Life Rights - Recap

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The episode begins with Cathy shocked to find Andrea in her bed. Paul in the meanwhile is in the shower. Andrea tells Paul to hurry up with his bath. Meanwhile, Sean is at Cathy’s to collect stuff from her fridge. Cathy asks Sean how Adam is doing. She wants Sean to send Adam home. Meanwhile, Dave comes in and gives Cathy the reports of Maxine’s prenatal tests. Meanwhile, Paul meets Dave and rushes out for work with Andrea. Meanwhile, Sean enters Adam’s bedroom and is shocked to see him having sex with a girl. He tells Sean to close the door. Meanwhile, Dave helps Cathy with setting up a crib for the baby. Cathy offers to pay Dave for it and he reluctantly accepts.

She then gives Dave a job of making some modifications to the nursery. Meanwhile, Paul is doing exercises before going out to give his speech. Meanwhile, Joy comes in and introduces the woman accompanying her as Rita. Rita it turns out is a film producer. He then recognizes her and is amazed to meet her. Rita tells Paul that she is huge fan of his, and has been addicted to his blog. Paul tells Rita to stay for his talk in the night. She tells him that she has a prior appointment, but she invites him to dinner with Joy the next day night. Rita tells Paul to also bring his wife. Meanwhile, Sean reprimands Adam for having sex, and reminds Adam of the last time the hell he unleashed when he had sex with a hooker.

Adam tells Sean its nothing like that and also that he likes the girl. He tells Sean that he was doing it to Jesse in the butt, as she is saving herself. Sean then tells Adam “if she is saving the bush, don’t touch the tosh”. Meanwhile, Dave shows Cathy the drawing for the nursery renovation, and how it would look ultimately. Dave then accidentally tells Cathy that the baby would be a girl. Meanwhile, Paul tells Cathy about the upcoming dinner with Rita, who is a big Hollywood film producer. Cathy meanwhile tells Paul that he is going to have a baby daughter. She then tells Paul about hiring Dave to put a window in the nursery. Cathy then reminds Paul of their meeting with the adoption lawyer in the evening. Paul tells her about the dinner with Cathy in the evening.

Paul is ready to cancel the dinner if Cathy really wants him to. Cathy in the end relents and agrees to come along for the dinner. Meanwhile, at the bar Cathy is mistaken to be a bartender, by a customer who walks in. She in turn offers to makes the man a drink and has chat with him. Meanwhile, one of Sean’s customers helps him make a pizza, for Adam. Later, Sean comes in and tells Cathy that he is going out with a client of his. He tells Cathy that the client and he have a lot in common. Later at dinner Rita tells Cathy that through Paul’s blog she feels she knows her already. Rita then surprises Paul by telling him that she wants to make a movie based on his life. She tells a surprised Paul that Dicaprio is looking for a biopic to star in.

She has already discussed the idea with him and he loves it. Sandra Bullock might also be roped in for the project Paul is told. Cathy is overjoyed to hear Sandra Bullock would be playing her in the movie. Meanwhile, Sean seems to be hitting it off with the client he is out on a date with. Sean’s client is a psychotherapist. Sean then tells his client Tim that in real life he is straight. Tim in turn tells him that it’s fine. Meanwhile, Rita tells Cathy that she would want to get her together with Sandra, so Sandra can study her, as Sandra is a method actor. Rita then tells them that the movie would end with Sandra dying in it. Cathy is shocked to hear this. Rita tells her that it’s called dramatic license and also she says “we know there is no cure for this”. Cathy is offended by Rita’s insinuation that she is already dead.

Paul informs Rita that Cathy is under clinical trial. Cathy tells Rita that her life is not for Rita to make a buck or win an award. Joy tells Cathy “let’s try to find the Joy in it”. Cathy though is in no mood to find any joy and leaves the table in a huff. Paul leaves after her and tries talking to her saying its Sandra Bullock who would be dying in the movie and not her. Cathy doesn’t want to die in the movie, as every time she sees herself dying on the screen, she will die a little herself. Cathy feels Paul is dragging his feet to see the adoption lawyer but has time for his A-list friends. She leaves telling Paul she wants the baby. Meanwhile, Adam tells Jesse what they are doing together is sex.

She says it’s not and tells him to pray to God so he can tell them what is right. The two while praying once again begin to make out. Meanwhile, Tim tries to get close to Sean physically, after taking him to his house. Just then Sean is shocked to see Tim’s wife Gisele sitting there watching them from the couch. She then begins to make out with Sean. Meanwhile, Cathy begins work on the nursery herself. She basically makes a hole in the wall, so it can act as a window to the nursery. The episode ends at this point.