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The Big O: The Show Must Go on

Roger Smith must do everything he can in order to stop Alex Rosewater from completing his mad vision of utopia, though Big Fau proves to be a tougher opponent than anything he’s fought before. When all hope seems lost for Roger, many of his friends come together in order to do what they can to help him succeed, though will their strengths be enough to warrant victory? Meanwhile, Gordon Rosewater takes Angel to the place where the world was created, in which he reveals to her the true scope of her purpose, though what Angel decides to do next will be the ultimate factor in what happens to Paradigm City.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x13
Production Number: 213
Airdate: Sunday November 02nd, 2003

Guest Stars
Carolyn HennesyCarolyn Hennesy
voiced Vera Ronstadt
Episode Quotes
(Roger watches as Dorothy forces Big O’s interior to change)
Roger: Huh, what is this? Dorothy, how did you know?
Dorothy: I was informed by a buffoon with curly hair and gaudy clothing.
Roger: That son of a gun!
(Roger laughs)

Roger: Angel! Memories are very precious to people's lives. They give us the opportunity to prove to ourselves that we exist, and if we lose them, we have an unrelenting fear of uncertainty. You must listen to me, the humans that are living here and now in the present are made of more than just memories of the past. I myself don't even know who I am; I don't have a single solitary memory about myself, but I don't believe anyone took them from me. I most likely erased them of my own free will. I was the one who made that choice; I made it for myself, so I can live in the present and the future, because I must go on believing there is a me! Angel! I know that I will never lose the you that is now a part of my memories. The you that met me and the conviction you had in what you felt you needed to do. The you that loved yourself more than anyone else ever could. I'll never forget this woman named Angel who once loved herself, yet was filled with such a doubt. You must stop denying your own existence; you have to live as a human being!

Alex Rosewater: This world has a new order now! It has a new god!

(Big Fau is about to destroy Big O, but is hit with a howitzer shell)
Alex Rosewater: I have to say, the human race continues to surprise me.
Dan Dastun: All this time, Roger Smith, Big O has saved the people of this city. Well, now this is the least I can do, and with pride in my heart, I turn against you!
(Dastun fires at Big Fau again)
Alex Rosewater: In honor of your many years of service, I think I’ll crush you once and for all, out of pity.

Angel: All I wanted was my own memories. I don’t know if we had them forty years ago, but I don’t really care.
Gordon Rosewater: Yes, I understand, and because of that, nothing will have existed forty years ago.

(Dorothy restores Roger’s consciousness through bursting her air tank)
Roger: Dorothy! You could’ve come up with a gentler way to bring me around, you know! Er, like mouth-to-mouth, or something?
Dorothy: Not with the displacement capacity of my air tank. You’re such a louse, Roger Smith.

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