How Bazaar - Recap

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The episode begins with Cathy looking at the hole she has made in the wall of the nursery. She shows it to David and tells him that she got a little excited and did what she did. She then tells Dave about her experience of bringing Adam up. She then writes Dave a check for working on the window. She also gives Dave some extra cash, for Maxine. Meanwhile, Adam comes and informs Cathy that he wants to sell his baseball cards at a church benefit. She reluctantly allows him to do so, despite his childhood memories being attached to them. Meanwhile, Sean is busy having sex with the couple he met earlier. The three then talk and Sean tells the couple that he is happy to be the third wheel to their marriage.

The couple then proceed to make breakfast for Sean, much to his amazement. Next, Joy is at the bar, having a drink with Paul. According to her contract, she is not supposed to drink anything in public but the juice that she is endorsing. But at times she does make it an exception. They are discussing about new business ventures for Paul. She tells him that he could work with her in one of her Puerto Rican projects. She tells him that she wants a fuck buddy and that he could be the one. Saying so, she takes his hand and slides it into her skirt. Paul is flattered but he tells her that he loves his wife and would like to pass on this offer. Just then Andrea arrives and sees what’s happening. She butts in and asks Paul to get some beauty sleep before his next event.

She also asks him to call Cathy. Paul leaves. Andrea warns Joy that she might not want to get on the wrong side of Cathy. Next, Dave and Maxine arrive at Cathy’s. Dave has got the wood for the window. Maxine shows Cathy her test results and tells her that everything is fine. Cathy gives Maxine few of her flowy tops, so that Maxine would not have to wear her uncomfortable tight tops. Moreover, Cathy also gives Maxine some money so that she can buy herself some new clothes. Maxine tells her that it is too much and reluctantly takes the money. Next, Sean is literally bathing himself in a deodorant. Cathy is surprised that Sean is bothered about the way he smells. But Sea tells Cathy that the couple he is dating do care a little bit.

He tells her that three is in and that it is much better than only two people in a relationship. Cathy wants to know about this weird couple who want Sean to be a part of their relationship. He tells him about Tim and his wife Giselle. He tells Cathy that a tricycle is definitely easier to ride than a bicycle. So Cathy is curious to know whether he is half gay. He says that it is a dark, under the covers sort of a thing. Cathy is carrying some stuff, and Sean inquires about it. She tells him that she is donating those things for Adam’s church benefit, so that she could donate her way to his heart. Sean says that he can take it along with him as he is going to the fund raiser. Cathy is surprised; but Sean tells her that Adam has invited him to the fund raiser.

But it is not just that; Tim and Giselle are also invited. Cathy is furious as Adam has invited the strange couple but not her. Next, Cathy reaches the “bazaar”. Sean introduces his two-thirds to his uptight sister Cathy. Giselle invites Cathy for a “dinner”. Just then Adam’s girlfriend sees Cathy and informs Adam. She is happy to see Cathy but Adam doesn’t seem to be too excited about seeing Cathy at the bazaar; especially after telling her not to attend it. Adam wants her to leave the bazaar and leave him alone as well. Sean tells Adam that it is no big deal and that he should let Cathy stay. But then Cathy is in for a big shock. Adam has donated his car to the charity!! Cathy tells him that the car and the stuff in the storage locker, is for the future Adam and after her death.

This is not acceptable. Adam tells her that she gave the car away to him thinking that she is going to die and now that she is better, she wants it back. Next, Paul gets a message from Joy saying that she needs him to pick up a package from her room. Andrea goes to get it; as she thinks that she is only trying to make a “package deal” with him. She goes to Joy’s room. But there she sees a naked man and finds out that Joy actually wanted Paul to pick up a package. She hands it over to Andrea. Meanwhile, at the fund raiser, Cathy drives away with the car, which was supposed to be the grand prize for the day. She is going to give it to Dave and Maxine. But when she arrives at their house, she is shocked at what she sees. Maxine and Dave are smoking and drinking and the Maxine who is supposed to be due next month, has a perfectly flat stomach! The episode ends at this point.