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The Bill Episode Guide

01x?? - Woodentop

First aired: Aug/16/1983
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Peter Cregeen
Guest star: Peter Dean (Sgt. Wilding), Jon Croft (Ins. Deeping), Robert Pugh (Det. Ins. Galloway), Chris Jenkinson (Duty Sgt.), Richard Huw (Duty P.C.), Paul McKenzie (Winston Summers), Gary Hailes (Reg Taylor), Colin McCormack (George Taylor), Dawn Perllman (First Neighbour), Maryann Turner (Second Neighbour), Derek Parkes (Caretaker)

Probationer Jim Carver starts work at Sun Hill and goes out on his first beat with June Ackland.

1 :01x01 - Funny Ol' Business - Cops and Robbers

First aired: Oct/16/1984
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Peter Cregeen
Guest star: Christopher Ellison (Sgt. Burnside), Sarah Webb (Carol), Paul Cooper (Mr. Simpson), David Gooderson (Mr. Skene), Jim Dunk (Howard Langley), Colin Higgins (Lennie), Ralph Watson (S.O.C.O.), Neil Conrich (Det. Sgt.), Michael Bertenshaw (Dr. Grimshaw), Larry Dann (Duty Sgt.), Susan Field (Annie), Philip Rowlands (Sgt. Crosland), Lesley Nunnerley (Lady)

Car crime is on the rise and PCs Carver and Edwards manage to arrest a suspected car thief.

2 :01x02 - A Friend in Need

First aired: Oct/23/1984
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Peter Cregeen
Guest star: Robert Lee (Chinese Restaurateur), James Wilby (Higgins), Cheryl Hall (Sadie), Dimitri Andreas (Dimitri), Stanley McGeagh (Man in Street), Esther Freud (Young Woman in Restaurant), Jamila Massey (Carrie), Betty Romaine (Old Lady), Malcolm Rogers (Man in Street), Peter Lovstrom (Kevin Lee), Meera Syal (Woman in Street), Christopher Guinee (Lampton), Perry Fenwick (Matty Davis), Tony London (Frankie Davis), Andrew Andreas (Chef), Isobel Nisbet (Lady in Restaurant), Robert Angell (Young Man in Restaurant), Gary Raynsford (P.C. Fox)

Bomb threats cause trouble in Sun Hill as Jim Carver gets into trouble once again.

3 :01x03 - Clutching at Straws

First aired: Oct/30/1984
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Bruce Payne (Paul March), Catherine Clarke (2nd Girl), Jonathan Stratt (Terry Collins), David Lynch (Leper), Julian Ronnie (Sniffer), Albert Moses (Ranji), Sam Smart (Boy), Tim Barker (Mr. Lynn), Karen Seacombe (1st Girl), June Brown (Mrs. Doleman), Anthony Ingram (Simon Doleman (as Antony Ingram)), Peggy Phango (Resident), Graham Chinn (Market Man), Debbie Killingback (Betty), Gillian McCutcheon (Nurse), Anthony Wellington (Motorist), Pat Gorman (Constable)

Dealing with an alleged child molester puts Jim Carver's self control to the test.

4 :01x04 - Long Odds

First aired: Nov/06/1984
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: John Michael Phillips
Guest star: Shirley Cain (Mrs. Taylor), Trevor Cooper (Det. Sgt. Danes), Neil Conrich (Det. Sgt.), Sean Bean (Horace Clark), John Lyons (Fire Officer), Michael N. Harbour (Det. Insp. Wheeler), Tessa Bell-Briggs (W.P.C. Picton), Tony Hippolyte (Desmond Holt), Edward O'Connell (Boy Mugger), Ray Armstrong (Det. Chief. Insp. Kirk), Cheryl Hall (Sadie)

Dave Litten's actions on taking information to Roy and not Bob causes conflict.

5 :01x05 - It's Not Such a Bad Job After All

First aired: Nov/13/1984
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: John Woods
Guest star: Edward Brayshaw (Film Director), Sadie Hamilton (Rachel Dymock), Peter Jonfield (Henry), Geoffrey Bateman (Pathologist), Ralph Watson (Scenes of Crime Officer), Brian Osborne (Mr. Atkinson), Rebecca Lacey (Video Shop Assistant), Diana Payan (Mrs. Atkinson), Jonathan Scott (Pathologist's Assistant), John Savident (Video Shop Owner)

June Ackland thinks about quitting the force as they look into a pornography ring.

6 :01x06 - The Drugs Raid

First aired: Nov/20/1984
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: John Woods
Guest star: Michael Hughes (Jailer), Ian Sharp (Clerk of Court), Steve Kelly (Pat Corcoran), Liz Smith (Maggie), Patricia Mort (Miss Newnham), Terry Forrestal (Mitch Gavin), Mark Heath (Tenant), Bazil Otoin (Jessie Ritt), Cy Town (Court Officer), Roland Oliver (Mr. North), Graham Cole (P.C. sat behind June), Pat Gorman (Constable), Vikki Gee-Dare (W.P.C.)

Roy Galloway leads a drugs raid with fatal consequences.

7 :01x07 - A Dangerous Breed

First aired: Nov/27/1984
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Trevor Martin (The Stranger), Ralph Watson (S.O.C.O.), John Bleasdale (George), Osmund Bullock (Lord Barstow-Smythe), Lynn Pearson (Jennifer Crosby), David Cheesman (First Biker), Stephen Sweeney (Second Biker), Judith Anthony (Woman in Street), James Taylor (Wynstanley), Vikki Gee-Dare (W.P.C.), Cheryl Hall (Sadie), Pat Gorman (Constable)

Dave Litten is on secondment to CID and tries to impress Roy Galloway.

8 :01x08 - Rough in the Afternoon

First aired: Dec/04/1984
Writer: John Kershaw
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Godfrey James (Harry Ferne), Raymond Mason (B. R. Official), Barbara New (Kate Ferne), Sandra Hall (Elaine Thomas), Norman Warwick (Mr. Reed), Bernard Kay (Sid Leather), Dave Atkins (Ticket Clerk), Christopher Leaver (Customer), David Cardy (Lionel Dixon), James Marcus (Caretaker)

Jim Carver and Taffy Edwards go to a domestic where a small child is abducted.

9 :01x09 - Burning the Books

First aired: Jan/08/1985
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Peter Cregeen
Guest star: James Faulkner (Sidney Sharman), Brian Croucher (Bernie), James Warrior (Fire Chief), Jack Chissick (Sampson), Kim Smith (Gary), John Blythe (Cohen), David Keyes (Clements), Greg Crutwell (P.C. Peters), John Woodnutt (Bank Manager)

A young car thief finds a briefcase causing Roy Galloway to believe he can catch the 'Arthur Daley' of Sun Hill.

10 :01x10 - Death of a Cracksman

First aired: Jan/15/1985
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Jim Carter (Stan), Ron Pember (Harry), Mike Hayward (Reg Atkins), Ian Lindsay (Factory Manager), Colin Spaull (Stallholder), Kate Williams (Mrs. Mullins), Richard McCabe (Colin), Alan Polonsky (Andy), Ben Davis (Jimmy Draper)

A dangerous prisoner is reported but it turns out he hasn't returned to prison.

11 :01x11 - The Sweet Smell of Failure

First aired: Jan/22/1985
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: John Michael Phillips
Guest star: Charles Lamb (Fred), Wolfe Morris (Mr. Doffman), Michael Mawby (Ron), Jack Le White (Pensioner), Anthea Holloway (Lily), Leonard Fenton (Mr. Lee), Sheila Collings (Woman in Flats), Cheryl Hall (Sadie)

A counterfeit perfume operation puts Sun Hill police into action.

12 :02x01 - Snouts and Red Herrings

First aired: Nov/11/1985
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Peter Cregeen
Guest star: Merelina Kendall (Mrs. Dale), Edward Clayton (Mr. Farmer), Bill Moody (Frank Parry), Arthur Smith (Conga), Neil Conrich (Jim), Charles Cork (Foreman Electrician), Reginald Stewart (Terry Harper), Ursula Mohan (Mrs. Farmer), John Ainley (Mr. Dale), Cheryl Hall (Sadie), Sean Blowers (Brian), Jean Trend (Mrs. Beck)

Sun Hill police station is undergoing renovation work.

13 :02x02 - Suspects

First aired: Nov/18/1985
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Michael Ferguson
Guest star: Desmond Askew (Boy on bike), Edward Evans (Mr. King), Anthony Bailey (Det. Insp. Gordon), Don Fellows (Mr. Bregman), Timothy Block (Det. Sgt. Duffy), Frank Coda (Thames P.C.), Adam French (Office Boy), Roy Heather (George), Sean McCabe (Bag Snatcher), Cheryl Hall (Sadie), Edna Doré (Mrs. White), Bhasker Patel (Pharmacist)

It is a busy day for Sun Hill police station when a woman has apparantly been pregnant for 13 months.

14 :02x03 - Lost

First aired: Nov/25/1985
Writer: Ginnie Hole
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Walter Brown (Boat Owner), Norman Lovett (Derek Hammond), Caroline John (Mrs. Lubaczewska), Patti Love (Mrs. Welsh), Virginia Fiol (Shop Assistant), Keith Hodiak (Mr. Welsh), Annie Wensak (Miss Horrocks), Anna Murphy (Theresa O'Brien), Tricia Ronane (Lowe's Neighbour), Ivor Roberts (Mr. Davis)

A girl has gone missing as Sun Hill police start a search for her.

15 :02x04 - Home Beat

First aired: Dec/02/1985
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: John Michael Phillips
Guest star: Shay Gorman (Pongo Johnson), Patricia Kane (Mrs. Spriggs), Alan Ford (Tony Kemp), Nick Stringer (Terry Mitchell), Badi Uzzaman (Mr. Ahmed), Michael Gunn (Caretaker), Rosalind Elliot (Mrs. Kinsey), Lala Lloyd (Lady Pensioner), Michael Mawby (Man with car at pound), John Lyons (Fire Investigation Officer), Margaret Flint (Maizie Stannard (as Maggie Flint)), Anne Havard (Molly), Peter Czajowski (P.C. Wright), Graham Cole (P.C.)

Jim Carver and Taffy Edwards support Brownlow in his Neighbour Hood watch scheme.

16 :02x05 - Hostage

First aired: Dec/09/1985
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Michael Ferguson
Guest star: John Moore (Ernest Milner), Ronald Nunnery (Onlooker), Steven Law (Onlooker), Ralph Watson (S.O.C.O.), Gabrielle Blunt (Cissie Knowles), Adrian McLoughlin (Postman), Janie Booth (Meals On Wheels Driver), Ken Drury (Det. Insp. Andrews), Jamie Foreman (Barrowboy), Peter Czajowski (P.C. Wright), Alec Wallis (Mr. Hickman), Haydn Wood (T.V. Reporter), Cheryl Hall (Sadie)

The annual fishing trip is cancelled when a man holds an old lady hostage at gunpoint.

17 :02x06 - This Little Pig

First aired: Dec/23/1985
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: John Woods
Guest star: Chris Hunter (Greg Simpson), Tim Stern (Roger Philpot), Patrick Durkin (Ricky's Dad), Michael Redfern (Trisha's Dad), Tanveer Ghani (Balaram Roy), Robert Oates (Barry Blades), Gerard Horan (Ricky Vassalo), Tariq Alibai (Asian youth), Fidelis Morgan (Su Cronin), Steve Morley (Male Protester), Cheryl Hall (Sadie)

A pig that is released from a farm causes trouble for Taffy.

18 :02x07 - Ringer

First aired: Jan/06/1986
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: John Woods
Guest star: Christopher Ellison (Sgt. Burnside), Mike Savage (Traffic Patrol Sgt.), Peter Pacey (Julian Proctor), Rita Davies (Mrs. Davis), Ken Wynne (Mr. Wilshire), Arthur Blake (Lionel Galley), Greg Powell (Villain), Michael Melia (Mr. Kaye), Jane Lowe (Mrs. Simpson), Andy Rashleigh (Det. Sgt. Rigby), Lavinia Bertram (Helen Crisp), Garry Freer (Hospital Technician), Marian McLoughlin (Linda), Mark York (Teddy Sidwick), Eileen Davies (Miss Potts), Heather Tobias (Mrs. Lockett), Tommy Boyle (Dave Collins), Dave Holland (Villain), Paul Heasman (Villain), Graeme Crowther (Villain), Steve Whyment (Villain (as Steven Whyment))

A car crash claims the lives of 6 people and it appears one of the cars was a ringer.

19 :02x08 - Public and Confidential

First aired: Jan/13/1986
Writer: Lionel Goldstein
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Dean Harris (Roofer), Arthur Cox (Simpkins), Jenny Bolt (Woman in crowd), Jean Campbell-Dallas (Old Lady), Arthur Kelly (Senior Fireman), Rashid Karapiet (Patel), Janette Legge (Wendy Penny), David Miller (Nat Pizer), Michael Browning (Matthews), Tariq Yunus (Mohammed), Bill McGuirk (Fireman), Tomek Bork (Witos), David Kincaid (Man in Crowd)

It is a busy day at Sun Hill, especially when Tom Penny's wife accuses him of beating her up.

20 :02x09 - Loan Shark

First aired: Jan/20/1986
Writer: Tim Aspinal
Director: John Michael Phillips
Guest star: Geoff Morrell (Rod), Jimmy Gardner (Pop Curtis), Brenda Kempner (Woman with Dog), Antonia Pemberton (Aunty Peg Miller), Duncan Preston (Freezer Bob Miller), Michelle Collins (Sharon Brand), Howard Lew Lewis (George Harris), Steven O'Donnell (Demolition Site Workman), Joan Linder (Mrs Taylor's Neighbour), Dorien Thomas (Shovel Tony), Tina Marian (Emmy Hall), Cheryl Hall (Sadie), Steve Emerson (Morris), Graham Cole (SO 595)

A young mum caught shop lifting is in serious debt to a loan shark.

21 :02x10 - With Friends Like That...?

First aired: Jan/27/1986
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Heather Canning (Dr. Figg), Christopher Driscoll (Reg Barnes), David Weston (Mr. Wilson), Barbara Young (Mrs. Lindfield), Stephen Jameson (Clark Dobson), Glen Murphy (Chris Garbett), Lorraine Brunning (Angel Warren), Sara Moore (Debbie Lindfield), Graham Cole (Extra)

An assualt victim is brought in as they try to identify the culprits.

22 :02x11 - Whose Side Are You On?

First aired: Feb/03/1986
Director: Peter Cregeen
Guest star: Elizabeth Bradley (Mrs. Wilmore), Alan Leith (Mr. Turner), Lawrie Mark (Youth), Paola Dionisotti (Nurse Bullen), Stanley Page (Mr. Boone), Peter Aubrey (Dart), Rose Hill (Ruby Murray), Jayne Lester (Traffic Warden), Raymond Brody (Mr. Butler)

A football game is arranged against a local youth group.

23 :02x12 - The Chief Super's Party

First aired: Feb/10/1986
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Peter Cregeen
Guest star: Chris Johnston (Crawley), Shaun Curry (Cold Store Manager), Brian Croucher (Bernie), Peter Attard (Johnnie), Tommy Wright (Bernard), Gary Olsen (P.C. Litten), Sidney Kean (Luigi), David Arlen (Elkins), Allister Bain (O'Ryan), Cheryl Hall (Sadie)

Ted Roach drives home drunk from a party and faces the sack.

24 :03x01 - The New Order of Things

First aired: Sep/21/1987
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Michael Ferguson
Guest star: Robert Duncan (Dr. Nicholson), Jim Dunk (Det. Chief Supt. Ledbury), Bruce Purchase (Man with shot-gun), Okon Jones (Hospital Doctor), Debbie Ash (Receptionist), David Peart (Senior Fire Officer), Laura Cox (Woman at D.H.S.S.), Carole Walker (Peggy Chambers), Roger Fox (Locksmith)

Tom Penny and Alec Peters stop a man planning to attack Pete Muswell.

25 :03x02 - Some You Win, Some You Lose

First aired: Sep/28/1987
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Peter Cregeen
Guest star: Brian Badcoe (Bearded Motorcyclist), David Quilter (Det. Insp. Haggerty), Hilda Braid (Mrs. Adler), Jeffrey Chiswick (Mr. Harvey), Pat Connell (Vicar), Benny Young (Duggie Gardiner), Neil Conrich (Det. Con. Sanders), Anya Phillips (Tina), Johnny Wade (Antique Dealer), Sheila Gill (Porcelain Lady), Graham Cole (P.C. Stamp)

A raid on a drug den threatens to cause a riot.

26 :03x03 - Brownie Points

First aired: Oct/05/1987
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Mary McMurray
Guest star: Catherine Hall (Caroline Blake), Kenneth Hadley (Gordon Pearce), Philip Rowlands (Tim Rutherford), Jenny Bolt (Janice Taylor), Toni Palmer (Shirley), Lorraine Ashbourne (Tracy), Jonathan Newth (D.A.C. Wainwright), Frances Low (Zoe Stanhouse), Christopher Owen (Graham Maloney), Harry Fielder (Van Driver), Cory Pulman (Joanne), Graham Cole (P.C. Tony Stamp)

A group of Brownies are visiting Sun Hill police station.

27 :03x04 - Missing, Presumed Dead

First aired: Oct/12/1987
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Michael Ferguson
Guest star: Hugh Martin (R.S.P.C.A. Inspector), Eric Mason (Harry Kelsey), James Hayes (Neville Banks), Lois Baxter (Gwen Davis), Roger Hume (Landlord), Geoffrey Hutchings (Harry Stobbs), William Armstrong (Burns), Martin Milman (Det. Sgt. Jarvis), Berwick Kaler (Chief Insp. Crocker), Andrew Paul (Eric Wilmot)

A shooting has happened but there don't appear to be any witnesses.

28 :03x05 - Domestics

First aired: Oct/19/1987
Writer: Edwin Pearce
Director: Peter Cregeen
Guest star: Leon Herbert (Leroy Jackson), Michael Bilton (Elderly Man), Christine Ellerbeck (Housewife), Helen Blizard (Mrs. Harris), Paul Rider (Peter Colley), Karen Archer (Councillor Gordon), Philomena McDonagh (Mrs. Bradwell), Kate Buckley (Mary Jones), Eliza Hunt (Mrs. Roberts), Cheryl Hall (Sadie), Graham Cole (Extra)

A women's refuge is put up in the area but residents aren't happy.

29 :03x06 - What Are Little Boys Made Of?

First aired: Oct/26/1987
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Peter Duguid
Guest star: Charles Lamb (Elderly Victim), Raymond Mason (Nervous Car Driver), David Allister (Richard Fielding), Constance Chapman (Mrs. Singleton), Ken Bones (Phil Teesdale), Barry Craine (Bus Passenger), Drew Mulligan (Mr Medhurst), Peter Sproule (Mr. Driscoll), Alison King (Mrs. Driscoll)

It is another busy day at Sun Hill when a young boy causes an accident.

30 :03x07 - Blind Alleys, Clogged Roads

First aired: Nov/02/1987
Writer: Lionel Goldstein
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: James Curran (Stockbroker), Frank Lee (Gilbert), Graham Cull (2nd Taxi Driver), Nick Burnell (Reader), Andrea Gordon (Noeleen Morris), Ken Sharrock (Simmons), Shireen Shah (Sunidi Mahkarjee), Raj Patel (Mahkarjee), Ann Emery (Middle Aged Lady), Christopher Farries (Supt. Wilkes), Alison Skilbeck (Counsel)

It is a tough day for officers when Jim is sent to the morgue and Viv fails to stop a lady commiting suicide.

31 :03x08 - Double Trouble

First aired: Nov/09/1987
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Michael Ferguson
Guest star: Jeillo Edwards (Woman at counter), Chris Tranchell (Det. Sgt. Bolton), Veronica Roberts (Miss Weeks), Jim Beresford (David Briley), Barbara Hickmott (Mrs. Derwin), Paul Foulds (Bogus P.C.), Jason Cunliffe (Football Supporter), David Albany (Football Supporter), John Shackley (Football Supporter), Graham Cole (P.C. Stamp), Julian Holloway (Det. Chief Insp. Fairfax), Ben Roberts (Extra)

Two Sun Hill police officers face enquires when accused of pocketing a fine.

32 :03x09 - Sun Hill Karma

First aired: Nov/16/1987
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Mary McMurray
Guest star: Joan Rhodes (Betty), David Auker (Mr. Foulkes), David Janes (D.I.Y. Manager), Pamela Binns (Anxious Woman), June Page (D.I.Y. Assistant), Paddy Ward (Riordan), Michael Slater (Divisional Surgeon), David Trevena (Mr. Lane), David Bauckham (Bernie), Val McLane (Molly), Graham Cole (Extra)

Viv Martella hopes to get a job in the Bermuda police.

33 :03x10 - Skipper

First aired: Nov/23/1987
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Richard Bramall
Guest star: Jenny Jay (Tammy Poole), Doreen Taylor (Joan), Charles Simon (Mr. Pollard), Martin Troakes (Area Car Operator), Ray Marioni (Mr. Hambly), Patti Dalton (Mrs. Hambly), Tim Kirby (Sturgis), Catherine Harding (Mrs. Hardisty), Ruby Buchanan (Mrs. Pollard)

Tragedy strikes for June when her dad lies dying in hospital.

34 :03x11 - Overnight Stay

First aired: Nov/30/1987
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Arthur Whybrow (Mr Watson), Campbell Morrison (Mr. Weir), Patricia Lawrence (Mrs Irving), Ian East (Mr. Jacobs), Timothy Roland (Mr. Gruber), Tony Slattery (Pepe), Richard Durden (Mr. Holland), Elizabeth Carling (Miss White), Christopher Saul (Major Murray), Steve Swinscoe (Gibbon), Andre Winterton (Mr. Dobson), Graham Cole (Extra)

The team from Sun Hill are keeping an eye on a jury who face intimidation.

35 :03x12 - Not Without Cause

First aired: Dec/07/1987
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Peter Cregeen
Guest star: Jonathan Hackett (Lorry Driver), Elizabeth Stewart (Woman at School), Amanda Walker (Mrs. Bell), Denyse Alexander (Hospital Receptionist), Paul Brennan (Mercer), Richard Cordery (Sgt. Edgar), Janette Legge (Wendy Penny), Patrick Godfrey (Mr. Bell), Henry Goodman (Dimitri), Graham Cole (P.C. Stamp)

Investigating a complaint, Tom Penny is shot through a door.

36 :04x01 - Light Duties

First aired: Jul/19/1988
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Eric Francis (Jack Card), Anthony Dutton (D.I. Corrington), Judy Elrington (Ward Sister), Andrew Secombe (D.S. Dougan), Susan Majolier (Chief Super's Secretary), Richard Jamieson (Shop Owner), Jean Marlow (Woman outside shop), Margaret Lawley (Hospital Registrar)

On his first case with CID, Carver teams up with Ted Roach when a murdered informant is fished out of the Thames. But they are furious when the case is taken over by Scotland Yard and race to find the killer. Meanwhile, Sun Hill's new inspector, Christine Frazer, starts off with a bang and comes into conflict with Tony Stamp about an injured old man and his very protective dog. Reg is running a sweep on who DI Galloway's replacement will be, whilst Sgt Penny is back at Sun Hill after his shooting.

37 :04x02 - The Three Wise Monkeys

First aired: Jul/21/1988
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: William Brayne
Guest star: Nick Brimble (D.C. Hawtrey), Tom Owen (Blakelynn), Steve Wilsher (Blue Sierra Passenger), Mark Carey (D.C. Willis), Colin Skeaping (Blue Sierra Driver), Barry O'Rorke (Lenny), Chris Jenkinson (Alfie)

An escaped convict is loose in Sun Hill and has a hostage.

38 :04x03 - Good Will Visit

First aired: Jul/26/1988
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: William Brayne
Guest star: Terry Gurry (Coxswain Bower), Philip Tan (Oriental), Osaze Ehibor (Harry Parker), Tony Portacio (Leslie Fisk), Malcolm Kaye (Patrick Clancy)

Peter Ramsey arrives at Sun Hill for his first day but doesn't make a good impression.

39 :04x04 - Home Sweet Home

First aired: Jul/28/1988
Writer: Nicholas McInerny
Director: Gareth Davies
Guest star: Pauline Munro (Mrs Aldershot), Nicholas Barnes (Squatter), John Bowe (Councillor Thomas), Janet Dale (Sonja Bloomfield), Sarah Sherborne (Librarian), Dean Packman (Wayne Tucker), Efua Taylor (Nosey Neighbour), Sasha Mitchell (Marie Tucker), Christian Rodska (Hunt)

Sun Hill police are forced to evict squatters.

40 :04x05 - All In Good Faith

First aired: Aug/02/1988
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Gareth Davies
Guest star: Leslie Schofield (Pat Duffy), Betty Romaine (Mrs Tully), Phyllis McMahon (Mrs Duffy), Tricia Downs (Woman in Foyer), Terry Russell (Lock), Mary Maxted (Miss Lewis)

A gun from a armed robbery has been located.

41 :04x06 - Just Call Me Guvnor

First aired: Aug/04/1988
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Russell Gold (Dick Turpin), Russell Lewis (P.C. Banks), Peter McNamara (Lennox), Bunny May (Milkman), Chris Chering (Lord Lucan), Richard Sockett (D.S. Trimlet)

Frank Burnside's undercover operation is blown by Ted Roach and Jim Carver.

42 :04x07 - Caught Red Handed

First aired: Aug/09/1988
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Michael Stainton (Landlord), Sydney Livingstone (Mr. Maple), Chrissie Cotterill (Jill Kelsey), Garry Cooper (Dave West), Cazz Scattergood (Miss Dean), Shahnaz Pakravan (Doctor), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.), Jim Barclay (John Kelsey)

Tom Penny and June Ackland investigate theft at a swimming pool.

43 :04x08 - Homes and Gardens

First aired: Aug/11/1988
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Marcia Johnson (First Neighbour), Brian Peck (George Cozens), Catherine Clarke (Mrs Ingham), Marsha Millar (Third Neighbour), Mark Monero (Collie), Aiden Murphy (Passing Man), Desmond Cullum-Jones (Motorist), Pamela Pitchford (Ede Fairweather), Anthony Collin (Jack Fairweather), Yvonne Ash (Motorist's Wife), Jenny Donnison (Passing Woman), Stephen Lee (Mickey Cozens), Marc Tufano (Tel (as Mark Tufano)), Chris Tajah (Second Neighbour), Mike Smartt (Steve)

A man with the mental age of 7 causes a traffic snarl.

44 :04x09 - Country Cousin

First aired: Aug/16/1988
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Sharon Miller
Guest star: Richard Henry (Mr. Harris), Claire Benedict (Mrs Williams), Neil Conrich (D.C. Sanders), John Labanowski (D.S. Jarvis), Mike Carnell (Bus Insp. Doland), Nicky Furre (Mrs Dellow), Andreas Markos (George), Errol J. Edmonson (Guard)

A bus crash causes trouble as Tom Penny attends a medical.

45 :04x10 - Alarms and Embarrassments

First aired: Aug/18/1988
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Sharon Miller
Guest star: Jeff Rawle (Derek Pardoe), Joyce Grundy (Bag Lady), Pat Curtis (Bystander), Frances Tanner (Bystander), Alison Beetles (Mandy Peake), Margo Boht (Miss Eveleigh), Sallie-Ann Field (Paula Chivers), Con Chambers (Bystander)

The Sun Hill Officers have trouble, especially when a prisoner sets her cell on fire.

46 :04x11 - Stealing Cars and Nursery Rhymes

First aired: Aug/23/1988
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Patsy Smart (Mrs Scott), Sara Clee (Mrs Nelson), Tom Cotcher (Dog Owner), Christine Kimberley (Shopper), Jack McNichol (Keith), Aslie Pitter (Mechanic), Sabrina Somaroo (Young Girl), Nicholas Donovan (Youth Worker), Martino Lazzeri (Jimmy Nelson), Mark Harvey (Mark Brown)

Kids at a youth club cause trouble for Yorkie.

47 :04x12 - Hold Fire

First aired: Aug/25/1988
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Walter Sparrow (Old Man), Neville Watson (Skinhead), Gavin Watson (Roger Davis), Jill Damas (Ward Sister), Hilary Dawson (S.O.C.O.), Brian Panton (F.I.O.), Gene Fode (Doctor), Cheryl Hall (Sadie), Peter Wight (Firearms Instructor)

Ted Roach goes to renew his fire arms license but deliberately fails.

48 :04x13 - Bad Faith

First aired: Aug/30/1988
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Frank W. Smith
Guest star: Carol Harvey (Woman with baby), Jeillo Edwards (Mrs Keel), Sally Sanders (Mrs Henderson), Joyce Carpenter (Woman in curlers), Maxine O'Reilly (Irish Woman), Jayne Tottman (Woman in car), David Michael Clarke (Chester Williams), Ben Kennedy (Boy), Nina Kennedy (Girl), Anthony Lennon (Warren Michaels)

Whilst Officers stake out a burglary suspect, Bob and Malcolm find children on a wasteground.

49 :04x14 - Requiem

First aired: Sep/01/1988
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Sharon Miller
Guest star: Ronald Leigh-Hunt (Passmore), Richard Beale (Goodhall), Jane Wood (Mrs. Trant), Russell Dixon (Jenner), Delia Lindsay (Mrs. Jenner), Wayne Jackman (Photographer), Nicola Jane Scott (Debbie Trant), Anthony Allen (Trant)

A decayed skeleton is found in the wall of a family home.

50 :04x15 - Trespasses

First aired: Sep/06/1988
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Hazel Bainbridge (Mrs Morris), Terence Beesley (Rev. Ford), Sabra Williams (Nurse), Christopher Whittingham (Staples), Alex McAvoy (Brignell), Jeni Griffen (Mrs Ford), Julie Neubert (Wendy Saunders), Peter Edbrook (Tony), Joy Elias Rilwan (Mrs Turville)

A newborn baby is found in a rubbish chute.

51 :04x16 - Save the Last Dance For Me

First aired: Sep/08/1988
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Tamsin Heatley (Vera), Richard Walker (Joe), Jeff Ward (Beastie Boy), James Duke (Mr. Donaldson), Louis Mordish (Pianist), Elizabeth Seal (Janet Irvine)

A dangerous prisoner that has escaped is expected to appear in Sun Hill.

52 :04x17 - Runaround

First aired: Sep/13/1988
Writer: Al Ashton
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Len Howe (Cafe Customer), John Challis (Ian Gore), Ian Sears (Giorgio Caricola), Malya Woolf (Mrs Borenno), Linda Robson (Janet Simmons), Eve Karpf (Doctor), Winston Crooke (Grant Bright), Billy Roche (Mr. Deegan), Joanna Bacon (Bus Driver), Una Brandon-Jones (Daisy Allison), Patricia Martinelli (Isabella Caricola), Nelson Fletcher (Mark Bright)

Viv is suffering from hayfever whilst a drunken driver causes trouble.

53 :04x18 - The Trap

First aired: Sep/15/1988
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Robert Addie (Julian Pembridge), Julian Griffiths (Electrician)

Frank sets a trap for a solicitor.

54 :04x19 - Community Relations

First aired: Sep/20/1988
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Frank W. Smith
Guest star: Tommy Eytle (Kendry's Father), David Beale (Rogers), Shirley Dixon (Marion Moxon), Paul Anil (Shafique), Jim Findley (Mr. Garwood), Anthea Holloway (Alice Askew), Maria Warner (Mrs Garwood), John Channel Mills (Hopkins), Leila Bertrand (Estelle Gambrill), Roger Monk (Fleck), Trevor Harris (Abrahams), Leonard Hay (Gomes), Joan Hooley (Mrs Kirby), Juli Castell (Dot Broadberry)

As Derek meets with members of the community, Sun Hill has a death in Custody.

55 :04x20 - A Dogs Life

First aired: Sep/22/1988
Writer: Graeme Curry
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Barry Woolgar (Killby), Cleo Sylvestre (Mrs Jacobs), Ronald Herdman (Callaghan), Jacqueline Beatty (Mrs Lane), Brenda Cavendish (Mrs Collins), Leo Dove (Mr. Dixon), Danny Adams (Danny Collins), Michael Mascoll (Neville Jacobs), Scott Lane (John Dixon)

Taffy tries to set up a syndicate to buy a greyhound.

56 :04x21 - Trouble and Strife

First aired: Sep/27/1988
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Brian Capron (Antonio Mancini), Jo Warne (Neighbour), Miles Eady (Wayne Mancini), Ricardo Degruttola (Teenage Son), Lester White (Grey-Haired Man)

A domestic causes trouble for Peter and Malcolm.

57 :04x22 - Running Late

First aired: Sep/29/1988
Writer: John Milne
Director: Sharon Miller
Guest star: Angela Catherall (Helen Woods), Robin Summers (Jim Woods), Charles Baillie (Prisoner), Kraig Thornber (Van Driver), Melissa Wilks (Jane Woods)

Having been late for parade, Claire unknowingly wonders through a CID obbo, blowing it.

58 :04x23 - They Say We're Rough

First aired: Oct/04/1988
Writer: Douglas Watkinson
Director: Frank W. Smith
Guest star: Marcus Eyre (Searle), Peter Jonfield (Manners), Robert Gary (Davis), David Fielder (Armstrong), Paul Meston (Frobisher)

A traffic snarl-up causes trouble outside the police station.

59 :04x24 - Blue For A Boy

First aired: Oct/06/1988
Writer: John Foster
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Gerry Cowper (Brenda Knight), Robert Glenister (Sam Rice), Joanna Phillips-Lane (Martha Rice), Vicky Ogden (Neighbour), Christine Edmunds (Shopper), Nadine Wilson (Blonde Girl)

A baby has been abducted from its mother.

60 :04x25 - Chasing the Dragon

First aired: Oct/11/1988
Writer: Brendan J. Cassin
Director: Frank W. Smith
Guest star: David Doyle (Alec), Shango Baku (Pirate), Sarah Milo (Monica), Terry Sue Patt (Squire), Kenneth Coombs (Kristos), Norma Dunbar (Liz), Jean Hastings (Eileen), Gabrielle Cowburn (Mrs Carter), Jenny Robbins (Doctor)

Ted spots a drug deal taking place but the suspects get away.

61 :04x26 - The Coop

First aired: Oct/13/1988
Writer: Garry Lyons
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: John Dallimore (Man with model helicopter), Erik Collinson (Van Driver), Karen Scargill (Woman with toddler), Angela Saul (Lady Pedestrian)

Taffy and June are held hostage in a coop filled with battery hens.

62 :04x27 - The Quick and the Dead

First aired: Oct/18/1988
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Philip Casson
Guest star: Raymond Witch (Bruce Purdy), Stella Tanner (Mrs Talbot), John Rolfe (Mr. Covington), Michael O'Hagan (Morrissey), Lindy Whiteford (Mrs Bond), Gary Roost (Shaun Rydel), Henry Moxon (Mr. Talbot), Philip Fox (Mr. Bond), George Balentine (Gilbert), Steve Fletcher (Darren)

Sun Hill officers take a medical to see how fit they are.

63 :04x28 - Witness

First aired: Oct/20/1988
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Gary O'Brien (Bullivant), Martin Turner (Nicholas Martin), Bill Moody (Percy), Neville Watchurst (Mr. Fox), Margaret Stallard (Chairwoman), Paul Ridley (Graham Sudbury), Bunny Losh (Court Police Inspector), Kate Dunn (Mrs Fox)

Peter Ramsey and Yorkie Smith are looking after a witness.

64 :04x29 - Here We Go Loopy Lou

First aired: Oct/25/1988
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Marcia Ashton (Poodle Owner), Terry Duran (Workman), Race Davies (Nurse), Violetta (Worried Woman), Juliette Grassby (Young Woman), Ricky Garrett (Van Driver), Phil Horsley (Foreman), Vince Rayner (Porter), Mellan Mitchell (Doctor)

It is a busy shift for Bob Cryer, Claire Brind and Taffy Edwards.

65 :04x30 - Stop And Search

First aired: Oct/27/1988
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Ray Mort (Mr. Baxter), Daniel Moynihan (Doctor), Chris Samsworth (S.C. Defoe), Elsa O'Toole (Liz Barnescroft), William Vanderpuye (Kingsley 1), Sylvano Clarke (Kingsley 2), Chris Pitt (Male Junkie), Ian Collins (Chewing Gum Chomping Youth)

Special Constables Mary Kilnair and Brian Defoe along with Alfred "Tosh" Lines start work at Sun Hill.

66 :04x31 - Spook Stuff

First aired: Nov/01/1988
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Jonathan Jackson (Terry), Blain Fairman (Mr. Gary), Daniel Peacock (Sinbad), Astley Harvey (Abby), Joan Turner (Dolly), Ray Thompson (C.I.A. Man), Gay Baynes (Mrs Gary), Tracy Hyde (Supermarket Employee), Tom Karol (Supermarket Manager), Andrew McCulloch (Ch. Insp. McBride)

Frank Burnside comes into conflict with special branch over a case.

67 :04x32 - Evacuation

First aired: Nov/02/1988
Writer: Edwin Pearce
Director: Terry Green
Guest star: Jeffrey Perry (Yuppie Man), Matthew Scurfield (Norris), Tilly Vosburgh (Sandra), Paul McCleary (Weak Minded Man), Eddie Tagoe (Filbert), John Hug (Bill Farmer), Valerie Lilley (Gertie), Debbie Wheeler (Gloria), Jane Hayward (Yuppie Woman), Jim McManus (Wassermann)

When Yorkie spots too late a abandoned hold-all, the station gets evacuated.

68 :04x33 - Personal Imports

First aired: Nov/08/1988
Writer: Kevin Clarke
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Sarah Woodward (Fiona), Cherith Mellor (Mrs Kemp), Christine Collins (Auntie), Stevan Rimkus (Fylde), Paul O'Grady (Roxanne), Robert Ralph (Morris), Ronald Markham (Mr. Kemp), Joel Samuels (Omir)

A chemist is robbed and when Ken arrives, he gets power thrown in his face.

69 :04x34 - Paper Chase

First aired: Nov/10/1988
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Niall Leonard
Guest star: Robert Morris (Mr. Hortman), Christine Kavanagh (Celia Hortman), Sally Faulkner (Headmistress), Angie Davies (Joella Hortman), Theresa Streatfeild (Mrs Downes), Becky Smith (Paula), Melanie Parr (Secretary)

Frank Burnside investigates when a schoolgirl goes missing but suspects something else.

70 :04x35 - Intruder

First aired: Nov/15/1988
Writer: Roger Parkes
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Martin Matthews (Stipendiary Magistrate), John Arthur (Dr. Green), Iain Rattray (C.P.S. Prosecutor), Paul Venables (Rowdy), Richard Addison (Psychiatrist), Terence Wilton (Duty Solicitor), Ali Baba (Shopkeeper), Alison Groves (Miss Billington), Nick Cursi (Drunk)

Ken and Malcom are almost moved away from a robbery and come across an armed robber.

71 :04x36 - Conflict

First aired: Nov/17/1988
Writer: Al Ashton
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Alex Kingston (Dr. Howard), Russell Lewis (P.C. Banks), Kamilla Blanche (Patsie Kemp), Jon McKenna (Dealer), Rodney Cardiff (Traffic Cop)

CID are on obbo when uniform arrive to deal with a domestic at the house.

72 :04x37 - Duplicates

First aired: Nov/22/1988
Writer: Simon Moss
Director: Niall Leonard
Guest star: Shirley Cain (Mrs Viggers), Leon Eagles (Bentley), Michael Lees (Mr. Viggers), Danny-Joe MacDonald (1st Boy), Peter Beverley (Passerby), Steve Knowles (Churchill), Bill Bingham (Newsreader), Danny Wooder (2nd Boy)

Claire Brind is asked to take part in a reconstruction for a missing woman.

73 :04x38 - Snout

First aired: Nov/24/1988
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Willie Ross (Drunk), Linda Regan (Burnside's Girlfriend), Karl James (Prisoner), Tony Wredden (Arawaz)

Against regulations, Frank Burnside visits Jim Carver's prisoner on his own.

74 :04x39 - Old Habits

First aired: Nov/29/1988
Writer: Nicholas McInerny
Director: Barry Davis
Guest star: Nina Baden-Semper (Mrs Leigh), Geoffrey Beevers (Whickham), Hilary Mason (Mrs Lomax), Nancy Gabrielle (Mrs Tucker), Dennis Edwards (Day Centre Member), Ralph Nossek (Maurice Harvey), Veda Warwick (Neighbour), Julie May (Day Centre Member), Aimée Delamain (Mrs. West)

An old lady is robbed as Claire investigates but she dies of a heart attack.

75 :04x40 - The Silent Gun

First aired: Dec/01/1988
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: James Gaddas (Sgt. Towers), Damaris Hayman (Miss Foulkes), Milo Sperber (Lublin), Raj Patel (Asian Shopkeeper), Richard Bonehill (1st Resident), Ania Marson (Polish Interpreter), Dennis Banks (2nd Resident), Ron Webster (Roger), Keith Taylor (Bailiff)

A siege takes place as the police try to negotiate with a Polish man.

76 :04x41 - An Old Fashioned Term

First aired: Dec/06/1988
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Philip Casson
Guest star: Trevor Peacock (Kelly), Josephine Welcome (Doctor)

The naked body of a young woman is found and appears to have been gassed to death.

77 :04x42 - Getting Stressed

First aired: Dec/08/1988
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Philip Casson
Guest star: Tim Preece (Peter Gascoigne), Elizabeth Kelly (Mrs Paynter), Paul Rainbow (Mr. Stocks), Victoria Burton (Shirley Jervis), Emma Currie (Maria Quinn)

Christine Frazer is attacked after helping a man.

78 :04x43 - Tigers

First aired: Dec/13/1988
Writer: Edwin Pearce
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Lisa Climie (Lorraine), Ayub Khan-Din (Rashid), Bhasker Patel (Naseeruddin), Michael Goldie (Man), Pamela Lyne (Lil), Kash Parmar (2nd Bangledeshi), Hannah MacAdam (Baby)

An Asian lad calls Frank Burnside saying that a family restaurant is to be turned over.

79 :04x44 - Guessing Game

First aired: Dec/15/1988
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Jan Sargent
Guest star: Lizzie Queen (Neighbour)

An elderly man who hasn't been seen for ages is found dead as CID discover something disturbing.

80 :04x45 - The Assassins

First aired: Dec/20/1988
Writer: Douglas Watkinson
Director: Terry Daw
Guest star: John Judd (Skinner), Errol Shaker (Kuzalo Senior), Seymour Green (Magistrate), Jeanne Watts (Mrs Cooper), Frank Mills (Mr. Cooper), Nick Dunning (Balderstone), Lesley Duff (Mrs. Lines), Martyn Whitby (Hopkins), Andrew Alston (Charlesworth)

A group of people taking apart restaurants make things worse for themselves.

81 :04x46 - Outmoded

First aired: Dec/22/1988
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Terry Green
Guest star: Brian Miller (Mr. Finch), Dominic Arnold (Jason Scott), Mel Churcher (Mrs Jenkins), Wendy Allnutt (Mrs Scott), Wayne Goddard (Parker)

Numerous bogus calls are received at Sun Hill as hackers get into their computers.

82 :04x47 - Digging Up the Past

First aired: Dec/27/1988
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Barry Davis
Guest star: Mike Savage (Albert), Dicken Ashworth (Burgess), Ron Berglas (Peter Schwartz), Gawn Grainger (Barnes), Glynn Sweet (Ch. Insp. Waltham), Jackie Abbey-Taylor (Shirley Cryer)

Human remains are found on a building site as Bob Cryer avoids going back to Sun Hill.

83 :04x48 - Taken Into Consideration

First aired: Dec/29/1988
Writer: Lawrence Grey
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Yvonne Marshall (Daphne Johnson), Matthew Sim (Kevin Boswell), Andre Thornton Grimes (Landlord)

Mike and Jim are on obbo when they catch a young man with many 50p coins.

84 :05x01 - Getting It Right

First aired: Jan/03/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Terry Daw
Guest star: Bernard Horsfall (Dr. de Beyfus), Norman Hartley (Usher), Brian Miller (Mr. Finch), Denis Holmes (Meadows), Debbie Harper (Bobby), Jenny Devenish (Woman), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

CID commence a raid but get the wrong room as a complaint is threatened against Frank Burnside.

85 :05x02 - A Reflection of Glory

First aired: Jan/05/1989
Writer: Brendan J. Cassin
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Richard Graham (Terry), Rashid Karapiet (Mr. Malek), Andy Lucas (Theo Spiro), Stefan Schwartz (Clive), Peggy Phango (Mrs Mavis Desouza), Ray Harrison Graham (Leroy), Syreeta Kumar (Shashi), Liam Collins (Serious Boy), Shyro (Junior)

Pete is back in uniform as they arrest a shoplifter claiming to be innocent.

86 :05x03 - One To One

First aired: Jan/10/1989
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Jan Sargent
Guest star: Arabella Weir (Jo Whitney)

June and Tony arrive at a brothel where a woman is threatening to set herself on fire.

87 :05x04 - The Mugging and the Gypsies

First aired: Jan/12/1989
Writer: David Halliwell
Director: Barry Davis
Guest star: David Mallinson (Mr. Guthrie), Simon Holmes (Gypsy), Albert Welling (Resident), Melanie Hill (Polly Beecher), Con O'Neill (Ricky Denball), David Plimmer (Danny Beecher), Kate O'Connell (Gypsy), Judy Riley (Resident), Angela Phillips (Mrs Silburn)

June and Yorkie are at a gypsy camp to take a child into protection but they aren't happy.

88 :05x05 - The Chain of Command

First aired: Jan/17/1989
Writer: Christopher Short
Director: Robert Tronson
Guest star: Ray Armstrong (Major Briley), John Cording (Trevor Ross), Brian Bovell (Radio Sun Hill D.J.), Derek Lea (Mr. Lavery), Joyce Grundy (Dolly), Ronnie Letham (2nd Wino), Christopher Guinee (1st Wino), Gilbert Wynne (Mr. Trevelyan)

A pirate radio station is causing trouble at Sun Hill.

89 :05x06 - Life and Death

First aired: Jan/19/1989
Writer: Kieran Prendiville
Director: Robert Tronson
Guest star: Philip Anthony (Hospital Dentist), Michael Beint (Security Man), David Beckett (Jazz Pub Landlord), Barbara Atkinson (Mrs Armitage), Arthur Blake (Mr. John Carter), Eryl Phillips (Hospital Doctor), Elisabeth Sladen (Mrs Preston), Danny McCarthy (Ambulanceman), Christine Pollon (Mrs Davies)

A man who is drunk collapses but reveals he has killed a man.

90 :05x07 - Hothead

First aired: Jan/24/1989
Writer: Edwin Pearce
Director: Philip Casson
Guest star: Harry Jones (Perkins), David Foxxe (Thompson), Alex Leppard (Len), Michael Melia (Nobby Briggs), Stephen Churchett (Bert Cornel), David Cann (Harry), Raymond Martin (First Worker), John Caesar (Second Worker), Jason Rush (Joe), Larry Martyn (Norman Harris)

Bob Cryer is suffering from tootache and not in a great mood.

91 :05x08 - Steamers

First aired: Jan/26/1989
Writer: Gerry Huxham
Director: Terry Green
Guest star: Timothy Bateson (Mr. Murdstone), James Woolley (Mr. Gibbs), David Rolfe (Divisional Surgeon), Dominic Hawksley (Mr. Clifford), Dan Hildebrand (Gwynne), Martin Stone (Danny), Peggy Shields (Mrs Murdstone), Vivian Mann (Squatter)

There has been a series of steamer attacks as Sun Hill police work to find those responsible.

92 :05x09 - Duty Elsewhere

First aired: Jan/31/1989
Writer: Brendan J. Cassin
Director: Jeremy Summers
Guest star: Ricco Ross (Maxi Silver), Peter Sullivan (P.C. 1), David Rhule (Roland), John Pennington (Ch. Supt. Douglas), Stephen Gray (P.C. 2), Zoe Nathenson (Rita), Ulric Browne (Seed), Malcolm Frederick (Neville Tubbs), Richard Francis (Oscar)

Malcolm Haynes goes undercover and manages to gain their trust.

93 :05x10 - Saturday Blues

First aired: Feb/02/1989
Writer: David Squire
Director: Jeremy Summers
Guest star: Sally Smith (Bride's Mother), Brenda Kempner (Caretaker's Wife), Geoffrey Cheshire (Guest 1), Matthew Long (Bride's Father), Mick Oliver (Bouncer), Nadio Fortune (Dog Owner), Julia Chambers (Woman Doctor), Jenna Russell (Bride), Hugh Armstrong (Billy Baines), Tim Munro (Terry Palmer), Roy Skelton (Bridesmaid's Father), Adrienne Burgess (Receptionist)

Frank Burnside's god-daughter dies from a drug overdose and orders the boyfriend to be brought in.

94 :05x11 - N.F.A.

First aired: Feb/07/1989
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Keith Washington
Guest star: Charles Lamb (Old Man), John Ringham (Doctor), Betty Marsden (Mrs Foster-Adams), Pat Worth (Mrs Atkinson), Freddie Brooks (Youth), Janet Varley (Nurse)

It is another busy day at Sun Hill as a complaint is made against Brownlow.

95 :05x12 - The Price You Pay

First aired: Feb/09/1989
Writer: Kieran Prendiville
Director: Keith Washington
Guest star: Judith Fellows (Mrs Williams), Tony Osoba (Fayoud), Arthur Kelly (David Sawday), Debbie Arnold (Alison Page), John Regan (Jim Cassidy), Joe Wenbourne (Night Duty Sgt.), Alan Gear (Sawday's Mate), Peter Terry (Sawday's Mate), Johnny Cooper (Higgins), Godfrey James (George Page)

Viv Martella's friend has been beaten up as CID investigate.

96 :05x13 - The Key of the Door

First aired: Feb/14/1989
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Dominique Barnes (Julie), Shirin Taylor (Kim Hammersley), Helen Lindsay (Mrs Fillery), Mark Harvey (Richard Hebberd), Bernard Martin (Bobby Swan), Sol Raye (Clive), Steve Munroe (Megson)

A house is burgled as Mike Dashwood investigates a possible link.

97 :05x14 - Cock Up

First aired: Feb/16/1989
Writer: Tony Grounds
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Herbert Norville (Johnson), Rod Culbertson (Mr Taylor), Dave Atkins (Mellor), Ricci Harnett (Okie Brooks), Raffaello Degruttola (Alan), Hugh Hayes (Parent at match), Charlotte Edwards (Josie), Tara Wikinson (Tash), Keith Meade (Wayne)

A local shopkeeper is believed to be using children to deliever drugs and a raid is authorised.

98 :05x15 - Repercussions

First aired: Feb/21/1989
Writer: Tony Grounds
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Rod Culbertson (Mr Taylor), Dave Atkins (Mellor), John Fortune (Mr Burton), Ruth Sheen (Mrs Taylor), Matthew Devitt (Reporter), Isobel Reid (Reporter), Ronald Musgrove (Reporter), Richard England (Danny Cryer)

Following the disasterous raid, tempers are flaring towards Frank Burnside.

99 :05x16 - A Death In The Family

First aired: Feb/23/1989
Writer: John Foster
Director: Chris Hodson
Guest star: Eric Deacon (Andrew Robins), Jill Brassington (Dr. Dennett), Tricia Thorns (Mrs Lamb), Laura Goodwin (Debra Robins), Charmaine Parsons (Sandra Hudson), Jo Abercrombie (Miss Darlow), Jill Cowles (Mrs Ellis), Dione Inman (Rachel Robins)

A baby is found to have died as the police investigate.

100 :05x17 - In the Frame

First aired: Feb/28/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Barry Davis
Guest star: William Simons (Ch. Supt. Pearson), Philip O'Brien (Caxton), Roger Nott (D.C.I. Wilkins), Jill James (Nancy), Mark Zingale (Keely), Ritchie Stewart (Landlord), Jan Ruppe (Mother)

Frank Burnside appears to have been set up as Bob Cryer is grilled by the anti-terrorist squad.

101 :05x18 - A Good Result

First aired: Mar/02/1989
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Jeremy Summers
Guest star: Steven O'Donnell (Stuart), Tommy Wright (Porter), Oliver Parker (Glen Phelps), Denzil Kilvington (Youth at Match), David Milner (Cowans), Peter Denyer (Radford), Mark hayward (Insp. Goodall)

Sun Hill police work to prevent theft from cars.

102 :05x19 - Conscience

First aired: Mar/07/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Jeremy Summers
Guest star: Susie Lee Hayward (Sharon), Mike Kemp (Landlord), Marshall Ward (Mini Cab Driver), Patrick O'Connell (Harry Hopwood)

Ted Roach enjoys an off-duty drink when an old colleague arrives and Ted thinks he convicted the wrong man.

103 :05x20 - Sunday Sunday

First aired: Mar/09/1989
Writer: Richard LeParmentier, Paddy Fletcher
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Jeremy Anthony (Robert Telford Snr.), Ann Way (Old Lady), Max Gold (Geoffrey Clough), Johnny Mack (Religious Fanatic), Sarah Prince (Tania Fox), Chris Chering (Skinhead), Ranjit Nakara (Video Shop Owner), Warren Brian (Skinhead), Tiran Aakel (Asian boy)

Viv and Taffy are attacked whilst on patrol when trying to sort out a conflict.

104 :05x21 - Climate

First aired: Mar/14/1989
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Robin Soans (Bright), Bill Brown (Man in Car)

It is another busy shift as Bob Cryer and Alec Peters experience problems.

105 :05x22 - Bad Company

First aired: Mar/16/1989
Writer: Brendan J. Cassin
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Cyril Shaps (Jack Emanuel), Victor Winding (Mr Watson), James Hayes (Gerry Sweeney), James Easton (Hostel Inmate), David Ryall (Mr Jacobs), Simon Smith (Dave Hacket), Steve McFadden (Gun Dealer 2), Hazel Ellerby (Club Receptionist), Kate Godfrey (Mrs Hacket), Joann Kenny (Jean)

A fight breaks out at a bail hostel as Mike and Jim investigate.

106 :05x23 - Suspicious Minds

First aired: Mar/21/1989
Writer: Kieran Prendiville
Director: Terry Green
Guest star: Jean Channon (Conway's Secretary), David Barrass (D I Brinkworth), Peter Barnes (Resident), Alec McKenzie (C.I.D. Officer 2), Raymond Polhill (C.I.D. Officer 3), Annee Blott (Mrs Carmody), Phillip Walsh (C.I.D. Officer 1)

A raid on flats to find pornographic material is nearly a failure but Mike has suspicions about a phonecall Frank made.

107 :05x24 - Intuition

First aired: Mar/23/1989
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Colin Wyatt (Bouncer), Hugh Munro (Ron Little), Trevor Byfield (Halloran), Harry Fielder (Roland), Del Henney (Barron)

Ted Roach is determined to solve a burglary involving cash and gold bullion and goes to lengths.

108 :05x25 - Loss

First aired: Mar/28/1989
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Matthew Line (Greenaway), Peter John (Porter), Lisa O'Connell (Shel), Stephanie Fayerman (Mrs. Pearson)

Yorkie and Viv are given the task of going through missing person cases.

109 :05x26 - Procedure

First aired: Mar/30/1989
Writer: John Milne
Director: Terry Green
Guest star: Michael Arch (Boy Racer), Mark Billingham (Pete), Frederick Warder (Mr Landes), Tom Marshall (Morrison), Elizabeth Mansfield (W.D.S. Neil), Clem Davis (Williams), Jo Manning Wilson (Admin. Assistant), Paul Reeves (Lawrence), Richard Sheridan Willis (Terry)

It is a busy day as Alec Peters is accused of stealing a patient's belongings.

110 :05x27 - Luck of the Draw

First aired: Apr/04/1989
Writer: Patrick Harkins
Director: Keith Washington
Guest star: Billy Hamon (Harry Morris), Ian Redford (Mick Dillon), Colin Higgins (Lawrence Scully), Fred Pearson (Mr Lawson), Alex Hood (Charlie), Gwenllian Davies (Mrs Mortimer), Stephen Flynn (Leonard Dyer), Tam Dean Burn (Enforcer), Del Baker (Heavy), Allan Surtees (Dan Bean)

Ted Roach is undercover to get in on a lottery scam.

111 :05x28 - No Strings

First aired: Apr/06/1989
Writer: Kevin Clarke
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Clare Kelly (Madam X), Elizabeth Edmonds (Sharon Pyner), Judi Lamb (Jennifer Herbert), Cassie McFarlane (Sister), Angie Dreamer (Michelle), Rena Jugati (Nicola), Sylvester Salmon (George), Ian Steele (Jason), Paul O'Grady (Roxanne (as Paul Savage))

Ted's informants give him and Viv information but they end up stuck in the toilet.

112 :05x29 - Fool's Gold

First aired: Apr/11/1989
Writer: David Squire
Director: Keith Washington
Guest star: Jeffrey Chiswick (Micklewhite), Peter Ferdinando (Christopher Simpson), Clare Grant (Janet Spencer), Barrie Shore (Mrs Simpson), Helen Lewis (Emma Simpson), Clare Lewis (Lucy Simpson), Danny Webb (Steve Hill), Robert Goodman (Mrs Simpson's Boyfriend)

It is a busy day as a suspect is found to be implicated in several cases.

113 :05x30 - The Visit

First aired: Apr/13/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Alan Wareing
Guest star: John Vine (Deputy Govnr. Sands), David Sinclair (Hotel Porter), Michael Wynne (Minicab Proprietor), Luan Peters (Doris), Ian Collier (1st Prison Officer), Vas Blackwood (Leon Davis), Brian Hall (Left Luggage Attendant), Alan Palmer (2nd Prison Officer), John Hamill (D.I. Warwick), Gordon Reid (Forensic Officer)

Visiting a remand prisoner, Viv ends up being held hostage.

114 :05x31 - One For the Ladies

First aired: Apr/18/1989
Writer: Brendan J. Cassin
Director: Terry Green
Guest star: Cindy O'Callaghan (Helen), Debbi Blythe (Rita), Helen Blizard (Patricia), Cathy Murphy (Cashier), Sam Smart (Tony), Christopher Ettridge (Doctor), Catherine Rex (Waitress), Zoe Carol (Girl in hotel), Barry Summerford (Man in hotel)

Tosh and Alistair investigate the death of a Polish salesman but it isn't easy.

115 :05x32 - No Shelter

First aired: Apr/20/1989
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Mark Haddigan (P.C.), Joseph Long (Italian Lorry Driver), Daniel Moynihan (Doctor), Arnold Lee (Mr Yeng), Lindsey Lomax (Girlfriend), Kelly Marcel (Girl at party), Melissa Simmonds (Woman at party)

It is another busy day for staff at Sun Hill police station.

116 :05x33 - Out to Lunch

First aired: Apr/25/1989
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Kay Adshead (Joanna Mancini), Michael Mellinger (Doctor), Brian Capron (Antonio Mancini), Stephen Gressieux (Italian), Peter Grayer (Porter), Adrienne Burgess (Woman Doctor), Michelle Batt (Nurse), Catherine Alexander (Nurse), Doda Panayiotou (Greek Woman)

The Marcini family report several crimes to Frank, Jim and Mike.

117 :05x34 - Free Wheel

First aired: Apr/27/1989
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Alan Wareing
Guest star: Charles Pemberton (Doorman), Terence Harvey (Rouse), Ian Talbot (Mr Booth), Liz Gebhardt (Mrs Booth)

As CID work undercover at a hotel, Yorkie has trouble with a couple reporting their car missing.

118 :05x35 - Only a Bit of Thieving

First aired: May/02/1989
Writer: Chris Barlas
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Martin Smith (Mr Wilson), Hazel McBride (Kate Power), Michael Stevens (Ch. Insp. Cairns), Steven Purton (Paul Wilson), Peter Finn (Ambulance Man), Nicholas Pinnock (Michael)

Ted is accuses of pushing a suspect of the roof but Ken can't back him up.

119 :05x36 - Communications

First aired: May/04/1989
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Alan Wareing
Guest star: John Pickard (Wayne), Oliver Haden (Christos Georgiou), Lesley Clare O'Neill (Wayne's Mother), Neil McCaul (Clarkson), Rose Hill (Old Lady), Hugh Hayes (2nd Neighbour), Heronimo Sehmi (Mr Mendis), Tony Clarkin (1st Neighbour), Anthony Trent (Old Lady's Son), Julie Christian-Young (Mrs Mendis)

None of the relief are pleased when Derek Conway wants them to open up to him.

120 :05x37 - Silver Lining

First aired: May/09/1989
Writer: Colin Griffin
Director: Mike Dormer
Guest star: Catherine Schell (Mrs Stern), Sarah Whitlock (Clerk), Nicholas Jones (Mr Steegmuller), Trevor Bowen (Mr Stern), Virginia Fiol (Girl), David Shawyer (Angry man), Joanna Bright (Girl), Toby Davies (Joy rider)

A speeding Rolls-Royce causes trouble for Malcolm.

121 :05x38 - Suffocation Job

First aired: May/11/1989
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Brian Coburn (Security Man), Dave Hill (Mr Edge), Liz Fraser (Mrs Lister), Annie Leon (Mrs Faraday), Angus Banks Stewart (Perrett), Yvonne Antrobus (Mrs. Edge)

It is a busy day as June and Ken try to sort out several reports.

122 :05x39 - Mickey Would Have Wanted It

First aired: May/16/1989
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Peter Guinness (Mark Lovett), Stephen Tate (Michael Lovett), Alwyne Taylor (Mrs Hughes), Peter Geddis (Vicar), Michael McNally (Prisoner), Edward Anthony (Tommy Dutton), Alan Warner (Mr Clarkham), Luke Dolan (Kid on bike), Kerryann White (Julie)

Ken spots an armed robbery but gets knocked out.

123 :05x40 - Blood Ties

First aired: May/19/1989
Writer: Chris Barlas
Director: Mike Dormer
Guest star: Steve Paget (P.C. Netherett), Roger Davidson (Holland), Sarah Duncan (Sarah Benton), Altay Eralp (Daniel Benton), David Collings (Paul Benton)

Tony and Claire deal with a domestic involving a son.

124 :05x41 - You'll Be Back

First aired: May/23/1989
Writer: Shirley Cooklin
Director: Richard Standeven
Guest star: Dominic Keating (Friend 2), Ann Thornton (Doctor), Leo Dolan (Shopkeeper), Adam French (Friend 1), Angela Morant (Janet Cooper), Geoffrey Freshwater (Alfie Grice), Diane Bell (Marje Grice), Graham Fletcher-Cook (Drew), Daphne Goodland (Store Detective)

A friend of Bob Cryer's is brought in by Tony after a fight.

125 :05x42 - Fort Apache - Sun Hill

First aired: May/25/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Antonia Bird
Guest star: Bill Stewart (Daniels), Tip Tipping (Bob Sidney), Calvin Simpson (Skinner), Paul Dalton (Prichard), Shireen Anwar (Woman at desk), Kathleen Heath (Mrs Daniels), Peter Lovstrom (Kevin Sidney), Tom Georgeson (Milan)

Sun Hill custody is busy during a strike at the prison.

126 :05x43 - Waste

First aired: May/30/1989
Writer: Al Ashton
Director: Richard Standeven
Guest star: John Barrard (Mr Jeffries), Tim Douglas (Duggie Booker), Arbel Jones (Squatter), John Gillett (Terry Hughes), Roland Oliver (Tyrone Bell)

A homeless woman is found dead after inhaling chlorine gas.

127 :05x44 - The Strong Survive

First aired: Jun/01/1989
Writer: Brendan J. Cassin
Director: Sharon Miller
Guest star: Michael Robbins (Tobin), Brenda Cowling (Flat Owner), Patrick Duggan (Mr Murphy), Peggy Marshall (Madge), Brenda Peters (Mrs Thompson), Pauline Delaney (Mrs Murphy), Cal McCrystal (Father Buttery), Leon Silver (Mr Lewis), Annie Scott-Horne (Elaine), Dexter Fletcher (Tony Gillespie)

It is a busy day for Jim and Mike as Jim nearly gets run over.

128 :05x45 - Loving Care

First aired: Jun/06/1989
Writer: Al Ashton
Director: Michael Owen Morris
Guest star: Geoffrey Leesley (Stewart Allen), Francesca Hall (Tricia Willis), Elizabeth Chambers (Mrs George), Kate Byers (Alison Munro), Christopher Dunne (Fergus Walsh), Daniel Mitchell (Mike Leeson), Philippa Urquhart (Gilly Lancaster), Bradley Cox (Dr Rossington), Tom Eastwood (Hugh Dobson)

Investigating a burglary, Jim finds a girl unconscious in the garden.

129 :05x46 - Back on the Streets

First aired: Jun/08/1989
Writer: Simon Moss
Director: Alan Wareing
Guest star: Anne Carroll (Peg Dexter), Toni Palmer (Mrs Cole), John Arthur (Doctor), Leonard Preston (Peter), Freddie Stuart (Postman), Nikki Brooks (Beverly Dexter), Malcolm Ward (Andrew), David Shaw Parker (Gobbler)

It is another busy day as Reg hopes to leave the Collator's office and return to patrolling the beat.

130 :05x47 - FAT'AC

First aired: Jun/13/1989
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: John Bruce
Guest star: Roy Boyd (Mr Bell), Juliet Douglas (Young Woman), Richard Huw (James Rendle), Martin Gower (Resident), Michael Browning (Repectable Man), David Finch (Ambulanceman), Peter Finn (Ambulance Driver), Trevor Shield (Photographer), Ian Kearney (Fire Officer)

Yorkie is the first on the scene of a serious accident but help can't get to him quickly.

131 :05x48 - Somewhere By Chance

First aired: Jun/15/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Rosie Marcel (Girl), Bruce Alexander (Major Davidson), Michael Simkins (Sergeant Ryan), Lindsey Brook (Tannoy Voice), Nick Powell (Menzie)

Sun Hill are on high alert when a soldier plants a bomb in the shopping centre.

132 :05x49 - A Quiet Life

First aired: Jun/20/1989
Writer: Simon Moss
Director: Sharon Miller
Guest star: Richard Ridings (Campbell), Arthur Smith (Dunning), Mary Sheen (Mrs Irwin), Mike Walling (Easton), Race Davies (Nurse), Jim Bywater (Carr), Maurice Lane (Mr Irwin), Mary Tempest (Lady Motorist), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

As Cathy Marshall arrives at Sun Hill, Jim questions a victim who has a heart attack.

133 :05x50 - Tom Tiddler's Ground

First aired: Jun/22/1989
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: John Bruce
Guest star: Paul Trussell (Danes), Amerjit Deu (Shopkeeper), Nicholas Teare (Gardener), Ruth Hudson (Young Mother), Patricia Ede (Older Mother), Andrew Carr (Dog Owner), Peter Benson (Park Officer)

CID are on obbo searching for an escaped criminal as June and Viv patrol the park.

134 :05x51 - Make My Day

First aired: Jun/27/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Michael Ferguson
Guest star: Arthur Whybrow (Morris), Amanda Walker (Mrs James), John Abineri (Sampson), Matyelok Gibbs (Mrs Sinclair), Christopher Burgess (Mr James), Christine Lohr (Mrs Hurst), John Boswell (Dyson), Stephen Oxley (Fire Officer)

Timothy Able and Richard Turnham start work with Richard going undercover.

135 :05x52 - Provocation

First aired: Jun/29/1989
Writer: Edwin Pearce
Director: Michael Ferguson
Guest star: John Savage (1st Urchin), Patrick Monckton (Councillor), Edward Clayton (Brummie), Tricia Kelly (Silvie), James Grant (Ian McAvoy), JoAnne Good (Mrs Lowry), Ross Murray (Area Car Driver), Terry Duran (Lorry Driver), Neil Phillips (Mr Lowry)

After receiving some information, Mike is attacked at a lorry park.

136 :05x53 - Overspend

First aired: Jul/04/1989
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Ralph Watson (Store Manager), Stephen Marcus (Purkis), Colin Spaull (Gordon Marriot), Charles Cork (Street Trader), Ania Marson (Interpreter), Betty Romaine (Lady on Bus), Karen Frawley (Debbie Finch), Lesia Melnyk (Female Dancer), Angela Vale (Mrs Finch)

Frank is told that they have to cut down on spending so Jim is forced to take the bus.

137 :05x54 - Between Friends

First aired: Jul/06/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Barry Davis
Guest star: David McAllister (Tim Sudbury), Richard Moore (Patrick Hill), Sydney Golder (Nigel Bross), John Horsley (Mr Morgan), Mark Dawson (Ricky Budd), John Skitt (Rolf Price), Frank Harling (Jack Duncan)

A suspect is found with chloraform which he claims was planted as Brownlow plays golf.

138 :05x55 - Traffic

First aired: Jul/11/1989
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: William Brayne
Guest star: Ron Welling (1st Bus Driver), Derek Royle (Car Driver), Joan Scott (Mary), Sean McCabe (Paul Davison), Alex Tetteh-Lartey (2nd Bus Driver), Sally Watts (Mrs Reynolds), Vilma Hollingbery (Hazel Davison), Annabelle Lanyon (Teenage Artist), Leslie Ash (Lorraine Gaynor), Gordon Reid (F.I.O.)

A deaf girl causes a road accident whilst painting.

139 :05x56 - The Sacred Seal

First aired: Jul/13/1989
Writer: Brendan J. Cassin
Director: Michael Owen Morris
Guest star: Jeremy Flynn (Father Damien Hughes), Denyse Alexander (Mrs Jackson), David Ellison (Charlie Fordham), Richard Bates (Mr Jenkins), Anthony Askew (Phil), Ben Waters (Ian)

It is a busy day as a suspect in an armed robbery confesses to a priest.

140 :05x57 - Subsequent Visits

First aired: Jul/18/1989
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: William Brayne
Guest star: Dave Carter (Injured workman), Steve Bennett (Punter with trousers), Toby Aspin (twocker), Margery Withers (Old Woman), Ultan Ely O'Carroll (Drunk), Guy Nicholls (Man with cakes), Sheridan Earl Russell (Owner of peas), Sam Davies (Site Foreman), Peter Gluckstein (Sticks Appleby)

Tony and George compete for the most arrests as Tosh prepares for his holiday.

141 :05x58 - User Friendly

First aired: Jul/20/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Peter Gordon (Chester), Robin Parkinson (Mason), Irina Brook (Beatrix Fuger), Brian Southwood (Kitter), Patrick Burrett (Police Driver), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

Ken and June are bringing a prisoner back to Sun Hill as Ted investigates a plane crash.

142 :05x59 - Don't Like Mondays

First aired: Jul/25/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Terry Marcel, Antonia Bird
Guest star: Natasha Estelle Williams (Delia France), Helena Little (Duffy), Lesley Duff (Mrs. Lines), Bill Thomas (Wynn), David Beames (Withers), Stephen Tiller (Insp. Spring), James Lloyd (DC Tosh Lines's son (Uncredited)), Louis Mellis (Davies), Kevin Walsh (Cook)

A disturbance at the bank is the least of Yorkie's and Taffy's problems as a bank raid occurs.

143 :05x60 - Pickup

First aired: Jul/27/1989
Writer: John Milne
Director: Michael Owen Morris, Terry Marcel
Guest star: Helena McCarthy (Old Woman), Martin Cochrane (D.C.I. Robinson), Jillie Meers (Miss Ramsey), Drew Mulligan (Mr. Morelli), Wendy MacAdam (Doctor), Catrina Hylton-Hall (Sally), Nadia Chambers (Tracey), Ruth Carraway (Jeannie), Caroline Harris (Hospital Clerk)

Following Ramsey's shooting, Tosh isn't that popular as the relief try to cope.

144 :05x61 - Kidding

First aired: Aug/01/1989
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Michael Ferguson
Guest star: Eva Bland (Mrs Gilligan), Kate Lock (Sue Harper), Madhav Sharma (Mr Dhoshi), Carol Burns (Doreen McKenzie), Tim Hardy (Brian Harper), Jonathan Campbell (1st Boy), Daryl Smith (Gary Gilligan), Luke Pursey (Wayne Gilligan)

Viv is tasked with helping victims of domestic abuse as Tony is accused of hitting a suspect.

145 :05x62 - Black Spot

First aired: Aug/03/1989
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Michael Owen Morris
Guest star: Brian Hibbard (Davy Box), Julie Graham (Thelma Box), Desmond McNamara (Alfie Dobbs)

Tosh visits a family but the father isn't being cooperative and teaches his son to do the same.

146 :05x63 - Taken for a Ride

First aired: Aug/08/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Keith Drinkel (Ch. Supt. Wade), James Duggan (Samuels), Fidelis Morgan (Mrs Evans), Neil Savage (D.S. Cedar), Robin Griffith (Ch. Supt. Sorrow), Tom Fahey (D.S. Nettlefield), Paul Keown (D.S. Furse), Nelson E. Ward (D.S. Formby), Brian Hoskin (D.S. Denton), Michael Cochrane (Commander Whiteside)

CID are on obbo on a van with Richard and Timothy in the back as Ted goes to a promotion board.

147 :05x64 - Time Out

First aired: Aug/10/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Maggie Holland (Mrs Rogers), Charles Lawson (D.S. Picton), Ben Onwukwe (D.S. Sage), Brian Croucher (Paul Burnell), Patricia Mort (Mrs Lewis), Debbie Ash (Pat Burnell), Jenny Whiffen (S.O.C.O.), Nancy Adams (Mrs Bray), Brian Maxine (Pike)

The robbery squad uses Alistair and Tosh on surveilance but the suspect is kidnapped.

148 :05x65 - Leaving

First aired: Aug/15/1989
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Terry Marcel
Guest star: Elizabeth Bradley (Mrs Singleton), Marjie Lawrence (Pauline Kellow), Kathy Burke (Sherry Brooke), Duncan Mulholland (Raymond Kellow), Greg Harris (Mick Brooke), Jill Simcox (Mrs Cooper), Malcolm Gerard (Mr Cooper), James London (Andy Bradwell), Ravi Aujla (Mr Shivistava)

It is Yorkie's last day as the relief plan a prank.

149 :05x66 - Street Games and Board Games

First aired: Aug/17/1989
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Barry Davis
Guest star: Robert McBain (Supt. Vickers), Nicholas Monu (Curtis), Jo Martin (Clayton), Rebecca Lacey (Debbie), Muriel Hunte (Woman Neighbour), David Savile (Ch. Supt. Mortimer), Mark Buffery (D.C.S. Otway), Robbie Gee (Regis St. Claire), Jame Lowe (Debbie's Mother)

Tony and June struggle to avoid a riot taking place as Brownlow discusses tatics.

150 :05x67 - Pressure

First aired: Aug/22/1989
Writer: Kevin Clarke
Director: Barry Davis
Guest star: Martin Oldfield (Dirty Harry), Ahmed Khalil (Mr Shah), Joseph Marcell (Wilmot), Jean Rimmer (Female Driver), Jeremy Beckman (P.C. 2), Paul Morris (Cleveland), Vernon Nurse (Lewis), Christopher Birch (Male Driver), Aimée Delamain (Pensioner on Bus)

As Taffy and Tony chase after a suspect on a bus, Malcolm has to identify a body from an accident.

151 :05x68 - A Little Knowledge

First aired: Aug/24/1989
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: James Cellan Jones
Guest star: George Zenios (Levkas), Clive Panto (Fruit Trader), Luke Hanson (Len), Gordon Winter (Balloon Man), Matthew Ashforde (1st Youth), Colin Fay (Andy), Gladis Robinson (Wool Shop Lady 1), Susan Majolier (Brownlow's Secretary), Tony Sands (Damien), Kathleen Bidmead (Wool Shop Lady 2), Richard Tate (Baz)

Tosh is undercover at a mini-cab firm but CID raid the wrong place.

152 :05x69 - Pathways

First aired: Aug/29/1989
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Michael Ferguson
Guest star: Frank Baker (Bell), Robert Angell (1st Traffic Constable), George Waring (Calloway), Colin Prockter (Mr Burridge), Jeremy Pearce (2nd Traffic Constable), Conrad Nelson (3rd Traffic Constable), Brian Hooper (Liddel), Rhoda Lewis (Mrs Burridge), Gary Shail (Ronnie)

Alec Peters deals with a shed where couples are known to have sex.

153 :05x70 - Seen To Be Done

First aired: Aug/31/1989
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: James Cellan Jones
Guest star: Guy Williams (Lager Lout), James Cosmo (D.C.I. Cameron), Michael Shaw (D.S. Barry), Birdy Sweeney (McPhee), Hilary Dawson (S.O.C.O.), Pauline Lewis John (Cleaner), Philip Bliss (Medic at Path. Lab)

A prisoner is found dead and Tom Penny is accused of causing it.

154 :05x71 - Tulip

First aired: Sep/05/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Keith Washington
Guest star: Shaun Curry (D.I. Hillberry), Trevor Cooper (Sgt. Pitton), Ilario Bisi-Pedro (Danny), Simon Williamson (Doctor), Miranda French (Tulip), Bunny Reed (Team Manager), James Francis-Johnson (Flower Seller), Paul Kidd (Ambulanceman), Robert Phillips (Oscar), Michael Attwell (Bartlett)

Ted and Mike lose a prisoner who later gets stabbed.

155 :05x72 - Nothing But The Truth

First aired: Sep/07/1989
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Keith Washington
Guest star: Seymour Green (Magistrate), Barry Craine (Workman), David Trevena (Magistrate's Clerk), Geoffrey Drew (Mortuary Attendant), Karrie Lambert (Neighbour), Susan Majolier (Brownlow's Secretary), Bob Edmunds (Mr Camford), Jimmy Batten ('Blow' thompson), Daisy Reevers (Girl in Mask), Kevin McNally (Mr. Todd)

The CPS are causing problems for Frank Burnside as Jim considers returning to uniform.

156 :05x73 - It's Not Majorca

First aired: Sep/12/1989
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Niall Leonard
Guest star: Perry Benson (Harry Thompson), Andy Greenhalgh (Postman), Bob Goody (Vicar), Steve Murray (Zoomer), Steve Knowles (Martin), George Ponds (Thompson Jnr.), Glen Carroll (Insect Boy), Zohra Sehgal (Mrs. Gunn)

It is a busy day at Sun Hill as two lay visitors visit.

157 :05x74 - Mending Fences

First aired: Sep/14/1989
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Niall Leonard
Guest star: John Ross (Caretaker), Amanda Harris (Gang Girl), Bob Goody (Vicar), George Ponds (Thompson Jnr.), Prince Morgan (Lewis), Philip Herbert (Photographer), Marcella Riordan (Teacher), Sonny Sheridan (Kwik), P.J. Nicholas (Dib), Zohra Sehgal (Mrs. Gunn)

Alec Peters tries to make amends after a visitor breaks her leg as youths cause trouble

158 :05x75 - Exit Lines

First aired: Sep/19/1989
Writer: Brian Finch
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Zoot Money (Walter Fallon), Barbara Durkin (Janice Roughley), Jean Leppard (Moira Clarke), Ultan Ely O'Carroll (Paddy McGinty), Anthony Douse (Norman Preston), Des Nealon (Sean Regan), Yvonne Edgell (Mrs Rushton), Ian Congdon (Russell Rushton)

George helps an old lady causing Bob to suspect he is skiving.

159 :05x76 - That Old Malarkey

First aired: Sep/21/1989
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Barry Davis
Guest star: David Peart (Senior Fire Officer)

It is Tony's birthday but a lady he calls in on has plans for him.

160 :05x77 - Greig Versus Taylor

First aired: Sep/26/1989
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Clive Fleury
Guest star: Derek Newark (Eric Taylor)

Alistair arrests a suspected armed robber who proves tough to get a confession.

161 :05x78 - Tottering

First aired: Sep/28/1989
Writer: Simon Moss
Director: Christopher Lovett
Guest star: Elizabeth Bennett (Eileen Burridge), Perry Fenwick (Lee), Susan Field (Mrs Wheaton), Stephen Jameson (Gerry Ash), Tim Goodwin (Max), James Norris (Security Guard), Stephen Garlick (Shop Assistant), Katherine Page (Alice), Sharon Bouke (Miriam Ash)

It is a busy day for Sun Hill officers as Ken and Richard try to deal with a horse whilst an old lady is locked in the toilet.

162 :05x79 - I Counted Them All Out

First aired: Oct/03/1989
Writer: Kieran Prendiville
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Andrew Baker (Jerry), Phil Atkinson (Don), Bernard Finch (Reporter), Count Prince Miller (Burnside's Snout), Nick Raggett (Mr Burgess), Kate Lambon (Maggie), Des McAleer (Security Man), Alistair Maydon (Mr Newman), Yasmin Pettigrew (Wife of Villian)

A hold up is prevented but one of the bags is missing and a robber shot.

163 :05x80 - Zig Zag

First aired: Oct/05/1989
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Christopher Lovett
Guest star: Jenny Bolt (Girl in Office), Roy Heather (Harry Wallace), Tim Barker (Cecil), Grant Cathro (Pirie), Jo Rowbottom (Sylvia)

A private detective is missing as Mike and Tosh search for him.

164 :05x81 - A Matter of Trust

First aired: Oct/10/1989
Writer: Kieran Prendiville
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Freddie Earlle (Man in Street), Tony O'Callaghan (Danny Moran), Julian Dutton (D.S. Whittle), Sharom Maiden (Maggie Moran), Daniel Maiden Wood (Danny Moran Jnr.), Tom Bushe (Squad man), Edward Posener (Conman), Lynn Thomas (Punter), Carl Rigg (D.I. Pride)

A joint observation goes pearshape leading Derek Conway on the warpath.

165 :05x82 - The Tourist Trap

First aired: Oct/12/1989
Writer: Linda Dearsley, Steve Waye
Director: Diana Patrick
Guest star: Petra Markham (Mrs Belcham), Yves Aubert (Waiter), Sadie Shimmin (Mrs Wilkins), Kit Jackson (Mr Belcham), Britt Morrow (Hooker), Fiona McArthur (Chambermaid), Ray Edwards (Mr Chester), Angela Crow (Mrs Jardine), Kathy McCormack (Mrs Chester), David Ashton (Tour Guide)

It is another busy shift for Sun Hill police as a thief could be at large in a hotel.

166 :05x83 - The One That Got Away

First aired: Oct/17/1989
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: David Attwood
Guest star: Patrick Cremin (T.S.G. Sergeant), Paddy Joyce (Old Man), Yannis Lazarides (Ackland's Admirer), Nicholas Frost (T.S.G. Sergeant), Paul Page Hanson (Radio Voice)

Ch. Supt Brownlow chases after a car thief who gets away with his own car.

167 :05x84 - Found Offending

First aired: Oct/19/1989
Writer: John Kershaw
Director: Eva Kolouchova
Guest star: Gavin Muir (Workman 2), Sheila Burrell (Mrs Jenkinson), Ian Cinderby (Foreman), Tim Whitnall (Rogers), Tom Armstrong (Man Outside Cafe), Laura Cox (Mrs Greene), Terence Budd (Mr Williams), Tim Kirby (Workman 1), Lynn Clayton (Mrs Williams)

A girl is found begging and Tony is led to suspect that she is being abused.

168 :05x85 - All Part of The Job

First aired: Oct/24/1989
Writer: Colin Griffin
Director: Bren Simson
Guest star: Nisha Nayar (Nasreen Shah), Barry Andrews (Tony Grimes), Jona Jones (Special Branch Officer), Raymond Trickitt (1st Man in Pub), Bernie Searl (Man in Street), Andrew Watson (2nd Man in Pub), Chand Sherma (Mrs Shah), Roly Lamas (Mr Shah), Frank Allen Forbes (Errol Davis)

Claire Brind is being placed in dangerous situations and Derek Conway isn't happy about it.

169 :05x86 - In The Cold

First aired: Oct/26/1989
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Michael Jayes (Pathologist), Roger Frost (Cooper), Bridget Brammall (Miss Tarrant), Peter McNamara (Smith), Gillian McCutcheon (Dr Harding), Sarah Swingler (Woman in Flat), Troy Jackson (Housewife), Peter Russell (Wallis), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

A dead body is found near a railway track and Frank suspects murder.

170 :05x87 - Just a Little Runaround

First aired: Oct/31/1989
Writer: Richard Ireson
Director: Eva Kolouchova
Guest star: Adie Allen (W.P.C. Seymour), Iain Rogerson (P.C. Malcolm), Andrew Black (Area 2 Serial), Bill Britten (Area 2 Serial), Kevin Shaw (Area 2 Serial), Paul Gamble (Area 2 Serial), Nicholas Frost (Sgt. 1), Lee Walker (Staff 2), Lennox Greaves (Chief Instructor)

Christine Frazer travels to Hendon for training in riot situations.

171 :05x88 - A Fair Appraisal

First aired: Nov/02/1989
Writer: Garry Lyons
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Geoffrey Wilkinson (Tomkins), Tessa Peake-Jones (S.O.C.O.), Ken Farrington (Keith Holland), David Sibley (Poulter), Donna Wilson (Poulter's Girlfriend)

As Taffy has his appraisal coming up, Tony winds him up which doesn't go well for Taff.

172 :05x89 - Visitors

First aired: Nov/07/1989
Writer: Kevin Clarke
Director: Clive Fleury
Guest star: Dennis Chinnery (Mr Reece), Andrew Robertson (MacRoberts), Toby Salaman (Mr Hicks), Theresa Boden (Colette), Kerri Smart (Tracy Coles), June Page (Mrs. Coles)

Sun Hill has an open day whilst Tosh has more money trouble.

173 :05x90 - Private Wars

First aired: Nov/09/1989
Writer: Guy Meredith
Director: Nicholas Prosser
Guest star: Prentis Hancock (David Ince), Len Collin (2nd Security Guard), Terry Duran (Truck Driver), Elizabeth Hogan (Receptionist), Ian Ratcliffe (Macnamara), Tommy Buson (Mr James)

Spotting a burglary taking place, Frank goes to stop them but is injured by security guards.

174 :05x91 - Feasting With Panthers

First aired: Nov/14/1989
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Simon Cellan-Jones
Guest star: David Allister (Thomas), Frank Coda (Stevie), Jeremy Gilley (Terry Clarke), Daniel Kruyer (Motorist), Caron Pascoe (1st Barmaid), Christine Firth (2nd Barmaid), Marc Tufano (1st Youth), Ben Shockley (2nd Youth)

Tony isn't happy when Tom Penny tells a special constable to rip up a ticket for a friend of his.

175 :05x92 - By The Book

First aired: Nov/16/1989
Writer: John Milne
Director: Jeremy Silberston
Guest star: Ronan Vibert (Kevin), Michael Bilton (Tramp), Renu Setna (Mr Patel), Maynard Williams (Jimmy Harris), Stephen Thiebault (Terry)

Timothy and George's statement taking doesn't impress Christine Frazer as Mike helps a homeless girl.

176 :05x93 - Beer and Bicycles

First aired: Nov/21/1989
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Nigel Humphreys (Ian Mills), Maggie Flint (Cleaner), Diana Katis (Natalie Richard), Pat Qualye (Mrs Stanley), Lee Halliday (Woman in Car)

After finding alcohol in the station, Derek Conway is determined to find more.

177 :05x94 - Grace of God

First aired: Nov/23/1989
Writer: Richard LeParmentier, Paddy Fletcher
Director: David Hayman
Guest star: Shay Gorman (Mr Kavanagh), Katherine Parr (Connie Harper), Louis Mahoney (Neville), Christopher Fairbank (Charles), Douglas Henshall (Manager), Richard Butler (Ted Harper), David Blake Kelly (Antique Shop Owner), Anna Manahan (Mrs Kavanagh), Elma Betancourt (April), Barbara Bruce (Glenys)

It is another busy day as a man complains about kids smashing cars.

178 :05x95 - Just Another Day

First aired: Nov/28/1989
Writer: J.C. Martindale
Director: Nicholas Prosser
Guest star: Andrew Forbes (Mr Williams), Raj Patel (Mr Patel), Shelley Willetts (Julia turner), Vericonia Roberts (Susan Williams), David Whitehouse (Daniel Williams), Robbie Humphries (Stewart Parsons)

Alistair Grieg is investigating a Pied Piper giving drugs to kids and Ken thinks he found the man.

179 :05x96 - Gone Fishing

First aired: Nov/30/1989
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Kate Littlewood (Sister Hartley), Ron Davies (Father McKee), Angela Rooks (Marie Fitzgerald), Melina Day (Sally Fitzgerald), Olive Laughland (Dylan), Harry Fowler (Pat Fitzgerald)

An elderly woman is the victim of a hit and run but Ted suspects her husband is the culprit.

180 :05x97 - Early Bird

First aired: Dec/05/1989
Writer: Tom Needham
Director: Eva Kolouchova
Guest star: Robert Morgan (Dano Owen), Dean Lindsay (Credit Card Thief), Arthur White (Ironmonger), Shirley Anne Selby (Mrs Owen), Craig Stokes (Credit Card Thief), Sarah Lonton (Social Worker), Anju Mishra (Shop Girl)

An old lady is helped by Tony and Claire but she ends up dying in the canteen at Sun Hill.

181 :05x98 - Just For The Crack

First aired: Dec/07/1989
Writer: Steve Trafford
Director: Jeremy Silberston
Guest star: Alan Ford (Harry), Robert Patterson (Alan Lord), Patti Love (Mrs Robson), David John (Swift), Jason Norman (Robson), Nick Edmett (Mr Farley), Delia Paton (Mrs Ford), Sheila Walker (Mrs Anderson), Clare Burt (Julie Anderson)

Youths are stealing motorbikes which includes a police motorbike as the Sun Hill officers try to stop them.

182 :05x99 - Woman In Brown

First aired: Dec/12/1989
Writer: Alan Clews
Director: Eva Kolouchova
Guest star: Sheila Gill (Miss White), David Verrey (Sam Bowman), Walter Sparrow (Wally), Susannah Doyle (Sally Bowman), Mark Greenstreet (Car Dealer), Lynne Morgan (Mother at School), Virginia Denham (Head Teacher), Gaynor Lee (Teacher), Simon Scott (Drunk)

A baby has been abducted from the school but June and Viv believe they know who the culprit is.

183 :05x100 - Speaking Freely

First aired: Dec/14/1989
Writer: Garry Lyons
Director: David Attwood
Guest star: Lorraine Brunning (Jane Hartley), Maureen Glackin (Shoplifter), Andy Nyman (Doctor Robin Fitzgerald), Catherine Welch (Student Mother), Jayne Trotman (Student), Sam Keston (Student)

A pro-abortionist is giving a talk which could spark trouble.

184 :05x101 - The Return of The Prodigal

First aired: Dec/19/1989
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Keith Washington
Guest star: Patricia Kane (Mrs Gill), David Peart (Fire Officer), Neale Goodrum (Henry Gill), Peter Wyatt (Melford), Michael Graham Cox (Dent)

Alistair is acting D.I. with Frank absent as heroin is believed to being delievered.

185 :05x102 - Chinese Whispers

First aired: Dec/21/1989
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Julian Amyes
Guest star: Kim Smith (Beck), Michael Wisher (Car Repair Man), Esther McCarthy (Young Girl), Greg McCarthy (Young Boy), John Wilson Goddard (Horsfield), Martin Friend (Morgan)

Dave Quinann arrives at Sun Hill as Norika becomes the victim of a con man.

186 :05x103 - Powers of Exclusion

First aired: Dec/26/1989
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Julian Amyes
Guest star: Clinton Blake (Claud Farris), Stephen Persaud (Wesley Nicholls), Ben Keaton (Harry), Janet Palmer (Ms. Saxton), Betty Romaine (Mrs Gardner), Sharon Stephens (Donna), Carlton Dixon (Tommy Morris)

A minister is found in possession of a dangerous knife and becomes suspected of involvement with stolen goods.

187 :05x104 - Saturday Night Fever

First aired: Dec/28/1989
Writer: Edwin Pearce
Director: Bren Simson
Guest star: Gordon Salkilld (2nd Brewery Man), Alec Wallis (Poetic Drunk), Francis Middleditch (Hospital Doctor), Linus Staples (1st Boy), Clive Rowe (Spink), Billy Braham (Joshua), Delanie Forbes (Hermione Brown), Yvonne Brewster (Mrs Brown), Edward Harbour (Parry)

Claire is attacked by a prisoner in custody who later tries to commit suicide.

188 :06x01 - By The Skin of Our Teeth

First aired: Jan/02/1990
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Bren Simson
Guest star: Robert Perkins (Gower), Barbara Keogh (Woman in Market), Nigel Le Vaillant (Ch. Insp. Gilbey), Jem Wall (Turnbull), Paul Kynman (Tony), Eliza Hunt (Susan's Mother), Tom Eastwood (2nd Drunk), Gary Twomey (1st Drunk), James Lister (Supt. Wilkes)

Timothy Able has a busy shift dealing with a guy high on drugs and a fight outside a pub.

189 :06x02 - Officers and Gentlemen

First aired: Jan/04/1990
Writer: Steve Trafford
Director: Diana Patrick
Guest star: Raymond Mason (Abercrombie), Frank Ellis (Storeman), Laurence Harrington (Publican), Julian Firth (Kemp), Johnny Irving (Old Man), Paul Rattigan (Trevelyan), Oona Kirsch (Margaret), Michael Seraphin (Pavement Artist)

Norika and Suzanne go to a pub brawl and the landlord isn't happy at how they deal with it.

190 :06x03 - Carry Your Bags, Sir?

First aired: Jan/09/1990
Writer: John Milne
Director: Simon Cellan-Jones
Guest star: Phil Nice (Nigel Cobb), Tom Marshall (Mr. Morrison), Brigitte Kahn (Officer Krantz), Owen Hatchard (Young Mechanic), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

A German officer requires an escort around Sun Hill as Reg is punched by a man.

191 :06x04 - I Thought You'd Gone

First aired: Jan/11/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Ben Onwukwe (Sergeant), Stephen Tiller (Inspector), Pauline Little (Strippergram), Debbie Paul (Tina)

Taffy and Christine are leaving Sun Hill as parties are made for them.

192 :06x05 - C.A.D.

First aired: Jan/16/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Stephen Finlay (M. P.), Geraldine Fitzgerald (Doctor Seymour)

As Sun Hill officers give blood, in the C.A.D. room, Viv goes off the air as she chases armed suspects.

193 :06x06 - A Day Lost

First aired: Jan/18/1990
Writer: Les Pollard
Director: Philip Casson
Guest star: Alan Haines (Night Watchman), Dawn Perllman (Mrs Wilkins), Gillian Bush Bailey (Headmistress), David Howe (Tim Hallward), Lucienne Camille (Tenant), Lawrence Werber (Mr Bryant), Joan Kirkman (Woman at Front Desk), Gerry White (Mr Stone), Eric Forster (Neighbour)

A boy has gone missing as a search begins as Andrew Monroe thinks A relief have gone soft.

194 :06x07 - A Clean Division

First aired: Jan/23/1990
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Antony Carrick (Chief Superintendent), Danny McGrath (P.C. - Stafford Row), Mark Strong (P.C. Gibb), Andrew Powell (P.C. Horden), David Lonsdale (Sgt. Hallett), Stuart Turton (D.I. - Stafford Row), Jason Broe (Youth 1), Ancel McFarlane (Youth 2)

Jim's career is on the line as he is arrested for drink driving as Frank tries to get him out of it.

195 :06x08 - Roger And Out

First aired: Jan/25/1990
Writer: John Kershaw
Director: David Giles
Guest star: Gavin Warwick (Roger Collins)

Tom reports Tosh when one of his prisoners turns out to be his lodger which is against regulations.

196 :06x09 - Addresses

First aired: Jan/30/1990
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Christopher Lovett
Guest star: Victor Maddern (Mr Grant), Nathan Ariss (Harry), Jonathan Oliver (Mr Old), Sonia Ritter (Sharon Sharp), Anne Lynch (Mrs Old)

A lady with a suitcase brings Viv and Bob some trouble as she tries to find an address.

197 :06x10 - Michael Runs The Family Now

First aired: Feb/01/1990
Writer: Kieran Prendiville
Director: John Michael Phillips
Guest star: David Auker (Pub Landlord), Stephen Tate (Michael Lovett), Sally Baxter (Judy Goldman), Roy Holder (Danny Smith), Robert Aldous (George Foster), David Keyes (Billy), Paul Kidd (Ambulance man)

Michael Lovett runs a video shop but Frank believes he is following his dad's footsteps.

198 :06x11 - Against The Odds

First aired: Feb/06/1990
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Keith Washington
Guest star: Ivan Beavis (Mangan), Samuel Johnson (Gareth Arnold), John Levitt (Varsey), Terry Downes (Purvis), John Collis (Boy), Desmond McNamara (Dobbs), Harry Fielder (Lucas)

A snout approaches Dashwood about a potential gang war in Sun Hill. Greig is acting DI as Burnside is on the sick - with a bad back!

199 :06x12 - Blood Sucker

First aired: Feb/08/1990
Writer: Steve Trafford
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Patrick Connor (Landlord), Geoffrey Greenhill (Soames), Tristan Maguire (Terry), Tessa Bell-Briggs (Mrs Carter), Martin Head (Hewitt), Steve Alder (Derek Carter)

Quinnan airs his views on battered women. Meanwhile, Brownlow is on the prowl after the charity box goes missing at Sun Hill.

200 :06x13 - Workers in Uniform

First aired: Feb/13/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Colm Villa
Guest star: John Pickle (Jim)

The relief lose their weekend off after a planned festival is cancelled so Hollis complains to Brownlow. Meanwhile, when delivering some files to another station in Turnham's panda, Quinnan ends damaging the car and tries to cover it up when Turnham gets the blame.

201 :06x14 - Something To Hide

First aired: Feb/15/1990
Writer: Tom Needham
Director: John Michael Phillips
Guest star: Colin Farrell (Ted Howard), Christine Ellerbeck (Sue), Terry Richards (Mad Mike), Justin Kielty (Wayne), Frank Pendlebury (Antique Shop Owner), Barry McCarthy (Charlie Trinnick), Brian Storm (Man in Pub)

Melvin catches a suspect that has been fishing in a pond for something. It turns out to be gun-shaped, however it turns out to be a piece of jewellery.

202 :06x15 - The Old Men's Run

First aired: Feb/20/1990
Writer: John Milne
Director: David Hayman
Guest star: Harbans Singh (Mr Gupta), Hilary Dawson (S.O.C.O.), Parsons Singh (Mrs gupta), Peter Gideon (Tony Hogbean), Barry Birch (Jimmy Miller), Jimmy Morris (3rd Youth), Charabula Chokski (Woman), Geoffrey Towers (Lenny Green), April Ford (Judy)

Conway and Cryer are taking part in the Divisional quarter marathon and they come across a man in a wheelchair being mugged but Cryer pulls a muscle when giving chase!

203 :06x16 - Legacies

First aired: Feb/22/1990
Writer: Peter Gibbs
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Hazel Bainbridge (Mrs Tullet), Seymour Matthews (Len Benskin), Wendy van der Plank (Tina Benskin), Malcolm Rogers (Amnesiac), Symond Lawes (Carl Benskin), Judith Anthony (Brenda Benskin), Cyril Epstein (Grandad Benskin), Paul Wjitworth (Peter Jenkins)

Stamp and Martella are called to a burglary but Tosh reckons it is part of a string of burglaries that have hit the area.

204 :06x17 - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

First aired: Feb/27/1990
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Colm Villa
Guest star: Louise Lombard (Susan Peterfield), Jon Finch (Commander Peterfield), Paris Jefferson (Prisoner), Sam Howard (Shane), Amanda Dickinson (Anita Pinner), Doreen Ingleton (Pearl), Emma Myant (Nurse), Thomas Duncan (Boy), Maynard Eziashi (Gilroy), Jonathan Caplan (Ben Glickstein), Harry Landis (Mr. Glickstein)

Burnside brings in a van load of party goers that are associated with drugs.

205 :06x18 - Something Special

First aired: Mar/01/1990
Writer: Guy Meredith
Director: David Giles
Guest star: Lorraine Ashbourne (Maria), Ron Meadows (Boyce), Phil Horsley (Foreman), Alexander O'Dwyer (Baby), James Neale Kennerley (Hassan), Eamonn Jones (Tooley)

Peters finds that the cell keys have gone missing and suspects that it has something to do with the drunks Hollis and Turnham have just released.

206 :06x19 - Enemies

First aired: Mar/06/1990
Writer: Philip Martin
Director: Alan Wareing
Guest star: Badi Uzzaman (Mr Gopal), Aubrey Midge Taylor (Jack Landers), Hebe Chitnis (Mrs Gopal), Janet Steel (Sonora), Dhirendra (Jami Gadwani), Michael Snelders (Asian Youth), Cynthia Powell (Mrs Dakin), Atma Ram (Stall Holder)

A group of Asian youths raid a till in the market but Peters fails to stop them.

207 :06x20 - Safe Place

First aired: Mar/08/1990
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Tom Cotter
Guest star: Frank Jarvis (1st Male Patient), Frances Atkinson (Girl Patient), Osmund Bullock (Bank Manager), Eileen Bell (Woman Patient), Simon Foy (2nd Male Patient), David Alder (3rd Male Patient), Lloyd Peters (Male Therapist), Sue Withers (Female Therapist)

A bank robbery has taken place but Ted Roach isn't getting anywhere with the case but he discovers it is a carbon copy of a bank robbery that happened 8 years previously.

208 :06x21 - Burnside Knew My Father

First aired: Mar/13/1990
Writer: Lennie James
Director: Tom Cotter
Guest star: Shango Baku (Pascal), David Gooderson (Edwards), David Bauckham (Phelps), Faith Edwards (Young Woman), Wilbert Johnson (Dom Reeves), Diedre Costello (Mrs. Gilmartin), Ben Felton (Jason), Rudolph Walker (Papa Reeves)

An old pal of Burnside's wants to help his terminally ill wife to die but Burnside tells him he'll do time if he goes through with it.

209 :06x22 - Watching

First aired: Mar/15/1990
Writer: Peter Gibbs
Director: Christopher Lovett
Guest star: Clifford Parrish (Alec), Pauline Letts (Miss Harvey), Roger Alborough (Nossek), Diana Payan (Maggie), James Bowers (Wrigley), Gladis Robinson (Avril), Steven Beard (Hanks), Mario Renzullo (Mechanic), Geoffrey Hodson (Harry)

An intruder is discovered in a school so Garfield and Quinnan are called to the scene.

210 :06x23 - University Challenge

First aired: Mar/20/1990
Writer: Simon Moss
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: James Noble (Dunlop), Mary Maude (Belinda Webb), Valerie Holliman (Patty Buchan), Barbie Clark (Lady Shopper), Nick Girvan (Farrow), Paul Wimsett (Asquirth)

A lady tells Stamp about some people hanging about in the supermarket with masks on, he investigates and informs CAD of the robbery.

211 :06x24 - Growing Pains

First aired: Mar/22/1990
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Philip Casson
Guest star: Steven King (Boy on Roller Skates), Brian Stephens (Rennes), Paul McKenzie (Desmond), Helen Cotterill (Mrs Duffy), Rosalind Marsh (Miss Pine), Jonathan Evans (Doctor), Michelle Thorneycroft (Nurse), Ric Wadsworth (Security Guard)

Garfield interviews a juvenile - without a tape and realises he has broken the rules as an appropriate adult should have been in attendance.

212 :06x25 - One Of The Boys

First aired: Mar/27/1990
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Alan Wareing
Guest star: Matt Bradley (Terry Pearce), Britt Morrow (Prostitute), Andy Serkis (Dean Platt), Doc O'Brien (Bus Conductor), Peter Moran (Barman), Ian Sales (Danny Pearce), Justin Cleverly (Black Youth), Gerry Vidal (Maltese Mike)

213 :06x26 - Beggars and Choosers

First aired: Mar/29/1990
Writer: Steve Trafford
Director: Bob Hird
Guest star: Michael O'Connor (Dickens), Mark Penfold (Timpson), Hugh Dickson (Alan), Rod Arthur (Harry), Bryan Coleman (James), Michael Mawby (Council Man), Ann Castle (Mary), Richard Leaf (Youth), Martin Weedon (Clark)

214 :06x27 - Citadel

First aired: Apr/03/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Bob Hird
Guest star: Christopher Godwin (Stark), Roger Brierley (Alnut), Jon Glover (Ballinger), James Griffiths (Commander), Michael Bilton (Old Man)

215 :06x28 - Blue Eyed Boy

First aired: Apr/05/1990
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Greg Hicks (Hinks), Kika Mirylees (Maria Huntly), Reginald Tsiboe (Mr O'Donnell), Phil Fox (Lionel Brown), Sheila Grant (Mrs. Crooks)

216 :06x29 - Full House

First aired: Apr/10/1990
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Julian Amyes
Guest star: Graham Cull (Joe Carlton), Kevin Quarmby (Billy Crocker), Bruce Green (Tommy Cook), Phillip Reader (Traffic Warden)

217 :06x30 - Big Fish, Little Fish

First aired: Apr/12/1990
Writer: Patrick Harkins
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Graham Seed (Fisherman), Timothy Block (Geoff Lester), Oliver Smith (Lawrence Smith), Tony Collins (Terry Short)

218 :06x31 - Information Received

First aired: Apr/17/1990
Writer: Kevin Clarke
Director: Michael Simpson
Guest star: Dean Harris (D.S. Terry), Ann Mitchell (Miss Alexander), Michael Feast (Mickey Owen), Richard Platt (Mr. Mills), Yvonne D'Alpra (Magistrate), Gary Powell (Malone), Colin Skeaping (Mickey's driver), Lou Wakefield (D.I. Kellner), Jim Hooper (Josie)

219 :06x32 - Close Co-Operation

First aired: Apr/19/1990
Writer: Garry Lyons
Director: Michael Simpson
Guest star: Philip Whitchurch (Insp. Twist), Stephen Bill (Brian), Soo Drouet (W.P.C. Higgins), Grant Oatley (P.C. Mark Wheeler), Stephen Marchant (Billy Steen), Matthew Sourfield (Sgt. Terry Coles), Margaret Jackman (Mrs Reynolds), Tom McCabe (Divisional Surgeon), Jennifer Marritoo (Shoplifter)

220 :06x33 - Middleman (Part 1 of 2)

First aired: Apr/24/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Michael Simpson
Guest star: Pete Lee-Wilson (Mark Duggan), Martin Phillips (Lenny Stoller), Clive Wood (D. I. Wray), Hester Goodman (Wendy)

221 :06x34 - Corkscrew (Part 2 of 2)

First aired: Apr/26/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Michael Simpson
Guest star: Pete Lee-Wilson (Mark Duggan), Clive Wood (D.C.I. Wray), Matthew Sourfield (Sgt. Coles)

222 :06x35 - Obsessions

First aired: May/01/1990
Writer: Peter Gibbs
Director: Julian Amyes
Guest star: Clare Clifford (Jenny Thompson), Nicholas Gecks (Geoffrey Thompson), Vivienne Ritchie (Lisa Wain), Margaret Clifton (Mrs Mellor), Mandy Travis (Mrs Trafford)

223 :06x36 - Small Hours

First aired: May/03/1990
Writer: Kevin Clarke
Director: Mike Vardy
Guest star: Gerard Doyle (Tea Bar Proprietor), Sue Broomfield (Susie), Helene Patarot (Mrs Bich), David Nelson (Quail)

224 :06x37 - Victims

First aired: May/08/1990
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: John Cater (Mr Cleghorn), Sandra Voe (Mrs Cleghorn)

225 :06x38 - Somebody's Husband

First aired: May/10/1990
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: John Cater (Mr Cleghorn), Catherine Russell (Julie Gardner), Anthony Trent (Ray Martin), Paula Hamilton (Valerie Martin)

226 :06x39 - Canley Fields

First aired: May/15/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Gary Webster (Deacon), Richard Hainsworth (Dog Handler), Bunny May (Coomer)

227 :06x40 - The Night Watch

First aired: May/17/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Felicity Duncan (Tink), Richard McCabe (Darryl), Stephen Hope Wynne (Police Surgeon), Mark Addy (Matthew), Emma Longfellow (Tina), Alex Mollo (Sean), Emma Chambers (Marie), Susie Ann Watkins (Sara)

228 :06x41 - Trojan Horse (Part 1 of 2)

First aired: May/22/1990
Writer: Pat Dunlop
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: John McEnery (Davidson), Danny McCarthy (2nd Ambulanceman), Karl Jenkinson (Barratt), Wayne Norman (Wilkes), Thomas Kett (2nd Journalist), Jonathan Coyne (1st Journalist), Gary Sharkey (1st Ambulanceman), Lewis George (D.A.C. Adamson), Graham Barclay (P.C. Smallwood), David Warwick (Bomb Disposal Officer)

229 :06x42 - Rites (Part 2 of 2)

First aired: May/24/1990
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Michael Hughes (Rev. Facer), Robert Hudson (Yorkie Smith), Kika Mirylees (Maria), Colin Blumenau (P.C. Edwards), Claudia Winston (Woman with Pram), Brian Lawson (Sgt. Wilkins)

230 :06x43 - Answers

First aired: May/29/1990
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Anthony May (Phil Roth), Julia Chambers (Annette Roth), Jemma Churchill (Babs), Paul Toothill (Mark)

231 :06x44 - A Fresh Start

First aired: May/31/1990
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Tony Caunter (D.A.C. Jago), Simon Rouse (Det. Supt. Meadows), Gurdial Sira (Malik), Jo Unwin (Tina Milkins), Desmond Cullum-Jones (Mayor), Bruce Callender (Graydon), Paul Antony-Barber (Headmaster), Ella Wilder (Donovan), Lynne Pearson (Mrs. Price), Mmoloki Chrystie (Hillman), Richard Jamieson (Press Photographer), Victor Gallucci (DC Tom Baker)

232 :06x45 - A Case To Answer

First aired: Jun/05/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Stuart Burge
Guest star: Caroline Langrishe (Perditia Flaxton-Green), Cyril Nri (Julian Bates), Adrian McLoughlin (Pub Landlord), Mark Addy (Matthew Holden), Michael Haughey (Magistrate), Mike Kemp (Charlie Wales), David Lawrenceson (Tommy Lawrence)

233 :06x46 - Line Up

First aired: Jun/07/1990
Writer: Elizabeth-Anne Wheal
Director: Stuart Burge
Guest star: Elspeth Charlton (Sarah Greenway), Michael Brogan (Robert Yarby), Robert Packham (Punter in Street)

234 :06x47 - Police Powers

First aired: Jun/12/1990
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Guest star: Nicholas Harrison (Gavin Muir), Chris Jenkinson (Farmer), John Arthur (Medical Officer), Ian Reddington (Burnett), David Cann (Saul), Stephen Holland (Kevin Huntley), Derek Lea (Player 2 (home)), Tom Butcher (P.C. Steve Loxton), James Smith (Jones), Bernard Finch (1st Journalist), Trevor Jones (2nd Journalist)

235 :06x48 - Action Book

First aired: Jun/14/1990
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Keith Taylor (Bellingham), Simon Rouse (D. Supt. Meadows), David Schaal (2nd Journalist), Lynne Pearson (Mrs Price), Moya Ruskin (West Indian Woman), Nicholas Tennant (Moulden), Jonathan Cayne (1st Journalist), Michael Garner (Mr Price)

236 :06x49 - Tactics

First aired: Jun/19/1990
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Desmond McNamara (Alfie Dobbs), Ben Onwukwe (Night Shift Sergeant), Roger Walker (D. I. Teale), Philip Childs (D.C. Noble), Nicholas Lumley (D.C. Bayley), Mark Stratton (D.C. Thornton), Joe Wenbourne (CAD Sergeant)

237 :06x50 - Scores

First aired: Jun/21/1990
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Guest star: Al Fiorentini (Waiter), Terry Cowling (Trafford), Janetta Wallis (Mo's Wife), Marie Harper (Rikki Trafford), Nick Mahoney (Johnny Bruce), Kelly Cryer (Mrs Bruce)

238 :06x51 - Witch Hunt

First aired: Jun/26/1990
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Ron Cook (Peter Angell)

239 :06x52 - Close To Home

First aired: Jun/28/1990
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Kate Lock (Mrs Hooper), Ned Vukovic (Dr Gill), Vincenzo Ricotta (Rixon), Amanda Loy-Ellis (Laura), Julia Office (Receptionist), Doña Croll (Mrs. Boyce)

240 :06x53 - Breaking Point

First aired: Jul/03/1990
Writer: Les Pollard
Director: Peter Barber-Fleming
Guest star: Philippa Gail (Mrs Smith), Robert Gary (Mr Lavelle), Hilary Sesta (Bag Lady), June Watson (Peggy Smart), Claudette Williams (Casualty Sister), Wendy Allnutt (Mrs Lavelle), Jenny Robbins (Ambulance woman), Samantha Hammond (Hazel Lavelle), Sally Granfield (Hospital Receptionist)

241 :06x54 - Jumping The Gun

First aired: Jul/05/1990
Guest star: David Mallinson (Mr Finch), Reginald Jessup (Old Aged Pensioner), Ken Wynne (Fisherman), Lisa Butler (Katie Finch), Tim Meats (Forensic), Joanna Mackie (Hospital Sister), Jo John (Cashier), Michael Mulkerrin (Terence Kilby), Michael Cassidy (Ambulanceman)

242 :06x55 - What Kind of Man

First aired: Jul/10/1990
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Christopher Lovett
Guest star: Tim Brown (Mr Thorpe), Marjorie Yates (Mrs Blake), Patricia Linden (School Secretary), Jim McManus (Mr. Blake)

243 :06x56 - Beat Crime

First aired: Jul/12/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher

244 :06x57 - Unsocial Hours

First aired: Jul/17/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Peter Benson (Johnny)

245 :06x58 - Interpretations

First aired: Jul/19/1990
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Julian Amyes

246 :06x59 - Angles

First aired: Jul/24/1990
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Roger Tucker

247 :06x60 - Watch My Lips

First aired: Jul/26/1990
Writer: Patrick Harkins
Director: Julian Amyes

248 :06x61 - Feeling Brave

First aired: Jul/31/1990
Writer: John Milne
Director: Richard Holthouse
Guest star: Colin McCormack (Naylor), Shirin Taylor (Mrs. Costas)

249 :06x62 - Come Fly With Me

First aired: Aug/02/1990
Writer: Peter Gibbs
Director: Michael Kerrigan
Guest star: William Hoyland (Deakins), Albert Moses (Imam), Stephen Hope Wynne (Police Surgeon), Charu Bala Chokshi (Asian Lady), Tariq Yunus (Nazir Latif), John Levitt (Mr Crane), Neeru Harrison (Asian Girl), Jagdish Kumar (Elder), Raymond Llewellyn (Fisher), Steve Jacobs (Stephens)

250 :06x63 - Attitudes

First aired: Aug/07/1990
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Richard Holthouse
Guest star: Brian Badcoe (Elderly Man), Brian Pettifer (Family Doctor), Eve Bland (Neighbour with children), Simon Wright (Dog Owner), Helena McCarthy (Elderly Woman), Lollie May (Woman Neighbour), Mark Brignal (Mr Conroy), Liz Gebhardt (Car Driver), James Bryce (Publican)

251 :06x64 - Robbo

First aired: Aug/09/1990
Writer: Brian Finch
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Jenny Howe (Post Mistress), John Bardon (Robbo Robbins), Jean Channon (W.P.C.Wentworth), David Sterne (Mr Gray), Ruddy L. Davis (Johnson Snr.), Peter Cleall (Mr Axton), Sylvia Lake (2nd Housewife), Stephen Amon (Johnson Jnr.), Maureen Sweeney (Mrs Gray)

252 :06x65 - Ground Rules

First aired: Aug/14/1990
Writer: Geoff McQueen
Director: Michael Kerrigan
Guest star: Len Howe (Reg), Andrew McCulloch (Kenning), Jeffrey Gear (Joe Timson), Suzanne Sinclair (Miss Thorpe), Richard Earthy (1st Man), Peggy Ann Jones (Dolly), Christopher Whittingham (Peter)

253 :06x66 - Once a Copper

First aired: Aug/16/1990
Writer: Robin Mukherjee
Director: Frank W. Smith
Guest star: Bill Gavin (Gardener), Geoffrey Bateman (Michael Speers), Eric Allan (Tony Cooper), Phil Atkinson (Davey), Tessa Gallagher (Jill davey)

254 :06x67 - Vendetta

First aired: Aug/21/1990
Writer: Peter Brooks
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Luan Peters (Sylvia), Ken Wynne (Jackson), Stephen Tate (Lovett), Ben Davis (Mark), Peter MacQueen (Doctor), Colin Baldwin (Shopkeeper), Binky Baker (Landlord), Ritchie Madden (Webb), Amanda Mealing (Janie)

255 :06x68 - My Favourite Things

First aired: Aug/23/1990
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Roger Tucker

256 :06x69 - Win Some Lose Some

First aired: Aug/28/1990
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Jeremy Ancock
Guest star: Ron Welling (Noddy Potter), Colin Jeavons (Johnny Lyall), Jonathan Stratt (Dave Whitaker), Peter Geeves (Jimmy Gooden), Alison King (Monica Reynolds), Sophie Heyman (Pam Cooper), Julia McCarthy (Mrs Jeavons), Dennis Blanch (Ricky Reynolds), Michael Watkins (Robert McKenzie)

257 :06x70 - Up The Steps

First aired: Aug/30/1990
Director: Jeremy Ancock
Guest star: David Dixon (Edward Reaeden), Gabrielle O'Brien (Court Usher), Janet Maw (Sarah Gleeson), Dominic Jephcott (David Warner), Peter Gale (Roger Hughes), Frank Duncan (Judge), Maggie Wilkinson (Angela Wade), Harry Miller (Antecedent Officer)

258 :06x71 - Where There's a Will

First aired: Sep/04/1990
Writer: Patrick Harkins
Director: Garth Tucker
Guest star: Bernard Gallagher (Charles Winters), Peter Silverleaf (Ray Grant), Peter Sproule (Ted Bolton), Richard Hawley (Ralph Pender), Pauline Black (Cheryl Rose Lane), Caroline O'Neill (Cheryl Price)

259 :06x72 - Near The Knuckle

First aired: Sep/06/1990
Writer: Ayshe Raif
Director: Nick Hamm
Guest star: David Quilter (Police Surgeon), John Rowe (Dr Richard Curtess-Brown), Bazil Otoin (Ch. Insp. Langham), Rashid Karapiet (Ali Muhmed), Dorothy Tutin (Cheryl Curtess-Brown)

260 :06x73 - Body Language

First aired: Sep/11/1990
Writer: Dick Sharples
Director: Nick Hamm
Guest star: Julia Swift (Judy Beardon), Christopher Whitehouse (Irishman), Maureen Beattie (Tory Councilor), Nimmy March (West Indian Woman), Rosalind Boxall (Mayoress), Bill Cashmore (Journalist), Peter de Jersey (Nigel Bradley), Christopher Beevers (Labour Councilor), Ken Shorter (Heckler), Ian Redford (C.P.O. Boland)

261 :06x74 - When Did You Last See Your Father?

First aired: Sep/13/1990
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Bob Gabriel
Guest star: Gertan Klauber (Roadsweeper), Peter Waddington (Mr. Crake), Ben Onwukwe (Sgt. Sage), Cliff Parisi (Rossetti), Brian Rawlinson (Tombs), Dean Magri (Wayne Rossetti), Jo Warne (Mrs. Andrews), Joe Fraser (Raymond Parks), Dana Gillespie (Mrs. Rossetti), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

262 :06x75 - Eye-Witness

First aired: Sep/18/1990
Writer: Christopher Penfold
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: James Head (P.C. Rogers), Stephen Riddle (Editor), David Harewood (Williams), Sam Halpenny (Stephen), Garry Freer (Lang), Katherine Iddon (Mrs. West), Kenna Kendall (Moshtael), Debi Thompson (Sandra)

263 :06x76 - Sufficient Evidence

First aired: Sep/20/1990
Writer: Rib Davis
Director: Garth Tucker
Guest star: Al Gregg (Benfield), Sam James (Austen), Jane Hutcheson (Miss Padley), Tracey Newton (Biz), Trilby Harris (Julie), Richard Brightiff (Thorn), Abigail Thaw (Berne)

264 :06x77 - Forget-Me-Not

First aired: Sep/25/1990
Writer: Russell Lewis
Director: Frank W. Smith
Guest star: Louise Kerr (Nursing Sister), Joane Hall (Mrs Hurley), Amelda Brown (Jean Gilson), Paul Page Hanson (P.C. Hartley), Derek Lyons (P.C. Lovell), Duncan Gould (Doctor)

265 :06x78 - Something to Remember

First aired: Sep/27/1990
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Laura Sims
Guest star: Yvonne Bonnamy (Mrs. Quinnan), Pippa Hinchley (Denise Butler), Jo Abercrombie (Mrs. Curtis), Stephen Tredre (P.C. at Ceremony), Claire Toeman (Press Officer), Fiona Curtis (Suzanne)

266 :06x79 - Off The Leash

First aired: Oct/02/1990
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Natasha Estelle Williams (W.P.C. Delia French), Declan Mulholland (Raymond Kellow), Eamon Geoghegan (Ringo), Lino Omoboni (Sunny Marquez), Janet Crawford (Pauline Kellow)

267 :06x80 - Family Ties

First aired: Oct/04/1990
Writer: Martyn Wade
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Christopher Mitchell (Prison Officer), David Quilter (Police Surgeon), Niven Boyd (Dave Rawlings), John Golightly (Mr. Farley), Philip Dunbar (Magistrate), Philippa Urquhart (Mrs. Farley), Diane Beevers (Dr. Hewland), Chris Hale (Hughes), Madalyn Morgan (Sheila Clarke)

268 :06x81 - Old Friends

First aired: Oct/09/1990
Writer: Nick Collins
Director: Michael Kerrigan
Guest star: Sidney Livingstone (Stan Thorn), Frederick Warder (Desmond), Marian McLoughlin (Mary Thorn), Pat O'Toole (Journalist), Paul Keown (Fire Officer), Hayley Hauxwell (Natasha), John Phythian (Billy Adams), Emma Walton (Natasha's sister), David Birrell (Ice Cream Vendor)

269 :06x82 - Pride and Prejudice

First aired: Oct/11/1990
Writer: Tim Firth
Director: Laura Sims
Guest star: Tony Matthews (Farquharson), David Easter (Gary Canning), Marcia Myrie (Doctor)

270 :06x83 - Housey Housey

First aired: Oct/16/1990
Writer: John Chambers
Director: William Brayne
Guest star: Sebastian Abineri (Ron Waite), Kathryn Pogson (Mrs. Abbott), Paul Copley (Mr. Abbott), Ben Brazier (Abbott Child), Fergus Brazier (Abbott Child), Max Brazier (Abbott Child), Sian Thomas (Sally Paresh), Kym Dyson (Student Squatter)

271 :06x84 - Connelly's Kids

First aired: Oct/18/1990
Writer: Michael Cameron
Director: Christopher Lovett
Guest star: Jim Norton (Patrick Connelly), Simon Cowell-Parker (Father McGowen), Pamela Sholto (Mrs. Callaghan), Natalie Davis (Kathleen Connelly), Carly Evans (Mary Connelly), Robert Lister (Geoff Rogers)

272 :06x85 - One of Those Days

First aired: Oct/23/1990
Writer: Roger Leach
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Mac Andrews (Traffic P.C.), Claudette Williams (Ward Sister), Andrew Dennis (1st Ambulanceman), Terry Taplin (Mr Proctor- Jones), Sarah Chard (Mrs Stephenson), Peter Scarsbrook (2nd Ambulanceman), Toni Kanal (Casualty Sister)

273 :06x86 - Jack-The-Lad

First aired: Oct/25/1990
Writer: Michael Baker
Director: Bill Hays
Guest star: Linda Marlowe (Edie Charles), Jacquetta May (Shirley Devlin), Teresa Banham (Paula Reed), Richard Zajdlic (Frank Devlin)

274 :06x87 - Blue Murder

First aired: Oct/30/1990
Writer: Russell Lewis
Director: Stuart Urban
Guest star: Philip Anthony (Doctor), James Warrior (2nd S.O.C.O.), Bob Mason (1st S.O.C.O.), Lee MacDonald (Bell), Patsy Palmer (Suzanne), Patrick Pearson (Skene), Russell Brook (P.C. Bradley), Danny Hosier (2nd Boy), Bob Fletcher (Harris)

275 :06x88 - Effective Persuaders

First aired: Nov/01/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Miles Harvey (Custody P. C.), Jonathan Lermit (Desk P. C.), Tony Rohr (Sgt Eady), Ron Donachie (Sgt. Willis)

276 :06x89 - A Sense of Duty

First aired: Nov/06/1990
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Bill Hays
Guest star: Jeremy Nicholas (Drunken Man), Stephen Hope Wynne (Police Surgeon), Gary Richards (Bar Manager), Ronald Chenery (Restaurant Proprietor)

277 :06x90 - Lying In Wait

First aired: Nov/08/1990
Director: William Brayne
Guest star: Simon Rouse (D. I. Meadows), Roger Frost (Mr Cresswell), Edward Clayton (Mr Davis), Danny Davies (1st Neighbour), Heather Emmanuel (Taylor's Solicitor), Roger Monk (Harold Skinner), Jenny Robbins (Ambulance Woman), Joe York (2nd Neighbour), Sonya May (Janice Taylor), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

278 :06x91 - Plato For Policemen

First aired: Nov/13/1990
Writer: Robin Mukherjee
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Mike Shannon (Nightwatchman), Tony Young (Bystander), Simon Rouse (Det. Supt. Meadows), Anthony Milner (Terry Jackson), Linda Bassett (Shena Jackson), Kerry Peers (Jenny Whittaker), Peter Clay (Det. Supt. Soper), Joanna Field (Mrs Cox), Daniel Moynihan (Dr Wyndham)

279 :06x92 - Testimony

First aired: Nov/15/1990
Writer: Robin Mukherjee
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Anthony Milner (Terry Jackson), Linda Bassett (Shena Jackson), Bruce Alexander (Mulgrove), Kerry Peers (Jenny Whittaker), Christopher Saul (Medical Officer), Michael Shevelew (Doctor)

280 :06x93 - Decisions

First aired: Nov/20/1990
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Tom Cotter
Guest star: Campbell Morrison (Wagon driver), Sam Smart (Stephen Hillen), Patricia Brake (Irene)

281 :06x94 - Know Your Enemy

First aired: Nov/22/1990
Guest star: David Warwick (Bomb squad officer), Beryl Cooke (Old woman)

282 :06x95 - Lies

First aired: Nov/27/1990
Guest star: Adele Silva (Girl)

283 :06x96 - Old Wounds

First aired: Nov/29/1990
Writer: Ian Briggs
Director: Roger Tucker
Guest star: Alan Ford (Frank Litton), James Tomlinson (Warehouse Manager), Ricci Harnett (Sean Litton), Michael Simkins (D.C.I. Bradby), Margery Withers (Mrs Rice), Paul Kelly (Graham Rose), Ravi Aujla (Ahmed Iqbal), Cate Fowler (Woman Driver), Trudy Turner (Newsagent's Wife)

284 :06x97 - Just For A Moment

First aired: Dec/04/1990
Writer: Susan B. Shattock
Director: Tom Cotter
Guest star: Neil Clark (Insp. Trellisk), Charlie Creed-Miles (Gary Staples), Sara Corper (Jennie Pitt), Kate David (Mrs Johnson), Katharine Page (Old Woman), Nicholas Frost (TSG Sgt), Dylan O'mahony (Prisoner)

285 :06x98 - Market Forces

First aired: Dec/06/1990
Writer: Peter Brooks
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
Guest star: Steven Mackintosh (Tony Martin), Peter Craze (Mr. Franklin)

286 :06x99 - One For The Road (Part 1 of 2)

First aired: Dec/11/1990
Writer: Michael Crompton
Director: John Strickland
Guest star: Lloyd McGuire (Sgt. Matts), Tracey Wilson (Barmaid)

287 :06x100 - Start With The Whistle (Part 2 of 2)

First aired: Dec/13/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: John Strickland
Guest star: Paul Williamson (Doctor), Terry John (Sgt. Tanner), Stephen Churchett (D.I. Dewhurst), Janette Legge (Wendy Penny), Freddie Stuart (Shopkeeper), David Trevena (Clerk), Margaret Stallard (Magistrate), Freddie Lees (SLO)

288 :06x101 - Out of The Blue

First aired: Dec/18/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Moira Armstrong
Guest star: Peter Ferdinando (2nd Youth)

289 :06x102 - Street Smart

First aired: Dec/20/1990
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
Guest star: Carolyn Pickles (DCI Reid), Claudette Williams (Hospital Sister), Clive Kneller (Don), Morgan Deare (American Tourist), Frank Jakeman (Neville), Bob Wisdom (Johnny Olina-Olu), Chas Bryer (Malcolm), Benjamin Herman (Baby)

290 :06x103 - Safe As Houses

First aired: Dec/26/1990
Director: Tom Cotter, Russell Lewis
Guest star: Kevin O'Brien (CID Officer), Sam Miller (Sgt. Maitland), Steven Wickham (Arthur Ball), Jeremy Stockwell (Gillett), Ken Hutchison (Lennie Powell), Steve Thomson (CID Officer)

291 :06x104 - Friends and Neighbours

First aired: Dec/27/1990
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Mike Dormer
Guest star: Richard Davies (Ralph Edgar), Brian Croucher (Alan Shaw), Jane Hollowood (Mrs Woburn), Jean Warren (Teresa Shaw), Doug Bradley (Pete Henderson), Allan Surtees (Sgt. Wally Redfearn)

292 :07x01 - Grief

First aired: Jan/01/1991
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Elizabeth Bradley (Mrs Lawrence), Wayne Foskett (Foreman), Alison Brooks (Hayley), Samantha Janus (Secretary), Jean Leppard (Traffic Warden), Eve White (C.P.S. Solicitor), James McClure (Mr Adrian), Roger Winslet (D.S. Gladwin)

293 :07x02 - The Chase

First aired: Jan/03/1991
Writer: Carole Harrison
Director: Stuart Urban
Guest star: David Doyle (Braden), Martin Oldfield (Farrell), Angela Morant (Mrs Henney), Deborah Miles (Mother), Mac Andrews (Traffic Sgt.), Ian Liston (D.I. Coleman), Tim Goodwin (1st Customer), Martyn Read (Ch. Insp. Lamb), Paul Kidd (Ambulanceman), Annette Holland (Witness), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.), Richard Graham (Daniels), Chris Hadfield (2nd Customer), Stephanie Lee Andujar (Bimbo)

294 :07x03 - The Attack

First aired: Jan/08/1991
Writer: Philip Palmer
Director: John Black
Guest star: Michael Arch (Tom Dukes), Brenda Peters (Mrs Lloyd), Linus Staples (Youth), Paul Morris (West Indian), Max Latimer (Security Guard)

295 :07x04 - Crown V. Cooper

First aired: Jan/10/1991
Writer: Jane Hollowood
Director: Michael Kerrigan
Guest star: Robin Sachs (Prosecuting Counsel), John Vine (Defence Counsel), Nicholas Courtney (Judge), Richard Dennis (Mr Reilly), Kim Pappas (W.P.C. Tamsin), Ian Kearney (Foreman), Glynn Pritchard (Cooper), Steve Delaney (S.O.C.O.), Eve Ferret (Carol Reilly)

296 :07x05 - The Girl Can't Help It

First aired: Jan/15/1991
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: John Strickland
Guest star: Shirley Stelfox (Mrs Mitchell), Norma Dunbar (Woman at Window), Bill Bingham (Man with Veronique), Anna Larimer (Veronique)

297 :07x06 - Machines

First aired: Jan/17/1991
Guest star: Ian Thompson (Prentice), Stewart Harwood (Clearance Man), Meera Syal (Solicitor), Henry Goodman (Harry), Jackie Downey (Daughter), John Horsley (Chairman of Magistrates), David Trevena (Clerk of Court), Royce Mills (Mahon), Graham Chinn (Clearance Man)

298 :07x07 - Loophole

First aired: Jan/22/1991
Writer: Michael Baker
Director: John Strickland
Guest star: Arthur Whybrow (Nobby), Tom Sanders (Mark Winter), Anna Turner (Mrs Grimes), Shefki Bayram (Suit 2), Drummond Bowskill (Sean), Michael G. Jones (Suit 1), Donald Bisset (Mr. Grimes)

299 :07x08 - Bottle

First aired: Jan/24/1991
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Guest star: David Gillies (Night Sgt.), Barry Ewart (Terry McMullen), Neil Clark (Insp. Trellisk), Joanna Bacon (Mrs McMullen), Stephen Hope Wynne (Police Surgeon), Steve Swinscoe (Thomas Calvey Purvis), Richard Haddon (1st Night P.C.), James Tapp (2nd Night P.C.)

300 :07x09 - Samaritan

First aired: Jan/29/1991
Writer: Brian Finch
Guest star: Mary Jo Randle (Moira Smith), Tony Wredden (Dr Patel), Toni Kanal (Sister Green), Susie Lee Hayward (Nurse Squires), Catherine Lee-Phillips (Janet Rowe)

301 :07x10 - Fear or Favour

First aired: Jan/31/1991
Writer: Christopher Russell
Guest star: Louis Mahoney (Monty), Karl Collins (Everton Warwick), Gillian McCutcheon (Police Surgeon), Anthony Warren (Andrew Rice), Nick Pinnock (Meldrum), Rudolph Walker (Lawrence Joseph)

302 :07x11 - Start To Finish

First aired: Feb/05/1991
Writer: Graham Isen
Director: Laura Sims
Guest star: Patrick Jordan (Assist. Commissioner), Catherine Clarke (Mrs Gibbons), Peter Harding (Ch. Supt. Firth), Tilly Blackwood (Front Desk Clerk), Nigel Bellairs (Usher), Mike Burnside (DAC Hicks), Peter Lloyd (Boy Witness), Terence Budd (Craddock), Paul Kidd (Ambulanceman)

303 :07x12 - Night and Day

First aired: Feb/07/1991
Writer: Russell Lewis
Director: Michael Owen Morris
Guest star: John Woodnutt (Mr Cork), Michael Stainton (Snooker Hall Manager), Nina Marc (Alison), Gary Raynsford (P.C. Thomas), Hilary Dawson (SOCO), Chris Samsworth (Peter), Karl James (Nick), Andrew Watson (Bill), Danny McGrath (P.C. Woods)

304 :07x13 - Favours

First aired: Feb/12/1991
Writer: Martyn Wade
Director: Bob Blagden
Guest star: Ron Pember (Langden), Eric Francis (Davies), Margery Mason (Mrs Davies), William Ilkley (Wood), Stuart McGugan (Kemble), Judith Sweeney (Laura Kemble), Ciaran McIntyre (Nulty)

305 :07x14 - In Chambers

First aired: Feb/14/1991
Writer: Carolyn Sally Jones
Director: Michael Owen Morris
Guest star: Jason Calder (Barrister), Christian Rodska (Hedley), Valentine Pelka (Graham Woodward), Michael Godley (Clerk), John Moulder-Brown (Rush), Tom Karol (Mr Coombes), Freddie Lees (Property Officer), Aaron Carrington (Lee), Robert Gwilym (Nolan), Louise Jameson (Irene Harris)

306 :07x15 - Kids Don't Cry Anymore

First aired: Feb/19/1991
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Tom Cotter
Guest star: George Malpas (Caretaker), Arthur White (Barman), Rita May (School Secretary), Vivienne Rochester (Mrs Boosey), Leon Petit (Louis Boosey), Mark Stewart (Kenny), Paul Boyle (Man with Rottweiler), Patrick O'Connell (Harry Hopwood)

307 :07x16 - Too Many Chiefs

First aired: Feb/21/1991
Writer: Tony Etchells
Director: David Hayman
Guest star: Susan Brown (Margaret Randle), Cheryl Miller (Anne-Marie Taylor), Moira Brooker (Police Surgeon), Samantha Harris (Tracey), Ruth Carraway (Lyne Corby), Vicky Licorish (Rosalind Fisk)

308 :07x17 - Every Mother's Son

First aired: Feb/26/1991
Writer: Patrick Harkins
Director: Laura Sims
Guest star: Stefan Kalipha (Curtiss), Huw Tipler (1st Addict), Veronica Quilligan (Dr Kelly), Mike Norman (2nd Addict), Oliver Hawker (Youth), Stephen Wale (Harry)

309 :07x18 - Furthers

First aired: Feb/28/1991
Writer: Robin Mukherjee
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Ivan Kaye (Watkins), Nigel Terry (Bailey), Felicity Montagu (Pearce), Peter McNamara (Cochran), Johnny Wade (Henderson)

310 :07x19 - Closing The Net

First aired: Mar/05/1991
Writer: Robin Mukherjee
Director: Richard Brayshaw
Guest star: Simon Fenton (Youth at Council Estate), Johanna Hargreaves (Mrs Higgins), Peter Aubrey (Security Guard), Garry Brooking (Martin Payne), Harry Fielder (Man at Council Estate), Caroline Webster (Mrs Morgan), Christopher Ashley (Mr Morgan), Timothy Morand (Mr Jenkins), Sultan Lalani (Shopkeeper)

311 :07x20 - The Public Interest

First aired: Mar/07/1991
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
Guest star: Meryl Hampton (Mrs Curtis), Moira Brooker (Dr Jane Andrews), Jeffrey Robert (Mr Burford), Geoffrey Freshwater (Gerry Townsend), Carol Redford (W.P.C. Bryden), Vicky Murdock (Becky Curtis)

312 :07x21 - Photo Finish

First aired: Mar/12/1991
Writer: David Hoskins
Director: Bob Blagden
Guest star: Sharon Duce (Mrs Cook), Paul Reynolds (Tony), Christopher Quinn (Suspect Drug Dealer), Raymond Brody (Charlie), Judith Cox (Traffic Warden), Martin Muncaster (Commentator)

313 :07x22 - Just Desserts

First aired: Mar/14/1991
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Alan Bell
Guest star: Mark Roper (Ian Collinson), John Rolfe (Chas Baker), Mary Healey (Mrs Collard), Howard Crossley (Roy Evans), Helen Blatch (Jill Baker), Gary Shail (Denis Rickman)

314 :07x23 - 832 Receiving

First aired: Mar/19/1991
Writer: Barbara Cox
Director: Alan Bell

315 :07x24 - The Better Part Of Valour

First aired: Mar/21/1991
Writer: Arthur McKenzie
Director: David Hayman
Guest star: Richard Beale (Tommy Reeves), Robert Carlyle (Tom Ward), Leslie Schofield (Chris Harkness)

316 :07x25 - Double Or Quits

First aired: Mar/26/1991
Writer: Rib Davis
Director: Bill Pryde

317 :07x26 - We Could Be Heroes

First aired: Mar/28/1991
Writer: Tony Etchells
Director: John Strickland

318 :07x27 - Cold Turkey, Part One: Lifeline

First aired: Apr/02/1991
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Guest star: Andrew Burt (Clive Parker)

319 :07x28 - Cold Turkey, Part Two: Late Turn Sunday

First aired: Apr/04/1991
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Guest star: Andrew Burt (Clive Parker)

320 :07x29 - Now We're Motoring

First aired: Apr/09/1991
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Michael Brayshaw
Guest star: Mary Tamm (Ms. Cosby), David Sibley (Jamie)

321 :07x30 - Dead Man's Boots

First aired: Apr/11/1991

322 :07x31 - Caught Napping

First aired: Apr/16/1991
Writer: Russell Lewis
Director: John Strickland
Guest star: Terence Harvey (D.C.S. Petch), John Flanagan (D.C.I. Bourne), David Banks (D.I. Graveny)

323 :07x32 - Hammer To Fall

First aired: Apr/18/1991

324 :07x33 - Cry Havoc

First aired: Apr/23/1991
Guest star: Marc Warren (Mabbs)

325 :07x34 - Rules Of Engagement

First aired: Apr/25/1991
Director: David Attwood
Guest star: Shaun Scott (McKeown), Patrick Miller (Holman), Peter Gluckstein (Latham), Oke Wambu (Roadie), Donald Campbell (Bouncer), Jackie Stirling (Spanish Girl)

326 :07x35 - Delivery On Time

First aired: Apr/30/1991
Director: David Attwood
Guest star: Paul Mari (Grocer), Ian Collier (Judge), Joan Blackham (Dickens), Gabrielle O'Brien (Court Usher), Kieron Jecchinis (Van Driver), Ruth Mitchell (Lisa Unsworth), Stephen Kemble (Defense Counsel), Terry Forrestal (Delivery Crook), Hilda Fenemore (Neighbour)

327 :07x36 - Black Monday

First aired: May/02/1991
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Alan Bell
Guest star: Michael Tudor Barnes (Building Society Manager), Edward Halsted (Armstrong), Marcia Warren (Mrs. Taylor), Osaze Ehibor (Garage Mechanic), Julie Anne Blythen (Building Society Clerk), Reginald Jessup (Man at Bus Stop)

328 :07x37 - Jobs For The Boys

First aired: May/07/1991
Writer: Carolyn Sally Jones
Director: Alan Bell
Guest star: Michael Bilton (George), Colin Higgins (Terry Price), Richard Cordery (Baker), Desmond Barrit (Dando), Bob Mason (S.O.C.O.), Debbie Davies (Mrs. Millett), Ricky Diamond (Stubbs), Janette Foggo (Mrs. Henchard), Sally Bentley (Mrs. Price)

329 :07x38 - Without Consent

First aired: May/09/1991
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Lesley Clare O'Neill (Linda), Martin Marquez (Danny), Natasha Casati (Prostitute), Angie Deamer (Prostitute)

330 :07x39 - Saints and Martyrs

First aired: May/14/1991
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: John Glenister
Guest star: Constance Chapman (Mrs. Kendall), Walter Sparrow (Joe Horscroft), Jo Powell (Marie Horscroft), John Conroy (Stuart Faulkner), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

331 :07x40 - Observation

First aired: May/16/1991
Writer: Martyn Wade
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
Guest star: Shaun Curry (Mr. Sheatfield), Chrissie Cotterill (D.I. Simpson)

D.I. Burnside organizes a joint operation with the Flying Squad.

332 :07x41 - The Greater Good

First aired: May/21/1991
Writer: David Hoskins
Director: Mike Dormer
Guest star: Harry Jones (Tommy Haynes), Drew Mulligan (Stephen Barry), Jason Norman (Denis Blake), Sandra Freeman (Annie Barry), Steve Ramsden (Phil), Barry Jackson (Ralf Morgan)

333 :07x42 - The Best You Can Buy

First aired: May/23/1991
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Moira Armstrong
Guest star: Donald Douglas (Judge Embry), Karl Collins (Everton Warwick), Karen Tomlin (Susan Makuffo), Brian Spink (Clerk of Court), Carol Davies (Court Usher)

Ackland's private prosecution reaches court.

334 :07x43 - Addict

First aired: May/25/1991
Writer: Victoria Taylor
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Laurence Harrington (Mr Black), Peter Ferdinando (Stephen Garside), Alan Pattison (2nd Youth), Anthony Ashdown (Mr Bennett), Benjamin Fellows (Terry), Anne Robson (Woman with Flowers), Simon Taylor (1st Youth), Stephen Gordon (Mr Campbell), Prim Cotton (Angela Peters), Andre Winterton (Rodney Hathaway)

335 :07x44 - Black Mark

First aired: May/30/1991
Writer: Philip Palmer
Director: Bill Pryde
Guest star: Neil Clark (Duty Insp.), Martyn Whitby (Sgt. Comerford), Malcolm Rennie (Griffiths), James Simmons (Defence Counsel), Steve Morley (Custody Sgt.), Christopher Ettridge (Supt. Brookes), Ian Burfield (Hayes), Hugh Pollard (Sobbing Boy), Terence Dauncey (Judge)

336 :07x45 - The Right Thing To Do

First aired: Jun/04/1991
Writer: Kieran Prendiville
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Anton Phillips (Rev. Grace), Valentine Nonyela (Bill Wilson), Francis Middleditch (Photographer), Darren Matthews (Jeremy), Tony Guilfoyle (Reporter), Rodreguez King Dorset (Clive Wilson), Osei Bentil (Des Wilson), Bill Rourke (Landlord)

337 :07x46 - The Harder They Fall

First aired: Jun/06/1991
Writer: Tony Etchells
Director: Christopher Lovett
Guest star: Michael Wynne (Radio Cab Manager), Simon Smith (Cab Mechanic), Mick Oliver (Derek Kavanagh), Andrew Dunford (Macka), Duncan Gould (Casualty Doctor), David Telfer (Alan Royal), Cathy Finlay (Resuscitation Dr), Jenny Robbins (Ambulance Woman), Del Baker (Frank Wilson)

338 :07x47 - Something Personal

First aired: Jun/11/1991
Writer: Brendan J. Cassin
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Michael Robbins (Tobin), Matthew Green (Mr Treadwell), Duncan Gould (Doctor), Donald T. Allen (Winston Daniels), Chris Spicer (Harry Dunlop), Eddie Stacey (Eddie), Samantha Beale (Sandra)

339 :07x48 - Hijack

First aired: Jun/13/1991
Writer: Philip Palmer
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Andrew Blair (John Baker)

340 :07x49 - With Intent

First aired: Jun/18/1991
Writer: Carolyn Sally Jones
Director: Bill Pryde
Guest star: Matthew Wait (Bates), Stephen Boxer (Mead), Owen Brenman (Dighton), Margaret Stallard (Magistrate), Hal Fowler (S.G. Officer), Ben Walden (Holland)

341 :07x50 - Initiative

First aired: Jun/20/1991
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Mike Dormer
Guest star: Valerie Bell (Mrs James), Taylor McAuley (Landlord), Helen Pearson (Mrs Styles), Graham Kent (Fire Officer), Liza Spenz (Mrs Seely), Cherry Cowper (Sherri), Paul Codman (Derek Styles), Deborah Leighton (Moira Dudley), Jade Nanton (Cathy Defreitas)

342 :07x51 - Careless Whispers

First aired: Jun/25/1991
Writer: Edward Canfor-Dumas
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Tilly Vosburgh (Irene Johnson), Stephen Persaud (Carl Vincent), Stanley Page (Jeweller's Shop Manager), Garry Cooper (Gary Andrews), Pauline Little (Lorraine Davis), Joan Ann Maynard (Mrs Vincent), Catrin Menna (Settler)

343 :07x52 - Minimum Force

First aired: Jun/27/1991
Writer: Simon Andrew Stirling
Director: William Brayne
Guest star: John Benfield (Greaves), Sara Clee (Mrs Mann), James Warrior (S.O.C.O.), Jane Wood (Mrs Greaves), Danny McCarthy (Ambulanceman), Jo-Anne Knowles (Nurse), Stephanie Fayerman (Annie), Khursheed U. Khan (Jain), Royce Housell (Arun), Roland Oliver (Sgt. Joseph Corrie)

A householder defends himself against a burglar and finds himself arrested for assault.

344 :07x53 - Skeletons

First aired: Jul/02/1991
Writer: Kevin Clarke
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Ken Campbell (Hill), Peter MacKriel (Mr. Newton), David Horovitch (Dr. Francis), Alex Kingston (Dr. Howard), Martine McCutcheon (Paper Girl), Jamila Massey (Mrs Ghosh), Josephine Welcome (Mrs Kaur), Sumar Khan (Mr. Vyas), Anita Chellamah (Mrs Vyas)

345 :07x54 - Targets

First aired: Jul/04/1991
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Suri Krishnamma
Guest star: Tim Dry (Reporter), Jake Wood (Wayne Thomas), Elizabeth Edmonds (Carol Miller), Kate Lawton (Julie Molloy), Russell Grimeaux (Gary Miller), Assam Mamodeally (Jerome Fletcher), Terence Paris (Mr Thomas)

346 :07x55 - The Negotiator

First aired: Jul/09/1991
Writer: Paul Bard
Director: Stuart Urban
Guest star: Peter Gordon (Ellis), Roger Lloyd Pack (Arnie), Kathy Burke (Wendy), Wendy Padbury (Manageress), Emma Tate (Janice), Louisa Bowring (Melanie), Roland Oliver (Sgt. Corrie)

347 :07x56 - Reputations

First aired: Jul/11/1991
Writer: Simon Moss
Director: Suri Krishnamma
Guest star: Bill McCabe (Publican), Meera Syal (Linda Morgan), Rosie Rowell (Andrea Denning), Edward O'Connell (Gary Morgan), Damian Williams (Snack Bar Attendant), Kevin O'Donohoe (Phil Galloway), C. Brannan Fox (Steve Whitfield), Sean Baker (Les Spavin), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

348 :07x57 - The Juggler and the Fortune Teller

First aired: Jul/16/1991
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: Alan Bell
Guest star: Allan Mitchell (Magistrate), Malcolm Raeburn (Mr. Penrose), Nigel Harman (Macfee), Tom Eastwood (Mr. Smith), Gillian Baton (Mrs Smith), Joanne Reieve-Smith (Karen), Victoria Burgoyne (Miss Gully)

349 :07x58 - Joey

First aired: Jul/18/1991
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Michael Irving (Headmaster), Peter Attard (Teacher), Frank Ellis (Mr. Taylor), Adam Godley (Duxford), David Hounslow (Chris Howard), Barbie Clark (Mrs Taylor), Penelope Nice (Mrs Potter), Bernadette Burdis (Tina), Curt Clement-Fletcher (Ricky), Roland Oliver (Sgt. Joseph Corrie)

350 :07x59 - Your Shout

First aired: Jul/23/1991
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Bill Pryde
Guest star: Jane Galloway (Tenant), David Chandler (P.C. Locket), Stuart Mungall (Mr. Henderson), Maureen Beattie (Mrs Henderson), Nadia Chambers (Trish), Matthew Radford (Sgt. Walsh), John Grieve (Mr. Henderson Snr.), Derek Howard (Publican), Di Langford (Barmaid)

351 :07x60 - Ladykiller

First aired: Jul/25/1991
Writer: Steve Trafford
Director: Moira Armstrong
Guest star: Susanne Forster (Alice Barnes), Sean Scanlan (Mr. Baker), David Peart (Fire Officer), Sharon Bower (Mrs Martin), Stephen Crane (Garage Owner), Toby Davies (Dr. Alexander), Anthony Higginson (Mr. Whitford), Sean Cranitch (Dave Lea), Joanna Lee (Tina)

352 :07x61 - The Corporal of Horse

First aired: Jul/30/1991
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Mike Vardy
Guest star: Kevin Stoney (Mr. Macinally), Kathleen Byron (Mrs Macinally), William Gaminara (Insp. Bruce), David Michaels (P.C. Oulton), James Bannon (Sgt. White), Jillianne Foot (W.P.C. Hardy), Beryl King (Woman in Street), David Chandler (P.C. Locket)

353 :07x62 - Cause and Effect

First aired: Aug/01/1991
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Jan Sargent
Guest star: Peter Dineen (Security Guard), Anya Phillips (Lindsay Platt), George Phillips (Workman)

354 :07x63 - Getting Involved

First aired: Aug/06/1991
Writer: Stephen Churchett
Director: Richard Holthouse
Guest star: Lesley Nicol (Mrs Rogers), Laura Beckford (Julie), Dennis Banks (Mr. Whale), Dilys Watling (Mrs Goodall), Gordon Lovitt (Graham Rogers), John Brobbey (Brian Grant), Tony Hudson (Reynolds), Heather Bell (Barmaid), Dorothy Anne Stiven (Ward Sister)

355 :07x64 - Benefit of the Doubt

First aired: Aug/08/1991
Writer: Jonathan Myerson
Director: Mike Vardy
Guest star: David McAllister (Leonard Farraday), Hazel Ellerby (Tina), Duncan Gould (Doctor), Joe Wenbourne (Custody Sgt.), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.), David Bateson (S.O.C.O.), Katherine Hart (Prostitute), Amanda Lines (Prostitute), Jane Sharkey (Clerk)

356 :07x65 - Crack-Up

First aired: Aug/13/1991
Writer: Barry Appleton
Director: William Brayne
Guest star: John Grillo (Marsen), Gillian Martell (Sophie), Gareth Jefferson (Petchley), Annelies Lovell (Paula), Trevor Jones (Store Detective)

357 :07x66 - The Last Laugh

First aired: Aug/15/1991
Writer: Duncan Gould
Director: Denny Lawrence
Guest star: Nigel Lambert (Car Washing Man), Andrew Baker (Mr. Evangelisti), Adrian McLoughlin (Terence Lodge), Leonard Preston (Steve Owen), Yvonne D'Alpra (Mrs Copley), Robert Hale (1st Party Guest), Tom Chadbon (Jeff Birch)

358 :07x67 - Access

First aired: Aug/20/1991
Writer: Anthony Attard
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Angus Kennedy (Colin Jones), Michael Feast (Jeff Robillard), Edwina Day (Rose Trussler), Paul Slack (Lee Corbett), Cathy Finlay (Dr Ferens), Jackie Lye (Jackie Corbett), Simon Corey (Matthew Corbett), Paul Benzing (Doug Hookway)

359 :07x68 - Six of One

First aired: Aug/22/1991
Writer: Rib Davis
Director: Sharon Miller
Guest star: Ann Way (Mrs Palmer), John Rogan (Mr Vinson), Ellis Dale (Mr Mitchum), Beth Goddard (Jenny Clark), Max Latimer (Mr Miles), Paul Bentall (Tim Loftus), Dail Sullivan (Ann Williams), Lizzie McKenzie (Mrs Miles), Barbara Darnley (Young Driver)

360 :07x69 - Married To The Job

First aired: Aug/27/1991
Writer: Roger Leach
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Robert Oates (Mr O'Hara), Breffni McKenna (Wilf O'Hara), Simon Coady (Mr Ledbury), John Murtagh (Ch. Supt. Molton), Walter Hall (Paul Mason), Cherry Morris (Mrs Harris), Caleb Lloyd (Toby Ledbury), Toyah Gibbs (Jessica Ledbury), Bernard Holley (Commander Johnson)

361 :07x70 - Domestic

First aired: Aug/29/1991
Writer: Philip Palmer
Director: Graham Theakston
Guest star: Steve Paget (D.S Jordan), Mark Hill (Kenny Burke), Susie Ann Watkins (Lorraine James), Gary Sharkey (Ambulanceman), Aran Bell (D.S. Lovell), Eva White (Jane Moody), Gerry Hinks (Michael Marsden), Robin Hopwood (Alex Wilson)

362 :07x71 - Stress Rules

First aired: Sep/03/1991
Writer: Robin Mukherjee
Director: Jan Sargent
Guest star: Rene Zagger (Charlie Franks), Lee Ross ('Mace'), Maureen O'Farrell (Dorothy Bennett), Carol Hawkins (Mrs Giles), Roy Lee (Stall Owner), Virginia Courtney (Woman), John Buckland (Ambulance Man), Mary-Ann Sotherton (Girl), Jeff Sheargold (Boy)

363 :07x72 - They Also Serve

First aired: Sep/05/1991
Writer: Russell Lewis
Director: David Hayman
Guest star: John Bennett (R.T. Operator), Danny McGrath (P.C. Woods), Matthew Robertson (Ch. Insp. Morestan), Sheila Whitfield (W.P.C. Lloyd)

364 :07x73 - Inside Job

First aired: Sep/10/1991
Writer: Denny Lawrence
Director: Simon Moss

365 :07x74 - Bones of Contention

First aired: Sep/12/1991
Writer: Sarah Pia Anderson
Director: Susan B. Shattock
Guest star: Harry Waters (Alfred Carpenter)

366 :07x75 - Wide of The Mark

First aired: Sep/17/1991
Writer: Chris Lovett
Director: David Hoskins
Guest star: Michael Goldie (Platt), Gordon Salkilld (Thrower), Mark Fletcher (Driver)

367 :07x76 - Hitting The Mark

First aired: Sep/19/1991
Writer: Mike Dormer
Director: Steve Trafford
Guest star: Michael Goldie (Platt), Gordon Salkilld (Thrower), Mark Fletcher (Driver)

368 :07x77 - Bending the Rules

First aired: Sep/24/1991
Writer: Eric Deacon
Guest star: Stevan Rimkus (D.C. Malcolm White), David Quilter (Mr. Medwin)

369 :07x78 - Skint

First aired: Sep/26/1991

370 :07x79 - Friday and Counting

First aired: Oct/01/1991
Guest star: Leonard Maguire (Mr. Morgan), Dominic Guard (Robin Granger)

371 :07x80 - Lest We Forget

First aired: Oct/03/1991
Guest star: Dermot Crowley (D.C.C. Alan Fuller)

372 :07x81 - Nutters

First aired: Oct/08/1991
Guest star: John Owens (Mr. Dominic), Daniel Peacock (Ken Playle), Dicken Ashworth (Gordon Harrison), Sion Tudor Owen (D.C. Jones)

373 :07x82 - Downtime

First aired: Oct/10/1991
Guest star: Iain Rattray (Forensic officer), Patricia Quinn (Susan White), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

374 :07x83 - Out Of Order

First aired: Oct/15/1991
Guest star: Roland Oliver (Sgt. Joseph Corrie)

375 :07x84 - Empire Building

First aired: Oct/17/1991

376 :07x85 - Innocence

First aired: Nov/22/1991

377 :07x86 - Losing It

First aired: Oct/24/1991
Guest star: Christopher Saul (Police Surgeon)

378 :07x87 - Shots

First aired: Oct/29/1991

379 :07x88 - The Square Peg

First aired: Oct/31/1991
Guest star: John Line (Mr. Young), Jo Manning Wilson (Mrs Young), Frank Henson (Martin), Peggy Phango (Mrs Robson)

380 :07x89 - A Question of Confidence

First aired: Nov/05/1991
Guest star: Rachel Weaver (Suzie Hawkins)

381 :07x90 - Balls In The Air

First aired: Nov/07/1991

382 :07x91 - The Taste

First aired: Nov/12/1991
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Alan Bell
Guest star: James Coombes (James Childs)

383 :07x92 - Turning Back The Clock

First aired: Nov/14/1991
Guest star: David Quilter (Police Surgeon)

384 :07x93 - Discretion

First aired: Nov/19/1991
Guest star: Peter Jonfield (William Green), Frank Mills (Mr. Wood), Kevork Malikyan (Arcade Cashier)

385 :07x94 - Chapter and Verse

First aired: Nov/21/1991

386 :07x95 - The Whole Truth

First aired: Nov/26/1991

387 :07x96 - Profit and Loss

First aired: Nov/28/1991
Guest star: Peter Russell (Anthony Kellet)

388 :07x97 - Thicker Than Water

First aired: Dec/03/1991
Guest star: Antony Carrick (Ch. Supt. Wilson)

389 :07x98 - On The Take

First aired: Dec/05/1991
Guest star: Paul Kember (Rooney)

390 :07x99 - Caring

First aired: Dec/10/1991

391 :07x100 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

First aired: Dec/12/1991

392 :07x101 - Imposters

First aired: Dec/17/1991

393 :07x102 - A Woman Scorned

First aired: Dec/19/1991
Writer: Victoria Taylor
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Simon Rouse (Detective Superintendent Jack Meadows), Christopher Saul (Police Surgeon), Simon Godley (Jeremy Attwood), Margo Gunn (Sally Joseph), Clare Kelly (Mrs. Jacobus), Peggy Shields (Mrs. Marker), Christopher Ellridge (D. Supt. Brooks)

394 :07x103 - Vital Statistics

First aired: Dec/24/1991
Guest star: Chris Gascoyne (Mark Freemantle), John Cater (Archie Stack), Annette Badland (Stella King)

395 :07x104 - Decent People

First aired: Dec/26/1991

396 :07x105 - Breakout

First aired: Dec/31/1991
Guest star: Daniel Hill (Jeremy Baynes), Miranda Forbes (Janice Dyson), Caroline Quentin (Ruth Otley)

397 :08x01 - The Best Policy

First aired: Jan/02/1992
Writer: Victoria Taylor
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Michael Sadler (Mr. Kerry), Susan Majolier (Marion), David Bateson (S.O.C.O.), Louise Seacombe (Kirsten Ogilvy), Clive Wedderburn (Lennie Johnstone), Tom Hutchinson (Mr. Deacon), Jane Salter (Bystander)

As CID investigate a bank robbery, Frank is looking vulnerable to criticism thanks to Kim.

398 :08x02 - A Friend in Need

First aired: Jan/07/1992
Guest star: Jack Chissick (Ray North), Perry Fenwick (Matty Davis), Pauline Letts (Mrs. Wilson)

As a civil complaint is made against Dave, there has been a fire at a home.

399 :08x03 - Whose Side Are You On?

First aired: Jan/09/1992
Guest star: William Simons (Michael McGee), Tom Kelly (Senior Registrar)

The victim of a mugging faces charges of murder.

400 :08x04 - Lip Service

First aired: Jan/14/1992
Guest star: Oliver Smith (Les Mower)

A brawl sees Tosh getting involved as Dave has to deal with a kleptomaniac.

401 :08x05 - Illegals

First aired: Jan/16/1992
Guest star: Michael McStay (Keith Prentice)

A cellar contains a group of illegal immigrants as Tosh asks for Matt's help.

402 :08x06 - Fair Play

First aired: Jan/21/1992

Steroids are being sold illegally as George's sparring partner has been arrested.

403 :08x07 - Dinosaur

First aired: Jan/23/1992
Writer: Victoria Taylor
Director: Laura Sims
Guest star: Ron Davis (Alan Pope), Jeremy Bulloch (Commander Bill Huxley), Jo Martin (Cindy), Aaron Harris (Peter Crowther), Michael McNally (John Bunton), Trevor Byfield (Kevin Carson), Rosalind Thomas (Maureen Carson)

Kim has been called in by MS15 as Frank flushes an informant's head down a toilet.

404 :08x08 - Joyride

First aired: Jan/28/1992
Guest star: Colin Spaull (Mr. Phillips)

A riot is risked when officers need to arrest joyriders who knocked down a young girl.

405 :08x09 - Not Waving

First aired: Jan/30/1992
Guest star: Dexter Fletcher (Shaun Leary)

A suspect accused of sexual assault is arrested but manages to escape.

406 :08x10 - Mates

First aired: Feb/04/1992
Guest star: Annie Hulley (Bella)

As Bob considers returning to the relief, his presence undercover annoys Alec.

407 :08x11 - Lost Boy

First aired: Feb/06/1992
Guest star: Robert Glenister (D.I. Baker)

The disappearance of a 13-year-old leads June and Alistair to West End.

408 :08x12 - Chicken

First aired: Feb/11/1992

Children are causing the police trouble by playing chicken on railway lines.

409 :08x13 - Somebody Special

First aired: Feb/13/1992

Kim Reid is being promoted to Det Supt and is works her last day at Sun Hill.

410 :08x14 - Previous Convictions

First aired: Feb/18/1992

John Maitland discovers many years of neglect following an industrial accident.

411 :08x15 - Beggar My Neighbour

First aired: Feb/20/1992

A web of crime is uncovered following an attack on a tramp.

412 :08x16 - It's a Small World

First aired: Feb/25/1992
Guest star: Ian Redford (C.P.O. Boland), Kenneth Cope (P.C. Derton), Paul Jerrico (John Carney)

Mike Dashwood considers leaving the police but soon uncovers a con.

413 :08x17 - Licence

First aired: Feb/27/1992
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Guest star: Ian Redford (C.P.O. Boland), Tom Georgeson (Derek Townson)

Sun Hill have to deal with a man who strangled his wife as he returns to Sun Hill.

414 :08x18 - Comeback

First aired: Mar/03/1992

As Ron opens a new Community Police Station, the area car is nicked.

415 :08x19 - Fireproof

First aired: Mar/05/1992

The community police station has been bombed as Frank investigates but Ron comes up trumps.

416 :08x20 - The Paddy Factor

First aired: Mar/10/1992
Guest star: Edward Peel (Det. Supt. Grace)

A car thief is shot whilst under observation as the IRA are suspected.

417 :08x21 - The Wild Rover

First aired: Mar/12/1992
Guest star: Clare Clifford (Sue Edding), Edward Peel (Det. Supt. Grace)

Despite the Anti-Terrorist Squad's advice, Ted investigates possible IRA involvement.

418 :08x22 - Coincidence

First aired: Mar/17/1992

The victim of an attempted abduction has been known to make false claims and has trouble getting officers to beleive him.

419 :08x23 - Going Soft

First aired: Mar/19/1992
Guest star: Freddie Earlle (Dalk), Anna Cropper (Mrs. Matthews)

As Mike heads to get a search warrant signed, he finds himself being held hostage by robbers.

420 :08x24 - Re-Hab

First aired: Mar/24/1992
Writer: Tony Etchells
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: John Vernon (D.S. Philip Monson), Christopher Godwin (Det. Supt. Ian Douglas), John Forgeham (John Liddle), Clive Russell (Mc Reedy), David Bateson (S.O.C.O.), Ade Sapara (D.C. Pirie), Victor Gallucci (DC Tom Baker)

Demoted to DCI, Jack Meadows starts work at Sun Hill investigating the death of a drug addict.

421 :08x25 - Acting Detective

First aired: Mar/26/1992

The death of a drugs mule has Delia French going undercover at short notice.

422 :08x26 - Stopover

First aired: Mar/31/1992
Writer: Aisling Walsh
Director: Peter J. Hammond
Guest star: Edward Burnham (Watt), Marion Bailey (Dorothy Strafford), Angela Sims (Carol), John Ashton (Morrison), Mark Mayes (Danny)

Ron tries to be more supportive towards the victims of crimes but George thinks he is wasting his time.

423 :08x27 - Suspects

First aired: Apr/02/1992
Writer: Philip Palmer
Director: Richard Holthouse
Guest star: Eric Deacon (Insp. Haymer), Nick Burnell (Terry Wilkin), Steve Morley (Sgt. Lamont), Roger Blake (Sgt. Adams), David Garry (PT17 Denny), John Marley (PT17 Dave), Barrie Rutter (Tom Bartlett), Diane Bull (Karen Mears), Terry Neason (Mrs Heggie), Ross Dunsmore (Chris Heggie)

A suspect for an armed robbery is arrested but Alistair is proved wrong.

424 :08x28 - All the King's Horses

First aired: Apr/07/1992
Writer: Duncan Gould
Director: John Darnell
Guest star: Gary Sharkey (Ambulanceman), Jenny Robbins (Ambulancewoman), Michael Dalton (Fireman), Barbara Hickmott (Mrs Callaghan), Troy Jackson (Mrs May), Lorren Bent (Mrs Johnson), Michael Shallard (Postman), Isobel Nisbet (Mrs Henry), Toni Green (1st Woman), Liz D'esterre (2nd Woman), Ruby-marie Hutchinson (Mrs Reed), Michael Shevelew (Casualty Doctor), Leon Petit (Paul Reed), Robert Thomas (Jason), James Murphy (Brett), Karen Salt (Rebecca), Kristy Bruce (Jenny), Stan Nelson (Truck Driver)

Steve's limit is tested following a lorry overturning outside a school.

425 :08x29 - Party Politics

First aired: Apr/09/1992
Writer: Susan B. Shattock
Director: Alan Bell
Guest star: Barbara Wilshere (Helen Guthrie), Bill Homewood (Billy Guthrie), Dominic Keating (Andrew Jenson), Sarah Atkinson (Julie Jenson), Lee Montague (Big George Jenson), Andrée Bernard (Monique), Derek Martin (Dave Richards), John Cassady (Jim Henderson), Emma Longfellow (Jeanni Henderson), Joseph McIlroy (Giles Henderson)

It is Viv's brithday as a crooked business man makes Frank an offer.

426 :08x30 - Trials and Tribulations

First aired: Apr/14/1992
Writer: A. Valentine
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Kevin O'Brien (C.I.D. Officer), Anthony Dunn (Detective Sergeant), Amelda Brown (Carol Charmers), David Barrass (Frank Charmers), Colum Convey (Lenny Charmers), Martin Sadler (Prosecuting Barrister), Simon Chandler (Defence Barrister), Sian Rhys (Miss Jossling), Frankie Cosgrave (Solicitor), John Pasternak (John), Neville Robinson (Pollymore)

Cathy is a vital witness in a murder trial which makes someone keen to intimidate her.

427 :08x31 - A Can of Worms

First aired: Apr/16/1992
Writer: Duncan Gould
Director: Charles Beeson
Guest star: Andrew Carr (Mr. Stewart), Lee Walker (Darius), Tony Marshall (Mr. Jones), Mark McKenna (Despatch Rider), Margaret Ashley (Woman Passer-by), Georgina Field (Debbie), Grant Russell (Mr. Linsley), Darren Kempson (Kerry Williams), Michael Sheldon (Lay Visitor), Ian Abbey (Bail Absconder), Gary Richards (Minicab Driver), Robert Demeger (Brian Loach)

Sun Hill officers are intent on investigating a mini-cab firm after the crash of a cab.

428 :08x32 - Timing

First aired: Apr/21/1992
Writer: Russell Lewis
Director: Aisling Walsh
Guest star: Robin Soans (Dennis Stannard), Andy Rashleigh (D.I. Hillbury), Joseph Crilly (Terry Cater), Louise Hall-taylor (Fiona Kimble), Rita Davies (Mrs Ronald), Julie May (Mrs Parker), Terry Mortimer (Joe Wilson), Dominic Snowdon (F.I.U. Officer), Brian Hoskin (Landlord), Judith Street (Mrs Brooks), Karl Draper (Dean Grahame)

As Ted and Mike track down an escaped prisoner, Jack thinks there is a link between three arsons.

429 :08x33 - A Nice Little Line in Plastic

First aired: Apr/23/1992
Writer: Margaret Simpson
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
Guest star: Harriette Ashcroft (Janna Metcalfe), Mary MacLeod (Mrs Clifford), Nej Adamson (Nico Theodorakis), Yogesh Bhatt (Akim), Jo Warne (Akim's Assistant), Brian Abbott (Dave McAllister), Jan Chappell (Mugging Victim), Anthony Donovan (Mugger), Maggie Mullarkey (Barbara McAllister)

A young girl with credit cards leads Dave and Norika to uncover a racket.

430 :08x34 - Trial and Error

First aired: Apr/24/1992
Writer: Edward Canfor-Dumas
Director: Alan Bell
Guest star: John Hannah (Derek Pierce), Steve Swinscoe (George Hannah), Sid Williams (Victor Pierce), Siobhan Redmond (Sylvia Hannah), Ian McElhinney (Mickey Felcher), Stephen Boxer (Patrick Meed), David Acton (Prosecution Barrister), Ben Aris (Judge), Martin Matthews (Court Usher), Caroline Lawrie (Clerk of Court), Shaughan Seymour (Edward Atkin), Graeme Eton (Defence Barrister)

A man who shot a bystander leaving him in a wheelchair has his house firebombed.

431 :08x35 - Owning Up

First aired: Apr/30/1992

A case that Barry and Steve are following up on causes trouble when it collides with a CID investigation.

432 :08x36 - Up Behind

First aired: May/05/1992

433 :08x37 - Appearances

First aired: May/07/1992

434 :08x38 - Principled Negotiation

First aired: May/12/1992
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Guest star: Pete Postlethwaite (Ray Goller), Vincent Brimble (Sanderson)

435 :08x39 - Sign of Our Times

First aired: May/14/1992

436 :08x40 - Priorities

First aired: May/19/1992

437 :08x41 - Users

First aired: May/21/1992

438 :08x42 - Man of the People

First aired: May/26/1992

439 :08x43 - Runaway

First aired: May/28/1992
Guest star: Colin McCormack (Mr. Andrews)

440 :08x44 - Exposures

First aired: Jun/02/1992

441 :08x45 - Better the Devil

First aired: Jun/04/1992
Guest star: Rudolph Walker (Ivan Wilson), Andrew Powell (Ray Bird)

442 :08x46 - Prisoners

First aired: Jun/09/1992
Guest star: David Chandler (P.C. Locket)

443 :08x47 - World To Rights

First aired: Jun/11/1992
Guest star: Jeremy Young (Mr. Justice Fowlds)

444 :08x48 - Do the Right Thing

First aired: Jun/16/1992

445 :08x49 - Hiding to Nothing

First aired: Jun/18/1992

446 :08x50 - Punching Judy

First aired: Jun/23/1992

447 :08x51 - Vicious Circles

First aired: Jun/25/1992

448 :08x52 - Up All Night

First aired: Jun/30/1992

449 :08x53 - Part of the Furniture

First aired: Jul/02/1992
Guest star: James Garbutt (Edward Chamberlain), Linda Henry (Carole Armfield)

450 :08x54 - Snakes and Ladders

First aired: Jul/07/1992

451 :08x55 - Street Cleaning

First aired: Jul/09/1992

452 :08x56 - Hands Up

First aired: Jul/14/1992
Writer: Christopher Russell
Director: Michael Simpson
Guest star: Rowena Cooper (Mrs. Pate), Dev Sagoo (Ramesh Lal), Cheryl Hall (Mrs. Harvey), Jonathan Copestake (Deacon), Charles Cork (Aggressive Man), Clive Carter (Michael Ash), Amanda Affleck (Manageress), Gemma Lowy-Hamilton (Elaine), Steve Livermore (Customer), Carl Rigg (Supt. at H.Q.), Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.)

453 :08x57 - A Scandalous Act

First aired: Jul/16/1992
Director: Anya Camilleri
Guest star: Martine McCutcheon (Amanda Jones), Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.)

454 :08x58 - Raiders

First aired: Jul/21/1992
Writer: Rib Davis
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Janet Lee Price (Mrs. Wilson)

455 :08x59 - Talk Out

First aired: Jul/23/1992

456 :08x60 - True Confessions

First aired: Jul/28/1992
Guest star: Tenniel Evans (Judge)

457 :08x61 - Private Enterprise

First aired: Jul/30/1992

458 :08x62 - Getting Through

First aired: Aug/04/1992
Guest star: Brian Croucher (Ray Hutchins)

459 :08x63 - Last Night of Freedom

First aired: Aug/06/1992
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: Jamie Foreman (Russ Turner), Peter Lovstrom (Micky Johnson)

460 :08x64 - Cutting Loose

First aired: Aug/11/1992
Guest star: Jonathan Kydd (John Harding)

461 :08x65 - Soft Targer

First aired: Aug/13/1992

462 :08x66 - I've Never Been to Harrogate

First aired: Aug/18/1992

463 :08x67 - Human Resources

First aired: Aug/20/1992
Guest star: Eddie Marsan (Martin Price)

464 :08x68 - Exit

First aired: Aug/25/1992

465 :08x69 - Loyalties

First aired: Aug/27/1992

466 :08x70 - Snapshot

First aired: Sep/01/1992

467 :08x71 - Letting Go

First aired: Sep/03/1992
Writer: Joanne Maguire
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Eve Bland (Mrs Gales), Colin Pinney (Solicitor), Angela Wynter (Landlady), Ian MacKenzie (Chief Bailiff), Colin McLachlan (Mr Gales), John O'Toole (Sidney Regan), Michael Matuc (Billings)

468 :08x72 - Travelling Light

First aired: Sep/08/1992
Writer: Rod Lewis
Director: Sheree Folkson
Guest star: James Ottaway (Couple on Bus), Gary Roost (Youth), Anne Pichon (Couple on Bus), Caroline O'Neill (Vickie), Terence Budd (Dan Spencer), Jenny Galloway (Janet Warner)

469 :08x73 - Radio Waves

First aired: Sep/10/1992
Writer: Simon Moss
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Nick Sutton (Mr Warner), Brendan Coyle (Chris Bailey), Joe Absolom (Kevin Parsons), Sonia Kearns (Lisa Grant), Chris Birch (Mr Grant), Philip Kingston (Martin Sperling), Peter Dawson (Mr. Parsons)

470 :08x74 - A Blind Eye

First aired: Sep/15/1992
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Mike Dormer
Guest star: Eileen Way (Mrs Collins), Una Brandon-Jones (Frances Webb), Nick Raggett (Kevin Yates), Billy Reilly, Jr. (David Collins), Frank Doherty (Man in Street), David Credell (Doctor), Adjoa Andoh (Mrs Hughes), Avril Clark (Police Artist)

471 :08x75 - Sympathy For the Devil

First aired: Sep/17/1992
Writer: Edward Canfor-Dumas
Director: Sheree Folkson
Guest star: Linda Regan (Building Society Manageress), Sakuntala Ramanee (Doctor), Harry Fowler (Alfred Sheldon), Joy Graham (Mrs Sheldon), John Brobbey (Ashley Johnson), Paul Slocombe (Malcolm Smith), Vladek Sheybal (Mr. Lederman)

472 :08x76 - Force Is Part of the Service

First aired: Sep/22/1992
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Guest star: David Harewood (Malcolm Jackson), Janet Maw (Surgeon), Peter Corey (Landlord), Sally Faulkner (Councillor Edmunds), Bhasker Patel (Councillor Lamb)

473 :08x77 - On the Record, Off the Record

First aired: Sep/24/1992
Writer: David Hoskins
Director: Anya Camilleri
Guest star: Alan Ford (Maydell), Roy Heather (Smith), Allan Corduner (Quigley), Ian Bartholomew (Salter), Bill Leadbitter (Peter MacCallum), Doug Fisher (Mellor), Patricia Ford (Kate Maydell), Shenagh Govan (SOCO), Treva Etienne (Fanshaw)

474 :08x78 - Stoning the Glasshouse

First aired: Sep/29/1992
Writer: A. Valentine
Director: David Attwood
Guest star: Anthony Daniels (Richard Lee-Ward), Mark Arden (Paul Foster), Ursula Mohan (Julia Cole), John Lowe (Colin), Will Pollet (James Cole), Richard De Sousa (Dave)

475 :08x79 - Tip-Off

First aired: Oct/01/1992
Writer: Sebastian Secker Walker
Director: John Darnell
Guest star: Leo Dolan (Eye-Witness), Gordon Winter (Stephen Moore), Martyn Whitby (Graham Horder), Maggie Flint (Eirene Jenkins), Fiz Marcus (Eye-Witness), Jenny Forsyth (Betting Shop Cashier)

476 :08x80 - Open to Offers

First aired: Oct/06/1992
Writer: Russell Lewis
Director: Roger Gartland
Guest star: Joe Melia (Siddy Jacobs), Andrew Charleson (Martin Weller), Jamie Leyser (Boy)

477 :08x81 - Playing God

First aired: Oct/08/1992
Guest star: Bryan Matheson (Old Man), Pat Nye (Bag lady), Liz Bennett (Defence Counsel), Carla De Wansey (Mrs Franey), Craster Pringle (Mickey Saunders)

478 :08x82 - Crack of Doom

First aired: Oct/13/1992
Writer: Gregory Evans
Director: John Darnell
Guest star: Carla Du Bois (Keisha Vincent), Roger Sewell (Lascelles)

479 :08x83 - Spit and Polish

First aired: Oct/15/1992
Writer: Robert Jones
Director: Frank W. Smith
Guest star: Julie Legrand (Marie Nevin), Sean Arberry (Perry Brake), Catherine Terry (Susie Brake), Denys Graham (Old Man), Martin Herdman (Lorry Driver)

480 :08x84 - Overdue

First aired: Oct/20/1992
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Lloyd McGuire (Ch. Supt. Gable), David Dixon (Symes), Andrew Hilton (D. C. S. Wisley), Bruce Green (Receptionist), Annee Blott (Clerk 1), Nicola Duffett (Connie), Paul Ritter (Walgrave), Andrea Gibb (Clerk 2), Caroline Ryder (Neighbour), George Raistrick (Commander McGann)

481 :08x85 - We Should Be Talking

First aired: Oct/22/1992
Writer: Duncan Gould
Director: David Attwood
Guest star: Alan Leith (Alan Smith), Stephen Bill (Publican), Jenny Robbins (Ambulance Woman), Syreeta Kumar (Mrs Gul-I-Riana), George Winter (Stimpson), Sara Weymouth (Mags), Julie Jupp (Sarah), Gregory Pitt (Del), Jagdeep Singh (Ayub Gul-I-Riana)

482 :08x86 - Reasonable Grounds

First aired: Oct/27/1992
Writer: Julian Spilsbury
Director: Colm Villa
Guest star: June Page (Maureen Betts), Tony Stephens (Eddy), Ewan Stewart (Andrew Butler), Gerard O'Hare (Danny Doyle), Larry Martyn (Landlord), Simeon Pearl (Stephen Betts), Robbie Morton (Kevin Betts), Derek Fuke (Shopkeeper), Matthew Hodgson (Squatter)

483 :08x87 - Discipline

First aired: Oct/29/1992
Writer: Joanne Maguire
Director: Colm Villa
Guest star: John Flanagan (D. Supt. Mair), Ian Congdon (B J), John Grill (Ventham), Juliet Cowan (Lyn Barry), John Keegan (Piper)

484 :08x88 - Minefield

First aired: Nov/03/1992
Writer: Carolyn Sally Jones
Director: Jean Stewart
Guest star: Patrick Bailey (Graham Slattery), Duncan Bell (Harry Osborne), Selina Cadell (Mrs Castle), Sam Kelly (Mr Castle), Marva Alexander (Andrea Robbins), Michael Warburton (Mr Hale), Yvonne French (Hospital Receptionist)

485 :08x89 - Gamers

First aired: Nov/05/1992
Writer: Jonathan Myerson
Director: Frank W. Smith
Guest star: Paul Bhattacharjee (Ramiz Akhtar), Roger Watkins (Fire Investigation Officer), Peter Cleall (Pete), Naomi Allisstone (Nurse), Gordon Warnecke (Mannan Khan), Atma Ram (Card player), Talat Hussein (Mr Qasim), Louise Heaney (Prostitute), Sid Livingstone (Shop keeper)

486 :08x90 - Occupational Hazard

First aired: Nov/10/1992
Writer: Carolyn Sally Jones
Director: Jean Stewart
Guest star: Brian Poyser (Mr. Holmes), Patrick Bailey (Graham Slatterly), Duncan Bell (Harry Osborne), Marian McLoughlin (Joanne Somers), Walter Hall (Mr. Ramsey), Emma Harbour (Maureen Tate), Gordon Ridout (Simon Frears)

487 :08x91 - Just Send Some Flowers

First aired: Nov/12/1992
Writer: Michael Jenner
Director: Chris Lovett

488 :08x92 - Waifs and Strays

First aired: Nov/17/1992
Writer: Jonathan Rich
Director: Haldane Duncan
Guest star: Barbara Keogh (Jean Fenton), Anna Lorimer (Kelly Roberts), Gavin Richards (Terry Ford), Clare Wedlake (Tanya Ford), Leon Davis (Dog Finder), Seamus Newman (Dog Owner), Kai Peacock (Kevin Steele), David Roderick (Youth at Squat)

489 :08x93 - Happy Families

First aired: Nov/19/1992
Writer: David Hoskins
Director: Andrew Higg
Guest star: Anne Carroll (Mrs Batt), Christopher Saul (Police Surgeon), Charlotte Coleman (Sharon Palmer), Colin Teague (Daniel), Lisa Jane Perry (Avril)

490 :08x94 - Well Out of Order

First aired: Nov/24/1992
Writer: Steve Trafford
Director: Peter Smith
Guest star: Valerie Holliman (Mrs Greaves), Nadio Fortune (Mr. Morelli), Brian Osborne (Caretaker), Mmoloki Chrystie (David), Emma Jane Lavin (Patsie), Tristan Maguire (Wayne Kemp), Martino Lazzeri (2nd Youth), Hugh Pollard (Allan Greaves), Joan Heal (Mrs Garbutt), Chrissie Cotterill (Annie Gould)

491 :08x95 - Into the Mire

First aired: Nov/26/1992

492 :08x96 - Master of the House

First aired: Dec/01/1992

493 :08x97 - Fireworks

First aired: Dec/03/1992
Guest star: Jenny McCracken (Mrs. Welch)

494 :08x98 - Cold Shoulder

First aired: Dec/08/1992

495 :08x99 - Safety First

First aired: Dec/10/1992

496 :08x100 - Counting the Cost

First aired: Dec/15/1992

497 :08x101 - Compassion

First aired: Dec/17/1992

498 :08x102 - Finders Keepers

First aired: Dec/22/1992
Guest star: Terence Bayler (Mr. Axell), John Cater (Mr. Lock)

499 :08x103 - Return Match

First aired: Dec/24/1992

500 :08x104 - High Places

First aired: Dec/29/1992

501 :08x105 - When Push Comes To Shove

First aired: Dec/31/1992

502 :09x01 - A Dying Breed

First aired: Jan/05/1993
Writer: Chris Ould
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: Jon Croft (Robbie Campbell), Sheila Irwin (Mrs Holden ((as Sheiila Irwin))), Katy Murphy (Jane Campbell), Peter McNamara (Ainsley), Elizabeth Rider (Diane Silk), Nathan Lewis (Brigg), Frankie Cosgrave (Solicitor), George Russo (1st Boy), Tony Lee (2nd Boy), Victor Gallucci (DC Tom Baker)

DC Carver is out at a jewellery shop buying a watch and becames involved in an armed robbery and is shot at! He isn't hurt, but he's done his back in!

503 :09x02 - Fact of Life

First aired: Jan/07/1993
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Avril Elgar (Mrs Roth), Carl Brincat (Anthony Reilly ((as Carl Brincatt))), Dimitri Andreas (Shopkeeper), Tim Matthews (Marcus), Anthony Allen (Geoff Simpson), Sarah Bolden (Kay)

A burglar goes free but PC Quinnan and DS Greig attempt to nick him again and send him down, where he belongs.

504 :09x03 - All Through the Night

First aired: Jan/08/1993
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Jeremy Silberston
Guest star: Simon Napper (DJ), Helen Atkins (Diane Eckersley), Judy Riley (Sandra), Carolyn Lyster (Monica), Nick Bartlett (1st Bouncer), Rupert Farley (2nd Bouncer), Jenny Lee (JP), Dick Crawford (Dave), Osaze Ehibor (Rasta)

PC Stamp gets paired with an attractive young Environmental Health Officer on the party patrol. It isn't quite as dull as he expected it to be!!

505 :09x04 - New Tune, Old Fiddle

First aired: Jan/12/1993
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Laurence Moody
Guest star: Ed Stobart (Motorist), Mike Burnside (D.A.C. Hicks), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.), Kenneth Hadley (Fire Officer), Meryl Hampton (Mrs Prentice), Bob Mason (Ch. Insp. Binstead), Leonard Preston (Mr. Prentice)

A Chief Inspector is posted to the station as the Community Liaison Officer, however, Chief Inspector Conway is disgruntled and thinks that he has been overlooked so he decides to apply for the same post, however, he doesn't tell Chief Superintendent Brownlow.

506 :09x05 - Delinquent

First aired: Jan/14/1993
Writer: Victoria Taylor
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Steve Morley (Sgt. Lamont), Dickon Tolson (Colin Thompson), Pip Donaghy (Frank Thompson), Stephanie Turner (Marcia Thompson), Daniel John (Matthew Thompson), Chris Hadfield (Mr. Kemp), James Castle Stevens (Angry Car Owner)

A young offender who has form for burglary and many other petty crimes is arrested for robbing from his own parents' home.

507 :09x06 - Bringing Up Baby

First aired: Jan/15/1993
Writer: Edward Canfor-Dumas
Director: Matthew Evans
Guest star: Jacqueline Defferary (Julie Callaghan), Daniel Flynn (Neil Hemmings), John Rowe (Martin Poole), Robert Hickson (Mr. Mitchell), Sara Clee (Mrs Mitchell)

A new born goes missing and CID attempt to locate it, its a race against the clock.

508 :09x07 - Rainy Days and Mondays

First aired: Jan/19/1993
Writer: Trevor Wadlow
Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
Guest star: Lois Daine (Janet French), Keith Bartlett (Tom Olsen), Zoë Telford (Helen Shaw), Karen Frawley (Tracey Hartnell), Sara Powell (Hostel Girl), David Baker (Nurse)

A hostel night security man is accused of sexually assaulting one of the girls who live there. The police are called in to investigate.

509 :09x08 - Supply and Demand

First aired: Jan/21/1993
Writer: Joanne Maguire
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: Shirin Taylor (Mrs. Bailey), Gareth Armstrong (P.C. Jardine), Richard Beale (Sam Hiller), Heather Emmanuel (Mrs. Jhabvala), John Boswall (Agnew), Andy Greenhalgh (Don Hinkley), Martin Phillips (Van Driver), Miranda Forbes (Mrs Worth)

DS Greig and his burglary team get a result when a complaint about a porn film of a housewive in a bath reaches Sun Hill.

510 :09x09 - On the Cards

First aired: Jan/22/1993
Writer: Gregory Evans
Director: Jan Sargent
Guest star: Adrienne Burgess (Elizabeth Livesey), Andrew McCulloch (Ray King), Gail Abbott (W.P.C.), Robert Hands (Frankie Wade), Jean Warren (Norma Wade), Jenny Jay (Jacqui Foster), Mona Hammond (Mrs Hall), John Flanagan (D. Supt. Mair), Teresa Banham (D.S. McIntyre), Stephen Aintree (Arthur Hegarty)

WDC Viv Martella has been working on a murder case for the last two weeks but has got nowhere in her quest so she is moved on to another case about obscene phone calls. However, she discovers evidence leading her to the killer she's been after.

511 :09x10 - Shock to the System

First aired: Jan/26/1993
Guest star: John Warnaby (Sgt. Grant), Steve Morley (Sgt. Lamont), Cathy Finlay (Doctor), Susan Majolier (Marion), Richard Sockett (Insp. Tierney), Lisa Coleman (Lisa Carpenter), Shaun Dingwall (Shaun Gibbs), Yasmin Wilde (Asian Woman)

Chief Superintendent Brownlow is in for a shock when he gets back from his jollies. Chief Inspector Conway is the new Area Community Liaison Officer!

512 :09x11 - Living It Down

First aired: Jan/28/1993
Guest star: Melanie Hill (Lynda Chambers), Jane Danson (Debbie Fisher), Ralph Richard Redpath (Vincent Hughes)

A child pornography ring is discovered after the Sun Hill team investigate a victim of abuse's dissapearance.

513 :09x12 - Heat of the Moment

First aired: Jan/29/1993

514 :09x13 - Shake, Rattle 'n' Roll

First aired: Feb/02/1993
Writer: Susan B. Shattock
Director: George Case
Guest star: Mike Burnside (D.A.C. Hicks), Susan Majolier (Marion), Shaun Scott (Terry McGill), Marcia Warren (Mrs Wilson), Mark Pegg (Sharp)

515 :09x14 - No Thanks To You

First aired: Feb/04/1993
Writer: Candy Denman
Director: Jan Sargent
Guest star: Greg Saunders (Gary Mallin), Jackie Downey (Marcie Mallin), Phillip Joseph (Mr. Smith), Elizabeth Estensen (Mrs Smith), Vincent Keane (Sean Ellis), Greg Campbell (Angry Driver), Raymond Llewellyn (Angry Motorist (as Ray Llewellyn)), Wendy Allnutt (Sister), Anthony Trent (Vince Carey)

516 :09x15 - A Better Life

First aired: Feb/05/1993
Writer: Roy MacGregor
Director: Andrew Higgs
Guest star: Sylvia Barter (Freda Murray), Michael Feast (Jim Redman), Sean Maguire (Darren Hancock), Anita Carey (Jean), Lynne Pearson (Hazel), Stevie Harris (Kay Reynolds), Jon Morrison (Lonnie)

517 :09x16 - Echo

First aired: Feb/09/1993
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Bill Pryde
Guest star: Adrian Rawlins (Bernard Holt)

518 :09x17 - Fagins

First aired: Feb/11/1993
Writer: Julian Jones
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Steve Morley (Sgt. Lamont), Ralph Nossek (Mehmet 'Zorba' Hassan), David Allister (James Lucas), Philip York (Peter Scales), John Garrett (Robert Butler), Mark Penfold (Douglas King), Sheila White (Mrs Lucas), Di Langford (Mrs Butler)

519 :09x18 - Cried Too Late

First aired: Feb/12/1993
Writer: Matt Wingett
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Gerda Stevenson (Anne Douglas), Paul Bentall (John Harrison), Helen Pearson (Sonia Philips), Vincent Pickering (Paul Collins), Kumall Grewal (Raj Nebhrajani), Peter Dineen (Jim Atkinson), Liz Campion (Dr. Julia Watson)

520 :09x19 - Gone For A Soldier

First aired: Feb/16/1993
Writer: Steve Trafford
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Renu Setna (Mr. Desai), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.), Charles De'Ath (David Armstrong), David Beames (Sgt. Dakin), Jayne Ashbourne (Angela Pearson), Joseph Bennett (Peter Armstrong), Janet Spencer-Turner (Mrs Thompson), Chris Sanders (Mr. Norris)

521 :09x20 - Persuasion

First aired: Feb/18/1993
Writer: Marianne Colbran
Director: Richard Holthouse
Guest star: Will Barton (Dr. Acey), Sue Devaney (Ruth Harcourt), Clare Kelly (Mrs Jackson), Akim Mogaji (Pete Lawson), Barry Aird (Kevin Mitchell), Justin Kielty (Jez Taylor), Dawn Archibald (Girl outside Pub)

522 :09x21 - Hard Man

First aired: Feb/19/1993
Writer: Carolyn Sally Jones
Director: Andrew Higgs
Guest star: Peter Jonfield (Terry Hale), Kate Fitzgerald (Rita Garrard), Miranda Pleasence (Josie Butcher), David Hobbs (Thomas Scully), Jason Morell (Doctor)

523 :09x22 - Missionary Work

First aired: Feb/23/1993
Writer: Steve Trafford
Director: William Brayne
Guest star: Simone Hyams (Josey Naylor), Andrew Groves (Madden), Peter Gunn (Pool Manager), Pat Harris (Andy Price), Fanny Carby (Mrs Naylor), Muriel Pavlow (Mrs Doyle), Emma Bunton (Janice)

524 :09x23 - Hypocritical Oath

First aired: Feb/25/1993
Writer: Matthew Bardsley
Director: Andrew Higgs
Guest star: Kenneth Farrington (John Fraser), Stephen Tate (Dr. Alan Haycraft), Sean Gallagher (Mick West), Jenny Howe (Betty Fraser), Anastasia Hille (Lena Foster), Rita May (Doctor's Receptionist), Clare Malka (Woman at Door)

525 :09x24 - Trivial Pursuits

First aired: Feb/26/1993
Writer: Len Collin
Director: Brian Parker
Guest star: Philip Bloomfield (Mr. Amos), Jeremy Bulloch (Matthews), Robert Perkins (P.C. Leigh), Nicholas Hewetson (David (as Nick Hewetson)), Virginia Courtney (Mrs Coleman), Theresa Boden (Susan), Flip Webster (Brenda), Richard Addison (Derek), Jon McKenna (Hampton (as Jonathon McKenna))

526 :09x25 - Out of the Mouths

First aired: Mar/02/1993
Writer: Duncan Gould
Director: Graeme Harper
Guest star: Colin Spaull (Mr. Royston), David Simeon (D.I. Graveson), John Leeson (Mr. Witchell), Gail Abbott (W.P.C. Hughes), Harry Peacock (Kevin Witchell), Michael Bott (Mr. Brotherton), Sarah Franzl (Prostitute), Jacqueline Clarke (Mrs Honeycombe), Ben Homewood (Mark Honeycombe), Sheila Tait (Sheila Mills), Diana Payan (Miss Howe), Peter Morton (Neil Brotherton), Anthony Watson (1st Younger Schoolboy), Daniel Ferguson (2nd Younger Schoolboy), Nathan Constance (1st Older Schoolboy)

527 :09x26 - Keeping In Touch

First aired: Mar/04/1993
Writer: A. Valentine
Director: George Case
Guest star: Frank Mills (Roger Darling), Daphne Oxenford (Mrs. Ellis), David Richard Fox (Steven Bright), Lee Whitlock (Jay Walsh), Cornelius Garrett (John Pointon), Liza Spenz (Mrs Wilkinson)

PC Stamp (Graham Cole) and WPC Page (Lisa Geoghan) investigate a burglary at home of blind Mrs. Ellis (Daphne Oxenford.)

528 :09x27 - If It Isn't Hurting

First aired: Mar/05/1993
Guest star: Madhav Sharma (Tariq Khan), Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.), Victor Gallucci (DC Tom Baker)

529 :09x28 - Keeping Out of Trouble

First aired: Mar/09/1993

530 :09x29 - School of Hard Knocks

First aired: Mar/11/1993
Director: Graeme Harper
Guest star: Nick Brimble (Bill O'Brien), Shirley Stelfox (Mrs. Larch), Ivor Roberts (Thomas Jenner)

531 :09x30 - A Little Family Business

First aired: Mar/12/1993

532 :09x31 - Breaking the Chain

First aired: Mar/16/1993

533 :09x32 - The Fortress

First aired: Mar/18/1993
Guest star: Martin Gower (Jim Hall)

534 :09x33 - In Broad Daylight

First aired: Mar/19/1993

535 :09x34 - Credible Witness

First aired: Mar/23/1993
Guest star: Hugh Futcher (Mr. Steiner)

536 :09x35 - The Price of Fame

First aired: Mar/25/1993

537 :09x36 - The Short Straw

First aired: Mar/26/1993
Writer: Russell Lewis
Director: William Brayne
Guest star: Stewart Porter (Van Driver), David Milner (Foster), Maureen Sweeney (Mrs Stack), Enid Irvin (Pensioner), Dean McGrath (Stack), Russell Levy (Varney), Jonty Stephens (Sgt. Wilson), Victor Gallucci (DC Tom Baker)

538 :09x37 - Missing

First aired: Mar/30/1993
Guest star: John Halstead (Newsagent), Tim Preece (Gerry Whitfield)

539 :09x38 - Goods Received

First aired: Apr/01/1993
Guest star: James Marcus (Bernie Robbins)

540 :09x39 - Double Enmity

First aired: Apr/02/1993

541 :09x40 - Hard Evidence

First aired: Apr/06/1993

542 :09x41 - High Hopes and Low Life

First aired: Apr/08/1993
Guest star: Peter Benson (Eyes)

543 :09x42 - On the Loose

First aired: Apr/09/1993
Guest star: Allan Surtees (Charlie Molloy), Raymond Trickitt (Man with Camera)

544 :09x43 - Out of Court

First aired: Apr/13/1993
Guest star: Timothy Walker (Defence counsel)

545 :09x44 - Bedfellows

First aired: Apr/15/1993

546 :09x45 - Cat and Mouse

First aired: Apr/17/1993

547 :09x46 - Brothers

First aired: Apr/20/1993
Guest star: Alec Linstead (Mr. Ryan)

548 :09x47 - Playing Away

First aired: Apr/22/1993

549 :09x48 - Coming To Terms

First aired: Apr/24/1993
Guest star: Stephen Churchett (Jim Tolman), Maureen O'Brien (Pat Tolman)

550 :09x49 - Return To Sender

First aired: Apr/27/1993
Guest star: Andy Serkis (Alex Rackin)

551 :09x50 - Sticks and Stones

First aired: Apr/29/1993
Guest star: Tenniel Evans (Judge), Derek Smee (Prosecution Counsel), Martina Laird (Marcia Walsh)

552 :09x51 - Tangled Webs

First aired: May/01/1993
Writer: Ron Rose
Director: David Attwood

553 :09x52 - Recruiting Officer

First aired: May/04/1993
Guest star: Ian Burfield (John Coombes), Ray Ashcroft (PC Rob Leach)

554 :09x53 - Give 'em an Inch

First aired: May/06/1993

555 :09x54 - By Hook or By Crook

First aired: May/08/1993

556 :09x55 - Home to Roost

First aired: May/11/1993
Writer: Julian Spilsbury
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: Patrick Carter (Market Trader), Susan Field (Elderly Neighbour), Peter Geddis (Hickey's Friend), Gordon Salkilld (Elderly Husband), Ricky Tomlinson (Ray Hickey), Annette Ekblom (Mrs. Richards), Tina Martin (Mrs. Tilley), Pauline Little (Tina Roberts), Debbie Killingback (Debbie)

557 :09x56 - In Safe Hands

First aired: May/13/1993

558 :09x57 - Punch Drunk

First aired: May/15/1993
Writer: Edward Canfor-Dumas
Director: Michael Simpson
Guest star: Phil Smeeton (Mark Leonard), Jack Chissick (Pub Landlord), Keith Woodhams (Doctor)

Tony and Dave arrive at a fight in a pub where the culprit is Ted Roach.

559 :09x58 - Fall Out

First aired: May/18/1993

CID are left having to handle the fall out following Ted's departure.

560 :09x59 - Awaydays

First aired: May/20/1993
Guest star: Glyn Houston (George Taft)

Tosh investigates when an ex-cop has been robbed.

561 :09x60 - Pride and Joy

First aired: May/22/1993

562 :09x61 - Fast Food

First aired: May/25/1993
Guest star: Larry Martyn (Pub Landlord)

563 :09x62 - Soft Touch

First aired: May/27/1993

564 :09x63 - We Gave Him All Our Love

First aired: May/29/1993
Guest star: Polly James (Mrs. Edwards)

565 :09x64 - Hearts and Minds

First aired: Jun/01/1993

566 :09x65 - Cry Baby

First aired: Jun/03/1993

567 :09x66 - A Willing Victim

First aired: Jun/05/1993

568 :09x67 - Rank Outsider

First aired: Jun/08/1993

569 :09x68 - Tender Mercies

First aired: Jun/10/1993

570 :09x69 - Double Take

First aired: Jun/12/1993

571 :09x70 - Mouth and Trousers

First aired: Jun/15/1993

572 :09x71 - Uses and Abuses

First aired: Jun/16/1993

573 :09x72 - Picking a Winner

First aired: Jun/19/1993

574 :09x73 - Broken

First aired: Jun/22/1993
Guest star: Brian Glover (Ken Farley)

575 :09x74 - Insider Dealing

First aired: Jun/24/1993

576 :09x75 - To Have and To Hold

First aired: Jun/26/1993

577 :09x76 - Honour Among Thieves

First aired: Jun/29/1993

578 :09x77 - Somebody To Love

First aired: Jul/01/1993

579 :09x78 - Morning Has Broken

First aired: Jul/03/1993
Guest star: Michael Elwyn (Edward Field)

580 :09x79 - Swaps

First aired: Jul/06/1993

581 :09x80 - Trust

First aired: Jul/08/1993

582 :09x81 - Divided We Fall

First aired: Jul/10/1993

583 :09x82 - A Duty of Care

First aired: Jul/13/1993
Guest star: Derek Crewe (Bryn Webley), Richard Moore (Colin Jackson), Mark Ryan (John Randall)

584 :09x83 - Family Values

First aired: Jul/15/1993

585 :09x84 - A Matter of Life and Death

First aired: Jul/17/1993

586 :09x85 - Kith and Kin

First aired: Jul/20/1993

587 :09x86 - Part of the Family

First aired: Jul/22/1993

588 :09x87 - Mighty Atoms

First aired: Jul/24/1993

589 :09x88 - A Malicious Prosecution

First aired: Jul/27/1993
Guest star: Timothy Walker (Counsel for the Plaintiff)

590 :09x89 - Outbreak

First aired: Jul/29/1993

591 :09x90 - Unreliable Witness

First aired: Jul/31/1993
Guest star: Eddie Marsan (Roy Kilby)

592 :09x91 - Sweet Charity

First aired: Aug/03/1993
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: Stuart Organ (Nolan Cruickshank)

593 :09x92 - David and Goliath

First aired: Aug/05/1993
Guest star: Melvyn Bedford (Brian Warrilow), James Snell (Mr. Samuels)

594 :09x93 - What a Pair

First aired: Aug/07/1993
Guest star: Neil Daglish (Peter Smith)

595 :09x94 - Desirable Property

First aired: Aug/10/1993

596 :09x95 - Blind Spot

First aired: Aug/12/1993
Writer: Roger Davenport

597 :09x96 - Carrying the Load

First aired: Aug/14/1993

598 :09x97 - Deadly Weapon

First aired: Aug/17/1993
Guest star: Roderick Smith (Harry Thomas)

599 :09x98 - All the Wrong Connections

First aired: Aug/19/1993

600 :09x99 - Give and Take

First aired: Aug/21/1993
Writer: Elizabeth-Anne Wheal
Director: John Strickland
Guest star: Martin East (Kenny Parish), Ian Thompson (Sgt. Stewart), Jaye Griffiths (WDS Sally Johnson), Catherine Tate (WDC Palmer), Elaine Collins (Jenny Bayliss), Nicholas Caunter (Secure Unit Worker), Patrick Toomey (Glynn), Kara Stylinos (Kate Ferguson)

601 :09x100 - Desperate Measures

First aired: Aug/24/1993

602 :09x101 - To Catch a Thief

First aired: Aug/26/1993
Guest star: Robert Ashby (Charlie Robinson), JoAnne Good (Mrs. Hazel)

603 :09x102 - Natural Reaction

First aired: Aug/28/1993

604 :09x103 - Desperate Remedies

First aired: Aug/31/1993

605 :09x104 - Bright Lights

First aired: Sep/02/1993
Guest star: Sean Baker (Barry Fairweather)

606 :09x105 - Bare Faced Lies

First aired: Sep/04/1993

607 :09x106 - But Not Forgotten

First aired: Sep/07/1993

608 :09x107 - Push

First aired: Sep/09/1993
Guest star: Graham Cull (Martin Trafford), Edna Doré (Peggy Lake)

609 :09x108 - Bad Reaction

First aired: Sep/10/1993

610 :09x109 - Compliments of the Service

First aired: Sep/15/1993

611 :09x110 - Game of Two Halves

First aired: Sep/16/1993

612 :09x111 - The Knowledge

First aired: Sep/18/1993

613 :09x112 - No Place Like Home

First aired: Sep/21/1993

614 :09x113 - Customer Care

First aired: Sep/23/1993

615 :09x114 - The Right Man For The Job

First aired: Sep/25/1993
Guest star: Anthony Jackson (George Decker)

616 :09x115 - A Day in the Life Of

First aired: Sep/28/1993
Guest star: Richard Hampton (Solicitor)

617 :09x116 - Having What It Takes

First aired: Sep/30/1993
Guest star: Chris MacDonnell (Tommy Draper)

618 :09x117 - Play the Game

First aired: Oct/02/1993
Guest star: Barry Stanton (Dave North), Chris Sullivan (Irish Gardener)

619 :09x118 - Unlucky For Some

First aired: Oct/05/1993
Guest star: Helen Blatch (Mrs. Mayo)

620 :09x119 - Gift of the Gab

First aired: Oct/07/1993
Guest star: Dermot Crowley (Mr. Cullity)

621 :09x120 - A Class Act

First aired: Oct/09/1993

622 :09x121 - Dangerous Trade

First aired: Oct/12/1993

623 :09x122 - Cheating Heart

First aired: Oct/14/1993

624 :09x123 - Somewhere To Hang My Hat

First aired: Oct/16/1993
Guest star: David Arlen (Ivan Murray)

625 :09x124 - No Comment

First aired: Oct/19/1993

626 :09x125 - Shrinkage

First aired: Oct/21/1993

627 :09x126 - Street Legal

First aired: Oct/23/1993

628 :09x127 - The Green Eyed Monster

First aired: Oct/26/1993

629 :09x128 - Behind Closed Doors

First aired: Oct/28/1993

630 :09x129 - Links in the Chain

First aired: Oct/30/1993
Guest star: Andrew Burt (Mr. Blake), Steve Ismay (P.C. Ray Brady)

631 :09x130 - Care in the Community

First aired: Nov/02/1993
Guest star: Barry Andrews (Shopkeeper), Geoffrey Hutchings (Martin Jackson), David Quilter (Police Surgeon)

632 :09x131 - You Don't Always Get What You Want

First aired: Nov/04/1993

633 :09x132 - Reason To Believe

First aired: Nov/06/1993

634 :09x133 - Let Slip

First aired: Nov/09/1993
Guest star: John Joyce (Reg Lawson)

635 :09x134 - Until Proven Guilty

First aired: Nov/11/1993
Guest star: Tony Caunter (Joe Horder)

636 :09x135 - The Hard Sell

First aired: Nov/13/1993
Guest star: Ahmed Khalil (Akim)

637 :09x136 - Consequences

First aired: Nov/16/1993
Guest star: Cheryl Hall (Mrs. Mackintosh)

638 :09x137 - A Question of Identity

First aired: Nov/18/1993

639 :09x138 - Cutting Edge

First aired: Nov/20/1993
Writer: Terry Hodgkinson
Director: Michael Simpson
Guest star: Godfrey James (Mr Ellis), Derek Newark (Jim Whatley), Jonathan Copestake (Darren Phillips), Barbara Young (Gladys Ellis), Julia Blalock (Kathleen Norris), Stuart Manning (Boy)

640 :09x139 - Put Down

First aired: Nov/23/1993

641 :09x140 - Left Behind

First aired: Nov/25/1993

642 :09x141 - Real Villains

First aired: Nov/27/1993

643 :09x142 - Questionable Judgement

First aired: Nov/30/1993
Guest star: Martin Fisk (Mr. Burwell), Peter Russell (Rye), David Quilter (Police Surgeon), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

644 :09x143 - Taking Care of Business

First aired: Dec/02/1993
Guest star: Carl Rigg (Dave Whittaker), Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.)

645 :09x144 - The Law In Their Hands

First aired: Dec/04/1993

646 :09x145 - Cause For Complaint

First aired: Dec/07/1993
Guest star: Martyn Read (Mr. Thomas)

647 :09x146 - Blood Counts

First aired: Dec/09/1993
Guest star: Paul Barber (Ade Fellowes), Christopher Whittingham (Mr. Hobbs)

648 :09x147 - Hurting Inside

First aired: Dec/11/1993
Guest star: Oliver Smith (Barry Lewis)

649 :09x148 - Corroboration

First aired: Dec/14/1993
Guest star: Kevork Malikyan (Kemal)

650 :09x149 - Death of a Ladies' Man

First aired: Dec/16/1993
Guest star: Tina Jones (Jean Kennedy), Lizzy McInnerny (Gail Finney (as Lizzie McInnerny)), June Watson (Mrs Whitchurch), Dominic Wallis (Steve Redmayne), Jane Montgomery (Doctor), Tara Flanagan (Clerk), Tim Sabel (Captain Gray)

651 :09x150 - An Ill Wind

First aired: Dec/18/1993
Guest star: Niven Boyd (Evans), Tony Armatrading (Reynolds), Paul Butterworth (Draper), Sally Knyvette (Mrs Thompson), Ann-marie Gwatkin (Mrs Caplin), Claudette Williamson (Neighbour), Anna Maclay (Receptionist)

652 :09x151 - Keep On Trucking

First aired: Dec/21/1993
Guest star: Russell Floyd (Dave Roberts), Christopher Hancock (Ivor Thomas)

653 :09x152 - A Family Trait

First aired: Dec/23/1993
Writer: Candy Denman
Director: Aisling Walsh
Guest star: Lindy Whiteford (Miss Wardale), Des McAleer (Lewis Barden), Barry McCarthy (Mr Adams), Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.), Maria Pastel (Maureen Barden), Daniel Hosier (Darren Barden), Dean Micetich (Josh Evans), Eve Polycarpou (Mrs Mehmet)

654 :09x153 - Paid In Full

First aired: Dec/24/1993
Writer: Elizabeth-Anne Wheal
Director: John Bruce
Guest star: Nigel Fan (Mr Lee), Arthur Cox (Off License Manager), Jonathan Stratt (Barry Rutherford), Sophie Stanton (Debbie Shilton), Michael Skyers (Del), Lorna Brown (Anne Marie Winters), Craig Whitney (Terry), Fiesta Mei Ling (Mrs Lee)

655 :09x154 - Cause For Concern

First aired: Dec/28/1993
Writer: Julian Spilsbury
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Dean Harris (David Prior), Ray Armstrong (Mr Hammond), Maggie Henderson (Mrs Hammond), Peter Brayham (Angry Driver), Monica Dolan (Mrs Heaton), Akemi Otani (Mrs Prior), Simon Corris (Mr Heaton), Toby Davies (Doctor), Claira Mackie (Mrs Heaton's Friend)

An unusual case of mistaken identity.

656 :09x155 - Nothing Ventured

First aired: Dec/31/1993
Writer: Edward Canfor-Dumas
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Donald Sumpter (D.C.I. Grant), Nick Miles (Jerry), Breffni McKenna (D.S. Collins), Eoin McCarthy (Jay Miller), Tim Kirby (Scout), Linda Davidson (Sarah Wallace), Mark Scott (Donald Lorrimer), Richard Neuberg (Photographer)

Haines receives important information about a drug deal and is quick to act.

657 :10x01 - Games

First aired: Jan/04/1994
Writer: Len Collin
Director: Andrew Hope
Guest star: June Page (Mrs Clarke), David Bamber (Chris Baxter), Sam Stockman (Kevin Beardsley), Laurence Lambert (Stan), David Keyes (Chris Wilkins), Christine Kimberley (Mrs Beadsley), Jean Heard (Mrs Peters), Luke Aikman (Warren Peters), Christopher Beaumont (Mr. Clarke)

The Sun Hill officers investigate the dissapearance of a schoolboy called Lee Clarke, who was last seen walking home from school with his friend. Monroe is agitated by the lack of concern from Lee's father. Loxton looks through the peadophile register after speaking to Lee's friend, whilst Tony Stamp clashes with a complainer who may be the answer to finding the missing youngster.

658 :10x02 - Second Sight

First aired: Jan/06/1994
Writer: Elizabeth-Anne Wheal
Director: David Attwood
Guest star: Mike Shannon (Mr Freeman), Carl Brincat (P. C. Bostock), Michael Byrne (Tony Medlar), Emelia Dobie (Cinema Manageress), Kim Ismay (Barmaid), Annie Cowan (Sharon Williams)

As DI Sally Johnson begins her first day at Sun Hill, CID launch a survelliance operation against Sharon Williams, a prostitute with a group of criminal customers. Carver is reluctant to take on the operation - until a raid on Sharon's flat leads to the arrest of a biker responsible for a recent armed robbery and a notorious drug dealer.

659 :10x03 - Darkness Before Dawn

First aired: Jan/07/1994
Writer: Sebastian Secker Walker
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: David Quilter (Dr Russell), Douglas Henshall (Stewart French), Bill Moody (Neighbour), Andy Linden (Sophiados), Sophie Okonedo (Adele Percy), Benedict Martin (Caretaker)

660 :10x04 - He Who Waits

First aired: Jan/11/1994
Writer: Neil Clarke
Director: Douglas MacKinnon
Guest star: Brian Pettifer (Billy Hardy), Meryl Hampton (Margy Robinson), Lorraine Ashbourne (Jenny Longden), Iain Fletcher (D.C. Rod Skase), Frank Taylor (New Owner), Luke Strain (Boy), Joanna Brookes (Neighbour), Mark Knight (Mick Hawkins), Sally George (W.D.S. Finnegan)

661 :10x05 - Mix and Match

First aired: Jan/13/1994
Writer: Chris Ould
Director: Charles Beeson
Guest star: John Warnaby (Julian Sampson), Steven Alvey (Mick Rice), Amanda McGowan (Yvonne Linton), Dee Sadler (Tanya Sampson)

662 :10x06 - Dealer Wins

First aired: Jan/14/1994
Writer: Duncan Gould
Director: Charles Beeson
Guest star: Rowena Cooper (Mrs Bruce), Helen Schlesinger (Ms Daniels), Samantha Spiro (Sherrie Badel), Andrew Herman (Tony Whale), Jane Wheldon (Ms Frank), Wendy Nottingham (Jackie Garrett), Ian Crowe (Gerry Knight), Iona Kennedy (Sarah Waskett), Alison Potter (Tasha Garrett)

663 :10x07 - No Job For an Amateur

First aired: Jan/18/1994
Writer: Candy Denman
Director: Riitta Leena Lynn
Guest star: Helen Martin (Marcie), Adie Allen (Nikki), Orla Brady (Amy), Jane Robbins (Tina), Richard Syms (Hall Porter), David Battley (Banwell), Keith Bartlett (Security Officer), Eddie Webber (Pimp), Joanne Campbell (Kate)

664 :10x08 - Judge and Jury

First aired: Jan/20/1994
Writer: James Stevenson
Director: Bill Pryde
Guest star: Jeremy Gilley (Gary Davis), David Horovitch (Geoff Secker), Morag Siller (Suzanne), Alan Palmer (Martin Black), Sheila Collings (Mrs Giles), Charlotte Edwards (Lisa Coles), Ravi Aujla (Ravi Shahani), James March (Stuart William)

665 :10x09 - The Mourning After

First aired: Jan/21/1994
Writer: Mark Holloway
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Jo Stone-Fewings (Ian Copley), Mellan Mitchell (Vijay Rajdev), Dido Miles (Louise Abbott), Graeme Briggs (Joe Frampton), Kate Hillier (Staff Nurse Fraser), Vinny Dhillon (Doctor), Ann Joseph (Wattis), John Turnbull (Threadgould), Jason Arcari (Bernard Fuller)

666 :10x10 - Just Say No

First aired: Jan/25/1994
Writer: Nigel Baldwin
Director: Jan Sargent
Guest star: Michael Gunn (Jimmy Parker), Melissa Wilson (Lisa George), Siobhan Burke (Cassie Baker), Tim Preece (Harry Franks), John Melainey (Store Manager), Lavinia Bertram (Mrs Tate)

667 :10x11 - Mud Sticks

First aired: Jan/27/1994
Writer: Isabelle Grey
Director: Peter Cattaneo
Guest star: Ann Lynn (Ellie), Lucy Sheen (Sutheera Tate), Clara Onyemere (Merlene), Jane Belshaw (Linda Pick), Scott Gillott (Rick Stratten), Katherine Grice (Flo), Alex Tetteh-Lartey (Fitzroy Holt), Kate Corkery (Hospital Sister), Mary Maxted (Elderly Lady)

668 :10x12 - One Bad Turn

First aired: Jan/29/1994
Writer: A. Valentine
Director: Laurence Moody
Guest star: George Little (Mr Howe), Ruth Hudson (Prostitute at Hotel), Nicholas R. Bailey (Joseph Tucker), Crispin Redman (Simon Kennard), Teohna Williams (Casualty Nurse), Debbie Ardrey (Intensive Care Nurse)

669 :10x13 - Faith in the System

First aired: Feb/01/1994
Writer: Matt Wingett
Director: Bill Pryde
Guest star: Aedin Moloney (Tina Locke), Dermont Kerrigan (Owen), Stacy Davis (F.M.E.)

670 :10x14 - Keeping Mum

First aired: Feb/03/1994
Writer: Lizzie Mickery
Director: Michael Simpson
Guest star: Jeff Shankley (Dan Paley), Tom Bradford (Jason Leach), Tim Pearce (Publician), Kevin Doyle (Mr Wates), Tom Marshall (Ronnie Merchant), Tim Downie (Joe Paley), Annie Hulley (Julie Paley)

671 :10x15 - Double Vision

First aired: Feb/04/1994
Writer: Neil Clarke
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: Gerard Doyle (Ken Glover), Fanny Carby (Mrs Bennet), Clive Corner (Mr O'Donnell), Naim Khan (Bakha Singh), Jason Moody (Billy Bennet)

672 :10x16 - No Access

First aired: Feb/08/1994
Writer: Isabelle Grey
Director: Riitta Leena Lynn
Guest star: Rene Zagger (Paul Clifford), Lesley Duff (Sue Atkin), Jonathan Barlow (Pete Atkin), Francis Johnson (Moses Hobbs), Luke Pursey (1st Boy), Peter Morton (Danny Atkin), Jan Shand (Mrs Clifford), Joan Hodges (Woman), David Neilson (Graham Lowe), Daniel Smith (2nd Boy)

673 :10x17 - Ways and Means

First aired: Feb/10/1994
Writer: Jane Woodrow
Director: Jan Sargent
Guest star: Jon Croft (Magistrate), Perry Fenwick (Store Manager), Barry Woolgar (P.C. at Court), Marion Bailey (Elizabeth Dreydon), Eddie O'Connell (Kevin Hanson), Elizabeth Banks (Shoplifter), Lisa Spicer (Charlene Green), Paul Jerrico (Steve Dreydon), Alex Raven (John Hanson)

674 :10x18 - Cutting It

First aired: Feb/11/1994

675 :10x19 - Secrets

First aired: Feb/15/1994
Guest star: David Haig (Brian Linton), Dicken Ashworth (Robbie Clayton)

676 :10x20 - Bin-Men

First aired: Feb/17/1994
Writer: Roger Davenport
Guest star: Lloyd McGuire (Bobby Turner), Chrissie Cotterill (Jan Turner), Will Barton (Doctor)

677 :10x21 - Ducking and Diving

First aired: Feb/18/1994

678 :10x22 - Gone Away

First aired: Feb/22/1994
Guest star: Vincent Pickering (Alan Kent)

679 :10x23 - Dead Men Don't Drive Cars

First aired: Feb/24/1994

680 :10x24 - Saturday Night's All Right

First aired: Feb/25/1994

681 :10x25 - Ranks and Files

First aired: Mar/01/1994
Guest star: Nicholas Donnelly (Mr. Spencer)

Johnson and Stamp have two suspects they're keen to exchange, but vital paperwork is missing.

682 :10x26 - Business As Usual

First aired: Mar/03/1994
Guest star: Peter Russell (Mr. Grogan)

PC Quinnan and Ackland investigate a burglary at a clothes shop.

683 :10x27 - Root of All Evil

First aired: Mar/04/1994
Writer: Joanne Maguire
Director: Indra Bhose
Guest star: Roy Heather (Mr. Meenan), Don Gallagher (Paul Wickham), Ysobel Gonzalez (Marie Downes), Paul Putner (Mr Downes), Jim Dunk (George Patten), Nicholas Frost (Dave Shaw (as Nick Frost)), Tony Armatrading (Fire Officer), Cara Konig (Solicitor), Jack Lonsdale (Man with Car)

A local loanshark finds himself in the unusual position of assisting the police in a case.

684 :10x28 - Man to Man

First aired: Mar/08/1994

685 :10x29 - Menace

First aired: Mar/10/1994
Guest star: Michael Keating (Geoff Tilson)

Meadows (Simon Rouse) is on the trail of a potential killer.

686 :10x30 - Killjoys

First aired: Mar/11/1994

The search for a pirate radio station that is interfering with the police communications system ends in tragedy.

687 :10x31 - One of Them

First aired: Mar/15/1994
Guest star: John McArdle (Len Perkins), Simon Fenton (Jamie Perkins), Nisha Nayar (Kate Jaffrey (as Nisha K. Nayar)), Dominic Mafham (Mike Fox), David Quilter (F.M.E.)

When a youth worker is attacked, D.C. Carver investigates, but can't seem to discover a reason for the attack.

688 :10x32 - Day of Reckoning

First aired: Mar/17/1994
Guest star: Zienia Merton (Surgeon)

D.C.I. Meadows is informed about a big-time drug dealer, but the informer is then murdered.

689 :10x33 - Sleeping With the Fishes

First aired: Mar/18/1994

When a deserted boat is found in the Thames and a body is recovered, Sgt. Cryer attempts to piece together what's happened.

690 :10x34 - Fair Exchange

First aired: Mar/22/1994

691 :10x35 - Last Rights

First aired: Mar/24/1994
Guest star: Philip McGough (Dr. Adamson)

692 :10x36 - Mean Streak

First aired: Mar/25/1994
Guest star: Clive Kneller (Glenny), Martyn Whitby (O'Connell), Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.)

Morgan and Carver use strong -arm tactics on a gang of armed robbers.

693 :10x37 - Pig in the Middle

First aired: Mar/29/1994
Guest star: Jon Croft (Magistrate)

694 :10x38 - House Arrest

First aired: Mar/31/1994

695 :10x39 - Clubbing Together

First aired: Apr/01/1994

696 :10x40 - Pals

First aired: Apr/05/1994
Guest star: Stevan Rimkus (Martin Taverner)

697 :10x41 - Sold Out

First aired: Apr/07/1994
Guest star: Peter Jonfield (Harry Burton), Shirin Taylor (Caroline Burton)

698 :10x42 - Last Orders

First aired: Apr/08/1994

699 :10x43 - All the Comforts of Home

First aired: Apr/12/1994
Guest star: Philip Glenister (Richard Coe), Brian Miller (Frank Miller)

700 :10x44 - Wild Justice

First aired: Apr/14/1994
Director: Graeme Harper
Guest star: Colin Spaull (Postman)

701 :10x45 - Give Away

First aired: Apr/15/1994

702 :10x46 - Nowhere to Run

First aired: Apr/19/1994
Guest star: John Moreno (Jimmy Wallace)

Datta investigates a complex case of domestic violence.

703 :10x47 - Final Straw

First aired: Apr/21/1994

704 :10x48 - Bodyguard of Lies

First aired: Apr/22/1994
Guest star: Ron Cook (Thomas Ellis), David Quilter (Forensic Officer)

705 :10x49 - Friends Like That

First aired: Apr/26/1994
Guest star: Andrew Powell (Mark Abbot)

706 :10x50 - Disclosures

First aired: Apr/28/1994
Director: Graeme Harper
Guest star: Ian Redford (Mr. Evans Q.C.), Dominic Jephcott (Mr. Griffiths Q.C.), Patrick Godfrey (Tom Daly), Jillie Meers (Maureen Jowett)

An unexpected witness arrives in court making accusations against WPC Ackland.

707 :10x51 - Big Eagle Day

First aired: Apr/29/1994

Confusion at Sun Hill when they receive an unusual report of two armed villains at the house.

708 :10x52 - Bottleneck

First aired: May/03/1994

709 :10x53 - Honour and Obey

First aired: May/05/1994

710 :10x54 - Hot Off the Press

First aired: May/06/1994
Guest star: Clive Merrison (Ronald Taylor)

711 :10x55 - Killing Time

First aired: May/10/1994

712 :10x56 - Butter Wouldn't Melt

First aired: May/12/1994
Guest star: Joanna Monro (Mrs. Shelley)

713 :10x57 - All Things Nice

First aired: May/13/1994

A drug raid on a pub is a success until police find a body in the toilet.

714 :10x58 - No Way to Treat a Lady

First aired: May/17/1994
Guest star: George Raistrick (Ted Knight)

715 :10x59 - The Price

First aired: May/19/1994

716 :10x60 - Old Scores

First aired: May/20/1994

717 :10x61 - Branded

First aired: May/24/1994

718 :10x62 - Good Friends

First aired: May/26/1994
Guest star: John Bleasdale (Chris Phillips)

719 :10x63 - RTA

First aired: May/27/1994

720 :10x64 - No Marks

First aired: May/31/1994
Guest star: Frank Mills (Harry Spring)

721 :10x65 - Sweetness and Light

First aired: Jun/02/1994

722 :10x66 - Hey Diddle Diddle

First aired: Jun/03/1994

723 :10x67 - Funny Money

First aired: Jun/07/1994

724 :10x68 - Till Death Do Us Part

First aired: Jun/09/1994
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: John Abbott (Dennis Alsop)

725 :10x69 - All Along the Watchtower

First aired: Jun/10/1994
Guest star: Steve Swinscoe (Mr. Read)

726 :10x70 - Snowblind

First aired: Jun/14/1994

727 :10x71 - Lesson to be Learned

First aired: Jun/16/1994
Guest star: Louis Mahoney (Matthew Devereaux), Dominic Guard (Vernon Meredith)

728 :10x72 - Dear John

First aired: Jun/17/1994

729 :10x73 - Within Limits

First aired: Jun/21/1994
Guest star: Chris Sullivan (Harry Reid)

730 :10x74 - Tails You Lose

First aired: Jun/23/1994

731 :10x75 - Gate Fever

First aired: Jun/24/1994
Guest star: George Sewell (Ron Davies)

732 :10x76 - The Road Not Taken

First aired: Jun/28/1994

733 :10x77 - Fallen Angel

First aired: Jun/30/1994

734 :10x78 - A Touch of Braid

First aired: Jul/01/1994
Guest star: Ged Simmons (Mr. Hopkins)

735 :10x79 - Masquerade

First aired: Jul/05/1994

736 :10x80 - Good Days

First aired: Jul/07/1994
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Guest star: Liz Fraser (Grace Walsh), Frank Jarvis (Ralph), Renu Setna (Rashid Jhanji)

737 :10x81 - Banned

First aired: Jul/08/1994
Guest star: Trevor Cooper (Tony Lubbock)

738 :10x82 - Parental Guidance

First aired: Jul/12/1994

739 :10x83 - Settling the Score

First aired: Jul/14/1994
Guest star: Martin Matthews (Usher)

740 :10x84 - High Drivers

First aired: Jul/15/1994

741 :10x85 - Personal Space

First aired: Jul/19/1994

742 :10x86 - Public Spirit

First aired: Jul/21/1994

743 :10x87 - Dirty Laundry

First aired: Jul/22/1994

744 :10x88 - Paying the Price

First aired: Jul/26/1994

745 :10x89 - Best Interests

First aired: Jul/28/1994

746 :10x90 - Easy Prey

First aired: Jul/29/1994

747 :10x91 - Unfinished Business

First aired: Aug/02/1994

748 :10x92 - War of Nerves

First aired: Aug/04/1994
Guest star: Billy McColl (Gavin Jackson)

749 :10x93 - Legacy

First aired: Aug/05/1994
Guest star: Hubert Rees (Mr. Holden)

750 :10x94 - Death and Taxes

First aired: Aug/09/1994
Guest star: Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

751 :10x95 - In Too Deep

First aired: Aug/11/1994
Guest star: Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.)

752 :10x96 - You Belong to Me

First aired: Aug/12/1994

753 :10x97 - Looking for Mr Right

First aired: Aug/16/1994
Guest star: Cory Pulman (Motorbike Courier), Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.)

754 :10x98 - Skinning Cats

First aired: Aug/18/1994

755 :10x99 - Full Contact

First aired: Aug/19/1994

756 :10x100 - Partners

First aired: Aug/23/1994
Guest star: Gerry Cowper (Lorraine Dent), Jackie Cowper (Jackie Selby)

757 :10x101 - On the Latch

First aired: Aug/25/1994
Guest star: Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

758 :10x102 - Wall of Silence

First aired: Aug/26/1994
Guest star: Michael Melia (Peter Perry)

759 :10x103 - Business Opportunities

First aired: Aug/30/1994
Writer: Isabelle Grey
Director: Dominic Allan
Guest star: John Rolfe (Hugh Cardwell)

760 :10x104 - A Little Learning

First aired: Sep/01/1994
Writer: Michael Jenner
Director: Chris Lovett
Guest star: Stephanie Fayerman (Ann Jones)

761 :10x105 - Right Way, Wrong Way

First aired: Sep/02/1994
Writer: Nigel Baldwin
Director: Simon Meyers
Guest star: Pik Sen Lim (Mrs. Han)

762 :10x106 - Instant Response

First aired: Sep/06/1994
Writer: Joanne Maguire
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Christine Absalom (Woman Car Owner), Tessa Bell-Briggs (Mrs Orme), Catherine Harding (Old Lady), Ronald Markham (Judge), Sharron McKevitt (Young Woman in Car), Jeremy Bennett (Len Orme), Daniel Millar (Rob Orme), Gail Abbott (W.P.C. Hughes)

763 :10x107 - Washback

First aired: Sep/08/1994
Writer: A. Valentine
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: Alan Cooke (Lee Ruddick), Kathryn Allerston (Claudia Morris), Patrick Monckton (Thomas Bailey), Ewen Cummins (Dave Zander (as Ewan Cummins)), Jane Bellamy (Karen), Steve Paget (Fire Investigator), Martin Oldfield (Fire Station Officer)

764 :10x108 - Kickback

First aired: Sep/09/1994
Writer: A. Valentine
Director: Laurence Moody
Guest star: Ann Joseph (Paramedic), David Gwillim (D. Supt. Floyd), Kathryn Allerston (Claudia), Ewen Cummins (Zander), Anni Domingo (Mrs Ruddick), Neville Robinson (Michael Ruddick), Evelyn Duah (Rosemary Ruddick), Alan Cooke (Lee Ruddick), Tyrone Huggins (Neville (Tyrone Higgins)), Ian Keith (D.S. Knotley)

765 :10x109 - Birthright

First aired: Sep/13/1994
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Director: Aisling Walsh
Guest star: Deborah Manship (B & B Manageress), Ruth Lass (Shirley), Diane Keen (Janet Hurst), Richard Durden (Terry Hurst), Doreen Andrew (Mrs Denning)

766 :10x110 - Threats and Promises

First aired: Sep/15/1994
Writer: Gregory Evans
Director: Michael Simpson
Guest star: Douglas McFerran (Paul Selby), Jackie Cowper (Jackie Selby), David Pullan (Michael Dent), Gerry Cowper (Lorraine Dent), Graham Padden (Mr. Burgess), Allister Bain (Mr. Sullivan)

767 :10x111 - Inside

First aired: Sep/16/1994
Writer: Mark Holloway
Director: Gwennan Sage
Guest star: Martin Gower (D.C.I. Rice), William Ilkley (SO19 Northfield), Karen Gledhill (Jayne Bishop), Dominic Letts (Robert Gibson), Paul Brennen (Stewart Gorham), Katy Landis (Michelle Gorham), Madeleine Newbury (Pam Kelly), Alison Rose (Sarah Harvey)

768 :10x112 - Back on the Chaingang

First aired: Sep/20/1994
Guest star: Eric Allan (Eric Bennett), Georgia Mitchell (Claire Henderson), Mike Savage (Kenny Norris), Ross Dunsmore (Eddie Webb), Janet Pate (Louise Bennett), David Meldrum (John McCreadie), Giles Ward (Elvis Brown)

769 :10x113 - Out in the Cold

First aired: Sep/22/1994
Writer: David G. McDonagh
Director: Gwennan Sage
Guest star: Jacqueline Defferary (Eileen), Robert Patterson (Maguire), Peter Allcorn (Frank Wilkinson), Steve Fortune (Dudley), Ben Craze (Carr), Gerry Scanlan (Michael Blake), Peter Aubrey (Ronald Blake), Eileen Davies (Mrs Blake), Anne Godfrey (Mrs Moore), Juliet Griffiths (Wilkinson's Secretary (credited as Wilkinson's Secrtary))

770 :10x114 - Living Legend

First aired: Sep/23/1994
Writer: Helen Leadbeater
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: Derek Martin (Kenny Stone), Johnny Wade (Ron Baker), John Gill (George Williams), Georgina Hale (Julie Stone), Neil Stuke (Lewis), Darren Clewlow (Foster), Bill French (Police Photographer)

771 :10x115 - Runners and Riders

First aired: Sep/27/1994
Guest star: Gillian McCutcheon (F.M.E.), Ewen Bremner (Sean Lewis), Shirley Henderson (Kelly Rogers), Michael Wilson (Carl Preston), Damian Asher (Craig)

772 :10x116 - Down and Out

First aired: Sep/29/1994
Writer: Simon Frith
Director: Laura Sims
Guest star: Steve Toussaint (Clive Isley), Joseph Kpobie (Paul Adebayo), Wyllie Longmore (Louis Adebayo), Victoria Alcock (Kate Michaels), Oengus MacNamara (Kieron Devlin), Terry Smith (Eric Trodd)

773 :10x117 - Inquest

First aired: Sep/30/1994
Writer: Margaret Phelan
Director: Brian Farnham
Guest star: David Neal (Professor Armitage), Georgina Hale (Julie Stone), Janet Lee Price (Phillippa Berryman), Ian McNeice (Coroner), Lolita Chakrabarti (Miss Choudry), Jonathan Coy (Mr. Jonas), Margery Mason (Rose Stone), Richard Howard (Dr. McDade), Neil Stuke (Lewis), Femi Elufowoju (Negassi), David Carr (Mr. Worsley), Peter Gunn (David Roe), Kenneth Lodge (Jury Foreman)

774 :10x118 - Grey Matter

First aired: Oct/04/1994
Guest star: Madhav Sharma (Mr. Mitra), David Albion (Paramedic), Shireen Shah (Mrs Mitra), Anil Desai (Sumit Mitra), Matt Bardock (Trevor Bishop), Bruce Byron (Dave Smee), Michael Thomas (Frank Dunkling), Maria Warner (Headmistress)

775 :10x119 - Blackout

First aired: Oct/06/1994
Writer: Roger Davenport
Director: Simon Meyers
Guest star: Malcolm Terris (Derek Wilson), Mark Heap (Chris Boxer), Peter Benson (Richard Martindale), Sean Caffrey (Don), Roger Sloman (Larry Dawes), Cathy Murphy (Mandy Boxer), David Ryall (Yates), Craster Pringle (Frank), Naomi Allisstone (Nurse)

776 :10x120 - The Cold Consumer

First aired: Oct/07/1994
Guest star: Gillian McCutcheon (F.M.E.), Suzanna Hamilton (Gaye), Elizabeth McKechnie (Mrs Vincent), Ashok Kumar (Chowdry), Olivia Hallinan (Jessica), Michael Browning (Philip Stone), Joan Hooley (Gloria), Penny Morrell (Grandmother), Celia Hewitt (Passer by), Caroline Gruber (Receptionist), Anne Pearson (Woman in Car Park)

777 :10x121 - Saving Face

First aired: Oct/11/1994
Writer: Scott Cherry
Director: Dominic Allan
Guest star: Stacey Tendeter (Mary Biloli), Gail Abbott (W.P.C. Hughes), Jonathan Linsley (Jack Biloli), John Ashton (Micky)

778 :10x122 - Silent Partner

First aired: Oct/13/1994
Guest star: Peter Copley (Mr. Draycott), Carol MacReady (Mrs Bellamy), Sasha Hails (Kathleen Stanley), Clare Kelly (Mrs Kostcik), John Drummond (Billy Cowan), Gabrielle Blunt (Miss Guthrie), Edwina Day (Mrs Crisp), Phoebe Scholfield (Building Society Manageress), Bob Curtiss (Landlord)

779 :10x123 - One Born Every Minute

First aired: Oct/14/1994
Guest star: Martha Cope (Ellie Foster), Campbell Morrison (Larry Wilson), Di Botcher (Jacqui Roberts), Tanya Ronder (Anita), Vivienne Rochester (Simone), Caroline John (Doctor (as Carolyn John))

780 :10x124 - Backlash

First aired: Oct/18/1994
Writer: A. Valentine
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: David Sumner (Judge), Sue Wallace (Clerk of the Court), Susan Tordoff (Reporter), Danny John-Jules (Andy Brown), Peter Grayer (Court Usher), Allan Corduner (Defence Barrister), Jan Alphonse (Jury Foreman), Hilton McRae (Prosecution Barrister), Evelyn Duah (Rosemary Ruddick), Mike Burnside (D.A.C. Hicks), Michael O'Connor (C.I.B. Officer), Kathryn Allerston (Claudia Morris), Ewen Cummins (Dave Zander), Martin Herdman (Custody Officer), Neville Robinson (Michael Ruddick), Anni Domingo (Mrs Ruddick), Roger Morlidge (Reporter)

781 :10x125 - Taken on Trust

First aired: Oct/20/1994
Guest star: Ben Porter (Laurie Grant), David Auker (Hutchinson), Paul Rattigan (Captain Stanley RE), Neal Brennan (Lance Corporal Twain RE), Jem Wall (Captain Chapman), Betty Romaine (Old Lady), Michael Atkinson (Charlie), Aubrey Midge Taylor (2nd Cab Driver)

782 :10x126 - Bridgework

First aired: Oct/21/1994
Guest star: Fraser James (Mike Holmes), Brian Lipson (Paul Sharp), Mark Hadfield (John Sherwell), Michael Mueller (D.C. Jessup), David Lonsdale (D.C. Gelder)

783 :10x127 - Land of the Blind

First aired: Oct/25/1994
Guest star: Russell Brand (Billy Case)

784 :10x128 - Indecent Exposure

First aired: Oct/27/1994

785 :10x129 - Pass the Parcel

First aired: Oct/28/1994

786 :10x130 - Cheap at Half the Price

First aired: Nov/01/1994

787 :10x131 - The Sixth Age

First aired: Nov/03/1994
Writer: Ron Rose
Director: June Howson

788 :10x132 - Pipped at the Post

First aired: Nov/04/1994

789 :10x133 - Mischief

First aired: Nov/08/1994

790 :10x134 - Taking Stock

First aired: Nov/10/1994

791 :10x135 - The Melting Pot

First aired: Nov/11/1994

792 :10x136 - No Name, No Number

First aired: Nov/15/1994
Guest star: Forbes Collins (Briscoe), Anthony Jackson (Quayle)

793 :10x137 - Make Believe

First aired: Nov/17/1994

794 :10x138 - Sleeping Dogs

First aired: Nov/18/1994

795 :10x139 - Beg, Borrow or Steal

First aired: Nov/22/1994
Writer: Edwin Pearce
Director: Gill Wilkinson
Guest star: John Abineri (Arthur Simmonds), Rupert Holliday-Evans (Jamie Cullen), Russell Richardson (Off Licence Manager), Robin Bowerman (Charles Brannan), Sheila Whitfield (Diane Fitzgerald), Jennifer Black (Mrs Susan Harper), Tony Spooner (Mr. Williams)

796 :10x140 - Work Experience

First aired: Nov/24/1994

797 :10x141 - Down a Blind Alley

First aired: Nov/25/1994
Guest star: David Quilter (F.M.E.)

798 :10x142 - Creating a Market

First aired: Nov/29/1994

799 :10x143 - Fly on the Wall

First aired: Dec/01/1994
Guest star: Tim Barker (Ray Elton)

800 :10x144 - King of the Hill

First aired: Dec/02/1994

801 :10x145 - Fathers and Sons

First aired: Dec/06/1994
Guest star: Richard Beale (Walter Lepore)

802 :10x146 - A Feeling for the Job

First aired: Dec/08/1994
Guest star: Freddie Earlle (Alec Thomas)

803 :10x147 - Closing Time

First aired: Dec/09/1994

804 :10x148 - Blood Pressure

First aired: Dec/13/1994

805 :10x149 - Appropriate Adults

First aired: Dec/15/1994

806 :10x150 - Throw the Key Away

First aired: Dec/16/1994
Guest star: Sion Tudor Owen (Drunk)

807 :10x151 - An Unconventional Approach

First aired: Dec/20/1994
Guest star: Ann Davies (Secretary)

808 :10x152 - Fall Guy

First aired: Dec/22/1994
Guest star: Simon Coady (Raymond Challen), Christopher Coll (Mr. Redfers)

809 :10x153 - Stuffed

First aired: Dec/23/1994
Writer: Mark Holloway
Director: Christopher Hodson
Guest star: Helena Little (Lucy Newsom), Ewan Bailey (Carl Wickes), Ray Ashcroft (Darren Kitson), Susie Ann Watkins (Eloise Parkes), Emily Aston (Jodie Sherstone), Thomas Aston (Alex Sherstone)

810 :10x154 - Dearly Departed

First aired: Dec/27/1994
Guest star: Ralph Watson (Paul Thomas)

811 :10x155 - Returning the Call

First aired: Dec/29/1994
Guest star: Jake Wood (Tony Todd), John Kay Steel (Eric Lundy), Christopher Rickwood (Robert), Ian Hastings (John Dwyer), Jennifer Hennessy (Barmaid (as Jennifer Hennesey))

812 :10x156 - Licensed to Kill

First aired: Dec/30/1994

813 :11x01 - To Crack a Nut

First aired: Jan/05/1995
Writer: Chris Lang
Director: Nicholas Mallett
Guest star: Sheila Ruskin (Mrs Duke), Sarah-Jane Potts (Mandy), Gay Soper (Carol Shaw), Mark Penfold (Mr. Duke), David Finch (Kerb Crawler), Neil Bromley (Simon Ellis)

A case of prostitution has Dave going undercover to investigate.

814 :11x02 - Hot Stuff

First aired: Jan/06/1995
Writer: Candy Denman
Director: Robin Sheppard
Guest star: Gary Whelan (D.I. Haines), Gillian McCutcheon (F.M.E.), Graeme Edler (Paramedic), George Russo (Jed), Nicholas Tennant (Thomas O'Leary (as Nick Tennant)), Richard Lintern (Dryden), Martyn Stanbridge (Dr. Hackman), Peter Helmer (Trevor (as Pete Helmer)), Sophie Dix (Ginnie), Norma Streader (Mrs Robins)

A bad case of heroin has left several junkies in hospital, one dead.

815 :11x03 - Hit and Miss

First aired: Jan/10/1995
Writer: Jo O'Keefe
Director: Robin Sheppard
Guest star: Mark Benton (Patrick Hughson), Ian Cullen (Frank Collins), David Doyle (Antony Jones), Ricci Harnett (Sean Kelly), Valerie Georgeson (Pam Collins), Doremy Vernon (Shirley McGuire), Peter McMichael (Gas Man)

The prime suspect in an assualt turns out to be a former colleague of Tosh's.

816 :11x04 - Hard Cases

First aired: Jan/12/1995
Writer: Katharine Way
Director: Martin Hutchings
Guest star: Rob Edwards (Richard Matheson), David Ellison (George Renfrew), Jane Hazlegrove (Lisa Powell), Norman Roberts (Wesley), Kieron Forsyth (Spider), Andrew Tansey (Mike Barnes)

A man has been killed and it looks like it was for his wallet and car.

817 :11x05 - The Protection Racket

First aired: Jan/13/1995
Writer: Edwin Pearce
Director: Nicholas Mallett
Guest star: Susan Majolier (Marion), Robert Demeger (Chris Collins), Christine Kimberley (Mrs Railton), David Shane (Terry Railton), John Killoran (Brian Hapgood), Martin Head (Resident)

A prisoner is released under Derek Conway's orders only to end up getting beaten up.

818 :11x06 - Crossfire

First aired: Jan/17/1995

A woman is reluctant to identify the person who assaulted her.

819 :11x07 - Little Boy Lost

First aired: Jan/19/1995

A child has been abducted as Alistair investigates.

820 :11x08 - Hard Knocks

First aired: Jan/20/1995

The relief aren't happy with Sally when Cathy is assaulted during an operation.

821 :11x09 - New Management

First aired: Jan/24/1995

Philip Cato's management style brings him into conflict with Charles Brownlow.

822 :11x10 - Powerless

First aired: Jan/26/1995

A thief ends up getting Cathy and Mike dragged into his troubled marriage.

823 :11x11 - Done Is Done

First aired: Jan/27/1995

Sally Johnson's time at Sun Hill is running out after a failed operation.

824 :11x12 - Getting Even

First aired: Jan/31/1995

Chris Deakin is Acting D.I. which causes conflict with C.I.D and Andrew Monroe.

825 :11x13 - Taking the Blame

First aired: Feb/02/1995
Guest star: Chrissie Cotterill (Mrs. Martin)

Mike has a PolAcc where a young joyrider dies in hospital.

826 :11x14 - Expert Witness

First aired: Feb/03/1995
Guest star: Brian Peck (Milkman)

Don Beech arrives at Sun Hill as he and Rod investigate a robbery.

827 :11x15 - Just Another Caution

First aired: Feb/07/1995
Guest star: Richardson Morgan (Frankie Wild)

A former con has his own way of dealing with public order.

828 :11x16 - Uncle Bob

First aired: Feb/09/1995
Guest star: P.G. Stephens (O'Brien), June Page (Mandy Botteril), Oliver Smith (Ratcliffe)

A complaint is made against Bob when he tells a witness to stop being "bloody paranoid".

829 :11x17 - Street Life

First aired: Feb/10/1995
Writer: Roy MacGregor
Director: Paul Unwin
Guest star: Ralph Ineson (Billy Wylie), Michael Troughton (Brian Elliot), Kaleem Janjua (Mr. Palmer), Liz Whiting (Margaret Elliot), Ben Lemel (Steve Harkin), Karen Murden (Maxie)

A prostitute has stolen from a friend of Derek Conway's who is nervous to help CID.

830 :11x18 - A Fighting Chance

First aired: Feb/14/1995

A suspect's arm is broken by Cathy during an arrest.

831 :11x19 - High Score

First aired: Feb/14/1995

Computer crime has Chris Deakin enlisting the help of schoolboys.

832 :11x20 - Going Home

First aired: Feb/17/1995
Guest star: Peter Lovstrom (Mickey Morris), Christopher Saul (F.M.E.), Michael Mellinger (Andreas Mykaelides)

A gang seeks revenge after a mugging requiring Mike and Polly to protect the mugger.

833 :11x21 - Throwback

First aired: Feb/23/1995

CID have a prime suspect in a spate of gas station robberies but he has been dead.

834 :11x22 - Eyes and Ears

First aired: Feb/24/1995

A Hit-and-run has a pedestrian seriously injured but a witness is keen to help.

835 :11x23 - Good Housekeeping

First aired: Feb/28/1995
Guest star: Sheila Gill (Dorothy Jordan), Jenny McCracken (Molly Hitchens)

Money trouble threatens to close an operation causing conflict between Jack and Derek.

836 :11x24 - Is That The Time?

First aired: Mar/03/1995
Guest star: Geoffrey Beevers (Brian Mumford)

Passed over for promotion has Philip Cato considering his future.

837 :11x25 - New Moves

First aired: Mar/07/1995
Writer: Neil Clarke
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: Patrick Brennan (Peter Hardy), Stuart Organ (Stephen Bates), Aline Mowat (Roz Lane)

Nick Slater and Debbie Keane arrive at Sun Hill for their first day.

838 :11x26 - Flora and Fauna

First aired: Mar/09/1995
Guest star: Johnny Dennis (P.C. Yates)

Feeling that Sun Hill is in need of a face-lift, Reg turns to gardening.

839 :11x27 - Loose Cannon

First aired: Mar/10/1995

An operation to deal with under-age prostitutes has Chris undermiming it.

840 :11x28 - Count To Ten

First aired: Mar/14/1995
Guest star: Ian Thompson (Parker)

An RTA has June accused to perverting the course of justice.

841 :11x29 - Alone

First aired: Mar/17/1995
Guest star: Terry Molloy (Mal Ericson)

A desperate gunman is holding Chris and Alistair hostage in a nightclub.

842 :11x30 - Quits

First aired: Mar/21/1995
Director: Keith Boak
Guest star: Ian Liston (Wilson)

Tony and Nick cause trouble after Nick is made a laughing stock.

843 :11x31 - Stopping Time

First aired: Mar/23/1995

A man in the care of Polly is knocked down in a hit-and-run.

844 :11x32 - Value For Money

First aired: Mar/24/1995

A TV dealer tries to bribe Chris Deakin.

845 :11x33 - Little Green Apples

First aired: Mar/28/1995
Guest star: Timothy Bateson (Michael Bright), Jonathan Kydd (Darren Wilcox)

Nick finds himself accused of stealing as Paul Stritch arrives at Sun Hill.

846 :11x34 - Never Too Young

First aired: Mar/30/1995

A lorryload of cosmetic's have been stolen as a gang of schoolgirls are considered suspects.

847 :11x35 - Lost and Found

First aired: Mar/31/1995
Director: Keith Boak
Guest star: John Fraser (Newman), Renu Setna (Chandra)

A rent boy known to be violent is tackled by Steve.

848 :11x36 - Hair Trigger

First aired: Apr/04/1995

A mother has been fatally shot by her own son.

849 :11x37 - Learning Curve

First aired: Apr/07/1995
Guest star: Trevor Cooper (Frederick Cotterell), David Schofield (Tony Ryder)

Whilst Nick shows his caring nature, buried treasure is found in a chinese takeaway.

850 :11x38 - Not Just For Christmas

First aired: Apr/11/1995
Guest star: Basil Moss (Mr. Creasey), Roy Pattison (Mr. Pitman)

A group of kidnappers have taken dogs as Reg hunts for them.

851 :11x39 - Swan Song

First aired: Apr/13/1995
Guest star: Pat Roach (Reg Warren), Keira Knightley (Sheena Rose), Gordon Warnecke (Jimmy Crabtree), Lois Baxter (Moira Beswick), Eileen Pollock (Jane Rose), Victor Gallucci (DC Tom Baker)

An informant approaches Donna Harris as love isn't short of passion.

852 :11x40 - In On The Game

First aired: Apr/14/1995
Writer: Sebastian Secker Walker
Director: Pip Broughton
Guest star: Andrew Burt (D.I. Raymond), Helen Horton (Mrs Teasdale), Patrick Drury (Michael Jackson)

A businessman finds himself along with a prostitute arrested by Nick and Matthew.

853 :11x41 - Your Witness

First aired: Apr/18/1995
Guest star: Christopher Whittingham (Oakley), Martin Matthews (Clerk of the Court)

Despite Alan's concerns, Chris is trying to get a witness to testify.

854 :11x42 - Life's a Bitch

First aired: Apr/21/1995

A case of vandalism leads Jim and Alan into a worse case of war between gangs.

855 :11x43 - Old Habits

First aired: Apr/25/1995
Guest star: Lee MacDonald (Terry Newton)

With a block due to be demolished, the stripping has some secrets being revealed.

856 :11x44 - Baby Face

First aired: Apr/27/1995

A young boy is in need of help as Polly tries to provide it.

857 :11x45 - Deeds of Mercy

First aired: Apr/28/1995
Guest star: Martin Cochrane (Ch. Insp. Winter), Carl Forgione (Sgt. Rudd)

Chris' appeal day to try and restore his rank as D.I. arrives.

858 :11x46 - Damage

First aired: May/02/1995

There has been an attempted murder as Jack and Danny investigate.

859 :11x47 - When Opportunity Knocks

First aired: May/04/1995
Writer: David G. McDonagh
Director: Laurence Moody
Guest star: Heather Bleasdale (Mary Lester), Charlotte Avery (Emma Barnes), Liz Anson (Natasha Kirwin), Katie Campbell (Mrs Moore), Gavin Kitchen (Anthony Kirwin)

Trying to catch a burglar in the act, Debbie goes undercover.

860 :11x48 - Have a Go Hero

First aired: May/05/1995

Nick crosses paths with a dangerous and violent criminal.

861 :11x49 - Memorial

First aired: May/09/1995

Former residents of a block of flats have mixed reactions when the flats are demolished.

862 :11x50 - Good Intentions

First aired: May/11/1995
Guest star: Annie Hulley (Julie Cook), Robert Glenister (Paramedic)

A small boy has fallen from a flat as Dave and Polly investigate.

863 :11x51 - Losing Streak

First aired: May/12/1995
Guest star: Caroline Hunt (Pathologist)

The body of a drowned bookmaker has Chris and Andrew at loggerheads.

864 :11x52 - In the Midnight Hour

First aired: May/16/1995
Guest star: Gawn Grainger (Bernard Cooper), Angela Pleasence (Mrs. Sadler)

The case of a missing girl has Polly and Bob uncovering family secrets.

865 :11x53 - Never Forget a Face

First aired: May/18/1995

A brutal attack as Suzie using hi-tech gear to help solve the crime.

866 :11x54 - A Quiet Night In

First aired: May/19/1995
Guest star: David Daker (Laurie Coleman), Jo Kendall (Mrs. Coleman), Shirley Stelfox (Gill Gibson), Frank Coda (Restaurant Manager)

A prisoner doesn't want to go home as Steve and Reg deal with her.

867 :11x55 - Looking After Your Own

First aired: May/23/1995

An attack on June has the relief determined to find the culprit.

868 :11x56 - Four Walls

First aired: May/25/1995
Guest star: Mary Healey (Mrs. Clyde), Robin Soans (Eli Matthews)

A family of gypsies are accused to stealing as love and prejudice are uncovered.

869 :11x57 - O.T.S.

First aired: May/26/1995

Calling on a prostitute, Bob and Debbie find Don Beech putting his trousers on.

870 :11x58 - Unfamiliar Territory

First aired: May/30/1995

As their probationary period continues, Debbie and Nick are left wondering if they are suited for the job.

871 :11x59 - Feeling Guilty

First aired: Jun/01/1995

Sun Hill police investigate after the assualt and mugging of a pregnant lady.

872 :11x60 - See No Evil

First aired: Jun/02/1995

Two police officers fight in the section house as Reg has to consider telling the truth.

873 :11x61 - Looking For Justice

First aired: Jun/06/1995

A criminal walks free which causes a family anger.

874 :11x62 - Other Voices

First aired: Jun/08/1995
Guest star: Maureen O'Brien (Joy Grainger)

Hidden loyalties appear to hamper an investigation into a stabbing.

875 :11x63 - Water Wings

First aired: Jun/09/1995
Director: Chris Clough
Guest star: Andrew McCulloch (Sgt. Yates)

Police search for a missing member of the Hell's Angel group.

876 :11x64 - They All Look the Same

First aired: Jun/13/1995

An illegal immigrant manages to trick Steve which causes him to be annoyed.

877 :11x65 - Trying It On

First aired: Jun/15/1995
Guest star: Victor Gallucci (DC Tom Baker)

A burglar claims that he is unable to walk but Chris isn't convinced.

878 :11x66 - Better Off Dead

First aired: Jun/16/1995

Late at night, June and Nick find a girl walking in the streets.

879 :11x67 - Today and Tomorrow

First aired: Jun/20/1995

Two informants give Chris and Danny information that conflicts with the other.

880 :11x68 - Upstairs, Downstairs

First aired: Jun/22/1995

George is left feeling uncomfortable after Paul Stritch decides to go out on the beat with him.

881 :11x69 - Bedside Manner

First aired: Jun/23/1995
Guest star: Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.)

Despite the FME's judgement, Danny procedes with questioning a suspect as he collapses during interview.

882 :11x70 - Who Cares?

First aired: Jun/27/1995
Guest star: Maurice Denham (John Houghton)

Abuse in the care of elderly is uncovered by Debbie and Bob.

883 :11x71 - Kicking

First aired: Jun/29/1995
Writer: Mark Holloway
Director: Gwennan Sage
Guest star: David Harewood (Ed Parish), Richard Claxton (Craig Metcalf), Dickon Tolson (Graham Lodge), Rosie Marcel (Carmel Fairley), Chris Larner (Malcolm Cole), Terence Frisch (Don Spicer)

A martial arts student has died as Mike and Polly investigate.

884 :11x72 - Big Hitters

First aired: Jun/30/1995
Guest star: Dicken Ashworth (Ron Connor)

Suzie finds herself uncomfortable with Don's methods of dealing with criminals.

885 :11x73 - Picking up the Pieces

First aired: Jul/04/1995

A man claims to have assaulted someone as Bob investigates.

886 :11x74 - Big Boy's Rules

First aired: Jul/06/1995
Guest star: Eddie Marsan (Dean Stacey), David Graham (Mr. Brant), Jeff Nuttall (Andy Curtis)

A lorry has been hi-jacked but the investigation is being shadowed by a gang.

887 :11x75 - Woman of Substance

First aired: Jul/07/1995

A girl is missing as Norika and Mike fear that she has been kidnapped.

888 :11x76 - With Friends Like These

First aired: Jul/11/1995

A child abductor has been freed leaving Danny not too pleased with June and Mike.

889 :11x77 - No Choice

First aired: Jul/13/1995

A strange case of life and death has June and George getting involved.

890 :11x78 - The Lives of Brian

First aired: Jul/14/1995

A suspect has Cathy and George wondering if he is innocent or ruthless.

891 :11x79 - Skin Deep

First aired: Jul/18/1995
Guest star: Shenagh Govan (Forensic officer)

A robbery has Gary McGann in the frame and he knows he has been set up.

892 :11x80 - Kid

First aired: Jul/20/1995

A young girl has been kidnapped as a result of her brother's drug habit as Chris tries to get her mum to help.

893 :11x81 - A Bird in the Hand

First aired: Jul/21/1995
Guest star: Paul Barber (Ted), Albert Welling (Dr. Greenwell)

A radio show caller confesses to a rape leading Jack and Alan to investigate.

894 :11x82 - Over the Top

First aired: Jul/25/1995

Residents of a housing state are being terrorised by a group of youths.

895 :11x83 - Body Beautiful

First aired: Jul/27/1995

A steroids dealer is dealing to people using the gym as Rod goes undercover with Suzie.

896 :11x84 - What the Eye Doesn't See

First aired: Jul/28/1995

The methods that Don Beech use has Tosh and Suzie dismayed.

897 :11x85 - In Control

First aired: Aug/01/1995
Guest star: Jim McManus (B&B landlord)

An assault victim with drugs has Cathy and Nick disagreeing over how to handle the case.

898 :11x86 - Presumed Guilty

First aired: Aug/03/1995
Director: Nicholas Mallett

Jack and Chris desperately try to catch a rapist as a burglary may give them a clue.

899 :11x87 - Under the Doctor

First aired: Aug/04/1995

A fake doctor is giving out slimming pills as Debbie goes undercover.

900 :11x88 - Ritual

First aired: Aug/08/1995
Guest star: Graeme Eton (Mr. Bridges), Denys Hawthorne (Mr. Wallace), Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.)

An allotment shed has a mummified body as Chris and Suzie investigate.

901 :11x89 - Whipping Boy

First aired: Aug/10/1995

An old school bully is still up to his old tricks but Tosh wonders if he did a murder.

902 :11x90 - The Devil You Don't Know

First aired: Aug/11/1995
Guest star: Terence Lodge (Vicar), Roy Skelton (Bert Smith)

Norika helps look after a girlfriend as a death is investigated.

903 :11x91 - Normal Behaviour

First aired: Aug/15/1995

A young offender receives an alibi from his mother after an elderly lady is robbed and assaulted.

904 :11x92 - Charity and Beating

First aired: Aug/17/1995

Reg's new approach after arresting a homeless youth has his colleagues wondering.

905 :11x93 - Nearest and Dearest

First aired: Aug/18/1995

906 :11x94 - Mother's Ruin

First aired: Aug/22/1995

907 :11x95 - Russian Doll

First aired: Aug/24/1995
Guest star: Christopher Saul (Medical officer)

908 :11x96 - Mitigating Circumstances

First aired: Aug/25/1995

909 :11x97 - Now and Then

First aired: Aug/29/1995

910 :11x98 - Three in a Bed

First aired: Aug/31/1995

911 :11x99 - The Writing on the Wall

First aired: Sep/01/1995

912 :11x100 - Too Clever By Half

First aired: Sep/05/1995

913 :11x101 - Heat

First aired: Sep/07/1995

914 :11x102 - Still Waters

First aired: Sep/08/1995
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Baz Taylor

915 :11x103 - All in the Game

First aired: Sep/12/1995
Director: Nicholas Mallett
Guest star: Michael Attwell (Gary Lowry)

916 :11x104 - Sins of the Father

First aired: Sep/14/1995

917 :11x105 - Night Beat

First aired: Sep/15/1995

918 :11x106 - Balancing the Scales

First aired: Sep/19/1995
Guest star: David Quilter (Forensic Officer)

919 :11x107 - For Services Rendered

First aired: Sep/21/1995

920 :11x108 - Response Time

First aired: Sep/22/1995

921 :11x109 - Knowing the Score

First aired: Sep/26/1995
Guest star: Meera Syal (Miss Choudry)

922 :11x110 - Some You Lose

First aired: Sep/28/1995
Guest star: Meera Syal (Miss Choudry)

923 :11x111 - Rock-a-bye Baby

First aired: Sep/29/1995

924 :11x112 - Video Nasty

First aired: Oct/03/1995
Writer: David Hoskins
Director: James Cellan Jones

925 :11x113 - Bad Pictures

First aired: Oct/05/1995
Writer: Terry Hodgkinson
Director: Laurence Moody
Guest star: Ian Redford (Tony Collier)

926 :11x114 - Fire

First aired: Oct/06/1995
Writer: Edward Canfor-Dumas
Director: John Strickland
Guest star: Michael Stainton (Judge), Derek Elroy (Benny Clarke), Eddie Tagoe (Mr Henry), Ian Price (Atkin), Oliver Haden (D.I. Scales), James Vaughan (ARV P.C.), Joan Ann Maynard (Mrs Henry), Dee Sadler (Doctor), Sally Edwards (Aldington), Bill Ward (Micky Sieger)

927 :11x115 - All Tucked Up

First aired: Oct/10/1995
Writer: Edward Canfor-Dumas
Director: John Strickland
Guest star: Gareth Williams (Derek Phillips), Terence Harvey (Commander Voss), Barry Aird (Intruder), Amanda Abbington (Lady Car Driver), Richard Vanstone (John Kerr), Oliver Haden (D.I. Scales), Lesley Clare O'Neill (Mrs Cooper), Dee Sadler (Doctor), Bill Rourke (Prison Officer)

928 :11x116 - Bait

First aired: Oct/12/1995
Writer: Edward Canfor-Dumas
Director: John Strickland
Guest star: Barry Aird (Intruder), Amanda Abbington (Lady Car Driver), Oliver Haden (D.I. Scales), Lesley Clare O'Neill (Mrs Cooper), Sarah Whittuck (Lindy Burns), Antony Carrick (Supt. Graves), Bill Ward (Micky Sieger)

WPC Ackland decides to act as bait to try to find the assassin, but tragedy strikes.

929 :11x117 - Damage Limitation

First aired: Oct/13/1995
Guest star: Terence Harvey (Commander Voss), Colin Wyatt (Stephen Carter), Justine Glenton (Mrs Brooks), Harry Gostelow (Reporter), David Kangas (Tex Johnson), Kerryann White (Woman Driver), Luke Strain (Michael Brooks), Henrietta Rets (Reporter), Stanley Kowalski (Al Brinkley)

930 :11x118 - Solid Gold Cert

First aired: Oct/17/1995

931 :11x119 - Mugs

First aired: Oct/19/1995

932 :11x120 - Off Limits

First aired: Oct/20/1995
Guest star: Shirin Taylor (Joyce Durham), Edward Halsted (Mr Pett), Patsy Rowlands (Rachel Armfield), Annette Badland (Pearl Armfield), Debbie Killingback (Denise Finch), Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.)

933 :11x121 - Strictly Personal

First aired: Oct/24/1995

934 :11x122 - Day of Rest

First aired: Oct/26/1995
Guest star: Raymond Trickitt (Knight)

935 :11x123 - Allegations and Allegiances

First aired: Oct/27/1995

936 :11x124 - Honeypot

First aired: Oct/31/1995

937 :11x125 - Saved

First aired: Nov/02/1995
Writer: Matt Wingett
Director: Jeremy Silberston
Guest star: Tim Dantay (Ron Appleby), Caroline Loncq (F.M.E.), David Kennedy (Mike Jarrow), Daniel McCorkhill (Chris Chering), Claire Coleman (Lisa), Guiliano Neri (Brooke)

938 :11x126 - A Year and a Day

First aired: Nov/03/1995

939 :11x127 - With This Body

First aired: Nov/07/1995
Guest star: Peter Craze (F.M.E.)

940 :11x128 - Deadline

First aired: Nov/08/1995
Guest star: David Tennant (Steven Clemens), Dermot Crowley (Richard Dean), Honeysuckle Weeks (Lucy Dean)

941 :11x129 - Lockdown

First aired: Nov/09/1995
Guest star: Charles Dale (Don Collyer), Stevan Rimkus (Carl Reiver), Susan Curnow (S.O.C.O.)

942 :11x130 - Last Waltz

First aired: Nov/10/1995
Guest star: Christine Kavanagh (Maggie Westlake)

943 :11x131 - Compensation

First aired: Nov/14/1995
Guest star: Bernard Holley (Colin Painter), Gwyneth Strong (Mary Painter)

944 :11x132 - The Wee Small Hours

First aired: Nov/16/1995

945 :11x133 - Photocall

First aired: Nov/17/1995

946 :11x134 - Love Me, Love My Dog

First aired: Nov/21/1995

947 :11x135 - Heart of Gold

First aired: Nov/23/1995
Guest star: David Gooderson (Mr. Collins)

948 :11x136 - Dying Breath

First aired: Nov/24/1995
Guest star: Nicholas Donnelly (Arthur Bishop)

949 :11x137 - Poison

First aired: Nov/28/1995
Director: Keith Boak
Guest star: Oscar James (Sams), Joy Harrison (Nurse)

950 :11x138 - Three in a Row

First aired: Nov/30/1995
Guest star: Graham Cull (Bus Driver)

951 :11x139 - Neutral Territory

First aired: Dec/01/1995

952 :11x140 - Getaway

First aired: Dec/04/1995
Guest star: Kate Eaton (Doctor), Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.)

953 :11x141 - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

First aired: Dec/07/1995

954 :11x142 - Natural Justice

First aired: Dec/12/1995
Guest star: Renu Setna (Anwar Khan), Ahmed Khalil (Rafi Hussain), Sakuntala Ramanee (Mrs. Gupta)

955 :11x143 - Got To Get A Body

First aired: Dec/14/1995

956 :11x144 - No Questions Asked

First aired: Dec/15/1995
Guest star: Marc Warren (Darren Hutton), Philip McGough (Alan Fraser)

957 :11x145 - Sweet Innocent

First aired: Dec/19/1995
Guest star: Shenagh Govan (Forensic officer)

958 :11x146 - Drop

First aired: Dec/21/1995

959 :11x147 - On the Lookout

First aired: Dec/22/1995
Guest star: Chris Gascoyne (Jordan)

960 :11x148 - Ties That Bind

First aired: Dec/28/1995

961 :11x149 - Journey Home

First aired: Dec/29/1995
Guest star: Stewart Bevan (Howard Sharpe)

962 :12x01 - Call Waiting

First aired: Jan/02/1996
Writer: Simon Moss
Director: John Bruce
Guest star: Susan Kyd (Jane Daniels), Susannah Wise (Liz Connery), Ken Christiansen (Alan Travis), Nicola Stewart (Kate Daniels), Anthony May (Michael Daniels), Roger Watkins (Peter Sewell)

963 :12x02 - Second Sense

First aired: Jan/04/1996
Writer: Peter Gibbs
Director: Diana Patrick
Guest star: Cheryl Hall (Jean Briggs), June Barrie (Sheila Crosby), Ian Dunn (Sean Crosby), Maggie Holland (Edith), Dennis Blanch (Travis), Florence Sparham (Doctor)

964 :12x03 - Runners Up

First aired: Jan/05/1996
Writer: Robert Jones
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Shenagh Govan (S.O.C.O.), Tracey Childs (Laura Hoskins), Daniel John (Lee Didcot), Greg Hicks (Martin Hoskins), Gerard O'hagan (Pete Dwyer)

965 :12x04 - Keeping It in the Family

First aired: Jan/09/1996
Guest star: Charlie Court (Boy), Lloyd McGuire (Tom Goulden), Richard Avery (Bob Langham), Liz Brailsford (Josie Langham), John Sandford (Tony Langham), Nicholas Pinnock (Paul Morris), P.J. Nicholas (Micky Faddon)

966 :12x05 - Home Truths

First aired: Jan/11/1996
Writer: Katharine Way
Director: June Howson
Guest star: Belinda Sinclair (Trish Parker), Danny Dyer (Gavin Parker), Michael Begley (Lee Gallagher), Jo-Anne Stockham (Cathy Taylor), Suzanne Sinclair (Minicab Driver)

967 :12x06 - Outer

First aired: Jan/12/1996
Writer: J.C. Wilsher
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Paul Wyett (Chris Platt), Ade Sapara (David Owolowo), Rhona Mitra (Sarah Wickes)

968 :12x07 - Better Half

First aired: Jan/16/1996
Writer: Jonathan David
Director: Catherine Morshead
Guest star: Nigel Humphreys (Ray Bennett), Wayne Foskett (Jim Hayter), Alexandra Mathie (Marion Hayter), Melissa Simmonds (Trina), Richard Howard (Davies), Jean Ainslie (Mrs Colling)

969 :12x08 - No Assistance Required

First aired: Jan/18/1996
Writer: Richard Stoneman
Director: Robin Sheppard
Guest star: Neil Stuke (Alex Easby), Russell Levy (Jerry), Adam James (P.C. Kelleher), Connor Byrne (P.C. Menten)

970 :12x09 - Judgement Call

First aired: Jan/19/1996
Writer: Julian Spilsbury
Director: Martin Hutchings
Guest star: Julie Legrand (Helen Brodie), Don McCorkindale (Dockmaster), Gary Sefton (John Parkman), Polly Pleasence (Solicitor), Clive Carter (John Ryland), Anthony Douse (Mr. Goddard), Anton Saunders (Craig Farrar), Glen Supple (John Finch), Tina Hobley (Sue Booker), Martin Biltcliffe (Joe Foster), Nicholas Ball (Jim Brodie)

971 :12x10 - Old Dogs, New Tricks

First aired: Jan/23/1996
Writer: Jonathan Myerson
Director: Frank W. Smith
Guest star: Harry Miller (Bonsey), Ian Ashpitel (Loftus), Alan Perrin (Sgt. Adams), John White (Davidson), Denis Bond (Witness)

972 :12x11 - Worst Fears

First aired: Jan/25/1996
Writer: Chris Ould
Director: Derek Lister
Guest star: Susan Majolier (Marion), Clare Holman (Jane Laker), Richard Flemming (Paul Laker), Amanda Richardson (Sue Ford), Douglas McFerran (Peter Renshaw), Andy Smart (1st Workman (as Andy J. Smart)), Paul Grunert (2nd Workman), Linda Beckett (Mrs Wilson), Steven Robert (Boy)

973 :12x12 - One Night With You

First aired: Jan/26/1996
Writer: Chris Ould