A Little Death - Recap

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The scene opens with Rebecca and Cathy shopping for coffins for Rebecca’s unborn baby, Cathy. The funeral director tries to convince Rebecca to buy the most expensive. Cathy says that when she miscarried, she planted a tree. Rebecca says that she doesn’t want a tree and says that she wants to celebrate the life that was inside of her. She tells that she wants a photo booth and sushi bar. Cathy pulls her to the side and says that she wants to be supportive, but she is finding it hard. The funeral director asks where the coffin is going to be buried. Rebecca says that she will have it buried in the Tolkey family plot. Cathy tells her that they don’t have one. Rebecca is surprised and tells that they need to think about that.

Back at the house, Cathy looks at the coffins and Paul says that it is morbid and says that this is Rebecca’s fault and Cathy says that they got to get going. Adam brings in flowers and says that they are for their loss. Cathy goes over to Sean’s and he says that the obituary is doing its magic. Sean says that there are premies that are small and they are allowed to live. He says that he went off the medication so that he can feel the pain. Meanwhile, Paul goes into work to find Myk giving product to his friends and Myk gives Paul his cut. Paul decides to turn the other way. Later, Andrea is making the outfit for her funeral and Cathy comes in and apologizes that her family is weird. Cathy asks about her relationship with Myk and she says that Myk and her are going to “do it”. Cathy asks if she has “done it” before and Andrea says that it is her first time. Cathy tells her to low her expectations and says that it is going to suck, but it is important that he is good to her.

Rebecca comes in and asks if she will say a eulogy and Andrea says that a eulogy is about the person’s life and Rebecca says that Cathy will say something. Later, Paul shows Cathy the obituary and she sees that it is her information on there. People have thought that Cathy died and not the unborn Cathy. Adam comes in and asks who died. Cathy tells that she did. Rebecca goes in to find Sean taking apart the crib. Sean says that Rebecca needs to be more upset that there was a death. Rebecca says that she is going back to work. Later, Adam grabs his computer and Poppy comes online and they chat and says that they should hang out. Paul and Cathy lie down on a plot and says that that they can pick their plot now. Cathy says that it would be good to have a plot in the sun, but it is good for what they could afford. Adam meets Poppy and finds out that Poppy is as old as his mother. Adam says that he has to go and says that trolling around a kids with cancer site. She tells that she is a kid with cancer because her father has lung cancer.

Later, Cathy and Paul get to the funeral and Cathy’s old friend, Julie, comes up and says that she is happy that Cathy is not dead. Rebecca says that it is the funeral of her unborn baby, Cathy. Rebecca says that they need to keep it down. Back at the restaurant, Poppy and Adam talk and Poppy tells that she doesn’t have an inside voice and Adam sees that Poppy is a cutter and tells that he has to go. He says that he has to go to a funeral and she volunteers herself to go with him. Back at the funeral, Cathy and her friends from High School talk and Cathy tells that she can’t believe that she is at her own funeral. Tina comes up to Paul and grabs his butt. She tells that she is here for him. He tells that Cathy is not dead. Tina says that she is going to go to the bar now. Cathy sees Adam come in with Poppy and asks who’s Adam’s friend. Adam tells that it is Poppy. Cathy asks how they met and she tells that they met and Adam says that it is online.

Myk and Andrea look at all the pictures of Rebecca and Sean’s baby if she had lived and Myk says that he is scared. Rebecca tells Cathy to tell her friends to stop having such a good time and Cathy tells that Rebecca is being ridiculous. Cathy sees Tina and goes over to her. She tells her that when she dies, she is not to go after Paul because Paul is going to take care of him. Sean comes in and tells that he doesn’t want to interrupt the festival of denial and says that baby Cathy is going to live forever and shows the tattoo that he got. The crowd starts to leave and Cathy gets up and tells everyone to come back in. She tells that baby Cathy is good because it brought Cathy’s friends together and that she knows that she has a lot of friends. They toast to baby Cathy and Rebecca cries.

After the funeral, Myk and Andrea go back to his van and Andrea tells that she doesn’t like dead bodies and Myk tells her not to turn around. He says that he will protect her. She kisses Myk. Adam says goodbye to Poppy and Myk’s van is rocking. Inside, Paul tells that they had a good time in the funeral. Cathy says that she wants to go big. Paul goes up to the funeral director and says that he wants the best plot. Cathy goes to Rebecca and Sean’s and Rebecca thanks her for the eulogy and asks if she and Cathy would even be hanging out. Rebecca tells that she is going back to Chicago and spend some time alone. They hug. Meanwhile, Sean is at the hospital holding a baby in his arms. The episode ends.