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The Bill

Series 26

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Series 26

2382 :26x01 - Be a Man

Stone and Webb investigate after an incident occurs between Trevor Berwick and Dr Josh Thomas. It is thought by Trevor that Josh has been having an affair with his wife Penny. After Trevor is released he goes missing with his baby and Stone realises that he has over stepped the mark whilst questioning him.
Guest Stars: Polly McCarthy as Bella Berwick | Amelia Curtis as Penny Berwick | Anton Saunders as Trevor Berwick | Amelda Brown as Norma Stocks | Adam Astill as Dr. Josh Thomas | Andrew Beck as Pub Landlord
Director: Tim Leandro

2383 :26x02 - Held Responsible

Janine Clark tells the police that has been raped by her boyfriend Mark Watts and three of his friends and the team have to try and discover if what she is saying is the truth.
Guest Stars: Fiona Ryan as Janine Clark | Tommy Knight (1) as Greg Holbrook | Gregory Foreman as Mark Watts | Naomi Allisstone as Susan Holbrook | Colin Wells as Robert Watts | Chloe Howman as Carol Clark | Joe Cole (2) as Leo Cooper | Scott Haran as Paul Hayes

2384 :26x03 - Duty Calls

DC Jo Masters need to find proof after she thinks that man who broke in a couple's flat is a stalker. Jeremy claims that he and the woman called Ami are having an affair. Ami claims that she has never met Jeremy and Jo finds out they work at the same place and that Jeremy is a security guard. Jo thinks that Jeremy could of been using his position to spy on the woman. Jo receives some surprising news from Superintendent Meadows.
Guest Stars: Gareth David-Lloyd as Jeremy Preston | Kara Tointon as Ami Ryan | Barry Sloane as Josh Hunt | Cliff Barry (2) as Daniel Farraday (as Clifford Barry) | Tim Matthews as Craig Wilkins
Director: Reza Moradi

2385 :26x04 - New Beginnings

Jo and Leon are sent to deal with an aggravated burglary which has left John Baker who owns the house dead. Max and Grace find out that John's wife Tanisha has been missing for around 20 years. They soon discover learn that John had been having an affair and that his wife was scared off him at the time she disappeared. After both Tanisha and Baker's son Ian confess killing John, Grace tries to find out what really happened.
Guest Stars: Nisha Nayar as Tanisha Baker | Misha Crosby as Ian Baker | Susan Cruse as Aadita (as Sue Cruse) | Gabrielle Glaister as Jenny Marton | Stewart Harwood as Barman
Director: Reza Moradi
Writer: Tom Needham

2386 :26x05 - Time Bomb

After a letter bomb is delivered to an office, the manager thinks it to be a hoax. Grace thinks though that it could be the beginning of something a lot more sinister though. Callum finds out that the manger's brother is involved when then the equipment to make the bomb is found at his house.
Guest Stars: Daniel Coonan as Alan Cooper | Paul Reynolds as David Cooper | Linette Beaumont as Lisa Cooper | Jane Lowe as Margaret Cooper | Tom Mccall as Andrew Stevens | Olivia Mace as Dani Foster
Director: Karl Neilson
Writer: Steve Bailie

2387 :26x06 - Keep Her Talking

Stone and Taylor find themselves involved in an armed siege when Alan Wilcock calls stating that his unbalanced ex-wife Carly has locked herself in his house with their young son. After a shot is fired inside, CO19 are called in to help deal the situation. Jo Masters is able to establish a rapport with Carly through an Internet link. Carly becomes more upset at the tension begins to grow.
Guest Stars: Jo McInnes as Carly Wilcock | Ivan Kaye as Alan Wilcock | Dylan Llewellyn as Adam Wilcock | Amelia Donkor as Leigh Tyson | Drew Edwards as Ray Dyson | Douglas McFerran as Sam | Monty Depreli as Mattie Wilcock | Ryan Romain as Rob

2388 :26x07 - Crossing The Line

Clarinda Blake and Tim Hardacre are seen arguing in an alley by Callum on his way home after a night out. Callum ends up being beaten up when he tries to defend the girl. When she is questioned Clarinda insists she was the victim of a mugging. It is soon revealed that Clarinda's son Andy had been dealing drugs for Tim and when she found out, she confronted the man. When Tim ends up being released Callum decides to track him.
Guest Stars: Danny Midwinter as Tim Hardacre | Caroline O'Neill as Clarinda Blake | Alfie Stewart as Andy Blake | Zita Sattar as Nancy Faber | Anthony Green (1) as James Barclay | Dominic Hall as Doctor

2389 :26x08 - Red Tape

Stone and Masters have to deal with an incident outside a nightclub. Stone ends up using more force than is necessary to stop a passer-by from interfering and somebody records it on their mobile phone and posted the video online. Commander Lisa Kennedy and Supt Jack Meadows are worried about the media fallout and initiate an inquiry into what happened when the person in the video decides to press charges. DS Stevie Moss and DC Jacob Banks talk to the club's owner about the fight and discover that the man is hiding something as they try and clear their friend's name.
Guest Stars: Julie Graham as Commander Lisa Kennedy | Aidan Kelly as Darrel Cooper | Lauren O'neil as Cheryll Gresham | Tim Faraday as Andrew Gray | Philip Perry as David Gresham

2390 :26x09 - Protect and Serve

Roberts and Gayle are caught up in a shooting and Inspector Smith and Sergeant Masters have to investigate what happened.
Guest Stars: Julie Graham as Commander Lisa Kennedy | James Larkin(2) as Keith Shipley | Jamie Glover as Scott Shipley | John Dagleish as Malcolm Christie | Sanchia McCormack as Carole Shipley | Cathy Murphy (1) as Daisy Harris | Faye Daveney as Jasmine Harris

2391 :26x10 - Ricochet

Jo and the team have to deal with a road traffic accident where a motorist has hit a youth who has since run off. A teenage boy is discovered lying fatally injured in a nearby park by a cyclist. The team have to work out if the incidents are related.
Guest Stars: Julie Graham as Commander Lisa Kennedy | Kate Magowan as Emma Sorrel | Anthony Welsh as Devon Marshall | Faye Daveney as Jasmine Harris | Ashley Gerlach as Jedda Atkins | Peter McCabe (1) as Gary Sorrel | Max Gell as Tony Carlton | Ricky Nixon as Paramedic | Eleanor Samson as Helen Parr | Eddy Elsey as Paul Sorrel

2392 :26x11 - Impact

The hunt for them who murdered Paul Sorrell continues after Devon Marshall and Jedda Atkins are released due to lack of evidence. Max believes that teenager Jasmine Harris has information she is hiding. Mickey doesn't want her involved but Neil over rules him. Devon makes a deal after his house is burgled and his car set on fire and tells the police who really fired the bullet.
Guest Stars: Julie Graham as Commander Lisa Kennedy | Kate Magowan as Emma Sorrel | Peter McCabe (1) as Gary Sorrel | Rupert Simonian as Bobby Sorrel | Faye Daveney as Jasmine Harris | Anthony Welsh as Devon Marshall | Ashley Gerlach as Jedda Atkins | Eddy Elsey as Paul Sorrel

2393 :26x12 - The Truth Will Out

After four-year-old Billy Sullivan goes missing from his father's garden an investigation is launched. CCTV footage shows the boy getting into a car with a false number plate. They soon discover that the false plates where sold to Peter Grigson. When the police catch up with Grigson, Billy is not with him. Grigson ends up admitting taking the boy but claims he called the police and said he dropped him off at a local market.
Guest Stars: Julie Graham as Commander Lisa Kennedy | Claire-Louise Cordwell as Jenny Sullivan | Laurence Mitchell (1) as Ray Sullivan | Joel Beckett as Peter Grigson | Marc Baylis as Mike Stratton | Victor Gardener as Chris Lord | Tor Clark as Helen Grigson | Chandrika Chevli as News Reader | Beau Brayham as Billy Sullivan | Rafferty Piggott Gill as Billy Sullivan |
Uncredited: Sarah Weldon as Journalist | Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett as Office Worker

2394 :26x13 - Great Power

After a body is discovered following a crowd-control situation at a football match a murder investigation is launched. Jack Meadows decides to take his team to the ground to keep control when thension continues to gorw between rival fans. Lisa Kennedy is worried as her son is attending the game and could end up being caught up in the trouble.
Guest Stars: Julie Graham as Commander Lisa Kennedy | Fred Ridgeway as Les Thompson | Katie Males as Jeannie Prentiss | Darren Saul as Martin Nichols | Finn Jones as Mark Kennedy | Jason Maza as Dean Pollitt | Benjamin Jason Reeves as Howard Prentiss | Charlie Clapham as Pete Robbins |
Uncredited: Pete Noakes as Football Supporter | Lasco Atkins as Football Hooligan

2395 :26x14 - Great Responsibility

Following the death of Yusef Hanoush at the football riot, the team find themselves under pressure from the media. CCTV evidence shoes Commander Kennedy's son Mark at the scene of the murder. Mark is brought into the station for questing. The team try to find out more about Yusef's life and soon learn that he was having an affair with his boss. Two more suspects are arrested and are questioned.
Guest Stars: Julie Graham as Commander Lisa Kennedy | Mimi Ferrer as Jamila Hanoush | Klariza Clayton as Yara Hanoush | Peter Vollebregt as Simon Pryor | Jason Maza as Dean Pollitt | Cosh Omar as Salim Bhalli | Michelle Abrahams (1) as Karen Mills | Charlie Clapham as Peter Robbins

2396 :26x15 - Bad Blood

Jimmy Ferrier, a known drug dealer approaches Mickey following the death of his brother. Max and Mickey become suspicious about Ryan Lacey after attending the funeral. When the team get Jimmy to set up a meeting, Mickey is shocked to discover Max snorting cocaine and thinks Ryan could know more than he is saying.
Guest Stars: Steve Nicolson as Jimmy Ferrier | Michael McKell as Ryan Lacey | Catherine Bailey (1) as Evie Ferrier | Max Gold as Nigel Spearman | Jane Nash as Sarah Spearman | Emily Aston as Lauren | Ryan Ford as Jackson |
Uncredited: Alan Bond (2) as Jimmy's Pal

2397 :26x16 - Paying The Price

Jo and Benjamin are called out to a local hotel where a man named Mark Pierce is demanding to be let when he claims his wife Julia is staying there. Alan Marsh is found badly injured in her room whilst Julia has disappeared. Forensic reports show that she is not the culprit but how is she connected to the real attacker, Craig Chapman. Mark is able to identify Craig as Julia's brother who was supposed to have died in a car accident about 15 years ago.
Guest Stars: Emily Bruni as Julia Pierce | Ryan Pope as Craig Chapman | Alec Newman as Mark Pierce | Charles De'Ath as Alan Marsh | Victoria Pritchard as Sandra Marsh | Vee Vimolmal as Yin Chan | Andy Clarkson as Michael Anderson | Margarita Nazarenko as Hotel Receptionist

2398 :26x17 - Suffer In Silence

Paul Rayner is arrested for assaulting a man called John Morris. Paul insists that he was abused as a boy by Morris but it becomes apparent that it is a case of mistaken identity. When the police manage to find the man who Paul claims did abuse him they are unable to arrest him without more evidence. Paul tells them that the man abused somebody else as well but the other victim refuses to testify against him.
Guest Stars: Lee Ross as Paul Rayner | Robbie Gee as Martin Wendell | Jimmy Flint (1) as Jack Morris | Irma Inniss as Dr. Jane Lawson | Rupert Farley as John Morris | Evelyn Duah as Katherine Wendall | Lloyd Howells as Jake Manson

2399 :26x18 - That Type Of Cop

After a 15-year-old girl who has been missing for the pat two years is found confused and traumatised, the team attempt to identify her and discover why she is there. Helen ends up revealing that she was forced into prostitution by her boyfriend Hassan's uncle. When they discover him kissing another girl, the team realise they will need Helen's help to stop another girl ending up like her.
Guest Stars: Abby Rakic-Platt as Abi Cole | Lisa Greenwood as Helen Harris | Cesare Taurasi as Hassan Kaymaz | Matt Andrews as Pete Harris | Heather Bleasdale as Carol Harris | Adam Henderson Scott as DS Cem Cosar | Stephen Perring as DS Martin Willis | Elizabeth Kettle as Dr Catrin Roberts

2400 :26x19 - Deadly Consequences (1)

After the body of a missing boy called Matty Wallace is found in local woodland the police investigate. Jane , his mother, claims that she didn't realise he was missing until she went to his school. His stepfather says he has been working away for several days and knew nothing of the boy's disappearance. Following further investigation and the results of the postmortem, the team begin to think that Jane may hold the key to her son's death.
Guest Stars: Emily Joyce as Jane Wallace | Diana Kent as Ruth Pearce | Jai Armstrong as Craig Gant | Robert Harrison (2) as Alistair Gilmore Senior | Alfie Browne-Sykes as Alistair Gilmore Junior

2401 :26x20 - Deadly Consequences (2)

Matty Wallace's funeral is attended by Neil and Grace with the boy's stepfather Craig Gant. Max finds out that Gant has a criminal record for handling stolen goods but believes there is more to the story. A surveillance operation is planned when the team find out about a possible lorry hijacking.

2402 :26x21 - Ultimatum

The team go after Nigel Wren who has been grooming young girls on line pretending to be a 13 year old boy. Jacob and Terry go into Wren's house to put a trace on his Internet activity and they find out that he has made an arrangement to meet Kelli Sutton. The officers manage to arrest Wren but there is no sign of the girl at the meeting place.

2403 :26x22 - Intervention

When an abandoned car is discovers with traces of blood nearby, the team are called in to investigate. The car is discovered as belonging to businessman Ajay Kapur, but his family say that he flew to India before the car was found. When they investigate further the police discover that Mr Kapur did not go to India and that somebody was following him. Mrs Kapur then finally admits that her husband has been kidnapped. The team try to get him back without anyone being hurt.

2404 :26x23 - Solace

Kirsty and Leon find the body of a young woman in a holdall on a rubbish dump. It is soon discovered that the body is that of Luisa Dias, a Venezuelan woman. The team learn that the night before she drowned. Her boyfriend Dominic Fisher and their son Paulo are nowhere to be found when Kirsty and Leo show up at the flat they shared but it looks like it is the place that she drowned at. The woman's brother, Roberto shows up at the flat and Leon has to break the news to him about his sister's death. When DI Manson manages to get hold of Fisher on the phone he admits to killing Luisa. After things take a dramatic turn, Kirsty and Leon end up spending the evening together.

2405 :26x24 - The Calling

Leon and Nate discover a woman named Jane Connor, badly injured next to a car. Jodie Knox who is suspected of being a passenger in the car ends up being arrested. She ends up naming Ashley Johnson as the driver and he is arrested. Leon ends up taking matters into his own hands.

2406 :26x25 - Taking a Stand

Callum and Kirsty are called out to the home of elderly widow called Jill Peters after her neighbour David Townsend reports a disturbance at the house. The woman claims that her home has been burgled but when she is questioned further she claims that she was raped. She refuses to let a doctor take a DNA sample making it impossible for the team to build a case. A new witness ends up coming forward with a description of a suspect that ends up matching David Townsend.

2407 :26x26 - Who Dares Wins

Carter investigates the murder of Liam Powell after his body is found badly beaten. It is soon discovered that he had been drinking on the night of his murder but the pub landlord and his girlfriend Louisa claim that CCTV cameras at the pub are broken. When the police search Liam's home they discover his two young children living there in complete squalor. The team soon find out that Louisa and Liam had been having an affair.

2408 :26x27 - Balance of Power

Taylor and Knight are called to the home of Fiona and Howard Walsh by a neighbour who has not seen them for several days. When they go into the house the place has been ransacked and the Walsh's car is missing and their mobile phones turned off. After Eddie Olosunje discovers that the house alarm was disabled and the safe opened it seems there may be more to the case.
Guest Stars: Sally Faulkner as Fiona Walsh | Michael Cochrane as Howard Walsh

2409 :26x28 - Death Knock

The team have to go to a house where a young woman, Zoe Richards, has been discovered unconscious. The officers soon discover that the place is a brothel and that Zoe and her housemates are prostitutes working there. Dylan Prest, a known drug dealer and pimp,shows up at the hospital to see Zoe and says that he is dating her. The police have no choice but to release Dylan due to lack of evidence and the case is closed until Zoe's father ends up taking matters into his own hands.
Guest Stars: Leila Mimmack as Zoe Richards

2410 :26x29 - Tombstone

Callum returns to work folowing his father's funeral and he is determined to discover the truth about the allegation of rape that blackened the dead man's name as a police officer and divided the family for last twenty years.
Guest Stars: Lesley Vickerage as Kelly Ryan | Margot Leicester as Bridget Stone | David Schofield as Ken | Hannah Kew as Claire Iqbal | Ashley Chin as Jamal Carr

2411 :26x30 - Respect (1)

After being involved in a stabbing incident, 14-year-old Liam Martin ends up dying. The police learn from his mum that he was a member of the Parkway Crew gang and CCTV footage shows that he was working for them as a mule. Mickey contacts Jasmine Harris, an informant he knows who was seen near the place the stabbing took place. After she is brought in to be questioned she ends up admitting that Carlos Miller felt he'd been disrespected by Liam. After Carlos is arrested and Jasmine is released on bail Mickey is concerned the gang will go after her to get revenge.

2412 :26x31 - Respect (2)

Callum is able to finally prove himself to Smithy as they try and locate gang members of the Parkway Crew responsible for Liam Martin's death. Mickey is determined to get justice for Jasmine Harris following the gang rape.
Uncredited: Tim Key as Journalist | Johnathan Young as Journalist

Farewell The Bill

This special episode takes a look back at the series now that the final episode has aired.
Guest Stars: Martin Kemp as Narrator | Rhea Bailey as Herself | Sam Callis as Himself | Graham Cole as Himself | Faye Daveney as Herself | Amita Dhiri as Herself | Tracey Ewen as Herself | Trudie Goodwin as Herself | Tim Key as Himself | Andrew Lancel as Himself | Sarah Manners as Herself | Reza Moradi as Himself | Sally Rogers as Herself | Simon Rouse as Himself | Chris Simmons (1) as Himself | Andy Smart as Himself | Alex Walkinshaw as Himself | Johnathan Young as Himself | Edd Bennetto as Himself | Andrew Stokes as Himself
Warning: The Bill guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 16, 1984
Ended: August 31, 2010
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