Fly Away - Recap

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The episode begins with Sean getting on the boat after his scuba-diving session. He tells his girl friend that while she watched the fish, he was watching her. He finds her very tempting and comments on her assets. The diving coach comes up to him and asks about his dive buddy. Sean tells him that it is Cathy but she isn’t around for some reason. The coach reminds him the rules: Never leave your buddy; but it appears that Sean broke them. The coach tells Sean that she is the only one not back from the dive. But Sean tells the coach that she is a swim coach and she is doing this only to piss him off. The coach declares that one is missing. Meanwhile, in the waters, Cathy gets entangled in a net. A fisherman pulls her out.

She asks about her dive boat but she doesn’t follow his language. She tries to make a conversation but terribly fails. She tells him that she needs to go to San Juan. But he tells her that he can’t. She tries bribing him. He agrees to take her. His name is Angel. Indeed he is one for Cathy at the moment!! Meanwhile, Paul is signing autographs for his fans. Adam and Andrea are at a cafe. Andrea stops him from having alcohol. Cathy meanwhile is panicking and tries her best to communicate with the fisherman. The fisherman on the other hand is irritated by Cathy’s ranting and signals her to stop talking. He later hands her a fishing pole, and signals her to fish. Sean is in the meanwhile visibly worried, and his friend tries her best to calm him down. A rescue diver has also been dispatched to look for Cathy. Cathy in the meanwhile tells Angel the fisherman about her hopes and dreams.

Paul meanwhile chats up with a woman at a bar on a boat. She introduces herself as Brandy, and he introduces himself to her as Brian. Cathy is in the meanwhile busy chatting with Angel. Angel shows her a photograph of his wife and child. She then tells him about Adam. Adam meanwhile proceeds to play soccer with a few local boys. Andrea meanwhile meets a guy called Miguel. Cathy is meanwhile cooling herself off with a dip in the ocean. Paul is meanwhile busy cooking up lies and feeding them to Brandy. As a part of his lying, he tells Brandy that his wife died of cancer last month. Brandy is shocked to hear this. She then tells him that the bright side to it is that, it’s better than going through an ugly divorce.

She then apologizes to Paul for being insensitive and tells him how she is reeling from her own divorce. Andrea meanwhile is busy chatting with Miguel. She tells Miguel that her people are from Africa hence she has chosen the name Ababoo for herself, and is wearing an African scarf on her head. He tells Andrea to wear her history in her heart rather than on her body. Andrea is visibly impressed by this statement of his. She then sees Miguel change into the costume of Jesus and carry a wooden cross on his shoulder. Cathy and Angel are meanwhile busy dancing in Angel’s boat. The both of them seem to be having a lot of fun. Brandy meanwhile invites Paul to her room. Paul is initially reluctant but ultimately agrees.

Sean in the meanwhile is distraught over Cathy’s disappearance. His friend assures him that she will be found. But Sean is in no mood for her positivity and tells her to go to hell, blaming her for Cathy’s disappearance. He tells her that, if he wasn’t sexually attracted to her, he would never have abandoned Cathy as a partner to be with her. Sean then tries stealing a boat so he can go and find Cathy himself. Andrea and Adam meanwhile follow Miguel and his procession. Andrea tells Adam how she feels bad for Jesus’ mother. She then decides to follow Miguel’s advice and tells Adam that she shall be Ababoo in her heart, but would otherwise be called Andrea. Cathy meanwhile is busy sunbathing, and Angel sees her scar and the letter C tattooed on it, and asks her about it.

She tells him it’s a C for Cathy and for cancer. She tells Angel she has cancer. Angel tells her that his father too had cancer. She then tells Angel that her doctor called her yesterday and told her that, her tumors are growing once again. She then holds Angel’s hand and begins crying. She also tells Angel how she thought she was going to beat her cancer. She then tells Angel that, she thinks she is going to die within a year. Angel then manages to start his boat and drives it towards the shore. Later, Cathy thanks Angel and steps onto the shore.

Then while heading towards her hotel she sees people all around arguing and shouting at each other. She then turns around, and shouts out to Angel to stop his boat. Cathy then jumps into the water and swims to Angel’s boat. Angel then lowers a ladder from his boat, to help her into it. The two then ride the boat into the sunset. The episode ends at this point.