he loves her and Andrea tells him that is not going to happen and tells that she will not be played. Adam and Sean come in and Sean asks Lee if he is going to control Cathy. They tell that there is no turkey. Paul asks what he can fry now. Myk tries to leave, but Sean says that it is normal around the house. Myk says that it is his first Thanksgiving and Sean tells the history of it and tells that the Pilgrims massacred Indians.

In the kitchen, Cathy is upset that they don’t have any turkey and Lee tells her to relax. Cathy blames Sean and he tells that Lee is not doing a good job controlling her. Lee tells that Cathy needs to laugh and says that she is acting like it is her last Thanksgiving. She tells that she is glad he is there. Lee suggests that they make Macaroni and Cheese balls. Outside, Paul asks what Lee normally does on Thanksgiving. He says that he doesn’t do much. Paul shows an insurance bill and Lee tells him to fry it too. Myk comes out and Lee goes inside. Paul tells that he knows that Myk is stealing. Myk says that he is only taking the 3% of what is lost or stolen and profiting off it. In exchange for Paul’s silence, Paul tells him to cut him into the action. Adam tells Andrea that she needs to chill out and says that he is sure that Myk likes her. In the kitchen, Paul is horny and he asks if he can have sex. She tells that they can do it when they are alone. She tells everyone that dinner is ready.

They all gather around the table and Cathy tells that she is thankful for the opportunity and says that she wants to be honest and tells that she is happy with the dinner. Paul says that he is honest and wants to get laid. Myk says that he loves Andrea. She tells Adam that he is retarded and says that Myk doesn’t like her, he loves her. She tells him that she loves him too and kisses him. Rebecca tells that she loves to see everyone in love and gets on her knees. Sean takes the hint and proposes to Rebecca. She asks for Cathy’s engagement ring that she hates and she reluctantly gives it to her. One of her nails falls off and Lee sees that her fingernails are falling off. He gets upset that she hid it from him and walks off and says that she doesn’t need her pity. Paul and Sean get up to kick Lee out and he leaves. Rebecca says that she doesn’t feel good. The episode ends with Cathy going in the backyard and killing “Marty” after he comes back. She brings it in and tells them to pluck it and gut it. However, they see an ambulance. Sean runs out and tells them to get in.