How Do You Feel? - Recap

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The scene opens with Cathy trying to talk to Lee about the other time they met. She gives him leftover turkey and she tells that he shouldn’t be running. She apologizes and he says that he said things that were hurtful. She tells that she doesn’t want to fight. Cathy gets home and Paul gives Cathy a scale. He says that it is a Body Composition Monitor. He says that it is important to monitor her health. Cathy sees a sign that says that Baby Stuff for free. She goes over to Sean’s and a couple comes over and Sean starts to tell that babies are horrible to have and tells the couple that it is a horrible thing to have a kid and they get scared despite Cathy telling them that he is going through a rough time. Meanwhile, Paul hides away money in a cupboard.

Adam is playing with Poppy and Cathy says that it is odd that she and Adam are hanging out. She asks if anything sexual going on. She tells her that if Poppy hurts Adam, she will hurt Poppy. She tells Adam that she will pick him up for an event tomorrow. At the doctor’s office, Lee tells Cathy that his cells are growing rather then decreasing. Cathy tells that her scans are good and that the trial is working for her. Cathy asks how he focuses on the good in life and Lee says that he has things that he would like to do and says that she has to look at the positive in everything that they have to do. Cathy gets called in and Lee jokes and says that they are giving out ribbons for best blood count.

Later, Adam goes to the event with Poppy and realizes that it is a High School Reunion. He asks if Poppy is alright and says that she wants to show the others in her class that she is not a loser. She puts a nametag on Adam with the name “Adam LaDuche”. Meanwhile, Sean starts to go crazy with his new neighbors and screams at them. Paul asks Cathy what her name is going to be. He says that he is going to be Swen. She tells that her name could be “Goodbye”. That way it will say “Hello Goodbye”. He says that is funny. Sean comes in and looks for Earplugs of some sort and says that the baby is driving him crazy. Cathy tries to console him and he tells her that he is fine.

Back at the reunion, Poppy’s classmates who used to make fun of her come up and tell that they are married and tell that they remember that Poppy wore a cape to school. Adam introduces himself as Poppy’s boyfriend and says that he designs media projects. The husbands scoff, but the women are impressed with Poppy. They excuse themselves. Cathy goes over to Lee’s and has a bottle of wine. She tells him that it is not the exact wine that he wanted, but it will do. They toast to their success. Back at the party, Poppy is in the bathroom and says that she got her period and she doesn’t have her tampons. He goes to the store for Poppy an gets them. At the same moment, Poppy is cutting herself. Sean is hearing the baby cry and tries to occupy his time by painting. Back at Lee’s, they share secrets and Cathy tells him that she had sex with her boyfriend on the hood. The next day, her image was imprinted on the car as they were saying goodbye to her parents. Lee says that Cathy has nice breasts. Cathy is shocked that Lee never copped a feel and offers him to cop a feel. He does so and he feels her melanoma scar.

Paul gets on the scale and is told that his Metabolic age is 67 years old. Thinking it is broken, he doesn’t like that. At the hotel, Adam tells that Poppy needs to stop worrying about what other people think. They dance and laugh. Adam gets home to find Cathy in the kitchen, He says that he was with Poppy and her High School Reunion. He says that he had fun though. Adam asks what Sean is going through and Cathy says that it is not his fault. Paul thinks that the scale is broken and Cathy tries it and she is 37 years old. Paul says that he is dying and says that he has to get into better shape. She hears something coming from across the street and finds that there is a message that says that Sean left because the baby drove him crazy. The episode ends.